Why We Don’t Care

Why We Don’t Care

Obama and Trayvon Martin

The saying goes that generals fight the last war. Obama, and his allies, politically are stuck in the 1960s. Everything for them, is Bull Connor setting police dogs and hoses on peaceful Black civil rights marchers, live on the three networks! But like the Nazi army in late 1942, they seem headed for failure. Not because of the brilliance of their enemies, but because of the fatal but unseen flaws in their own organization.

For the German Army, it was the lack of any real ability to logistically support a mechanized army in the field for any considerable distance. THAT was the reason Adolf Hitler ultimately failed. He inherited a magnificent military machine, whose NCOs to General Staff were superb.

Obama has seemingly fixated on the sad case of a Mestizo man, born to a Peruvian mother, and adopted by a Jewish man in Florida, who shot a 17 year old Black boy in a town near Orlando Florida, in what police ruled self-defense. Latinos are on notice, when they get into conflicts with Blacks, they are “White” (which is to say, automatically guilty). The media is in a 24/7 Trayvon Martin frenzy, with old photos of Martin from age 12-13, not his more recent Facebook photos flashing gang signs, and old photos of George Zimmerman age 20, looking like a fat thug, not a leaner guy in a suit and tie. The media frenzy is to whip up Black violence, for its own sake, to intimidate and create fear among Whites, as emotional payback, and also to create an image of 1965 and Bull Connor. A failed attempt if ever there was one. President Barack Dinkins? Crown Heights?

Yes, that event is coming, somewhere, to a city near you.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is full of stories about brutal Black criminals. In the case of the prior link, one Tyrone Woodfork, brutally raping and beating to death 86 year old Nancy Strait, and critically injuring her 90 year old husband Bob, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge as a member of the 101st Airborne. Then there is the case the Daily Mail also reported on, two British tourists murdered in Sarasota Florida by a Black thug named Shawn Tyson.

Floating around the internet is the 2009 case of the 15 year old White boy set on fire in Deerfield Beach Florida, and the 13 year old White boy set on fire in Kansas City several weeks ago. Both were set on fire by Black “youths” as the links make clear (photos at the link of the accused). The boy in Florida nearly died, has massive burns, and faces a life with heart and kidney problems, as well as being permanently disfigured.

There is the “I will Kill the F*** out of you” video at the Daily Mail link here.

What is notable in the video are two things, which every thoughtful observer will have flagged immediately. First, the Black students are smirking and laughing, because they agree and endorse the sentiments of the Black woman having a melt-down, threatening her White Professor and White fellow students. Secondly, the angry passivity of the White students who have FEAR. FEAR of being the one charged, if they talk back to “fighting words,” FEAR if they retaliate for being shoved. FEAR of the entire legal and social system coming down upon them if they do anything but stare off into space with stony silence.

Such social FEAR is only really sustainable when good times are rolling. If money, and the things it brings comes in, people will put up with it. If not, they won’t. FEAR eventually turns into even more FEAR. The White students are not convinced of the holy goodness of all Black people. Merely reacting in FEAR to a physical threat backed up by a social system that takes the side of the aggressor and punishes them. That is not a healthy way to build society.

Now, the Daily Mail is in the business of delivering viewers to advertisers. It is the #1 Newspaper site according to comScore, surpassing the New York Times. The online edition (there is a special US version) appeals to Blue collar White women, offering celebrity gossip that takes the celebs down a peg or two, all sorts of true crime stories, unlike the US media clearly identifying Black suspects, and lifestyle stuff. Drudge Report does much the same, often linking to Daily Mail Online. Blue collar White women like the straight scoop on crime. After all, unlike their White collar sisters, they can’t escape it. They don’t live in gated communities, or security buildings. The Mail has plenty of White criminals featured (because their readers like reading about it), but does not shy away from portraying the reality of crime (mostly Black criminals in the US). As depressing as that may be for those searching for the Bonfire of the Vanities “Great White Defendant” or Law and Order re-runs.

White people are stuck. They cannot unlike say, those living in Detroit in the 1960′s, simply move. The housing market is down, people are underwater or nearly so in their mortgages, lenders are giving mortgages to only the best credit holders, and income and wages are down as prices go up. White flight is simply not possible in today’s economic environment.

Meanwhile, the White guilt such as it is, no longer exists. Bull Connor was nearly 50 years ago. Nobody cares anymore. The Civil Rights era is as distant to us as the end of WWI (47 years) was to the Civil Rights Era. No one in 1967 was really concerned with the fallout of the end of the Great War. No one today really cares, about the Edmund Pettis Bridge either. Too many OTHER things have happened since. The media blitzkrieg to replay the 1960′s civil rights movement is as doomed as the German occupation of Stalingrad or Rommel in North Africa in 1943.

Moreover, White people are reminded every day, that they will soon be (discriminated against) minorities in their own country. That’s entirely different from the carefully orchestrated story of peaceful, respectable Civil Rights marchers being beaten by Bull Connor. A population soon to be a minority, and one that will be second or third class at best, does not have a lot of give when it comes to attempts to bully and threaten.

But the most important difference between today and 1965, is the knowledge, the more powerful because it is seen only on the Daily Mail, and the internet (often in raw video from World Star Hip Hop), that Black on White violence is extensive and threatening. THAT is the problem Obama and company face in their own Stalingrad.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not merely choose non-violence because he was filled with moral goodness as a cardboard Jesus. To suggest that takes away from the man’s political genius and legacy as a political figure with no equal in the modern era. Rather, King knew that Whites would hunker down and fight, as they had when a decent, and good man, Homer Plessy challenged Segregation in the Supreme Court three generations prior, and lost. King leveraged the divisions between wealthy and middle class Northerners and Westerners, who lived nowhere near Blacks, and those of the “wrong sort of White people” among blue collar Catholic ethnics (Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, and Hungarians mainly) and Protestant Hillbillies who did live near them. King understood the Northern, elite Whites, having rubbed shoulders with them at Boston University. Non-violence was a political ploy, as a minority population sought acceptance through adherence to non-threatening behavior. No matter how gratifying intimidation and thuggery might be on an emotional level. Had King embraced violence and intimidation, as Malcolm X argued for, even the Northern and Western Whites who loathed the “wrong sort” of White people — ethnic Catholics (think Rick Santorum and how the elite react to HIM) and “hillbillies” (think the disdain for Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears) — would have opposed Civil Rights.

King used non-violence as political judo. It does not always work. But in that case, it did. Fighting a majority population with violence rarely works out well. Ask the Tamil Tigers, they fought harder and more ruthlessly than any. They still lost.

In King’s time, rising income, a robust property market, and a need to socially distinguish one’s self from “the wrong sort of White person” led to inexorably, a larger elite system with many, many hangers-on and those aspiring to that status. King’s political Judo worked, not the least of which was the social class of “Semi-New Englanders” or Post-Puritans or Semi-Scandinavians (the Puritans nearly all came from the Danelaw, as David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed” makes clear, and carried with them very Nordic cultural assumptions about well, everything) grew substantially. While those on the receiving end of Black violence shrunk. It was just so easy to sell out, leave historic neighborhoods, and move to the safe, NEW suburbs.

White Flight was the key component of the Civil Rights movement, as much as non-violence. White Flight not only helped create new “semi-elites” who felt “the wrong sort of White person” was the only one concerned about Black violence, it created therein a “virtuous circle” wherein more and more Whites moved to the suburbs. All predicated on cheap gas, easy credit, and booming markets in property.

However, King did not properly explain this political reality to Black leaders and more importantly, the people themselves. The ethnic cleansing of Detroit, 29% Black in 1960, 45% Black in 1970, 89% Black today, may have been satisfying and gained political control of the city, but produced no measurable increase in wealth among Blacks other than a few leaders, and permanent dependency upon the larger White population of the State and the US at large.

Black people are indeed angry. Angry that they have not attained financial success as they have embraced thuggery and ethnic cleansing of Whites out of their historic cities (Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Gary Indiana, to name a few). Not understanding that is one thing to chase people away with violence, another to create wealth. Like the Visigoths and Vandals before them, futilely trying to emulate the Rome they destroyed, Black populations in cities they control are angry that Black control has not meant Black wealth. Other than what can be extorted in the Chicago model, from surrounding White areas.

The anger is however, counter-productive. The images on TV and newspapers of angry, threatening Black crowds angry and “out for justice” (implication violence), with Louis Farrakhan offering a bounty, and Jessie Jackson saying “Blacks are under attack” (they are, from other Blacks) It certainly is emotionally satisfying, to threaten and intimidate. That is why people do it, making people afraid of you creates the feeling of power.

Certainly, when Delrick Miller IV was shot in his home, at age 9 months, in Detroit, by AK-47 wielding attackers, no one cared. There was a fight, among the all-Black attendees at a baby shower. Two women felt offended they could not get seats:

”A woman got mad because she couldn’t find a seat, so she started knocking tables down, and it escalated from there,” Wilkins said. “My daughter and her friends left the club, but (a group of men and women) followed them to a gas station, and there was a fight with one of the guys who was at the shower with my daughter. Then, they followed them to the house.

“I think they came back the next day and shot up the house,” said Wilkins, who sobbed as she recounted the events. “They went to the shower to celebrate life; instead, a life was destroyed.”

Who kills a 9 month baby over a fight about seats at a baby shower? Who fights over seats at a baby shower anyway?

Where was Louis Farrakhan then? Or Jessie Jackson? Or Al Sharpton? No one cared. Because it was business as usual. The price of intimidating and scaring Whites, is Black on Black violence. So far, the Black community has not only tolerated it, but protected it. Since any reasonable measure to stop it: stop and frisk of Black men, imprisoning gang members, is resisted tooth and nail by Black leaders and Black voters. Obama did not comment on the murder of Delric Miller IV. Al Sharpton did not fly to Detroit to threaten the killers. Louis Farrakhan did not put out a bounty on the killers. The most innocent of all — a nine month old baby! And the reaction was … nothing.

No one among Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, and yes Barack Obama and the media really cares about Trayvon Martin. Any more than they cared about Delrick Miller IV. They just want to flex their political muscle and intimidate (mostly White) people as a reflexive response. It is so ingrained it is instinctual. The aim is to over-turn gun laws, and “stand your ground” so that there is no possibility of defense, as Whites are stuck in place, against young thuggish Black men. That is the whole purpose of the exercise, in the short term. Just as Hitler ordered Von Rundstedt to stand his ground in Stalingrad, eager to hold and destroy the city named for the man he hated the most. [Who in fact resembled him in a number of ways, and before Operation Barbarossa counted Hitler as a friend. Oddly enough.]

Long term, Obama and company want riots and violence and cities burning. This he thinks will win him votes, as this has been successful in Chicago for decades. Pay to make the mob go away. Again, with Whites in place, stuck, that just guarantees a fight. Probably as an ultimate back-up plan, Obama wants violence so he can if he loses the election, institute Martial Law and rule by decree. His recent executive order allowing him to seize basically anything including newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet is part of that ultimate back-up plan.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who stole everything that was not nailed down (particularly the corrupt deal with Haiti Teleco involving Joseph Kennedy and Bill Clinton), Obama did not steal wisely. Clinton made sure to involve not just Republicans, but Republican interest groups in corrupt deals. That’s why Bill Clinton did not spend a day in jail, and only lost his law license, not the Presidency. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama has not kept the good times rolling either, for many in the elites and the people as a whole. As far as corrupt Presidency models go, the Arkansas version was better than the Chicago one.

Obama has made too many enemies: on Wall Street, among energy companies, among utilities, among Silicon Valley, among home builders, among mining companies, among almost everyone but a few favored cronies. That’s the downside of the Chicago Way, you make powerful enemies who know they must destroy you or be destroyed in turn. There is no easy good-time corruption ala the Arkansas model, where everyone is happy.

Ultimately, however, the idea that “evil White racists” are killing Black people is unsustainable even for the Blitzkrieg media. It just isn’t true, and people know it. David Duke lives in a trailer in Mississippi. Louis Farrakhan has a mansion bigger than Oprah’s, and with more goons too. All those threats turn off the Middle Class, White female voters who are the swing and thus the decisive votes in the 2012 elections. It is satisfying, and the default mode for Black politicians and people, to make threats and noise at the White population. For decades it has been rewarded. Going national makes pretty much every White homeowner, renter, and everyone else stuck in place, unable to flee, ready to fight.

Indeed, rising gas prices threaten the fundamental basis for American social peace: Blacks would have a free hand in self-ruled cities that they ethnically cleansed (White flight was flight because Whites FEARED Blacks not because they hated them). Meanwhile Whites would live as far away as possible from them, while refraining from mentioning Black dysfunction and economic failure and dependency (upon White wealth transfers). Being unwilling to rock the boat of rising income, later rising credit replacing income, and cheap electronic toys. Whites do not HATE Blacks, they’d hardly have endorsed decades of fictional Black Presidents on TV and in movies, made a billionaire of Oprah, every White woman’s imaginary Black Best Friend(tm Whiskey), or consumed Rap and the NBA, NFL, obsessively. Again that is why David Duke lives in a trailer in Mississippi. There is no money in White hate for Blacks. There certainly is for Black hate for Whites: look at Sharpton’s mansion, or Louis Farrakhan’s which is bigger than Oprah’s with more goons.

This is why Trayvon Martin is Obama’s Stalingrad. He’s fighting the last war, with the tools used two and a half generations ago. White people are not consumed with hatred for Black people. Rather, they FEAR them. Almost no one speaks this openly, but the taboo can be broken,and fairly rapidly. The internet, as an entry into the nation’s id, is a scary place. It is quite likely Obama will get his own Crown Heights, as Mayor Dinkins did in New York City. The result was not a coronation of his reign, but un-interrupted Republican (and semi-Republican in the case of Nanny Bloomberg) rule ever since. Even Upper East Siders finding the Black Panthers scary-fun thrills, don’t like property values crashing due to race-riots.

Ultimately Hitler failed because he failed to understand one simple truth. His magnificent military machine could not supply food, fuel, ammunition, and clothing to his men more than a few hundred miles before the supply line collapsed. When German forces got to Greece, they descended like starving locusts, because they were in fact, starving. The German army was not capable of even providing them with food!

Obama and his media allies, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and the like, enter this Trayvon Martin conflict, hampered by the lack of understanding that they cannot control the alternative media, that Whites are not bigoted but fearful (rationally so) of Black crime, and that White flight is simply impossible in today’s economy.

After all, what did Tyrone Woodfork get for raping and beating to death an elderly White woman, and (all likelihood given his age) killing her husband? A beat-up old car, 12 years old, and a few things ransacked from the house. The killer of the two British tourists got nothing — he killed them because they had no money to rob. That sort of crime is not only stupid, it is senseless. The killers were soon caught. Cold comfort to survivors and the victims.

Whitey Bulger may have been responsible, over his criminal career, for more than fifty deaths. But those sorts of White criminals, by and large don’t commit random crimes informed more by racial hatred, or sheer stupidity, than anything else. Nothing like the murder of the Straits, or Delric Miller IV, can be laid to his doorstep. No money in it, and the risk too high. He quite likely is a monster, but one society can survive, because that kind of monster does not kill 9 month old babies sleeping in their homes because there were not enough seats at a baby shower. Nor do they kill robbery victims because they had no cash. Nor set teen boys on fire for sheer racial hatred. Nor rape, rob, and murder elderly couples for a few bucks and an old car.

White swing voters cannot be made to care about Trayvon Martin, because they are scared, for the most part, even if they won’t admit it in public. Too much push and they’ll start admitting it. Too much reflexive intimidation, in the Chicago Way, and they’ll push back. Obama might plan a Self-Coup, but he’ll find if he goes that route, he’s no Fujimori.

I Didn’t Ask For It

I didn’t ask for social security. Never asked for medicare. The thought of welfare never crossed my mind even in my poorest days. I never asked for an interstate highway system. Or for air traffic controllers. Never wanted a standing army. Or the FBI. CIA. Or any of those three letter agencies that were formed before I was even born.

The Department of Energy came to be when I was a toddler. The DHS when I was a young man with babies of my own. I watched those planes crash into the twin towers on live TV, but I never thought a DHS was the logical outcome from that event. Or the “Patriot” Act. I was never consulted. Never asked for my consent. Yet the majority of Americans expect me to fork over my hard earned money for these things, and many others which I never asked for or benefited from in any big way.

Yet they will look me straight in the eye and tell me I live in the land of the free. I do not live in the land of the free, I live in the land of the FEE. Money is extorted from me for things I don’t want, need, or use. Things which I find abhorrent. Things I have absolutely no use or desire for. But I am labelled “unpatriotic” because I don’t want to fork over my money for things I don’t want or need. I can be imprisoned for “failing” to fork over that money for things I don’t want or need.

I’ve said this many times over, in different ways. None of them effective. This will no doubt be equally ineffective. I will be attacked by people telling me I “benefit” from these things and should just shut the fuck up and pay. Really? I should pay for wars which I do not support? I should pay for an interstate highway system I can’t afford to use? I should pay for strangers’ retirement and healthcare? I should pay for groceries for crack whores and their tribe of illegitimate crack babies? I should subsidize failed businesses? I should give foreign aid to people half way across the globe who would sooner kill me than spit in my face? I should pay for “minorities” to go to school to take the jobs denied me due to “affirmative action?” I should subsidize products I neither use or want? I could go on…

I never asked for any of this, yet I am expected to pay for it. I am forced to pay for it. In the land of the free fee. Well I pledge no allegiance to a batch of thieves. The flag is an abomination now. Amerika ™ bears no resemblance to the land of promise and Freedom it once was. It was long gone well before my Grandparents were born. So I’m supposed to be financially responsible for idiotic decisions made decades before my birth? I’m supposed to pass these travesties on to my children? I don’t fuckin’ think so…

understanding class warfare from whoisjohngalt.com


Black and Latino Males Must Leave White nations across the Earth, return home while we still let you! This also goes for you mongoloids, although you do not murder whites at the same rates as blacks and Latinos, it does not mean you will continue to behave once your numbers are high enough, so you got to go as well!

14 year old stabbed to death by black male.

Photo From ABC 7

From ABC Chicago…

Police say the reward has been increased for information in the stabbing death of a 14-year-old in southwest suburban Indian Head Park.

As of Sunday afternoon, a $30,500 reward was being offered for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Kelli O’Laughlin, according to the Village of Indian Head Park website. On Saturday, an anonymous resident added $10,000 to the reward.

Police have also set up a tip line at 708-246-4534.

Despite some reports, police say there is no one in custody.

On Saturday afternoon, authorities confirmed that a man questioned following the slaying of the 14-year-old is being held on a warrant in connection with a separate burglary spree that happened over the summer in the southwestern suburb. While some reports claim the suspect is under investigation in connection with the teen’s slaying, Indian Head Police Chief Frank Alonzo tells ABC7 they’re unrelated.

“There is somebody in custody but it’s for a different incident,” Alonzo said.

Detectives from the south suburban Major Crimes Task Force joined the investigation as police released a sketch of a man seen walking near the area after the murder. They want to question him. Investigators were circulating copies of the sketch Friday night to drivers in the area. They also released pictures of gold coins that are similar to the ones that are now missing from the victim’s home.


Racially motivated murder by illegal immigrant.

Three illegal aliens approached a 45 year old white female in the parking lot of a Walmart and one of them decided to stab her to death for the fun of it. The media is calling it a “random act.”

From TheDailyNews.com

An illegal alien from Honduras was charged with murder for the vicious stabbing death of a shopper in the Wal-Mart parking lot Sunday night, a murder that appeared to be a random act, Orleans County Sheriff Scott Hess said.

Luis A. Rodriguez-Flamenco was arrested after an all-night search by numerous police agencies. He was arraigned in Town Court and committed to Orleans County Jail without bail.

Flamenco, 24, is accused of repeatedly stabbing Kathleen I. Byham, 45.

Byham was shopping alone and had just left the store when she was approached by three men as she got to her car about 7 p.m.

‘‘She suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso,’’ Hess said. ‘‘She was shopping by herself and was not with any of the three men.’’

Byham, of Albion, was transported to Medina Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7:40 p.m.

Several people witnessed the attack and were able to give police a description of the men, who took off running east toward the village of Albion.

Two of the men were caught in separate homes in the village, about 90 minutes after the attack, Hess said.

‘‘We were able to locate them based on information we received,’’ he said.

The two men who were with Flamenco did not actively participate in the murder have not been charged. Hess said the two are illegal immigrants from Mexico and both have been turned over to U.S. Border Patrol.




We Are A Divided People

We Are A Divided People


Locust: Civil war is our only option.
September 20, 2011
by TL Davis

Liberty. That’s it, that’s all it took for a conversation I had in a small Kentucky coffee shop to go from cordial to over. It is a nasty word to those on the left. Oh, they have wrapped it all up in a sort of protest against the Tea Party, to justify their hatred for the very concept of it, because liberty is in direct opposition to government control.

The occasion happened in Frankfort, KY, college town, seat of state government so the local coffee shop is run by a typical Earthfirst type with organic nonsense all over the place (as if organic is somehow a rational answer to worldwide hunger. It is exactly the opposite, it would cause and actually frustrate efforts to alleviate world hunger. They ((nutcase coffee shop owners in college towns)) use organic as if anything industrial is bad, anything efficient is harmful to the earth which has survived so much more than technological farming, but I digress).

”Hi, where are you from? Oh, it is lovely there. You moved to Kentucky? Why? (boring reply) Huh.”

My next sentence ended it: “So, I have some liberty to live wherever I chose and for right now that is in Kentucky.”

Sudden withdrawal, a pulling back of the self on their part. I used the “L” word (not liberal this time). In their minds they are thinking that they have just run into one of those Tea Party types whom they had just been whispering critical assumptions about over the lively sounds of a chatty gathering place. I was one of them who used the word, but didn’t really understand the Constitution. What they really thought was that I didn’t understand that the Constitution had been ripped to shreds many decades before and people like me didn’t understand that they (those who know how to run every one’s life) had killed that rotten document dead already, so get over it.

We are a divided people. I used to look back at the horrors of the Civil War and try to place myself in that time, divided against kind and kin over a political issue. Don’t get me wrong, slavery was beneath us even then, but to feel so strongly one way or the other to take up arms against one’s own blood, at times, must have seemed like the end of the world. What could have been so important to fight and die for? Well, that is not so hard to imagine as it used to be when America seemed to me a whole nation. We have already parted irrevocably. As Billy Beck noted so long ago, we are merely going through the dress rehearsal for Civil War.

I have in a recent post called for a leader, not just any leader, but one who could make us understand the importance of the times we live in right now. This little theater of governance has gone as far as it can go without recognizing the fact that at some point, somewhere along the lines the people who are being looted to pay for the other half’s indulgences is going to stop.

What I mean by indulgences is this: $500 million dollar loans to companies who play the liberal game, nothing for those starving, bankrupt small businesses put out of business by the policies of politicians who sought the favor of the mass of voters looking for the spoils of a rich nation. The Community Reinvestment Act and all of the disastrous actions that strengthened it and bastardized the business of banking was nothing more than another form of looting the middle class. They have destroyed the middle class with their efforts and now seek another method, the direct method, outright confiscation.

Let me explain a little of how the thing worked so you will better understand the charges I have made. The Community Reinvestment Act was the product of the brilliant political mind of Jimmy Carter along with the deadly 55 mph speed limit and the 68 degree house, which basically accomplished nothing. The idea was that banks in poor neighborhoods were taking the money of the poor to lend to those wealthy enough to purchase a home, but refused to lend that money to people in those poor neighborhoods and like most things liberals to they call theft “reinvestment”. Of course the undercurrent to this notion was couched in racism. To liberals, poor means ethnic or racial.

It was theft because they encouraged, nay demanded that those banks give loans back to poor people (minorities) who could not afford to purchase homes and the profits that should have been the property of the banks had only good loans been made were instead squandered on repossessions and lost value due to the run-down conditions of the property once repossessed. They were forced to loan money to people who would not repay it, that is theft.

But, the Community Reinvestment Act really had no teeth and the banks quickly figured this out and stopped making stupid loans required by the Democratic government to transfer wealth to the poor, those who would vote for those who helped them get the loans whether the property was repossessed, or not. They long remembered who had elevated them, even if that elevation was but for a short time.

By the time Clinton came around the CRA was a dead deal until Janet Reno came on television and let all those banks know that now with legislation passed by Congress and signed by Clinton the CRA would now get them fined and perhaps imprisoned and that they would investigate allegations of misconduct. What the CRA really needed, though, was a citizen to complain in order for it to get the federal government working against the banks. Now, you see, we have ACORN and Community Organizers who would make the charge, regardless of merit. That was all it took to send the banks running for cover and making stupid loans which devalued the assets of the people who owned the banks and stock in them (a heck of a lot of middle class people with 401K’s).

If you combine this with George Bush’s idea that the more people who own homes, the more stable the community, you have the ingredients for exactly what drained my company of equity in a short minute in July of 2008. When George Bush did not kill the CRA immediately and get banks on solid footing, he let the opportunity to avert the next Civil War go by the wayside. His desire for a robust and growing economy, especially after 9-11, let him see through rose-colored glasses and even aid in the coming conflict by his failure to lead.

Okay, so there are the charges and the reason I make them. With one half of the population looking to loot the pockets with the power of the government and support of the liberals, there must come a time when people buck the system. At the start of the Civil War that catalyst was the election of Abraham Lincoln. What will it be this time? You know it must come. I’m ready now, because they have already done as much as they can to destroy my reputation as a reliable, conscientious, responsible borrower and turned me into a deadbeat, because I cannot pay the debts of a million dollar company on the salary of even an oil field worker. They have let my daughter see me in that role, something she never should have witnessed. They have done their damage to me and I am resentful of that. (by the way I am still doing everything in my power to pay those bills, but it will not work, I know that even now as I dedicate much of my salary to debt repayment. There isn’t enough money and there isn’t enough time and my creditors are growing less and less patient).

While the readers of this blog might consider that a little bit of the “oh poor me, the victim” and not enough of the “rugged individual responsible adult” let me remind you that we have all been looted the same. It is not just me and it is not just you, it is the whole country and it is not really about me at all. What this is about is that we have all been sold a bill of goods and soon the crash will come. They have taken as much as they can and are asking for more, now from the millionaires and billionaires, which in Obama-speak is anyone making over $200,000. Why that figure, not any other? Not hard to figure out that most of the Democrat voters fall under that mark and most of the Republican voters fall over it. The math has been done. The Democrat voters that come in over that mark are socialists anyway, so they don’t care about their money, they are planning to get benefits like healthcare, government contracts and grants. Oh, they plan to get the value of their tax increase and even more than that.

What this all boils down to is when. When will the great middle rise up to put a stop to it. It will be a while coming yet as we still believe in elections, but soon that will end too, when more of the people realize that it is the power of our government and not anyone in particular, or party, that is robbing us of our hard-fought salaries, they will come around.

The Tea Party was just the first wave. When they discover that the power of government cannot be tamed, that everything promised in the Constitution is nothing more than crowd control until the new order eventually morphs us all into good little socialists, they will realize that the peaceful method will not work. It only allows the enemy time to fortify their positions and lay in supplies. The government is right now dumping money into the “muscle” part of the equation, the front-line troops, the labor unions.

We are a divided people. Someone give Billy Beck a salute.

Towards a new civilization.

The evil system that keeps on ticking.


The globalist international moment that never lost its way. It was funded by international commerce elites (jews! Jews! Jews!), staffed with international billionaires (more jews!) And their children, and held together by an uneasy mating of the anarchist demand for unlimited rights, the socialist demand for someone else to pay for those rights, and the one monetary system that works discovered so far, consumerism. As it turns out communism and capitalism may not be enemies, but best buddies, in a compromised form. Welcome to black run america, a nation founded, built, funded, and created by whites, whose sole purpose today is funding the inability of its black and increasingly brown populations non-purpose. Meaning whites pay taxes, it funds their racial dispossession as they are the only group that posses a threat to those same elites world feudal domination. As we live through Americas final years as a sovereign nation, the forces of financialization, state redistribution management and manipulation of crises, weave together their end game scenario, collapse of the western (white) civilization through endless positives feed-back loop of perceived grievances against the only group of humans to build a civilization, by way of white guilt, entitlements, and the nuclear option, global war.

Fear not, the financial elites (JEWS!) have already lost, their only chance of victory failed when they allowed their natural greed for wealth overtake their ability to maintain balance in America, with the most heavily armed population on the planet, and all attempts to disarm its populace have failed, the only course of action is collapse and an ethnic cleansing of the lower 48 by ALL possible means, (meaning nuking los angeles, and other minority-majority cities) in an effort to wipe their population centers off the face of the earth. Then passing a military-financial-territorial-social alliance with mainly Europe and Russia, unifying the nation states of our people into a single global civilization. All previous attempts at this merger has failed (last attempt was Rome) but now thank you democrats! Thank you so much, I really mean it, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Without the civil rights moment, welfare, and immigration inflicting irreparable damage to the nations of the west, stripping our culture, citizenship, and birthright from our people we would have continued to view ourselves not as White Men of the Europa but as the lowly american, german, Spanish, sweetish, Russian men of dying nations. If it weren’t for you democrats America might have remained stable another 40 years until our total replacement as its core population, now with America heading off the cliff towards the abyss below, the peoples of the Earth will be free to look after their own collective interests and those of the only identity we can fall back to, racial identity.

Enough talk of we are one nation, Amerika is dead, long live Europa. A civilization destroyed by diversity, liberalism, globalism, and multiculturalism will be anything but, when a new civilization rises from the ashes of the culture enricher’s and their hebrew emissaries of materialism (T.H.E.M. aka jews!).

In the end Malcolm X was right! He said every race no matter the consequences wants to rule itself, same applies to whites, blacks, yellows, browns, and reds! Everyone wants to decide their own destiny, to be free and sovereign on to themselves. So let’s ALL stand for true freedom! Freedom of association, freedom of commerce, freedom of the rights of warfare.

One last word, if you don’t want us to be free, and for us decide who lives within our nations, meaning who goes back to asia, latin America, and africa, you are free to marshal your armies, stand against us in open warfare on the battlefield and fight to the death for lands we rightfully conquered from lesser peoples. Its as simple as that! We shall ask for no mercy, you shouldn’t expect any from us, and as you have done to us, we shall do ten fold to you, and no my “friends” women and children are not off the table, time for the old ways to return.

I can’t wait for the fun stuff to begin.

Only one last thought, what should we rename Africa when we move its current population on to reservation?

Have a nice day.

Why will Amerika fall?

Why will Amerika fall?

Its black people stupid. America since the 1960’s has been on this course of national collapse when we decided that those who are not equal to us, will be made equal to us, no matter the cost. The United States has been importing domestic parasites for more then two generations, and black people started it all (with their Jew masters). We have created a system that feeds itself, blacks are poor, we need more government employees (who also happen to be black) to help them, spend more money than we have on blacks, and cost of living goes up, making it hard for poor people (blacks and Latinos, and increasingly whites) to maintain a higher quality of life, and the cycle repeats itself to infinity, and therefore we need to spend more and more money.

Now blacks, are making more and more demands on a system that is crippled to offset that decline in standard of living due to our dying economy. We are reaching a point where more demands are being made to augment programs specifically created to help advance black people, where the government must hire more and more of them, (approx 20% of federal employees are now black, some departments its upwards of 80%) Obama hiring freeze on whites is proof of the existence of this cycle.

They will continue to make demands and these demands will be satisfied by cowardly whites to delay the coming social unrest/collapse of Amerika.

Why can’t we keep lowering standards, and increase our speeding forever? Because the non white industrial nations don’t give a flying fuck about the black man and his genetic issues, they will not tolerate Amerika’s spending spree and will force us to stop spending through inflation/deflation or austerity measures, probably both. The artificial black middle class (without direct/indirect government money) will collapse into violence. The cities will burn, and the US government will fall, allowing the new alternative right to come into power.

Simple as that.

Black caucus inciting intense racial hatred.

Black caucus inciting intense racial hatred.

The purpose of the Congressional Black Caucus tour is all about inciting hatred against the white man.

America has failed

What is diversity to Americans? 

A crowded room full of nearly identical looking Negroes?

Poor feeble minded soulless beast of burden. The white man’s burden of pulling the failed cart of America’s multi cult diversity freak show, becomes ever harder while it traverses the empty space beyond cliff, the eventual impact on the chasm floor nearing, the sudden thought that progress was never achieved, say the dispossession of your kinsman from their homelands, this is true progress, replacement.

Glory say the liberal egalitarian worshipers of failed ideologies of equality, glory un-to-death, yet their wish may yet come true, un-to-death they shall be.

The Day the EBT Cards Run Out


“The Day the EBT Cards Run Out”: A Glimpse of the Chaos from Clayton County

The Reality of Clayton County, again.

The Black Undertow: Best Represented in Clayton County, Georgia

We write about that wonderful county located in Metro-Atlanta a lot here. Whether it is a Black sheriff firing all the white police officers and putting Black snipers on the roof as they are marched out, humiliated in the process; whether it is the first county in America in 40 years to lose its academic accreditation; whether it is the county in all of Georgia with the lowest property value (and some of the worst academic test scores by the children who live there), highest foreclosure rates, and highest rates of crime; or whether it is the city that now gives us a glimpse of the impending “DAY THE EBT CARDS RUN OUT”, Clayton County is just the gift that keeps on giving.

The overwhelming majority of Clayton County is Black, with nearly every elementary, middle and high school in the county providing free lunches to Black students whose parents – okay, parent – lack the financial acumen to provide monetary assistance to their children and feed them, themselves, on their own dime.

White people have fled Clayton County. In 1980, they represented 91 percent of the population. They built an economic infrastructure out of nothing, only to see it erode once they fled from the Black Undertow pouring in from Atlanta:

Between 2000 and 2009, Clayton County had a significant change in its racial and ethnic composition, a much greater change than experienced by the state. The county’s African-American population rose 9.9 percent, and its Hispanic population rose 4.8 percent to make-up 62.1 and 12.2 percent of Clayton County’s entire population, respectively. The county’s White population declined 11.0 percent, and in 2009 comprised 30.4 percent of the county’s total population.

Clayton County offers the most stunning visual proof of what happens when white flight meets the Black Undertow; once thriving schools become academically inept, because the students who made those schools academically thrive are gone, their parents moving them to safer cities; the business infrastructure collapses – sustained by the purchasing power of white people who made the county economically viable and attractive to big box stores and business investments – and ultimately replaced with empty strip malls replete with dollar stores, nail and hair salons, and payday loan stores. That is the economy of the Black Undertow.

Here is the story that signifies all that Clayton County became, courtesy of The New York Times:

On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.

A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.

The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.

Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.

Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.

That was in 2006.

Clayton County is a reflection of what Black people are capable of… destroying. The Black Undertow obliterated a once thriving county in a matter of two decades. As of 2009, 25 percent of Black people in Clayton County were on EBT/Food Stamps, not to mention that almost every school in the county provides free lunches to the predominately Black student body.  Indeed, all of Metro Atlanta has counties where more than 20 percent of the Black population (in some cases, 40 percent) are sustained via EBT cards.

An image we will see on The Day the EBT Cards Run Out; Clayton County provides a glimpse

And then, something happened in Clayton County earlier this week that offers us that tiny glimpse of the pandemonium that will soon ensue across the entire nation when EBT/Food Stamps no longer work:

Anger and frustration from dozens of Clayton County parents who say their children are going hungry after their food stamps were suddenly cut off.

State officials admit that something went wrong down in Clayton County at the office that administers food stamps and Medicaid but they’re still not sure what.

Parents say they can’t buy food without those food stamps.

Terry Clark says she stood in line for more than six hours at Clayton County’s Human Services Office because food stamp help for her six children unexpectedly ended.

“There’s no telling my kids we can’t eat. I’m not taking no. We don’t deserve that. Nobody should go hungry here in Georgia,” said Terry Clark.

State officials say the office was overwhelmed Tuesday with dozens of families facing a similar problem. The food stamps are just not there.

“Me and my kids they haven’t ate since this morning. I was supposed to get my food stamps yesterday and I got nothing,” said a mother.

A state spokesperson says what happened was out of the ordinary and unexpected but she said they don’t know yet what went wrong — what was the glitch that lead to this mess?

“Our budgets have not been increased, they’ve been decreased,” said one official.

The office director admitted there were problems as he tried to calm fears.

In a statement, a state spokesperson says, “We have both state and county staff working to understand the cause of the problem today. We are working to ensure people receive their food stamps as soon as possible.”
“I’m a cancer patient. I need these pills to survive,” said Candace Bennett.

Candace Bennett says her cancer medications have nearly run out and after spending all day at the office. Her Medicaid and her food stamps are both still on hold.

State officials say that the Clayton County office was closed Monday because of furloughs and that could have contributed to the lines. They are investigating whether some sort of paperwork or computer problem might have lead to some families getting their benefits cut off by mistake.

In 2010, Atlanta had a Section 8 voucher riot. 30,000 Black people rioted for the chance to sign up for Section 8 vouchers that won’t be available for five -to- seven years. We learned in the tragic Brittney Watts story that all of the violent crime in Atlanta is monopolized by Black people; the same can be said of virtually all of the surrounding counties.

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has just had a hilarious Black cheating scandal exposed that the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce tried to help cover up, because they know new businesses will not want to move into the city if accreditation is lost. Where will these new investors in the city too busy to hate send their children? A school run by cheating Black teachers, trying to help academically inept Black students meet the standards set by their white counterparts in the lily-white (peaceful) suburbs?

Atlanta will be the city where Black-Run America (BRA) dies. The Day the EBT Cards no longer work… Clayton County has given us a glimpse, just a glimpse of the anger that will appear. All across this country exist counties where a majority or near majority of Black people subsist on EBT Cards/ Food Stamps.

Dallas, Memphis, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Nashville, Birmingham, Mobile, Cincinnati, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Columbia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Minneapolis… all with populations of people who subsist on EBT/Food Stamps. The Day the EBT Card no longer provides free food to a certain segment of the population that believes it is their right, their duty to continue receiving welfare and other amenities from the government, is the moment the experiment of BRA officially ends.

Again, a once thriving county in Georgia (when it was white) offers a glimpse of the future for those cities, towns, and counties that allow the Black Undertow to take over. White Flight happens first; commerce and business investments next; and you are left with Black people in control of every level of government, courts, police, the schools, and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Reality of Clayton County is the reality of the power of the Black Undertow. White people can continue building new cities out of the wilderness, but they will inevitably be abandoned when it is no longer feasible to raise children in a healthy, crime-free environment.

Letter to the black man

The black man

People are missing the point entirely, not all blacks are bad, maybe most blacks have a deep seated hatred for whites, maybe some blacks are capable of intelligent thought and creativity, maybe. That’s all besides the point, how we got to where we are today is important for the historians, not so much for the young girl raped by a pack of rabid negroid males, not so important for the white family being murdered in the night because another Negro needed drug money and they just happen to be home at the time of his burglary.  This site is here to inform and change the thinking of intelligent people to rationalize the final solution, for the black question plaguing white civilization. Simple as this my black friends, we are not concerned with trying to be your friends, don’t you get it, we don’t want to live near you, work with you, or co exist in the same continent with you. We don’t like our elites and liberal brothers codling your every need, I don’t want my tax money going to feed and house your people. Now, I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to sit in a gas chamber, but I do want you to go home. No arguing about what great things you did for my people, or that you can change given enough wealth and blood, sorry, you had your chance, go home. Period.

We have grown tired of the low level race war our nation and its people have suffered under over the last century, we are willing to suffer the loss of all your people, have and will contribute to our people, we will suffer through the intangible benefits your people provide to our civilization. It is for the betterment of all, that all parties agree to separate and go their own way, meaning you back to africa, and allow my brothers and sisters to live in peace. We affirm no responsibility over your people, no debts, no reparations, no rightful birthright for your people to inject themselves into the lives of my people.

We are a free, sovereign, unique people, who have the universal right, granted to us by the laws of nature, to exist as a unique and sovereign people, to self governance, to be separate, to live as we choose to live and decide our own destiny without interference or coercion from external threats and or enemies. We reserve the right to defend ourselves and our prosperity, and to achieve self sufficiency devoid of free trade and globalism.

The time has come for all people to be free, and live as they choose to live.

Potential Sympathizers and A Nation of Cowards Finally Has Its Conversation About Race by Hunter Wallace

Potential Sympathizers

District of Corruption

The Washington establishment has a multitude of enemies. We are not the only ones who can see the damage its fantasy ideology is doing to the project of civilization in North America.

There are any number of self interested players out there who stand to benefit from the destruction of liberalism. Most of these players have only been giving lip service to BRA’s moral voice as interpreted by the New York Times, Washington Post and Hollywood.

None of them really believe it.

(1) CIA/FBI – During the Civil Rights Movement, J. Edgar Hoover believed that Martin Luther King, Jr. was the biggest fraud who ever lived.

Undoubtedly, there are smart people who work for the CIA and FBI who despise Obama and who can see through BRA’s lies and who are aware of the chaos that the breakdown of this unsustainable system will unleash on the world in the long run.

I’m quite sure that everyone isn’t on board with that subject. There are plenty of people who work for the CIA and FBI who are just going along with the flow to advance their own careers.

(2) The Police – The police are the front line soldiers of the system who know from first hand experience what it is like to live under the biggest lie that has ever been told in the history of the world.

The police have to pretend that violent crime isn’t almost synonymous with African-Americans and Hispanics in our major cities. Believe me, there are cops out there who think exactly as we do about race and culture.

When African-Americans burned down Los Angeles, the cops were vilified by the liberal establishment. Just imagine what it is like to be a cop … to spend hours driving around through the black holes and brown holes wondering to yourself why politicians lack the guts to address such an obvious problem.

If you are a cop, you are underpaid to risk your life to contain the threat to civilization posed almost exclusively by black people. There are plenty of cops who understand why the Alabama state troopers dispersed the civil rights agitators on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

(3) The Pentagon/The Military – How many people in the Pentagon do you suppose wanted the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy? Especially after Bradley Manning – a single eunuch who was depressed over his boyfriend – dropped a nuclear bomb on American diplomacy?

Is everyone happy about Obama fagging the military to get the gay money for 2012? I don’t think so.

The Pentagon spends oodles of money to shoot a missile up Saddam Hussein’s ass. Surely, the Pentagon must realize that it would be a much better investment of American taxpayer dollars to support “defensive ideas” that will can be used to defend America from Hollywood, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

How much more effective would it be to drop rhetorical ordinance on a handful of the most notorious traitors in the country?

(4) The Catholic Church – The Catholic Church has never believed in liberalism. It has never seen liberalism as anything but a fantasy ideology that rots the mind and the soul.

While there are plenty of Catholics who subscribe to BRA’s moral voice, I would bet a million dollars that there are many others who privately subscribe to our view of the world, and who would like nothing better than to see the downfall of liberalism.

(4) Rogue Filmmakers – Mel Gibson clearly has an axe to grind against Hollywood and the liberal establishment. This man has made far too many of our favorite movies to not sympathize with our ideas.

(5) The South – The South has gone along with BRA’s moral voice since Martin Luther King made his “How Long, Not Long” speech in the Alabama state capitol in 1965.

I know White Southerners far too well to believe that no one in major positions of power in our state governments sees the world like we do. I’m sure there are plenty of Southerners who have been going along to get ahead.

How many enemies do you suppose Morris Dees has made over the years? How many state legislators do you suppose would speak out if the SPLC only lost its credibility?

(6) The Hobbits - The Hobbits are pissed off for understandable reasons. White people have been vilified, persecuted, and financially destroyed by the liberal establishment for decades now. They have been forced to live a lie – and now the thirst for revenge is overwhelming them.

The Washington establishment gets golden parachutes and taxpayer funded bailouts. No one has ever bailed out the Hobbits of America. It is the Hobbits who have to abandon their schools, their neighborhoods, their hometowns because Washington and its insane policies have destroyed countless cities and counties across America.

The little people in the small towns are sold into debt peonage to China for the Mile High Club can get its next bump by raising the debt ceiling. The Mile High Club screams in outrage that it has been “hijacked” by “terrorists” when it is forced to spend an hour waiting on the tarmac to address the nation’s vital business.

Then it takes off and denounces the American nation as “terrorists.”

(7) Ruined Workers – The victims of globalization in Middle America are too numerous to count. I don’t have to travel to the Midwest to imagine what has been done to industrial towns in Michigan and Ohio.

(8) Small Business Owners – For small business owners, putting up with BRA is a cost of doing business that has driven many a good entrepreneuer out of business.

Think about it: the average White household was worth $130,000. The average African-American household is worth 20X less. When African-Americans move into a city like Montgomery, hijack the public schools and other public services, and force White people to flee to Prattville and Millbrook, who do you suppose is ruined by that?

How many ruined businesses are there in cities and towns that have been destroyed by African-Americans? Just drive around Detroit.

(9) Honest Academics/Honest Watchdogs - Anyone who is driven by a passion for truth and intellectual clarity about reality has a self interested reason to despise BRA.

There are countless legions of wonks out there sitting on data points that could incinerate 50 years of lies. Most of these people keep their mouth shut only because they fear the disciplinary organizations like the SPLC who practice McCarthyism as a policy.

There is nothing stopping them doing a “Wikileaks” on the liberal establishment at any moment.

(10) Teachers – Like the cops, the teachers have to live under the lie of racial equality, and their performance is literally evaluated on the basis of their ability to perform alchemy: under No Child Left Behind, teachers are required to turn lead into gold.

(11) Investors - When BRA finally goes bankrupt under the suicidal guidance of the liberal establishment in Washington, how much money do you suppose the investor class of America will lose in the process?

(12) Conservatives – No one has more to gain from destroying the liberal establishment than conservatives.

How many times have conservatives been labeled and antagonized by these people over the years? Do you think Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck will shed a tear over the death of the liberal establishment?

Instead of making futile appeals to racial altruism, I think we should make an appeal directly to the self interest of all the above groups to stand up and non-violently “witness” what BRA and the liberal establishment are all about.

Barack Hussein Obama is an emperor with no clothes. You have everything to gain and much to lose … from destroying the liberal establishment in this moment of weakness.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your race. Do it for your country. Do it for God. Do it to make money. Do it to save your own ass. Do it because you love the truth. Do it because you hate this rotten culture. Do it for revenge.

You are living in the Soviet Union with free speech, social media, and the internet. Push Gorbachev and his party to the side.

Note: Eunuchs, the Confederate Army has risen again to “non-violently” attack you in cyberspace with ICBMs launched from Dixie. Indeed, you are saying there are “barbarians” at BRA’s gate. Not really, but we should encourage you to entertain this paranoid conspiracy theory.

The only thing you have gotten right so far is that you are facing a very familiar type of foe – the spiritual heirs of Charleston – who want to move back into the big house our ancestors built. I’m going to break out the champagne and give a toast to Jeff Davis and Edmund Ruffin. Your demise is coming soon.

The only obstacle in our path is a bunch of eunuchs like Chris Hayes and Don Lemon on television – the priests of BRA’s morality – who imagine themselves as the Union Army. MSNBC doesn’t have an army though.

Non-Violent Extremism: A Nation of Cowards Finally Has Its Conversation About Race


If there was ever any doubt that the liberal establishment is facing a full blown crisis of legitimacy, it can be found in this AP article on the new White House strategy on “violent extremism.”

The liberal establishment is trapped in the confines of its own progressive discursive paradigm. It can’t imagine a world where the priests of BRA have lost authority over the country in the same way that the Soviet Union lost control over its empire when communism was hit by a flock of black swans.

By definition, the liberal establishment is the “mainstream.” If you reject the liberal establishment, you are a “racist” or an “extremist” or a “xenophobe” who needs “multicultural education” and “diversity training.” To be an “extremist” means to be someone who dares to laugh openly at BRA’s tall tale of the world.

Is there such a thing as “non-violent extremism”? An “extremist” who practices “non-violence” as a matter of principle and who does nothing more than “witness” the “hate truth” that BRA’s media systematically censors from our “national conversation”?

It is a disturbing thought to the liberal establishment that someone like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck could use the playbook of Martin Luther King to sweep them into the dustbin of history. In twenty years, the only thing Rush has ever done to them is sit in his studio and crack jokes about the Drive-By Media.

That’s what we are going to do here. We are going to launch ICBMs from Alabama at the eunuchs in Washington and New York City with “NON-VIOLENCE” and “Return to Sender” stamped on the side of them.

I hope they will enjoy the delicious irony of being held up to their own high standards. The most intolerant people in the entire world are those who scream “tolerance.”

I’ve studied the Civil Rights Movement in great detail … in order to “reverse engineer” the 1960s. I think the time has come for White people to follow its example. The American taxpayer is being sold into slavery to the Chinese to get BRA in return.

Is that fair? I don’t think so.

We ought to practice non-violent witness on them like Martin Luther King and Bob Moses. Ever hear of Carter Strange? Ever hear of “flash mobs?” No one in Washington can even talk about what the “hobbits” have to put up with on a daily basis.

It is EC-10.

These hypocrites claim that we are “violent.” In Barack Hussein Obama’s hometown, 96.8 percent of homicide93.3 percent of rape96 percent of robbery, and 91.8 percent of aggravated assault – 94.5 percent of violent crime in Chicago - is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

Why are black people in Chicago shooting each other? Why is there so much violence in Rahm Emanuel’s city? Why is it safer to be a soldier in Afghanistan than to walk the streets of Obama’s hometown at night?

Sarah Palin and the NRA make them do it. BRA’s detective Garry McCarthy has connected the dots. Didn’t you hear? It’s all about “the legacy of slavery” … in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

Eric “My People” Holder said America was “a nation of cowards” for our refusal to have “a conversation about race.” Like it or not, White America is joining that conversation with our dossier, and now the Left will finally get what it has always wanted.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to go back to Chicago to “organize his community.” I think it needs his help.

What is it you want us to do?

What is it you want us to do?


Soon, “conservatives” won’t be able to win these states

Knowing that an executive order has been issued by Mein Obama basically barring the federal government from hiring white people in a bid to increase diversity – in federal agencies already bloated with disproportionate amounts of diversity – it is paramount that we ask where all of this headed. What is the end-game?

Before we get to that, here is Judicial Watch on the new Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

The economy remains in shambles yet President Obama keeps wasting taxpayer dollars expanding an already bloated U.S. government, this month launching a new office to help build a “diverse and inclusive workforce” at all federal agencies.

The new Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ensure that the entire U.S. government develops comprehensive strategies to drive and integrate diversity and inclusion practices. It will assist the different agencies in building a workforce that “respects individual and organizational cultures” by examining policy options, data trends and employee survey findings.

The goal is to eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians. The idea is to create a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, according to the Obama Administration.

Wait, doesn’t the public workforce on the federal level – and state – already reflect America’s diversity? Aren’t Black people already grossly misrepresented in the public workforce, since private companies are tasked with turning a profit to stay in business (meaning Black people must seek employment in less stressful vocations) while government employees are tasked with no directives or objectives other then consuming tax-dollars? Here’s Pat Buchanan to answer that question:

 As reported here previously, African-Americans are hardly underrepresented in the U.S. government.

Though only 12 percent to 13 percent of the U.S. population, blacks hold 18 percent of all federal jobs. African-Americans are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of State Department employees, 37 percent of the Department of Education, 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the Government Printing Office, 82 percent of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

According to The Washington Post, blacks hold 44 percent of the jobs at Fannie Mae and 50 percent of the jobs at Freddie Mac.

The EEOC, where African-Americans are overrepresented by 300 percent, has been asked to oversee the new “government-wide initiative to promote and inclusion in the federal workforce.”

I’m not making this up.

Were it not for the army of contractors the federal government relies on to actually get work done, one wonders what type of productivity the disproportionately Black federal workforce would perform? Perhaps the failing US Postal Service offers that glimpse.

Black people are already disproportionately represented in federal employment

So what is the end-game again? The USA Today published a story heralding the mark of the minority-majority baby birth moment, when the percentages of non-white babies born eclipses the percentage of white babies born:

Only 50.2% of babies under age 1 are white and not Hispanic, according to the 2010 Census — a sharp decline from 57.6% just 10 years earlier.
“We are almost at a minority-majority infant population,” says Brookings Institution demographer William Frey, who analyzed the latest Census data. “We probably have passed it since the Census was taken” in April 2010.
The number of states where minority babies dominate has doubled to 14 since 2000. The balance has tipped in big states such as New York, Florida, New Jersey and Georgia.
Minorities have been the majority in Texas and California nurseries for more than two decades. In Texas, the majority of people under age 47 are minorities, in California, under 52.

The area’s floor-covering industry has attracted so many Hispanics that the North Georgia Health District, based in Dalton, has brought in translators and prints materials in Spanish, says Jennifer King, public information officer.
The nationwide changes are redefining who is a minority and who is not.
“These little babies … by the time they get to be in their 20s and 30s, the current racial and ethnic categories … won’t have anything close to the meaning that (they have) today,” Frey says. “When they think about white majority, it’ll be something in the history books.”

Hate to burst your bubble Jennifer King, but many places in America have ceased being American and are, in essence, no longer part of the country. Having been to Dalton on numerous occasions, I’m aware that many white people have simply fled the city. It is one of the growing number of American cities that no longer resemble America.

A city, town, and a county ultimately reflects its majority population; hence why major cities with majority Black populations – thus Black people have a distinct voting bloc to control the city’s government, schools, police, courts, etc. – all resemble Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, Atlanta, Birmingham, etc.

Look, the Black Undertow is always going to follow white flight. That’s inevitable. What’s increasingly obvious is that the Brown Tsunami – primarily illegal aliens – will follow white flight and participate in the construction of the new infrastructure that must support the erection of new suburban homes and strip malls.

Because white people (and successful non-whites who want to raise their family in stable, white areas) have no desire to live around Black people, they must rely on primarily illegal aliens (because white people have no problem relying on true free market labor, which basically equates to slave labor and drives honest competition out of business) to build their shiny new homes scores of miles away from the major metropolitan  areas that they must then drive too.

It turns out that white people don’t enjoy living around Brown people – the real Brown people, those 5 feet or shorter Brown people that perform the jobs Black people on EBT Cards, TANF/Welfare and Section 8 Housing refuse to do – either.

So what is it those in control of Black-Run America (BRA) want white people who, to quote George Bailey,  “that this rabble you’re talking about… they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community,” so that BRA can be paid for by these same white people who are beginning to realize that their tax dollars go to pay for the rearing of primarily Black and Brown babies that Black and Brown males have no desire to care for after ‘pumping and dumping’ the Black or Brown (and sometimes white) mother.

Why will the new majority of Brown and Black people in the coming years decide to keep paying their tax dollars (what percentage do you gather will have the job qualifications to do anything other than flip burgers?) to support largely white retirees?

Conversely, why should white people – regardless of age – continue to pay taxes that primarily go to supporting and helping to proliferate the Black Undertow and Brown Tsunami? Sane social policies should do everything possible to lower the number of dependent humans on handouts from the hard work of an increasing minority of people.

BRA encourages that more and more non-whites find ways to drain the productive workers of America (the private sector is overwhelmingly white), even if it means creating an Office of Diversity and Inclusion – despite the existence of the EEOC and employees dedicated to increasing diversity in every company, private or public – in the process.

We’ve stated before that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) hate and loath Untouchable Whites (those whites who persist in voting Republican, waving the flag, attending Tea Party rallies, etc), and it is my belief that DWLs truly believe that the ‘rising tide of color’ will continue to tolerate DWLs leading them.

What is it that BRA – as it grows increasingly tyrannical and totalitarian in advancing the interests of Black people above all others – wants us to do? Well, keep paying for it with tax dollars of course, but eventually DWLs hope that laws are put in place to forbid white people from even holding certain positions as punishment for centuries of white privilege.

But this must be stated: white people in America, by tolerating the continued advancement of civil rights (in a vain attempt to make up for past discrimination, which is increasingly obvious that such inequities can never be amended) have helped Black people attain wealth and positions of power that no other country – not even nations indigenous to Black people – in the history of the world could afford them.

Black people have risen to power in many vocations and industries; been promoted in schools (though standards have been universally lowered to assure this academic advancement); promoted in entertainment and sports; and allowed to basically do whatever they want since the late 1960s, all with white people primarily fitting the bill.

In times of prosperity, perhaps this system of government known as BRA could continue moving forward. In times of austerity, the artificial creation of the Black Middle-Class has been exposed, revealing a people devoid of the ability to sustain cities, business infrastructure or school districts (well, if they cheat they can).

BRA is demanding more and more from white people (and members of other races only trying to make an honest living) to ensure that Black people – and increasing Brown people – that rely on the benevolence of the state to subsist are given continued preferential treatment above all others.

This is ending. The Black Tax is too much.

I do not know the event that will ultimately end the legitimacy of BRA; I do not know the precise moment when a series of events triggers a honest statesmen to finally state “enough” and defend the historic majority population of America; but I do know that the course BRA is sailing on is one that would turn the entire country – from sea to shining sea – into a permanent Detroit or Los Angeles, with DWLs safely in cities like Washington D.C., New York City, and Seattle coordinating and controlling the madness.

I am fully convinced that the event that triggers the de-legitimacy of BRA is coming; I am fully convinced that a series of unfortunate events (for those in control of BRA) is transpiring, and that an honest statesmen is grappling with the thought of finally saying “enough.” But de-legitimizing BRA must come first.

What is it those in control BRA want us to do?

It’s Beginning to Smell like 1967 – 1968

One ‘youth’. One member of an out-of-control ‘gang of teens’. One member of a Mahogany Mob. Gunned down by a police officer.

Anytown, USA 2011?

What you see in Tottenham in North London is what will transpire in the United States city that has the above scenario unfold.

Black people (excuse me, Afro-Caribbean’s) are rioting, looting, burning, and having a jolly ol’ time in England, engaging in the type of behavior that was present in many American cities back in 1968. Detroit, Newark and other cities burned in 1967. After the tragic killing of Martin Luther King. Jr. (a largely discredited figure at the time, whose influence was waning), many American cities burned in 1968.

In 1967 and 1968, Black people largely rioted and burned their own areas. In the summer of 2011, young Black people in the United States are engaging in Mahogany Mobs in predominately white areas and business districts.

All across this nation, emergency curfews are being enacted (most recently in Philadelphia, where Black Flash Mobs have finally coerced the city to take action) so that that “magic bullet” which could facilitate a Tottenham-style riot won’t happen in Baltimore, Newark, Atlanta, Columbia, or Cleveland.

Never forget that the 2011 Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis required a police presence that looked like “martial law had been declared” to go off smoothly. This was an upper-to-middle class Black event.

Enoch Powell warned the citizens of England long ago about the “Rivers of Blood” that would come to the United Kingdom. We are witnessing the funeral pyre for that nation now, as police cede more and more areas to the Black rioters.

The same thing happened in the late 1960s, as major American cities saw massive white flight away places like Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, Newark that had Black riots.

Going green week is still coming, but for now, I give the floor to Enoch Powell.

How did it come to this?

Because both America and the UK are run by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in every segment of society, who will never blame Black people for their behavior, but always find ways to excuse it away and demand that more and more concessions are made – in terms of allocating trillions of dollars to Black communities – to ensure the problem is momentarily brushed aside for a later generation to deal with.

No more. The Wisconsin State Fair incident in Milwaukee has shaken me to the core. This could happen in any city in America. What would have happened had one of the white pulled from their cars by the Mahogany Mob used a gun to fight them off?

One ‘youth’. One member of an out-of-control ‘gang of teens’. One member of a Mahogany Mob. Gunned down by a police officer.

What you see in Tottenham in North London is what will transpire in the United States city that has the above scenario unfold.

Great Comments:

Ryu said…
Charles Bronson,

Everything is happening right on schedule. Don’t panic, don’t get excited. The best of our race have predicted this for the last 50 years. Just be ready.

Anonymous said…
Proof positive that blacks will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER assimilate into white society as productive, taxpaying, contributing members. White civilization deserves everything that’s happening to it, since they’ve supported, paid for, and encouraged this vast black underclass to exponentially proliferate and thrive within their midsts.

Sending a message to the elites

Breivik: Sending a message to the elites

Is this the very first time that a gathering of leftists in a Western Nation, post 1960, has been made to pay the ultimate price for their anti democratic multicultural impositions?

If so, then I suspect that the pictures of dead young adults will have a rather powerful deterrent effect on parents who might otherwise encourage their kids to be leftists.

It is hard to imagine a more powerful and socially compelling deterrent than to inject the sort of horrific risk that these pictures implant into the minds of multiculturally inclined parents .

Viewed without emotion, this incident implies a multi-layered level of calculation that I find quite remarkable –  an example not to be emulated to be sure – but remarkable nonetheless.

Thus far, Islamic terrorism has been confined to subway commuters in Spain, Street car commuters in Britain, and primarily, office workers in Manhattan – all nobodies that the elites could, quite frankly, care less about losing.

All that the Islamic terror attacks carried out on average working stiffs accomplished was to generate broad popular support for the war on terror and the vast increase in budgets for the security state. In short, their targeting was terrible as they never terrorized the elites responsible for their grievances.

This attack was entirely different, as it appears designed to inject an element of extreme risk into volunteering to join the ranks of the multicultural political elite.

Further, the soft sort of totalitarianism of the Frankfurt School variety that is spreading throughout the West is carefully designed to avoid pushing its victims over the edge to the kind of violent reaction that occurred in Norway.

Multiculturalism was supposed to be something you could impose on the proles without any cost!

This attack seems to be a rather remarkable demonstration that the velvet glove totalitarianism that we all live under has failed in its primary mission to keep the elites safe from harm. What are they going to do? Have platoons of guards armed with automatic rifles patrolling the campus of Harvard to protect the future elites from the townies?

Wouldn’t that be a bit obvious?

After Norway hasn’t the task of obliterating the White race become a bit more “messy”?

The analogies of others to the killings commanded by Bush and Western butchers are apt, but miss the point. This job had the kind of purposefulness that one would expect from a state planned attack, not an attack prompted by the rage of some lone nutter. And the fact that these same Norwegian multi-culturalists were about to recognize the Palestinian state and that the attack occurred on the anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel does nothing to allay those suspicions.

As James Bond would say; “Do you want a clean kill, or do you want me to send a message?”

It hit the aspiring elites were it hurts, in their training camp for future leaders, and it hit the proud, self righteous multi-culti parents where it hurts as well.

It revealed the soft underbelly of the multicultural regime for all to see.

On a personal level, I feel sad for the parents and relatives of these dead young adults. After all most were lured into a wildly risky scheme of Quisling oppression of their fellow countrymen thinking that the enterprise was riskless and profitable.

But putting on the cap of an intelligence analyst, I see a picture of profound significance and meaning, one sure to be a major turning point.