Chris Rock Hates Whites

Chris Rock Hates Whites

Chris Rock Quotes on Tea Party, Obama, Oscars Jude Law and More, interviewed by Scott Raab at Esquire, 16 Feb 2011:

SR: Like many nice Caucasians, I cried the night Barack Obama was elected. It was one of the high points in American history. And all that’s happened since the election is just a shitstorm of hatred. You want to weigh in on that?

CR: I actually like it, in the sense that — you got kids? Kids always act up the most before they go to sleep. And when I see the Tea Party and all this stuff, it actually feels like racism’s almost over. Because this is the last — this is the act up before the sleep. They’re going crazy. They’re insane. You want to get rid of them — and the next thing you know, they’re fucking knocked out. And that’s what’s going on in the country right now.

SR: I hope so. Because it seems like a lot of people feel they just can’t live with this man being president.

Rock has made a living on race-based comedy. Here’s a skit that’s right in line with what Rock told Raab, making it crystal clear how he and his black fans view Whites. If that wasn’t clear enough, here’s another.

Wikipedia says “Raab is a self-professed ‘fat Jew from Cleveland'”.

Joe Sobran wrote something apt that comes to mind here:

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible.

It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.

Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.

The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy.

Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

- Sobran’s — April 1997

Human race get off your knees

What it’s like waking up – Human race get off your knees

What it’s like waking up – Human race get off your knees

By David Ophalus

I woke up today, you know, usual three SSS’s, plus a lovely fresh coffee and fresh eggs from the garden. I fancied turning on the TV for some rare odd reason – what a mistake. I was immediately bombarded with pointless information about Mel Gibson being a racist, presented by two puppets on the Breakfast BBC programme, trying to get Oliver Stone to say he would cast Mel Gibson, even though there are claims he’s a woman-beating racist – and yes, they would actually destroy another man’s careers just for a bit of PR. Then I flicked through over 100 different repeats of the same stuff that’s been running since the 70s, 80s and 90s, finally punching in Russia Today, as even though they have an agenda, they tend to tell a bit more of the truth than the others. I witnessed an account of Parliament ordering the removal of peaceful anti-war protesters called, Democracy Village, because they were causing a ‘mess on the grass outside Westminster for the tourists’. The Government ordered 60 bailiffs, commercial binmen and a huge ugly 1.5m fence to be erected around Parliament Square. How much did this all cost? Yet the Government and the powers that be say that we all have to ‘tighten out belts’ and all take responsibility for the biggest heist of British peoples’ currency in history by conmen and bankers. All this in the space of 15 minutes! Then to top it off one of my family members’ calls up wanting to speak to another family member, I play a joke on the phone with them and they get really angry accusing me of making them angry and maliciously winding them up.

“Why are you being like this? You can speak to them, but can’t you have a laugh with me, calm down and be nice.”

This was too much to ask, instead I got more anger and a ‘hung up’ tone.

I then went upstairs into my little office and decided to brush it all off and get on with my day, and I found the lift I required! An email from David Icke’s website with the following video:

This video helped give me strength, even though I felt alienated by the media and a family member for trying to be positive, I know there are people out there who feel exactly how I feel – wanting to see humanity and this Earth see better times! David Icke says in the video,

“We are [supposedly] at the cutting edge of Human Evolution… As Michael Ellner says, Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.”

Doctors destroy health

I can only see the NHS deal with death and disease, not the causes – Cancer, early death and disease is preventable! My mother told me a story about a patient who after being told if he doesn’t change his diet to the one she prepared for him, he will continue with these awful pills that only slightly sort out his digestive system and he can stop nurses having to come around and physically pull the crap from his backside. His reply was,

‘Why should I eat all that other food, when I can continue taking what I’m owed from the State and carry on as I am?’

This is the ‘State’ of the UK.

Lawyers destroy justice

As you all know from reading our website and many others how Legalese and the class system dominates the Legal System, thus everyday living in Great Britain feels to many like enforced servitude to the System through trickery and threats of taking our freedom away. I found this arrogant and typically authoritarian quote from the horse’s mouth (George Way SBStJ, LL.B(hons), FRSA, FSA(Scot), NP, SSC. – A lawyer me thinks!) quoted from his book titled, Scots Law:

“Anyone who has seen a camel knows what it looks like, but try describing one to the proverbial visitor from another planet. Legal jargon is no different and is, quite properly, used by lawyers to conjure up in the minds of other lawyers the principles, facts and cases they learned in law school which lie behind the Latin maxims or convoluted English… Law impacts on our daily lives and [this book will] guide the reader through the maze of legal concepts and jargon which otherwise might appear obscure or just downright incomprehensible.”

So if we, the common people, cannot understand how the System we feed into works and feel more and more tricked and conned everyday, then why are we letting these idiots dominate our physical reality?

This is the ‘State’ of the UK.

Universities destroy knowledge

We all know about the historical status quo of the ‘ruling powers’ of Great Britain like the Stewards of the Crown, the formerly titled, German Hanoverians. Historians, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, have been uncovering a convincing alternative perception to real British history and have been met with anger, hate campaigns, banning of UK publishing, Court offices conniving, Barristers lying, Judges doing wrong, false criminal records created, phantom charges and illegal court cases, Police raids, MI5 operations and most of all scorning and discrediting from the Educational establishment for simply trying to show people other evidence of our origin and history!

What I don’t get is why a simple history lesson or two can be turned into criminal behaviour, this activity is part of the enlightening process and people like Alan and Baram are one of the many story-bringers, which illuminate our path to fulfilment…

‘But this is the ‘State’ of the UK, we cannot have that here sonny-jim. We have a Cuntree to seed and nourish here.’

Government destroy freedom and major media destroys information

Leading on from the Democracy Village story on Russia Today, I did a little research into what the other red-faced media crapholes are desperately trying to push out, but not being able to disguise the stench. Let’s start with the Metro, the richest eyeball rating in the land going out to all the Rat Race Krew, no mention of the protest group, their aims or the truth about the illegal wars the Government are pursuing. Only the facts on what’s happened and a joke about the binmen throwing out the group’s ‘Peace Boat’ and Boris Johnson saying,

“The protesters [were] disrupting the business of Parliament and caused considerable damage to the site and prevented its use by others.”

Looking at other sites, the BBC, etc the same nonsense again with people like Adam Boulton saying,

“Parliament Square doesn’t belong to them, what right do they have to soil it with their mess and sullen unfriendly campers?”

I think maybe there was an order to ONLY use the press release from the Government?

Religons destroy spirituality

Many opinion polls I’ve seen banded around the web are all in the majority to not welcome the Pope to Britain in September 2010. Mainly through the switchover from one God to 1000 Hollywood demigods being idolised and the media pumping out brand messages making people feel like they are the centre of the universe. Oh and the whole Church/Paedo connection has put a damper on religion. But none of this has anything to do with spirituality – the very place where kids get programmed for their predestined paths into servitude, there is hardly any truth about spirituality and what our combined consciousness can create for a paradigm shift. Why is there this major blackout… What I actually think is going on here is a Human Rights issue for the bogus UN to take up (not!). Because when enough of us wake up and see our own realities can merge to make a better place just by projecting from our hearts, all the physical barriers that are pushed into our realities every single minute of the day will crumble in one second. I suppose if I had invested all my energy and time into building these illusionary commercial constructs for dominance and power, I would be fighting against one human consciousness too, as it is the ‘State’ of the UK.

A way out from this ‘State’ of the UK

All our movements are starting to merge into one voice through something I cannot touch – I can only sense it. We need to set an example of how easy it is if we stick together, to change our world and just be happy with being happy. Even our very language is under attack, the word ‘change’ has been stolen by PR gurus and turned into rhetoric for the Western powers, so when people think of change, they think of Obama and the Conservatives! NO! We need to take back the meaning of the word ‘change’ and apply it to our everyday lives, only then will we see a difference – I’m telling you, it’s infectious, try it, even if you sometimes find yourself at the receiving end of negativity, just shine that light. In the end my family member worked out from the depths of her heart through silence when the idea was suggested that it was her who was appointing blame for things that were not anyone else’s fault, another job done! And please please, pass this article onto as many people as you can, we need to shine the light into all those dark corners of Humanity.

‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are racist murderers!

‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are racist murderers!

Yep, you’ve guessed it, the media and the US Administration, as Bill Hicks would have said, ‘are cracking down’! I read a few months back a report from the FBI on ‘Sovereign Citizens’ issuing a warning to everyone to watch out and that they’re a threat to the USA:

“Many sovereign citizens don’t pay their taxes. They hold illegal courts that issue warrants for judges and police officers. They clog up the court system with frivolous lawsuits and liens against public officials to harass them. And they use fake money orders, personal checks, and the like at government agencies, banks, and businesses. Not every action taken in the name of the sovereign citizen ideology is a crime, but the list of illegal actions committed by these groups, cells, and individuals is extensive (and puts them squarely on our radar). In addition to the above, sovereign citizens:

  • Commit murder and physical assault;
  • Threaten judges, law enforcement professionals, and government personnel;
  • Impersonate police officers and diplomats;
  • Use fake currency, passports, license plates, and driver’s licenses; and
  • Engineer various white-collar scams, including mortgage fraud and so-called “redemption” schemes.

Sovereign citizens are often confused with extremists from the militia movement. But while sovereign citizens sometimes use or buy illegal weapons, guns are secondary to their anti-government, anti-tax beliefs. On the other hand, guns and paramilitary training are paramount to militia groups.”

This report was alarming because it was news to me that the movement over in the States was violent and corrupt. I also wondered that when something seeps out like the FBI report that more is to come. Low and behold, somebody posted this video to the site today, which is ‘Rick’s list’ on CNN where he was condemning ‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ to the ranks of murderers, thieves, cheaters and ‘proving’ that it’s roots are in White Supremacy. Do people like Rob Menard sound anything but kind and generous human beings who’ve just had enough with the System and are taking action in making his life and others better?

Yet we’ll be pushed hard to find anything about Lawful Rebellion or TPUC over here in Great Britain. I attempted many times to push major stories out to the media using their own Wires, but I never got a thing back – total media blackout. I believe this is because if the media begins to report that people, if they joined together, could stop the insidious Council Tax, hold the Government to ransom and stop many other forms of slavery, something would actually happen. We do need to hit the mainstream, so if any journalist wants to start doing your job properly, let us know how!

I will leave you with this insane video of the proof that ‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are white supremacist murderers!

Lawful Rebellion is only where it starts

Lawful Rebellion is only where it starts

By David Ophalus

If you want anymore information about Lawful Rebellion and all the retaliatory paper we’ve included in our website for you in the past, then this website from this point forth, and this piece of writing probably isn’t going to be for you all the time, so don’t expect anything more. But if you want to read about somebody who probably feels just like you do at times, who wants to express their journey, then please read on. We want to break away from being an exclusive Lawful Rebellion only website and movement.

I have lost nearly everything in the material world except for the things I need to help me with my journey. Why? Because I believed that Lawful Rebellion was going to solve all the world’s troubles and I wouldn’t miss having money. Before I found Lawful Rebellion I had forgotten the ability to reflect and consider other peoples’ points of view. But how can any of us ever make any progress in our lives if we are always busy doing other peoples work and using up most of our energy in servitude to the System? Catch 22 whatever that means!

Certain people, who some may call villains, cowards, evil or even sheeple, are just like us. There is a good chance most people think they’re doing the best thing they can think of at this moment in time, protecting their families; helping the environment; gaining control of a company; hiding from the truth; waging war on people; protecting their country’s culture; getting their own back; maybe even dicing some people up into tiny pieces. What does make something right and wrong? This is I suppose why I embraced Lawful Rebellion and let it completely change the direction of my life.

After studying all the theory of Lawful Rebellion, testing out the practises and then making myself a Sovereign in Law, I cannot say the conflict has brought me much success. Yes, I’ve stood upto an international bank; walked over the TV License; all fines; and helped many others do the same. For me, this part of the journey was just another way of me looking outwards instead of inwards. One of the most evident things I’ve learned along the way is that everything I say and do is only a reflection of my mind expressing itself through my five senses. And that it is much easier to pass judgment and transfer energy to another soul, rather than to dissipate the energy through reflection. I was and still am so lost from all the programming and social pressure that it is very natural to blame the visible programmers of the System. The people who control this ‘System’ have been allowed to dominate us. Great Britain in the name of its people kill innocent families every single day in places, most of us will never see. CCTV is rampant on this Island because we allowed it. The tax burden and the blind robbing of your pockets from the socially dominant is allowed by us every single day.

So why do we accept this reality, channel our energy into it, then on the other hand loath it and think about how to bring it all down? A sensible instinct is that my basic natural rights as a human being have been taken away. Not by them, but by me because I’ve allowed it to happen by playing the game. I have let others gain control of something that cannot be controlled. This is why I’m chaotic, confused, fearful and angry. I am trying to interact with a reality that is built upon something learned, called rationality. What is the source of this rationality? I believe it came from the only thing that we all still share with our rational minds, the ‘information highway’. I have got so used to taking part in this giant fountain of rational human information, that when I believe something is right or wrong, which isn’t rational to ‘society’, it’s repelled, as it unbalances the status quo.

Stupid rational minds!Status quo isn’t just reserved for the System, it’s also rampant with family and friends. Have you ever done things you regret? Then your family or friends sometimes don’t even give you chance to explain yourself before they judge, which could last years? It seems this rational reasoning is favoured by modern Western civilisation and has moved us into an era of dealing with situations plainly with our minds and not with our hearts. A perfect example of this transformation of the mind and heart is the physical manifestation of the Web. There is no contemplation, love or spirit inside the Web of our collective digital minds. It is the quintessential guidebook to rationality; and a place where everyone can instantly transmit vacuous sentiment and poor information without fear of reprisal. The Web is the ultimate battleground where man meets mind and all human focus is zombified into 0s and 1s, slowly gnawing away at our lifeblood.

If the System wants nothing more than for us to be sitting inside our homes connected to the Web dictating and watching our every move, then it’s ‘rational’ to assume that our minds’ want nothing more than to lay back and be programmed what to do. This theory isn’t bollox I’ve pulled out of the ether, it’s been scientifically-proven that our brains do their best to not think. It’s actually really hard to engage our minds’ is it not? Procrastination is a disease, which has spread across Western culture. Since the machines and slaves do everything for ‘society’ now, we have nothing to do except procrastinate in our free time. I’m not talking about procrastination in the typical definition. I’ve formed the opinion that the System is a manifestation of our minds’ taking over, resulting in this self-loathing reality, just so we can endlessly search for the answer as to why we’re here now doing what we do.

The Orion Nebula from Hubble

At this stage I’d like to pose what Lawful Rebellion means within the aforementioned paradigm? Is it a way out if you learn about how the System works; a conflict with bureaucracy; or an expression of the desire to make our world a better place? How can any of these suggestions be right if the popularised foundation of Lawful Rebellion itself is made up of pieces of defining and retaliatory paper? I now realise, the very System that I’ve been fighting against is there for the purpose of conflict, which is shrouded in justice and liberties – just another reflection of the chaotic order of the mind. How is this scenario any different than throwing rotten veg at the Village idiot who’s in the Stocks for committing anti-social behaviour; or everyone ganging up on the adulterer each throwing a stone at her in disgust. I’d like to ask, why are there ways in which we’ve found to ‘lawfully’ counteract the System? How can we be right and the whole System be unlawful? Don’t you think that’s paradoxical, if it’s supposed to be oppressing us? Please contemplate this for a moment, as it’s important you express this within your thoughts.

I see four distinct journeys in Lawful Rebellion. The people who want to maintain the System and just achieve fairer Serfdom; people who seek to discredit; people who have begun to question themselves and everything around them; and those who are already becoming enlightened, thus free from the prison, but directly suffering caused by attachments and judgments.

Humans can manifest so many objects, join them together to create physical spaces for no real reason than to escape. We can blame everything around us, and then destroy all the physical manifestations we believed to be wrong, only to see that later in history we’re building the same thing with a slightly new twist. So you see, to rebuild something that clearly doesn’t work like, The British Constitution, British Common Law or the System itself, is the illusion that the problems we face are merely physical, which to me is wrong and will result in the square root of buggerall. Why? Simply because it’s the rational thing for people to do. Our collective consciousness has allowed a Kingdom of rules and regulations for the governing of our minds with a hierarchy to match. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for all of this torture. Have any of you noticed how the System is continually modulating to the new frequencies of our enlightenment? The rise of CCTV, police domination and civil liberties giving people the power to condemn somebody to judgment in a Court because of an emotion or action ‘out of control’? These are all manifestations from the rational consciousness fearing instability will occur if any of us rock the boat. Thus resulting in good men and women fighting for what they believe is the right thing to do, by issuing Justice to those who just want to experience something irrational like rocking the boat. There is no way of telling what anything would be like until we all experience it for ourselves – not through books, media or whispers, just through our hearts.

Fear is the mind’s greatest weapon and it’s this very thing, which is at the core of the System’s construct. The System is nothing more than you and me. I cannot see how any kind of paper bureaucracy produced by Lawful Rebellion or individuals can be anything but conflict with ourselves. If fear is based on rationality, then surely to break the System, we all need to become irrational? Using this philosophy, it’s obvious that the System knows our every rational move, because it’s already anticipated it, or at extremes will use other rules to move the goal posts in order to maintain control. Does this sound like how your mind sometimes deals with difficult issues? I know mine does at times. This is where the element of surprise comes from and the System’s antidote is people fearing to express even the slightest ‘extreme’ viewpoint in case they’re reported.

Democracy, the Free Market (Capitalism) and freedom of expression for all Serfs is the perfect model to sustain control, because it shifts with our collective rational mind. We’ve allowed our entities to be segmented into various disorders, organisations, clubs, unions, groups, countries and races for the ease of flow of information and some crude form of identity, which has created divides like nothing seen in previous history. And we’ve allowed the Rule of Law, to develop a colossal body and voice in which for it to nurture its growth, the only reminders being Justice, sacrifice and the paper trail. Law has merely given the mind the ability to shift Liability, thus offloading any burden ‘rightfully’ onto somebody else.

Once we have all mastered as individuals the ability to be altruistic, which is quintessentially irrational to the System of the mind, Mother Nature will in time reclaim all control, hierarchy, economies, cities and ‘societies’. Only then will we be able to transfer our new light into physical manifestations stepping closer to enlightenment. I don’t think any of us will need anything more than to be with others; and have enough to live to accomplish this goal, anything else will be a distraction, thus outwardly-faced and within the confines of the System and mind.

This is a message in the change of direction with Both Richy and myself have decided that Lawful Rebellion’s boat needs to be rocked, as we feel it has reached the end of the universe with us both and we need to plot a new course.

Beyond Lawful Rebellion with Deep Ecology

Beyond Lawful Rebellion with Deep Ecology

Download podcast here

By David Ophalus

I’m sitting here with the latest election babble in the background and it’s making me sick to my stomach listening to the utter rubbish coming out of the potential ‘leaders’ mouths. It’s drilled into us night and day about the benefits of being a cog in the Corporate machine, yet the negative aspects which are slowly draining our humanity are driven deeper by everyone who accepts status and property on any level. It seems that the signing of the Treaty of Verona in 1213 that sealed this Island’s fate, but there is much evidence that the worship of hierarchy has been going on since Sumerian times. What we call civilisation is nothing more than a plague on the human heart, out to fulfil the prophecy of a certain book, which coincidently uses content from the infamous Sumerian tablets dating back 15,000 years.

I’m concerned about Lawful Rebellion being pigeonholed as being the study of 10s of 1000s of Acts, legislation, PDFs and books to ‘lawfully’ fight the ‘System’. Trust me when I say all the research, learning and experiments can end up taking over your life sometimes for the worse, which will need particular attention. The other thing is that I know people don’t have much spare time. To spend it on something that could make you more stressed through finding out you’re getting buggered over more than you previously thought, can be the tipping point into a darkness that hurtles you into places you never thought you’d end up. I really don’t blame the people who keep a low profile just keeping abreast of the developments of such a young movement, as reality from our perspectives is vivid to say the least. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to begin a process of opening Lawful Rebellion up to other possibilities of imagination and attempt to get more people involved who are looking for progression within the movement in other ways.

All of us who have gone through the Lawful Rebellion revolution know that it’s a viable means to a natural end of the System that’s become a burden for all of us – even if some of you don’t think you’re part of it, you are. I’m not talking about revolution in the System or smoking out all the corruption, I’m talking about no ruler of the many, no monarchy, no elite and NO rights to take the land away from nature. We must live on this earth how we need to in order to keep it’s beauty for all to share.

What Lawful Rebellion is doing is producing a glitch in the System by showing people how they’ve sleepwalked into the invisible shackles of corporate slavery. But unfortunately it’s happening to Lawful Rebellion. We are now seeing politically motivated groups take the sentiment of Lawful Rebellion and repackaging it as a new frequency of the political spectrum, which is dangerous if people start accepting it. This is something none of us want, as our collective voice will end up on a phoney ballot paper one day, as part of the Free Market economy. But this occurrence is the quintessential element to the Free Market and Democracy – The freedom to create anything you like and turn it into a commodity. Even if don’t have any plans to turn your honest manifestation into a product of the Free Market, somebody else will if it’s good enough to steal. None of this will change unless we decide it needs to change.

Thomas from Deep Ecology has been exploring the different ways man has lived past and present and asserts that Tribalism is the natural way man lives even today, making the point that it’s a possible future for us. Luckily, even in the present corporate hierarchy it’s still completely impossible for the instincts of human nature to be erased from our collective consciousness. This is obviously where the money is on utilising media propaganda, corporations, schooling and institutions protected by a corrupt law system attempting to keep relative status quo and a stable hierarchy. I think we all have seen this System evolving at incredible speeds over the last 20 years. This is exactly why every year new ways to extract information from us are invented, the latest ones being Terrorism and Social Networks to gleam what you had for breakfast this morning.

Maybe what’s beyond Lawful Rebellion is the prospect of us all merging from every single group in the world and setting up examples of how we can all co-exist together in a community void of hierarchy and domination. It is a fact that if every anti-EU group just in the East Anglia region got together during the EU elections, there would have been a majority of like-minded people. It is a fact that if we all at the same time said ‘NO’ to any form of authority in Britain, there wouldn’t be any chance of the hierarchy maintaining their form of order without using force. You name, we can do it! But the problem is that most people, even if you’re broke, you’re broke because you’re attempting to maintain your lifestyle and comfort within this System. For this realistic exchange, the British are paying for it through being told what to do, how and when. But who likes being told what to do? It goes against human nature. We need to be free in manifesting our thoughts into experiences and sharing them with one another without judgement or fear of reprisal or there will always be unhappiness.

Who knows how everything will begin again, but that’s what this podcast is all about, finding new ideas and connections!

Thanks again Thomas for your time!

Deep Ecology



The Law: An Alien Landscape

The Law: An Alien Landscape

Written by BC1959

Now we have set out our stall on a wider, more journalistic basis, we must continue to be up-front and honest about who, when and where, all our woes are sourced from. Recently, a report from Israel stated that:

Two Israeli professors are rewriting the Geneva Conventions, to give legal cover for total war on civilian populations.

That unsettling report, goes hand in hand with our youth today, who are infatuated by perversions such as war games, with almost real images, to soften them up for real war. They are sent to wars that have little to do with them, and they are brainwashed to such a degree, they are all but useless to our national interests, and in fact, as sad as it is to say it, they have been forced into becoming ”traitors” by the system, towards their own kith and kin.

It is now, very easy indeed to ensure that when all hell breaks loose, and war and conflict engulfs the planet as the NWO parasites want, it will be easy to simply do the things they want to, and civilians will become, and indeed have become, victims of a wholesale war on freedoms and national interests.

Back in the 1930’s a very well written, and very well researched volume of Encyclopedias was introduced. These weren’t just any old set of documents of world history and culture or other such run of the mill adult aimed items, they were ‘‘Children’s Encyclopedias’‘, and that made them all the more interesting. This volume is in my own collection of reading material, and it makes for a real feast of knowledge. How so? They are what today would be called ”bigoted”, possibly racist, and far too truthful for children today, because they use a tone that is emotive, and is full of the beauty of the English language. They are crammed full of national and racial references, especially in the forward and other explanatory first few pages… and that makes them too dangerous for today’s politically controlled youngsters.

The ‘‘Children’s Encyclopedia’‘ included where our people came from, and perfectly explained the earliest language and region on earth where we founded our civilisation. Thus, our youngsters in those days, were armed with pride, a knowledge of our past, and a wealth of intellectualism that stood them in good health, both mentality and physically.

Most people up until the Second World War, were able to say what they wanted, and enjoyed relative freedom from interference og the state. Education was basic, but overall, it was grounded upon national interests. Wars were fought, but essentially, all children remained stable, unmolested, and untroubled by paranoid alien beliefs and influences. Thus, communities were solid, patriotic, and able to function culturally and ethnically, as a whole.

Whilst both we, and our detractors are not that happy for us to continuously repeat the ”complex subject’‘ of foreign interference in our laws and wider national institutions, it is nonetheless in line with our more wider, and less inhibited obligation, to do as we promised… Tell it as it is. The laws now being re-written, have very little if anything, to do with the well being of people, of of peaceful existence with our fellow earthly neighbours, but is more to do with total control. Israeli professors who are given the ”right” to openly and treacherously re-write the Geneva Convention, will surely give those looking into actions by Zionists and others wishing to take over the world’s resources, nations and peoples, further proof of a conspiracy.

Just think of the unlimited, and rightful knowledge found in the above books for children, and compare it to our current situation, and you’ll understand just how dangerous this era of wars, economic depression, and PC stupidity is.

Our laws on social subjects and national rights, were also re-written, and again, it was ”intellectuals and advisers” whom, were handed the legal powers to accomplish this. We have been stabbed in the back, and not only by a single knife either. We are under siege in our own homes, in our own communities, and in our own lands. We brave few, smeared, brow-beaten, and laughed at as we are, cannot allow the continued offences to play out for another decade, without actually doing something.

If civilians are now an ‘‘acceptable target’‘, then that means our own children, and theirs after them, will be fair game to the New World Order, it’s treacherous government officials, and those making millions out of such conflicts and potential ethnic cleansing of the white western population. Also included in one of the volumes of the Children’s Encyclopedia back then, was a passage by someone, who referred to ‘‘The Newspapers’‘, as THE SHIELD OF DEMOCRACY. yes, that’s what it actually said back then. Imagine this mentality as an every day thing in those days, and you can see how far we have descended into an alien controlled, third world cesspit, full of children who only know the names of ”rap stars’‘, and the latest slut celebrity to get pregnant by her umpteenth partner, or adopt an African to look good to the world government ”officials” who can further her career in a pointless and self indulgent career.

If aliens are allowed to re-write the Geneva Convention, then exactly what else have they re-written without our knowledge? Just how much of the western hemisphere is under threat of destruction and ethnic cleansing? Some people enjoy the idea of Oliver Cromwell doing what he did, and to a degree, he was right. Alas, like all revolutionaries, he required money to fund his hatred of the Sovereign at that time. He got his money from the same immigrant userers as the Normans did… Jewish money lenders. Monarchs like Queen Elizabeth 1, are preferable to those whom attacked the very nation of their birth. She rid this country of the small, but criminal immigrants, and the money lenders, but that seems another world away.

Wholesale demonising is not our game, neither is blaming every one from a minority for all our ills, as there are traitors a plenty here and in all western governments.

However, the sad, but provable fact is that, we do have a combined immigrant community in the west, and here in Britain, whom have for one or another reason, decided to offer our nation(s) up to all and sundry, and explain this as some kind of ”progressive” step towards a unified community. It was unified, and at one time, we never had to concern ourselves over mass slaughter of innocent peoples, and civilians now added to that hateful act.

We white Nationalists are as we have agreed amongst us previously, alone, totally alone, and unless the nations of other people get a grip, we will one by one, fall to an alien ideology that has little to do with real western religion, equality, fair play, or a wish for peace.

Rather, it is an ideology based upon self-centred and opinionated political engineering and greed. Those whom wish to carry on as before can do so, but they will not drag us, or our families down with them. The law is now an alien landscape. Are we capable of providing ourselves, and our children, with the tools to dig up, and re plant this landscape?

Stop the Genocide of European Mankind

Written by Green Arrow

I had to have a long hard think about publishing the following video, that was made several months ago by Dr David Duke of America, because if there is one subject guaranteed to start a Comments War, it is any article that can be perceived as being even mildly critical of Jews or the State of Israel – which this site believes has every right to exist.

The problem is that Mr Duke has doubts about so many things Jewish, although listening to him speak in this video, I suspect that whilst he is condemning the actions of Israel, I would not be surprised if secretly he agrees with the actions taken by the Jewish People to preserve their identity.

But that is not the point really of this article, the point is that every word that Dr David Duke speaks about the genocide of the white peoples of Europe and America is true.  I urge you to watch this video in full.

Vive La Revolution From A True Truthseeker

Vive La Revolution From A True Truthseeker

I’m supposed to have stopped blogging. You know it. It was explained concisely in my last post to you all, but I’m still very much alive, recently posting on the Daily Telegraph comments section, as well as on other blogs around and about, to show my respect to their continued search for the truth and exposing of deceit, that runs rampant within society.

Why have I decided to break my exile from the blogging world? Well, it’s quite simple really, having read an article from a man whom I respect very much, a true freedom fighter, brutally honest individual, his words deserve space on this space and for all to read his words. The man is Mike James, a blacklisted journalist, living in Germany and certainly of late having a rough time of it. We used to keep in touch via email, but he disappeared off the radar, when things started to get a bit too much. A bit like me I suppose. Am I back blogging again? I highly doubt it, although time will tell but this article by Mike James is simply too good to miss and not get to a wider audience. The establishment hate him, for he has seen through their lies. His words are far more dangerous to them than any gun is that’s for sure.

The article you are about to read is a truly insightful post. It was written to wake you up, to make you realise that you are NOT controlled by any authority and that you are all freemen and women, under God, to live your life in love and happiness, not state enforced oppression, under the control of money. It is common law that you should be living under, not Contract Law, with its ridiculous crimes involving finance, hate speech, defamation etc etc and complete control of the individual, as it continues to destroy the individual and promote commonality. It is a rebellious speech and parallels my thoughts entirely. I could easily have written this and I agree with all of what it written.

Of course, Mike James is an Englishman and thus this article is directed towards Englishmen and women, but knowing Mike, he no doubt speaks of all the peoples of these isles, to rise up, take back their liberty and freedoms and to overthrow the truly evil bastards, belonging to their many secret organizations and monarchies around the world. I am a Scotsman but I am also a Briton, not British, but a Briton, whose ancestry is of the lands we know as the British Isles and Ireland, before and after the invasion of the Angles, Saxons and the Norse. I am part English and was disgusted to not only see the destruction of their lands and cultures, but also by their continuing apathy, as they do nothing about it and happily gorge themselves on MSM propaganda, becoming nothing but mindless, automaton globalists.

Therefore, all I have to say is – Take it away Mike……The Mighty Oak Of The Coming English Revolution
By Mike James in Germany – 30 January 2011

I shall make no excuses as to who I am and what I stand for. I am, like many others, an agglomeration of libertarian thinking, primitive pre-imperial and unadulterated Christianity, a believer in the free-market system of individualism, and yet a collectivist and a nationalist where I see that serves the best interests of my people.

I’m a patriotic English National Revolutionary. In the eighteen and a half years I have spent living in Zionist-occupied Germany, with only one visit home in 1997, I have seen, albeit at a distance, just what exactly has happened to my people. They have been betrayed over successive generations by a financial caste, based in the City of London, that regards them as nothing more than cattle. My people have been fooled into thinking that the British Crown, an international financial concern, is somehow connected to that wonderfully anachronistic and wholly false construct, the United Kingdom.

In the eyes of my fellow citizens, the United Kingdom is synonymous with another misnomer, “Great Britain”. They even confuse that with the geographically delineated landscape known as “The British Isles”, which includes Ireland. As the great Scottish writer, Tom Nairn, declared, the English have become the most over-identified and self-labelling nation of peoples on the face of the world, and intentionally so; all the more to confuse and divide us.

How deluded my people have become, not by dint of their own backwardness, but by an evil, Satanic ruling oligarchy that holds them ever so tightly around the testicles, placing manacles on their own capacity to think for themselves. Yet I shall tell you this and I speak the truth:

The little-known Nielson Dissertation, which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the international-financier controlled British Crown is illegal and had no authority to usurp the Third Republic, is almost entirely inaccessible in any English library. The British Crown system of government, comprising Westminster, Whitehall and the Mafiosa state-within-a-state, the City of London, is not only illegal and lacking in legitimacy, but comprises a unified terrorist organisation designed to kill the spirit of all Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen.

No policeman in the United Kingdom (an entity which does not legally exist) has the legitimate power to arrest you or even issue a speeding ticket. You’re perfectly entitled to kill him because he is a criminal, though I would argue that such a course of action is morally wrong and I censure all those who would even so much entertain such a wicked idea. The policeman is as deluded as you have become. He too is loved, and is loved by others. He too feels the bitterness and the pain of having to maintain order in a disorderly Zionist, Tavistock-created world of chaos and mayhem.

Every man and woman employed by the illegal British Crown and its administrative adjunct, the fantasy, fictional United Kingdom, is an enemy of the English people. Most would choke on their morning coffees to hear such words. They are just as ignorant of the evil Satanic system that made serfs, and then consumer-slaves, out of the one race of men and women who have, should they rediscover the natural-born courage of their innate, God-given convictions, the effortless ability to utterly destroy the viciously evil Soviet European Union that will have your grandchildren working for less than a dollar a day and bow to the Mecca of Brussels at five in the morning.

But I say no. And what I say counts. For I was born in the Danesfield, Jarrow, in North East England. This constituency, once a separate nation of Anglo-Saxon Germans and Christian Danes, is currently represented in the illegal “House of Commons” by a Belgian Jew called David Miliband, a Bolshevik, a Bilderburger and an agent of the Tavistock Institute. You cannot imagine my disgust and outrage that a man, whose forefathers were banned from the British Isles in 1290 by Royal Decree, would have the audacity to speak for my people, whose blood stock shares not one single common genetic factor with his. Why have my people not hoisted this subversive, English-hating traitor on the end of a rope to swing gracefully from the highest lamppost in South Shields? Whatever happened to common-sense and reasoned argument?

His brother is now the new Fabian-Socialist Mafia Boss of Jew Labour. Do I smell a conspiracy, or are my nostrils over sensitive to the smell of foreign parasites?

I am shamed that my people have allowed themselves to become manipulated by hateful, antagonistic, anti-English foreign Bolsheviks and their perverse ramshackle of corporate-fascist “change agents”. I wish to hear no more of them. Why do they continue to live? Why is Tony Blair still alive? Why have no policemen, as I formally enjoined them by means of an officially written submission sent to Bow Street Magistrates Court, discharged their legal obligations under the Geneva Conventions and put a bullet through the head of the world’s most cunning mass murderer and war profiteer: a man who would have found Ted Bundy “an amiable chap” and a natural soul-mate?

The “British” Royal Family, ostensibly of Germanic descent, whose half-witted ancestors were ridiculed and despised by all right-thinking Prussians, are closely related to and are controlled by the Ashkenazi Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. You never knew this. But now you do. Smell the treachery and gag on everything that has made TV-controlled robots of what was once the most fearsomely independent people this world has ever known.

They’re taking the piss. They’re laughing at you. And you buy it.

Cameron, Clegg, Jew Labour, the Lib-Dems and the intelligence service stooges who created the BNP and the loathsome, Zionist-financed EDL. They own you. You know it but still kiss their evil, stinking hairy butts.

Reject them. Play no more by their rules. Never, ever vote. Go to prison rather than fill out a census, or do as I do: provide false and misleading information, all the better to make a joke of their statisticians. Whenever they give you an election, destroy your ballot paper. Fill it with obscenities. Democracy is the greatest scam ever invented by Satan to enslave the minds of those from whose ranks were spawned the world’s greatest engineers, poets, mathematicians, builders, architects, philosophers, doctors, teachers and soldiers. Better still, destroy those whose names are writ large on this invitation that facetiously solicits you to select one of them as your prospective slave master.

Not one government minister, not one judge, not one policeman in the illegal United Kingdom has the power or authority to make you obey rules created to protect the Dutch-British-Jewish money matrix for which all English people must pay, namely, the parasites who control every aspect of your lives by playing with virtual money in the City of London, which is, constitutionally, a separate state. Without the City of London, the monarchy and its hierarchical system of institutionalised repression and deceit would collapse. Without the “pretender” monarchy, not to be confused with its administrative arm, the duplicitous British Crown, then the men and women who are stealing food from out of the mouths of babes and are condemning the elderly and infirm to an early grave would scramble for the first flight out of Heathrow.

This is something that must never be allowed to happen. With a flick of a switch, every surveillance camera in the land is dead. It’s called “electricity”. The All-Seeing Eye is as blind as a bat. By pre-emptively hacking and forcing early closure of all international financial transactions, not one penny of the money they have stolen from you will find itself in the flush of a panicked cash-flight. By confiscating their passports and forcing closure of all international airports, we have the bastards exactly where they belong: in prison awaiting trial.

Notice that the IRA, which worked for years in tandem with the treasonous MI5, as evidenced in the Stalker Report, only secured a seat at the bargaining table after they bombed the heart out of the City of London. The British government did not give one fuck for the lives of innocents lost to IRA-MI5 terrorism. But when they smashed Bishopsgate and struck hard at the centre of British international finance, it was all tea and biscuits, boys. “Oh, and do you prefer your Guinness chilled or warm, old chap?”

You see, all these worthless, blood-sucking vampires, the scum who you see every day on your plug-in-drug, are just front men, though they remain very legitimate targets for all patriots who wish to reclaim England for the English people. Bomb Westminster, no problem. The media gets the headlines it wants and you learn, once more, to hate the poorest among us. However, bomb the City of London and it’s: “Indeed, my good gentlemen, let us crack open a bottle of Vintage ’29 and come to some kind of convivial arrangement, don’t you know?”

Learn from this. Smash the bastards where it hurts them most. If Al Qaeda were real and not a propagandistic invention of the CIA and Mossad, they’d have thermobarically blown to smithereens every financial centre in the world. But no. They ostensibly kill old grannies on double-decker buses. Oddly enough, just right outside the Tavistock Institute. Makes you wonder.

As you know only too well, MI5 wrote the script and produced the show. As is clearly and irrefutably stated in the ground-breaking “7/7 Ripple Effect”, the producer of which (John Hill) now faces imprisonment for the rest of his life for telling the truth, Tony Blair personally ordered the intelligence services to use Muslim patsies as “actors” in what they presumed was a military training video. I know this from first-hand information provided to me by a former MI6 officer just one day following this most despicable of inside jobs. The British Consulate in Frankfurt, who once threatened to prosecute me, know this only too well. (They love my silence.)

Tax slaves, entrepreneurs, students, the unemployed and underpaid workers can burn Westminster until the cows come home to graze on burning pastures. You achieve nothing. But strike right at the heart of the banking system, and it’s a different story. You are a highly imaginative, cunningly vindictive and unimaginably brave nation of men and women. Sniff not the ether, for this they have monitored right down to every word you are now reading. Discern the timing of each attack by facing square the winds and the rain and the plenitude of light on an English summer day to read the signs and understand their import. You are men and women of salt and soil, not automatons. Look to the skies and walk gently in the breeze of an autumnal English day, and you will know what it is you must do.

Do not fall into their trap. Make no arrangements with the illegal police force to negotiate a march or a demonstration. Forego all organisation. Keep whatever cells you establish informal and supremely impenetrable. Strike terror into their hearts. Make it fast, brutal and vicious. Ensure that no innocent lives are lost. (Bishopsgate saw no casualties.) Withdraw quickly. Disperse. Vanish.

Leave no calling card. Let them sweat. Let them guess. Let your means of attack be the message sufficient unto itself. Harm no individual, and The People will understand. It may take weeks, yet perhaps just days. The victory of the English People against all enemies, both domestic (government) and foreign (the thieving money marketeers) is assured.

Go lone wolf and take out every illegally (s)elected member of the constitutionally illicit parliament. Make it arbitrary. Injure no innocent civilian for they, the real terrorists in government, will call you worse. Learn to reccy (strategic reconnaissance). Learn to take out surveillance cameras by hacking their systems at least two hours beforehand. Hack the grid. It’s easy to close down even protected power points. I did it in 2003 on a crappy computer and brought at least one RAF re-servicing plant to a complete standstill just two days before the illegal invasion of Iraq. I fucked their supplies with less than a dusty old box thrashing its CPU well beyond overclocking.

Get real. Get off Facebook. Stay away from profiling internet forums and discussion groups. Otherwise, speak in code. Say nothing of a confidential nature in any e-mail you transmit. Use your computer as a weapon, because we’re now at war. It’s the Controllers versus The People. And The People will win. We always have. But you’re going to have to get right up off of your big fat arse, quit watching Teevee, loose some weight, get fit, think sharp and do what Brits are naturally good at: fighting!

And I’m talking serious courage, True Grit: your knowing that, by placing your life on the line, your grandchildren will be able to say with pride: “I am English. England is mine, and I love everything that God gave me as a gift on the day I was born. This is my country, and here I am Free.”

Use your ears and trust nobody. Until we flick that switch or hack into their grid, communicate nothing by any means of electronic, digital communications. Be as gentle a doves among yourselves, but as wise as Serpents when those around you have ears not for the hearing. Take heed that you do not fall into the scam known as “leadership” and learn from the demise of the American Tea Party, a movement of anti-Federal patriots hijacked by financiers, the Republican Party and International Zionism.

Arminius liberated the Germans from the Roman Empire by building one of the most sophisticated resistance movements in Europe. He required no cell-phone, no email, no internet. Word spread by mouth and scratches on trees. But let there be no delay, for they too are pretending to be within your ranks. Outwit them at every venture. Make some plans known in advance. Create false dummies. Use “dead letter” drop boxes, some of them fake. Take note of traitors and dispose of them in accordance with your conscience.

Then, when all is still, everything is quiet, take them completely by surprise. Stun them until their whiteness of countenance transmutes into the hideously reddened faces of those who can no longer stem their unremitting vomit. These people hate you. They and their class of psychopathic predators have stolen untold thousands of Pounds Sterling from you ever since the day you were born. Have no pity on them. Show them no remorse. Deal with them as you would deal with a common thief pilfering the last supplies of bread in a children’s orphanage.

Whether you’re a true Englishman, a Scotsman, Irish, Welsh, or Cornish, the Free State of the Republic of England is your home. Let this be the house that requires of you no mortgage, for if you are of Celtic, Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon, Pictish or Danish descent, this home is your castle. It belongs to you and nobody else.

Every British personage of high rank, every member of the constitutionally illegal “parliament” that stands in arrogant mockery of the Third Commonwealth Republic (which never died), that den of viperous thieves and failed lawyers, every CEO of every bank in the land, every member of the disloyal anti-English “Royal” family: scum, thieves, murderers, parasites, traitors, haters of the English people.

Read the Anarchists’ Cookbook. Use it without hurting any innocent human being. Your job is to destroy the illegal UK governmental and surveillance infrastructure. You are forbidden from killing those who are innocent and ignorant. Do not target the military Chief of Staff or any soldier. They will come over to our side once the smoke has cleared.

Do not target policemen. The are mostly working class-boys simply doing their job. Most of them are suffering too. They are our natural allies. We need their guns: pointing not at us, but at the enemy.

I shall not go to my grave until I have my independent, Free-State Republican England, and I shall have it at any price. By God, I shall have it before I heave my last breath. In this nation, every natural-born Briton will live a life resplendent with dreams, hopes and ambition. There shall exist between us no division more. We shall live more equitably, for our banking system shall no longer be based upon usurious fractional reserve banking. We shall walk in the Light of Love, each one of us doing what we can to help our fellows, without any expectation of reward.

You will be at liberty. Your children will grow into healthy, inquisitive, naturally loving and wholly sovereign and free individuals. They will cry with joy when they learn that everything they were thus taught was nothing but state propaganda, Zionist lies and consumerist brainwashing. We shall take unto our breasts those Jews and Muslims who swear by England, not Mecca or Jerusalem. The rest we shall compassionately assist in their happy voyage back home.

I am not prepared to see My England, My People, become as nought in a world that they, by their own ingenuity, nurtured from barbarism to high culture. I love my people with every fibre of my being. They are hopeless romantics, fearless warriors, superlatively ingenious poets, delightful musicians, unbelievably compassionate; and they comprise the most physically beautiful folk God, in the goodness of his own heart, created as his own special, chosen people, born of a Divine Creativity that has always endowed my race.

Let every Englishman and Englishwoman living today, know this. You were chosen long before the Beginning of Time. Each Englishman is a King; every Englishwoman a Queen. There is no greater royalty than this.

This Green and Pleasant Land was bequeathed to you, not as of right, but as of God-given entitlement. They stole it from you. It’s now yours for the taking again. Nothing and nobody can stand in your way.

You are English. And you are warriors. And you will fight to the death for all that is yours as of birthright.

All you have to do is love one another and put beyond the pale those who have conspired to destroy you as a people, as a culture.

There is no greater race than that of the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon English race. You have it in you to dispose of the traitors who have bled you dry, deceived you, exploited your goodwill, and laughed at your gullibility.

You must now save yourselves from international capitalism, Bolshevik socialism, banksterism, corporate fascism, usury, celebrity worship, trivia, pop culture, fractional reserve banking, inflation, growing poverty, government lies and propaganda, and the destruction of the finest nation this world has ever known, and ever will.

Do it. You cannot fail. This option simply does not exist.

Target your enemies without impunity. Create fear in the hearts of our foes and a sense of liberation in all Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen. Fight as you were created to fight; for God did not intend you to be a race of couch potatoes and obese, pharmaceutically addicted vegetables. You are a nation of warriors, not cowards!

When you came into this world, whether as an English boy or a girl, you were born a warrior. You know only too damned well where the enemy is to be found. The Roman Empire never died. It is now head-quartered in Brussels. Are you really going to tell me you’re not man enough to destroy these bastards? Did your mummy dress you in girlie frocks and give you some kind of multicultural, politically-correct panty fetish? You were made in England. You were made Free. You are a slave to none.

If you’re an Englishman who is not prepared to stand up and fight tyranny, even with a gun or a baseball bat in hand, you’re not my fellow countryman. You are a traitor to your own kind. A quisling and a weakling who deserves nothing more than the scorn and loathing of your own people.

I do not wish to return, for I am too ill and advanced in years. There are some truly fine men and women in England, who, given half a chance, will help lead you to freedom. Ignore those who call themselves “British” or use the internal imperial and colonial term “United Kingdom” as their frame of reference. They serve only the parasitic Crown and are dupes of a system that has made my people less than sheep, grazing stupidly in the belief that “The Man” has only their best interests at heart.

But should you not find it within yourselves to levy at least one muster of resistance, or find one non-hierarchical leader, whether a man or a woman of fighting conviction, you force my hand; and, should I ever set foot on English soil again, I swear, by Almighty God, no vengeance will be coloured more darkly crimson than the hue of the rage painted large upon a canvas of anger I see within me; for children who cannot lead themselves are children whose lessons in life are the hardest to learn.

We must retake England for the English. For all the sweat, blood and tears your forefathers shed in building a society fit for heroes is a society not open to all-comers begging non-domicile tax status and other speculative, billionaire welfare scroungers who use and abuse the goodwill of indigenous Britons. This is our country. It belongs exclusively to the English and Celtic people and the guests they choose with whom to reside. Only the English are the masters of their own house, and no others have the right to squat on the land we fought for and defended against all external enemies and the silent invasion of those who despise our culture, but whose entry was made possible by a Fifth Column of Zionist traitors, few of whom are ethnic Britons.

Future generations will look to England and the English people who, at a time when all humanity surrendered in despairing resignation and defeat, held aloft the bright and shining beacon of hope in a world darkened by international corporate fascism. For while America sank under a sea of debt and the plagues visited upon her by wars instigated by her Jewish masters, and Europe died by officious decree as each nation succumbed to the evil Napoleonic code that underscores every law and directive fashioned by the the elitist French in Brussels, we shall survive and grow stronger.

We, and we alone, will provide every nation on the face of this planet with a Light that shines so brightly, even the One who created us will be dazzled by the splendour and the inextinguishable courage of this hardy breed of men and women: this contentious, awkward, belligerent, fighting, argumentative, yet softly gentle and forgiving folk who require neither the laws of men nor the dictates of modern decadence and base desires to guide them in their ways.

I see a New England. Her children are fresh-faced and beaming with the joy of life in a country where freedom reigns. They laugh easily, for their hearts are the hearts of lion cubs, teething, testing, playing their first curious games in a world set free of globalism, Zionism, materialism and the Satanic New World Order. They are dirty and unscrubbed, grazed of knee, yet delighting in their tumbles and their falls; for these hills upon which a Holy Man once trod are their playground, yet their teeth are milky white and their skin unblemished, pure as the driven snow.

These are your great grandchildren, as yet unborn. They will worship and adore you for the great sacrifice and the many painful decisions you made in securing for them a free and fully sovereign independent homeland for Celtic-Anglo-Saxons and their kinsfolk.

Under existing UK law, which is provably and demonstrably illegal, you have no recourse other than to eliminate those who have betrayed our people. Since they are known as liars and murderers, and no matter what the whoring mainstream media says (whose directors are also on the target list), one thing is sure. You will create a well-spring of popular fervour and an insatiable yearning for national revolution. Each man and woman according to their conscience, means and abilities. There is no Left-Right paradigm. Nothing can ever divide the English people when their hearts beat to the symphony of their own intuitive, natural instincts. We are all one common folk, bound by love, not ideology.

Target only the Parasitic Elites. They are hated by all just men and adored by their own inner demons because they are exempt from crimes that would see most of us handed triple life sentences. Their security detail is not flawless. Believe me when I tell you that nobody is hermetically sealed from the wrath of The People’s anger and yearning for justice.

Lay not one finger on any patriotic Muslim of good faith; for he is your brother. Protect, with your life if necessary, any hard-working Jew who falls foul of the mob; for the ordinary Jew has been abused more by his own kind, the Zionists, than by those among whom he lives and finds companionship, protection and love.

In 2011 we shall see two hundred funerals and a wedding. And then lament the fate of the snotty-nosed, arrogant, chinless cretin, Billy Windsor, and all his kind: the Rothschild Coburg’s who have physically taken hard-earned cash out of your pocket to pay for their pretentious, parasitic, top-of-the-pyramid lifestyles.

Of course they want violence, but only the kind of “controlled” violence they can contain and use against us as a pretext for an ever-more intrusive and brutal police state. Their strategy has always been one of creating conflict that leads to a general outcry: “Government! Please protect my freedoms by taking them away from me!”

But what they don’t want, and what they shall have in abundance, is revolutionary violence so sweeping, so spontaneously dramatic, so cleverly orchestrated and so utterly devastating in its impact on those who change their underwear just once a day. Of this they have, as yet, no fear, for they have taken us for fools. We’re about to witness an explosion in the sales of adult diapers. For those who love their fellow compatriots and have nothing to lose, have yet more to gain; and those who have everything to lose and despise the great majesty of an English folk they have exploited as slaves and consumer robots for centuries shall lose everything, including their lives.

For we shall take their breath away and their hearts will fail them. Thomas Paine stated that the Tree of Liberty is watered by the blood of martyrs who freely give their lives in the cause of the common people. But I tell you this: there will be blood on the gilded, silken carpet.

That blood will be shed by the traitors in our midst, and when we wring it dry under the Mighty Oak of Freedom, that tree will grow to reach the very ceiling of the heavens above us.

And we shall gaze at it in wonder. And we shall marvel at the laughter of our children in this, our England. And when they ask us questions and marvel with astonishment at the Mighty Oak, rooted deep in fertile English soil, and query from whence it came and why it knows neither height nor breadth and is fruitful in all that its branches and the foliage thereupon hide neither from the dawning of the day to the setting of the sun, we shall reply:

“Because you are free.”

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.

Genocide by stealth – Part 3

Genocide by stealth – Part 3

In the first two parts of this essay I set out to demonstrate that acts have been committed against the white European race, over the last half century or more, which meet at least two of the definitions of genocide as laid out under Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Measures have been put in place intended to prevent births amongst white Europeans and which have resulted in the termination or prevention of the birth of, at the very least, tens of millions of white children. Taken altogether across the western world, the number of potential births amongst our ethnic group which have been prevented either by chemical means or by active physical intervention is in the hundreds of millions.

Meanwhile, conditions of life have been inflicted upon us which are already leading to our destruction, at least in part.

That these acts have been committed, that they were deliberate and are resulting in the outcomes I described in parts one and two is self evidently true. Furthermore, the fact that, in combination theses acts, measures and policies have brought us to the brink of a tipping point beyond which, we cannot, as a people, recover, is also beyond question. They have.

It also can not be denied that, although as a people we, native Europeans, have faced war, famine pestilence and catastrophe we have never before come so close to our own annihilation.

What is, however, open to question is why is it happening, who is doing it and what they are actually seeking to achieve.

Up until now I have laid facts before you, however, in an attempt to make sense of those facts I can now only give you my own view, my analysis if you prefer, of what has happened and why.

To the question “Is there a conspiracy to destroy the white race?”, I have to say in my view the answer is considerably more complex than some of my fellow travellers would like to believe. What we face is not a single malevolent conspiracy, but a many headed hydra formed of any number aims ambitions, hatreds and ideologies, all of differing degrees of malevolence, which have come together, on the coat tails of a historical conspiracy, to attack us at a time when we are at the least able to defend ourselves.

Not all which has been done has been with malevolent intent, I rather placed my credibility on the line by linking the contraceptive pill to genocide in an earlier part of this essay, and I know that, on at least one of the other sites where my earlier articles have been republished, some people who have not done what I asked, and viewed these things in context, have mocked me for it. I do not necessarily believe that, in isolation, the pill was developed or legalised with the deliberate intention of damaging the native European race. However, I submit that it has done so, and as I stated previously, its introduction on the scene coincided with other factors which in combination have been unremittingly negative.

The pill, together with abortion, and what one might call “breeding unfriendly” changes to the economic model, have not only speeded up the pace of our decline but they have provided succour to attitudes which were most certainly encouraged with malevolent intent. The pill has been used far less to regulate the size of families as it has been used to put off childbirth, often altogether, and that has been of inestimable damage to us, collectively, as a people.

Some of my critics may wish to argue that the decline of the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen is a worthwhile sacrifice in order to enable a rapidly reducing number of individuals to enjoy the transitory pleasures of a child free lifestyle. However, it is for them to make that case, but at this point I do not buy it.

However, in other areas there is no doubt as to the malevolence of the forces ranged against us. Some of the most savagely malign of those forces exist within the arts and academia, where many do not even attempt to disguise their genocidal intent. Who can forget the words of Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev, (1) author of “When the Irish became White” and co-editor of the “Race Traitor” magazine, when he said: “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” or “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” and of course: “we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed–not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

Ignatiev is not alone, his brand of poison pervades learning institutions throughout the West. Anyone who followed the attempts to rail-road three innocent lacrosse players at North Carolina’s Duke University, following the false rape claims of black “exotic dancer” in 2006 as closely as I did, could not fail to be shocked by the levels of mindless, visceral hatred towards white males which exists within American academia. It would be hard to exaggerate how passionately so many eminent members of the Duke faculty, journalists, media talking heads and so called “community organisers” wanted those boys to be guilty. For many, guilt or innocence was not an issue, they simply craved blood in order to slake their hatred.

However, how is it that the views of such unattractive and ideologically diseased individuals such as Noel Ignatiev and so many members of the Duke faculty have gained such purchase and become so all pervading within Western culture? To find an answer to that question we need ton go back a century and a half, or even more, and there we do find a conspiracy.

The conspiracy against Western Christian / capitalist society began in the 19th Century, if not before. It did not start as a conscious attack on white, Europeans, however, it inevitably became one, initially for no other reason than that Western society was white, European, society.

It is at this point in the narrative that I must nod in the direction of those of my critics who accuse me of being an apologist for Zionism, and admit that it is impossible to ignore the Jewish role in the early efforts to undermine Western Society. Jews featured disproportionately amongst those who took Marxist theory forward and set up the great and deadly Communist monoliths which crushed vast sections of humanity, throughout the twentieth century. A significant majority of those who formed the subversive Frankfurt School of thinking in the 1930’s, those who developed critical theory and that most evil and damaging of all ideologies, political correctness were Jewish academics and Jewish political thinkers.

It was by no means exclusively Jewish, but it was overwhelmingly so. It is also impossible to dismiss the current role of Jews within academia not to mention the Jewish anti-white propagandists within the media and, of course Hollywood.

However, although it would be ignorant and dishonest to dismiss the role Jews played in the early efforts to undermine Western society and the role which many eminent Jews still play within the massed ranks ranged against us, it is also possible to overestimate their role. When those within the Nationalist community blame all the attacks on the white European race on the Jews and on some vast Zionist conspiracy they are addressing a single, historical and rapidly shrinking foe, while ignoring many far more vicious and, now more dangerous adversaries.

Marxism is at the root of all our problems and it was those early Marxists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, Maoists and sundry Socialists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in general certainly who set the great ball of anti-white genocide in motion when they set out to destroy Western Capitalism. However, we are certainly not, today, where they once planned to take us.

I would liken the early communist conspirators, malevolent as they may have been, to a deluded scientist who created a faulty chemical weapon, which once injected into its victim takes on a life of its own, driven on mindlessly by the flaws within its design and independent of the plans of its designer.

Those, including many Jews who conspired against our grandfathers imagined that we would today be living under universal Marxist rule, not that we would be facing the prospect of a Universal Islamic caliphate.

I suspect that were those who first sowed the seeds of our destruction alive today, they would look on in horror at the monster they have created, for it will devour them, and their plans no less ravenously than it will destroy us. At the risk of reigniting the anger of my critics against me, I would argue that, whatever, past difference there may have been, now is the time for Jews, together with gays and true feminists to join with White Nationalists, for it is we, not what is coming to ensure their protection, freedom and very existence.

As I say, the aim was to destroy Western capitalism, but with the demise of what was intended to replace it, the agenda has morphed into the destruction of the European race, and without any other ambition, the destruction has become the purpose rather than merely the agent of change.

Before the fall of the Soviet Union the Marxist cause had made huge advances. Nobody living in the 1950’s or 1960’s would have been accused of being a conspiracy theorist had they claimed that there were people within our society working for its destruction, because there were. Communism made no secret of its sworn aim to dominate the world and, unlike with Islam today, there were no politically correct scruples against acknowledging it.

Marxist theory exercises a powerful pull on the hearts and minds of elite Western Intellectuals. Through their compliance over the decades the Soviet system’s tentacles gradually infiltrated the West, gaining control within many of our most powerful institutions, most spectacularly within the media and within education, two areas in which they correctly assessed they could do the most damage to the system they were seeking to overthrow.

Having gained control within the two most powerful means of forming opinion, they set about, first gradually, but later more rapidly, indoctrinating the western public with the aim of making them less willing or able to resist their eventual overthrow, whilst simultaneously removing anyone within the targeted organisation who did not share the approved ideology.

The indoctrination was aimed at undermining senses of patriotism and national identity essential to preserving a culture and it took many forms such as the debasing and re-writing of European history, the debasing and trivialising of our culture.

As first this was viewed as a form of class war, where the original targets were the middle and upper classes who would be annihilated when the workers rose against them, as occurred in Russia.

However, outside Russia the class war was abandoned when the white working classes failed to play the role allotted to them and joined the middle classes as targets for destruction. Race became the new weapon in undermining a culture through national guilt. Anti-racism aimed exclusively at the target race and intent upon instilling a sense of of shame and guilt for a past which had, in fact never taken place, exploited a weakness within a tolerant and benevolent people always anxious to do the right thing and protect the underdog. As a consequence, the dishonest drum beat of “white oppressor”, “black victim” accompanied by the altogether more sensuous “black sexy”, “white surrender” became the constant theme music behind popular culture, throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

This was an even more deadly poison, our enemies knew from history that nothing undermines a society as effectively as does multiculturalism. Hence they cynically recast the melting pot as grail of our age.

Other “isms” were deployed, such as a deceptive form of feminism designed, in the guise of “liberation”, to undermine the family whilst imposing a new sexualised slavery upon women, which sold us aspirations which could only be achieved spread legged and child free. At the same time siren voices convinced young women that a life of unnaturally induced sterility, with abortion as a back up, offered the means of achieving fulfilment. It was in this way that developments such as oral contraception, abortion and social change began to become instruments of genocide.

In few areas has the indoctrination designed at the destruction of Western Society been more cruelly effective than what it has done to women. In a few generations a sex which once valued honour, virtue and motherhood, now finds themselves either grasping at the Muslim veil of their own subjugation or, tragically with some merit, viewed as “easy meat” by our nations new colonisers, leaving many of the most vulnerable in huge danger.

The damage done to the white male was perhaps even crueler, however, I have addressed that subject often in my previous writing, links to which I will add at the bottom of this posting. (2)

Enemies of the West also infiltrated various other areas, such as the law, politics and the security services, but it was within education and within the popular media that they seized their most powerful weapons, and they have used them against us relentlessly for at least half a century

The people responsible for this did not go away when Communism fell, the aim of overthrowing the West and replacing it with a soviet style utopia was no longer an option, but that did not change the aim of overthrowing the West. Indeed, as the years had past a new more anarchistic breed had joined the old Stalinist, for whom the destruction of the West was more important than any subsequent reconstruction.

They had been well schooled in the belief that the West was evil and needed to be destroyed and they saw nothing within the demise of communism to change that belief.

Hence they have continued with their mission of undermining our culture, indoctrinating our people and nurturing new generations of indoctrinators. However, the emphasis had changed, Western society could no longer be destroyed by soviet communism, so anti-racism, multiculturalism and immigration, tools so long used as a means of softening up the culture for its eventual take over, would now become the means of its destruction.

However, we have still but touched on half the picture, acts have consequences which are not always anticipated. A one hundred and fifty year old conspiracy aimed at the converting the capitalist West to Marxism had developed into an exercise of ethnic and cultural cleansing.

In the process Western society’s resolve and sense of its own identity had become so undermined that other groups with other even less wholesome aims and agendas began to smell blood in the water, and they in turn began to close in on a weakening prey.

I had intended this to be the final part of this essay, but I find that I have so much more to say, hence, I will post the final part, together with my conclusions later this week.

Harvard hates the white race (VDare)
White boys in the Jungle
The Lost Boys

The State Dispossession and Persecution of Whites

The State Dispossession and Persecution of Whites

By Mister Fox

What began as naïve, idealism, has turned into the racial persecution of Whites in their own countries. On 15 January 1846, free trade campaigner Richard Cobden told Manchester Free Trade Hall:

”I believe that the physical gain will be the smallest gain to humanity from the success of this principle I look farther; I see in the Free Trade principle that which shall act on the moral world as the principle of gravitation in the universe – drawing men together, thrusting aside the antagonism of race, and creed, and language, and uniting us in the bonds of eternal peace.”

The dominant ideology in the western nations is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism and is a variant of Nazism. The motive is to push “whites” out of their communities and it is done by deceit and against democratic principles or rule of law.

More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement. This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks and is likewise meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been implemented by the evil E.U.

This ideology is totalitarian with only one viewpoint allowed. It is very intolerant of any complaint about the cruelty and injustice of it and brands dissidents as “haters”, “bigots, “fascists” or “Nazis” which dehumanises the victims and so the authorities can harass and push Whites out without any conscience because we are all “racists”.

A “job centre” funded by money misappropriated from tax-payers has been opened in Mali and was the beginning of “free movement of people in Africa and the EU”.

EU economists claim Britain and other EU states will “need” 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates and rising death rates across Europe. This is the betyrayel of British people whose jobs are being sent abroad and whose children are facing unjust competition from imported labour.

Moreover, If we were not transferring billions of pounds in Aid to elites in the Third World, and billions as UK subscriptions to the UN and the EU, we might well be able to give our own people a better pension which are due to be cut.

The report for the EU, was by Moroccan-born French MEP Francoise Castex, who wants immigrants to be given legal rights and access to social welfare provision such as benefits. “Having sufficient people of working age is vital for the economy and for tax revenue.”

The Portugal Declaration urges the EU to assist African governments in setting up migration information centres “to better manage labour mobility between Africa and the EU”.The first job centre was opened in Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday the 6th of October. More centers are to open soon in other west African states then in north Africa.

The large corporations expect their “diverse” work force to be loyal not to country but the company. This goes well with free markets, which have always been Utopian and supra national.

Sections of the media provide the justification by blaming us and people start to blame themselves:” We won’t do the dirty jobs!”. We are ruled and manipulated by being made to feel ashamed of ourselves. (1)

These immigrant African people are prepared for immigration with clothes and language lessons by The British Council. African lawyer Dele Oguntimojou wrote: ”(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.”(2)

There was an expose in November 2006 that the Government were advertising for immigrants in a Foreign Office pamphlet distributed from Embassies around the world. ‘Multicultural Britain – A Land Of Immigrants’ encourages immigrants to come here because of the Human Rights Act which gives them privileges over natives and well-paid jobs. Illustrated with photos of smiling non-whites, it is an invitation to people to immigrate here. (3)

Home Office minister Beverley Hughes was found to be approving visa claims from eastern Europe despite warnings they were using forged documents. She only resigned when she found a letter sent to her on 4 March last year by a junior Home Office minister, Mr Ainsworth, alerting her to potential immigration frauds.

There were also allegations about abuse of the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) which had already been raised by James Cameron, the British consul in Romania, who blew the gaff. Ms Hughes told BBC Two’s Newsnight that Mr Cameron’s claims were the first she knew of the alleged “scam”. But it is now clear she sent letters in March and April 2003 in reply to Mr Ainsworth’s concerns.

Here is an insight. Lin Homer was chief executive of Birmingham city council and presided over what investigator, Judge Mawrey, called “massive, systematic and organised fraud” in an election campaign. He ruled that not less than 1,500 votes had been cast fraudulently in the city. He the comments after he upheld allegations of postal fraud relating to six seats won by Labour in the June 2004 ballot. For this she was promoted to chief of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.(4)

An excuse is “The Home Office is a shambles.” The Home Office is brilliantly successful: it has been infiltrating immigrants into the country without people realising for years! But as usual the ideologues have no practical grasp and think only of the utopia of a multi racial world and cheap labour for themselves and the corporations.

Vladimir Bukovsky, the Russian dissident, who spent twelve years in Soviet psychiatric units, told The Brussels Journal, he was allowed to study to study documents from secret Soviet files. These documents confirm a “conspiracy” to turn the European Union into a socialist state and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes. (6)

I would add to his otherwise accurate analysis, that when it comes to race, the dominant western ideology is a variant of Nazism introduced through the culture – Cultural Nazism driven by Global capitalism. The importation of immigrants to replace Whites is inverted Lebensraum. It began as a reaction against Nazis but has become a cruel, tyranny.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It proclaimed: “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family.” This was extended in the 1978 UNESCO declaration on race and racial prejudice – the fundamental equality of all human beings is the ideal toward which ethics and science should converge but in practice racial theories are still used to justify improving the racial stock.

The definition of racism in the Macpherson report: “Racism in general terms consists of conduct, words or practices which disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.”(Para, 6.4) Our rulers are discriminating against us because we are white!

Totalitarianism and oppression of White Britons was introduced into the British legal system with the Commission for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Race Relations Act, of Home Secretary Roy Jenkins. This followed evil Judge Salmon’s vicious sentencing of four years to young White lads after the Notting Hill Race Battle of 1958. His biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) revealed, he believed: “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it”.

This was the first time that Race had been used in British law and is similar to the Nazi race laws. A similar law, the anti-White “Equality Law”, is being introduced by Theresa May a Conservative minister which was drawn up by her Labour predecessor Harriet Harman. On the major ideological issues the elites are of one mind. This is to stop white men getting jobs and to allow employers to give ethnic minority and female candidates preferential treatment. The “doublespeak” is “positive action” and prevents applicants with better job credentials getting the job if they are the wrong sex or race.(7)

We have racial lists kept to ensure preferential treatment for other ethnic groups cynically known as equal Opportunities monitoring forms which help people give priority to other ethnic groups.

The term “Racist” is not descriptive but inhibitive. It is to cow dissent while our society is transformed from a natural society to a Multi-Racial state. After the Second World War Nazi and Fascist were used but with the rise of the New Left, who now dominate, Racist replaced them. Cheap labour is imported and jobs are exported within the “tender idealism” pushed by politicians and this word is used to silence objections.

Racial theories on improving the racial stock are turned around to justify immigration. In the second reading of the Commonwealth immigrants Bill (16/11/1961, Lord Royle said, “wouldn’t we be better off with a dash of darker blood?” The multi-racialist Fenner Brockway(later Lord) wrote glowingly of mixed race people which is similar reverence as Nazis had for pure Aryans, “Fifty years ago I read a book by Sir Sidney Olivier, who had been Governer of Jamaica, recording what splendid human specimens, physically and mentally, were the progeny of mixed marriages on that island. Many of us who know the sons and daughters of mixed marriages will bear out this judgement.” (8)

In his three-part television series ”Mongrel nation” of June 2003, the Lebanese-born comedian Edie Izzard, claimed that Mongrel dogs are cleverer than pedigree dogs. This metaphor suggested that mongrel people are as a master race, genetically superior to the rest!

Group Rights are the inverse of Hitler’s race and untermenchen views with Rights afforded to all ethnic groups at the expense of Whites. The Independent 21 April 2004 reported that “British school-leavers could be denied places leading universities for overseas students. Oxford University is to increase the number of overseas undergraduates, who pay higher fees, while freezing the total number of undergraduate places, thus cutting the number of places available to UK school-leavers.”

Racial Awareness Training is a method of brainwashing that local councils send their employers, employees and decision makers on to be conditioned in correct thinking: “to challenge individual prejudices and values and change them”. It stemmed from the ideas of the American Judith Katz who held that “racism is inherent in whites”.

In the USA blonde haired people, usually women, are filmed being racially abused until they break down and sobbed. This is only done to Whites and is a racist attack in the guise of anti-racism. Anti-Racism is the Orwellian term for displacing and disinheriting Whites in their own countries.

The “Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain’s”(Runnymede Trust 2002) Parekh Report We are told the way forward is for the ”United Kingdom to formally declare itself to be a multi-cultural society” page xxi. (9). The state is also destroying our identity.

We are inducted into our culture, community and our history and traditions, quite naturally, as we grow up. The abstract method though, requires a sort of schoolbook learning process as in the republican “Citizenship classes” which are supposed to make all foreigners British.

This process only acts on the surface, on the conscious minds of the pupils, whereas our natural traditional way imbues the very nature of the person as it is slowly internalised into the deep unconscious mind as a uniting bond. The totalitarian method advocated by Parekh has to be forced by brainwashing and politicised police. At the same time the immigrants are allowed to perpetuate the divisions by inducting their own children into their own traditions. They are exempt from Multi-Racialism!

The police are being turned into a race-gestapo. Judge Mapherson began his investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence prejudiced against the police. With his mind already made up he used British law as social engineering to mould the police into an anti-racist thought-police.

They knew what their conclusion was going to be and the idea was not to ascertain the facts of a case but to reach the right conclusion. This further made our law totalitarian: Recommendation 12 states,” A racist incident is any incident, which is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person. Recommendation 13 adds, “That the term “racist incident” must be understood to include crimes and non-crimes in policing terms. Both must be investigated with equal commitment”. Now we can be investigated for committing non-crimes.

There are purges on the police. Former chief of the Metropolitan police, Sir John Stevens introduced planted informers into police training classes to spy for and report on “racist” officers. An interim report into police handling of their own racism, which was established in 2004 after a television documentary, The Secret Policeman, showed racism at a police training centre in Warrington.

The report was produced by a panel led by Sir David Calvert-Smith, a former director of public prosecutions who, like Macpherson began from prejudice not an open mind.

The “enquiry” apparently looked at internal police attitudes to race, including monitoring of race policies and training, recruitment and grievance procedures, rather than operational policing. Like Macpherson this panel had decided the outcome before they started.

Smith admitted that his team had decided before they looked at evidence that police racism was a “major” problem. It was “commonly accepted”. This is prejudice against Whites because they had prejudged the people they were discussing without any evidence apart from the BBC television programme The Secret Policeman, that “racism is still a major problem within the service. We have not set out to prove that it exists. We have taken it as a given”.(10) The people who run the media are part of the “Power Elites” and act in concert with other branches on this issue so it is not fair and unprejudiced.

The labelling of dissidents as “racists”, “bigots”, “haters” etc is dehumanisation setting us up for persecution for not conforming to establishment diktats. It is pure totalitarian thinking straight from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union: if any speak out against being dispossessed they are persecuted by the state.

These extreme and totalitarian measures are necessary to keep the lid on. So what will it lead to? We have advice from our greatest ever poet, one of the greatest philosophers in human history and the Son of God himself.

Shakespeare: All’s Well That Ends Well, act2,sc.3:

Strange is it that our bloods
Of colour, weight, and heat, poured all together,
Would quite confound distinction, yet stand off,
In differences so mighty.

Aristotle wrote in The Politics. BK V, Ch.iii (p.196) Benjamin Jowett translation: Then there is difference of race or nation, which remains a source of dissension until such time as the two groups learn to live together. This may be a long process; for just as a state cannot be made out of any and every collection of people, so neither can it be made at any time at will. Hence, civil strife is exceedingly common when the population includes an extraneous element, whether these have joined in the founding or have been taken on later …

Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution.

Matthew 12:25:
“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”.

Time to Defend the West

Time to Defend the West

By Robert Weissberg

Europe finally appears to be waking up to the dangers of multiculturalism. Last October German Chancellor Angela Merkel confessed that multiculturalism was “a total failure” and British Prime Minister David Cameron more recently agreed, even linking “state multiculturalism” to Islamic terrorism. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is the latest to join this chorus and France now has a Ministry of Immigration and National Identity. Anti-immigration political parties in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and France have raised similar qualms.

Though welcome news for defenders of Western civilization, this new awareness only begins reversing years of misguided policy. Far more is involved than requiring immigrants to speak Dutch or insisting that Mahomet treat Fatima as an equal. More painful will be altering the thinking of proper Europeans (and Americans) about what the multicultural threat entails, and without this altered perspective, turning the tide is futile. It takes two to tango, and this also applies to reversing the multicultural damage — we, too, have to change.

Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy, among many others, misdiagnose the problem. All speak as if cultural/ethnic separatism were the chief culprit. Not entirely true. That incomplete assimilation co-exists with Islamic terrorism does not mean that imposing assimilation will cool the urge to dominate host nations. Undigested ethnic and religious enclaves do not necessarily threaten national survival. In the United States, for example, the Amish and Ultra-Orthodox Jews consciously reject much of the outside world while applying religious law within their communities. Countless European nations have flourished despite permanent undigested “foreigners” living within their borders. Finns are not worried by ethnic Swedes residing in their ancestral homeland.

The problem is boiling hatred of the west and a willingness to pursue this hatred, not physical or cultural separatism per se. Lack of cultural assimilation does not breed terrorism; rather, the urge to destroy the host nation impedes assimilation. Assimilation is a choice, not a permanent condition created by inadequate opportunities to fit in. Nor will economic integration via affirmative action-like policies necessarily quell the hatred. During the Cold War many American treasonous communists were home-grown and more than a few had graduated from elite universities and enjoyed all the bounties of American capitalism. Recall that UK terrorists were more assimilated second-generation immigrants, even doctors, not just-off-the-boat impoverished Pakistanis. Moreover, upping involuntary nationalist instruction — a modern Kulturkampf — might be interpreted as an assault on one’s heritage and may well exacerbate hostility. Heightened nationalistic indoctrination is, at best, a crude scattershot solution whose chief benefit may be only the therapeutic feeling that we, finally, “doing something.”

So, if assimilation campaigns are incomplete answers, where does the counter-attack begin? It begins by identifying the toxin that lies at the heart of multiculturalism — the dogmatic belief that all cultures are equally “valid” and worthy for believers, a view construing culture as a choice no different than preferring vanilla over pistachio at the local Baskin Robbins. Rejecting this equivalence of cultures is a change for us, not them — Islamic fanatics hardly embrace cultural relativism. It is this wooly-headed cultural relativism permeating the west that permits the triumph of zealots against those who barely lift a finger to protect their own culture. The battle is a mismatch if one side refuses to defend forcefully its own heritage. Multiculturalism is political AIDS — nobody dies of AIDS, they die of something else since AIDS “only” destroys the immunity system.

This understanding means that we must be free to defend our values as superior and this inescapably means offending our enemies. There is no “polite” way to accomplish this defense, so say goodbye to a political correctness (PC) whose first commandment is “Thou Shall Not Offend.” To continue the AIDS parallel, PC prevents the AIDS-infected patient from strengthening their immunity system since fighting back might “offend” deadly microbes (who can say what life form is better than any other?”). This “we are better than you” is the first line of defense against a rival convinced of their own cultural superiority. People will not die defending diversity, speech codes and unconditional inclusion but they are pushovers for those who reject those values.

Unfortunately, David Cameron and untold others focusing on physical assimilation fail to understand this reality. In his “wake-up” speech he said, “So, when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious frankly — frankly, even fearful — to stand up to them.” His approach — which he labeled “muscular liberalism” — is that we can now, at long last, criticize our enemies when they attack our values, but, if our rejoinders are racist (or otherwise “offensive,”) we still must keep silent.

This approach invites disaster given how “racism” has become so effortlessly leveled. Try imagining a rejoinder to militant Muslims that escapes charges of “racism,” “ethnic stereotypes” “hate speech,” “Islamophobia,” and all the rest? Cameron offers a weak arsenal to defend the west. Our enemies already shout “racism” and all the rest at every criticism, and since political correctness is based exclusively on victim feelings, our defeat is foregone. Cameron’s advice is a limp strategy suitable to polite drawing room debate.

We must convince our enemies that there is a new Sherriff in town who will crush enemies of western civilization, not just offer inoffensive verbal rejoinders to threats. Rather than push assimilation on those reluctant to embrace western values, just let it be known that you better assimilate since your old non-western ways have no future. My way or the highway, as the old cliché goes. This shift is just a matter of political will and far cheaper, and much more effective, than trying to entice Kurds to master German so as to become “good Germans.” Let me suggest that the British Prime Minister make the following points in his next public speech. Note well, everything he would say is well-known, factually accurate so the point of saying the obvious only serves to announce that the days of passive acquiescence are over.

Western societies have lower rates of crime than Third World societies populated by “people of color” and Third World arrivals bring their crime with them, and this criminality persists across generations. This criminal proclivity will no longer be tolerated as “a cultural difference.” We have one law and this applies equally to everyone.

Third World immigrants come to the west to enjoy the benefits of western civilization — superior health care, a modern economy, first-rate education, democracy, law and order, among countless other virtues. You are here to partake of these advantages not re-create the tribulations you left behind.

If you insist on blasphemy laws, Sharia, female genital mutilation, honor killings and wish to behead those who insult the Prophet, just stay home in Pakistan. If here already, we will help you return home so you can better practice your cherished culture. Otherwise, you’re in England now and behave like a proper Englishman.

These politically incorrect statements send a powerful message: we are no longer afraid to offend when protecting the west and so the days of politely looking the other way are over. Moreover, we will not be intimidated if called racists, right-wing-Nazis extremist and all the rest. If you feel that you can’t live among “racist Nazis,” return home. Ironically, this strategy mimics the “in-your-face” militant gay liberation movement — we’re here and we’re Queer, get used to it.

To repeat, being terrified of the “racist” label,” the refusal to defend one’s own civilization so as not to offend those who hate us only emboldens the miscreants. Who wants to assimilate to a civilization too scared to defend itself? What a terrible investment for the future. Far better to let our adversaries know that they are up against a strong people who love their civilization and will go to any length to defend it. The message must be unequivocal: we really are superior and are not embarrassed to admit it. Don’t mess with the west. Machiavelli put it succinctly, “Since it is difficult to join them together, it is safer to be feared than to be loved when one of the two must be lacking,” and nobody fears those who will not defend their own civilization. Time to take the gloves off.


Goodbye to All That

On Backbone

A spineless person is said to be lacking in resolution; weak and purposeless.  The white advocate community is by and large, spineless.  What I mean by that is that it can be shown, through innumerable examples, that any small amount of opposition, pressure, or stress, is enough to shatter the community organizing and efforts of individuals work undertaken over a period of years.  This can be seen in the recent example of AmRen 2011, of which I have yet to write my experience of it, to examples of comrades who get thrown under the railroad for any investigations into their activities.

Our enemies know this.  They salivate at this macho group of sissies ready at a moments notice to turn their backs on each other and at the same time, proclaim their own ethical and moral superiority to all that will listen.

A nation divided is a nation at war with itself.  As a community, we are a community at war with itself.  Personal grudges and the axes to grind among white advocates is perhaps the single most paralyzing activity that exists within our cause today.

I will contend that no effort of any outside organization has more deleterious effects on our ethnic groups survival then ourselves.

Having a backbone means you do not accept claims at face value.  You do not accept what the media says, at face value.  You most certainly do not accept anything law enforcement says at face value.  And you most certainly do not accept the claims made by the enemies of our folk at face value.

In the spur of the moment to many people forget that.

To many people forget that undermining the advocates of our folk does not undermine the individual advocates themselves, it merely undermines our folk.  If the general population is not supposed to not trust our advocates, those brave men and women who put themselves, their safety, and sometimes their families, at great personal risk, who are they to trust?  The spineless lickspittles?  The gossipers?  Or those in the movement here to gain a profit from our ideals?

Our community is small and fragile.  Our enemies know this.  I have stated elsewhere to never betray the trust of your comrades.  Loose lips don’t sink ships anymore but they do sink our opportunities to rise to the historic occasion we have before us.

Be the man or woman with backbone.  Be the unwavering faith in the men and women who have taken up the mantle of our people.  Let no one, no rumor, no action, and no disappointment undermine the sincerity and faith you have in the people that are doing everything they can for our peoples future, whether you fully support a particular action or not.  Whether you fully understand a particular action, or not.

The people united will never be defeated.

And that starts with you, strong in resolution, firm in commitment, and driven with the purpose to never betray our peoples trust and follow through no matter what the odds and no matter what the opposition tells us is a predetermined outcome.

Goodbye to All That


What WN’s do: so why bother?

I woke up this morning and was genuinely shocked to read Matt Parrott’s reaction to my latest essay. Matt Parrott is someone I have great respect for. He seems to be a one man activism machine from his VoR radio show, his on the ground activist organization Hoosier Nation, his fascinating self-published book which I told him gave me a look at a world I knew nothing about, and most recently his organization of the American Dark Ages shadow conference. Matt Parrott is someone who is doing great work for our people and is to be respected to the utmost by everyone. This is why I was so shocked to read that even he fundamentally doesn’t understand a very large segment of his white peers.

What white advocates need to understand is that they offer nothing attractive to those who come from the world I do. All they other is the gleeful destruction of their world; which would entail not only the tearing apart of their friendships but possibly their families. Why would anyone want to join them? Not only that, there is no White Nationalist “community” in the real sense of the word. The “community” of White Nationalists consists of networking over the internet and meeting maybe twice a year for meet, eat, and retreat conferences. In that sense the “community” of White Nationalists is a far more of an ideological abstraction than even the local Multicultural communities that people like me come from. Once again, why give up the happy, localized community of flesh and breath that happens to be non-white for a frustrating, scattered “community” of abstractions and ideology because it happens to be white? This isn’t being a cry-baby or getting scared or anything like it; it is confronting head on a major issue of our era that white advocates have refused to deal with except through sneers and insults when it’s brought up.

As I said in my essay about my awakening, growing up I never once heard the words Multiculturalism and Diversity. But I still lived those ideals without knowing it. Why? Because it was just normal. For me (and others like me I know) having non-white friends and family members was as natural as going to school in the morning and having homework in the afternoon. Politics and ideology is nowhere on the map while living that life. And when you tell that them they’ve been brainwashed their whole life and that their friends and family is not only a lie but also nothing more than cogs in a political scheme to destroy them of course they’re going to react negatively. That’s why I was so shocked by Matt Parrott’ response.

It is too be expected that old warriors of our cause such as Kevin MacDonald or Sam Dickson wouldn’t understand the fundamental view and indeed attachment my young white peers have to Multicult Madness. But for a white 20-something such as Matt Parrott not to understand is staggering. What this highlights is the fundamental alienation of white advocates to those of their people they should be trying to convert, lead, and fight for. Instead they simply write them off as not worth trying with. This is a huge mistake since they make up a large percentage of white youth in America today.

In his latest essay Hunter sadly highlighted the fact that white advocates are alienated from his world as well. The whites of Hunter’s upbringing are the natural constitutes to white advocates. But even with these natural allies white advocates are utterly ineffective. If they are ineffective in his world how can they be effective in mine? White advocates suffer from the fundamental flaw that they don’t seem to realize that contemporary white America is no longer monolithic and therefore tactics in one area won’t work in another. But it is even worse than that: their tactics aren’t working in any area so why do they keep them up?

In many respects White Nationalists are like the famous Underpants Gnomes of South Park. Whereas for the gnomes the equation was “ collect underpants + ? = profit”, for White Nationalist the equation is “Cosmic America + ? = White Republic”. The gnomes didn’t understand the fundamentals of Capitalism and White Nationalists don’t understand the fundamentals of Cosmic America. In fact it’s not even something to consider in their minds: all that matters is the final goal of the White Republic. But as Hunter pointed out, at this point it is a bridge too far. If it’s a bridge too far in his world, it’s a science fiction scenario in mine. This is why I’ve written off White Nationalism.

Hunter and I have the same goal going mainstream. But for both of us it’s not because we’ve given up the fight for our people but because unlike White Nationalists we actually want to win. Yes that’s right, White Nationalists don’t want to win. This was proven with the recent American Renaissance fiasco. The great Jared Taylor did what he could to put on his conference even after it was thwarted by the enemy. And what happened? Did White Nationalists rally to his side? Were they up in arms outside the hotel demanding justice and retribution? NO! Instead they attacked Jared Taylor! And how many showed for Matt Parrott’s shadow conference? A couple dozen? And how many protested the hotel that cancelled Jared alongside Matt? Two (Andrew Yeoman and jewamongyou)? Where were all those dedicated and hardcore White Nationalists that are gonna create the White Republic? They stayed home and bitched and complained when they weren’t attacking those who did all they could. If even White Nationalists won’t stand by their own why would they expect anyone else to? White Nationalism has a movement as been an abject failure and instead of wasting the precious time we have left trying to prop up a dead horse it’s time we saddled up a new steed.

As Gregory Hood pointed out in his great essay about the American Revolution, for any revolution to succeed it needs to first gain legitimacy amongst the people. By going mainstream Hunter and I are both trying to do just that. Even in this though our tactics have to differ because of the two different worlds we come from and live in. For Hunter it means going Conservative, for me it means going Multicultural. What he does wouldn’t work in my world and what I do wouldn’t work in his world. But for both worlds the most important thing right now is to revive white identity. The reason the White Republic is a bridge too far is because it’s talking about creating a brand new state by, for, and of a people that don’t even recognize themselves as a people at this point. Before any fantasies about a White Republic should be discussed we need first to make our people recognize that they are a people. Only by reviving white identity can such an idea even come into play. And you don’t gain legitimacy by attacking the different worlds our people live in as not radical enough but by working within those worlds to change them.

To do this both Hunter and I need to leave White Nationalism behind. It is even more imperative for me to do so since the world I have to work in is basically enemy territory. Unlike white advocates who look on from the outside I know Cosmic America from the inside better than any of them could ever hope to. And as I pointed out in my last piece, I’ve been effective working within the frame of that world. I made the great mistake after my awakening of attempting to use the methods of the new cause I was part of. Because of this I look back now and realize the number of opportunities I blew for our cause by attempting to work outside the world I was in. I wish I had learned this years ago.

I have the same love and pride and willingness to fight for my people as Matt Parrott does. But what he and those like him need to understand is that contemporary white America is not a single whole. As trite as it may sound it truly is divided between a Blue world and a Red world. Parrott’s methods of fighting for his people are those of the White Nationalist movement in a Red world and I hope they succeed mightily for him. But they don’t work in mine Blue one. To be effective in my world I have to take a different course. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to understand that. Before he can hope to drain the swamp of White Nationalism those like him need to stop writing off anyone who doesn’t fight with the same methods they do. Until then it will continue to fester and deserves to.

Good riddance White Nationalism, I hope we can drink together in victory one day.

My Multicultural Youth


I lived this childhood

The greatest challenge facing those who love Western Civilization and the people who created it is connecting to those of our people who are not as racially aware. This challenge has often led to derision on the part of those who are racially aware for those who know nothing outside the current Multicult Madness. Such derision of our people as “lemmings”, “sheeple”, and “race traitors” is not only misguided but completely counterproductive. It creates an aura of hatred, snobbery, and social awkwardness that completely plays into our enemies’ hands. For the old timers in our movement this isn’t unexpected since they come from and remember an all-white America and today’s era is utterly shocking to them. For those of us born and raised in the era of Multicult Madness I suspect it comes from an excessive feeling of rebellion in the face today’s establishment with a hint of trying to redeem our Multicultural past by being as zealously white as we can be. But it is vitally important for those of us young and racially aware to understand and connect to our peers.

The problem with this is that many of us are so wrapped up in the exhilaration of our cause that we see no point in “lowering” ourselves to the level of the “masses”. Let’s just move on and ignore the taste and of enjoyments of our peers consumed with the Multicult Madness since they’re just indoctrinated sheeple anyway. I fully acknowledge I was like this for the first years after my own awakening. But for myself (and I suspect others) this attitude is false since I was at one time just like them. Because of this I want to give a glimpse into the youth of one of those “sheeple” so those who are racially aware can better understand our peers who are seemingly enthralled to our enemies: my own.

Black culture is the original non-white culture within America. It was one I knew very well growing up since my aunt married a black man when I was twelve. Often in my preteen years I was brought over to the local city of Troy where they lived in order to hang out with my three cousins my aunt had before marrying him. Playing with them and their black friends in the streets or the local park I learned the local black slang and habits. My taste in childhood entertainment was also influenced by this as my favorite entertainer growing up was Michael Jackson and I admit I liked Rap at the time, even seeing DMX, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr. Dre in concert with them as a teenager. Black comedies such as Booty Call, Friday, Def Jam’s How to be a Player, and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Momma’s Juice in the Hood; sitcoms like In Living Color and The Waynes Brothers; as well as the stand-up comedy of Chris Rock were staples of my visual diet as a child. And lest anyone look down on this as superficial these musical and visual areas of pop culture are very important to black identity and culture in America.


My Super Bowl party

This familiar connection with black culture is still (though nowhere as much) part of my life. The recent Super Bowl party I attended exemplified this. My black uncle picked me up and brought me over to the house of my cousin in Troy who has been dating for years a young black man she is going to marry someday. Except for my cousin I was the only white person there. While there was absolutely no tension having known his large family for years, and the fact his parents brought up their children to be respectful, intelligent, and polite Christians, it reminded me that unless I completely ostracize myself from my family because of my beliefs black culture will always be a part of my life. Two years earlier at the uncle’s 50th birthday party I was also the only white guy present. It was also here I also had for the first time (and enjoyed!) the stereotypical black cuisine of chitlins, collard greens, pig’s feet, and moonshine while listening to 70’s Soul Music.

Even though I have had my racial awakening I understand how others who haven’t would feel nothing but fear, distrust, and revulsion towards those with white racial conscienceness if they had such a close and indeed loving relationship with blacks growing up. For it is not only a matter of being preached the dogmas of Multicult Madness growing up, it is a matter of blacks being part of your family in youth and beyond. And white racial advocates needs to realize that brow beating and deriding such members of our people isn’t going to recruit but repel them.


Staple at Jerry’s house

Blacks weren’t the only part of my Multicultural youth however. In my piece about my awakening I talked about my “worldly” (mixed Italian, Puerto Rican, and native Hawaiian) childhood best friend, Jerry. Dinners at his house growing up exposed me to every imaginable Puerto Rican dish there is. I swear at that house I ate more recipes of Spanish rice than there are in all the restaurants in San Juan. At my high school graduation ceremony his mother (who truly was a second mother to me) covered my neck and shoulders in Hawaiian leis. Afterwards at the graduation party at his house his cook father treated us to a traditional Hawaiian feast with a full pig on a spit and all the sides. On the day we said our last goodbye in his father’s restaurant where we both worked, because his family was moving to Alaska, I went into the men’s room and cried uncontrollably. Now imagine the lifelong revulsion I would have felt for white activists if one of them called me a “race traitor” for crying over saying goodbye to my lifelong best friend because he wasn’t white.

Jerry wasn’t the only non-white I was close friends with in my pre-awakening days. In high school the first girl to break my heart was a beautiful mixed Lebanese and Italian Catholic girl I’ll simply call Jasmine after her childhood nickname from Disney’s Aladdin. Through Jasmine I came to know in great detail the works of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. While I’ve since to come to regard the paintings of Kahlo as garage, the 2002 biopic of her with Selma Hayek and Alfred Molina is still in my opinion the best cinematic representation of artists and politics. It was also through Jasmine that I became a great fan of Shakira’s music. I have no problem admitting that in my immature youth I became interested in the music of Shakira after her American debut. Jasmine was too and introduced me Shakira’s Spanish language work before her American debut. I became a dedicated fan. To this day the best concert I’ve been to was her show at the Fleet Center in Boston in 2002, and my favorite concert DVD is her 1999 Spanish language MTV Unplugged performance.

And yes Jasmine belly danced for me once like Shakira above. But as happens with male/female friendships my feelings for her grew but weren’t reciprocated and that was the end of that. But Jasmine wasn’t my only connection to Hispanic culture through female friendship. During my senior year I became friends with our class’s Mexican foreign exchange student, Marcella. First meeting her for an interview for my Journalism class, she told me for over an hour about typical middle-class life in southern Mexico. We became fast friends and I learned much about young Mexican life at the turn of the century from her. I even taught her how to drive one afternoon after school in which she nearly killed us in my car. My last connection to Hispanic culture still exists to this day through my family. Two of my first cousin’s are mixed white and Puerto Rican. One of them, my youngest female cousin, loved me as a big brother growing up and we’re still closest of all my cousins on my mother’s side. She has strongly embraced her Puerto Rican identity in the last few years and Shakira’s music is one of the things that we can still talk about as we get older.

It was also in high school that I became an Otoku. An Otoku is a Western fan of Japanese Anime. And it wasn’t just the mainstream stuff such as Cowboy Bebop and the feature films of Hayao Miyazaki but also groundbreaking 70’s classics such as Star Blazers and Lupin the Third and hardcore violent/sexual stuff like Wicked City and Ninja Scroll. With the money I made working at the diner owned by Jerry’s father I amassed quite a large collection of Anime DVD’s and VHS. This began a great interest (near obsession) with Japan in which I read everything I could on Japanese history from the centuries of civil war, to the period of isolation under the Tokogawa Shogunate, to the Mejia Restoration, to the Empire of the Rising Sun. Later as a film student my great interest and love of Japan continued where I watched everything I could by Akira Kurosawa and Yusujiro Ozu. The Japanese language however always remained untranslatable chicken scratch to me and J-Horror was always completely stupid. Me and my fellow Wapanese at our community college would joke that the Japanese were racist against blue children! At that community college I also took two classes in Middle Eastern history and culture with a PhD who studied in Iran and traveled into Afghanistan the year before the Shah was overthrown. His were my favorite classes there and he taught me so much about Islam and the Middle East and because of his classes I can’t help but laugh at the sheer ignorance of warmongering Neocons to this day.

Finally at the four year school where I earned my degree in film I came up close and personal with two more cultures of the Multicult Madness. The first was homosexual. During my senior year my assigned roommate for the two semesters was a flaming homosexual studying dance. While we were never good friends we got along well and had no problems with each other. By this time I had had my awakening and the Multicult Madness was rapidly losing its grip on me. Having him as a roommate educated me more on the gay lifestyle and identity than I ever wanted to know, but because of my awakening I didn’t just accept being around this other lifestyle with as much fascination and blind acceptance as I had others. My roommate wasn’t the only homosexual student in my academic life. During my time studying in France there was a fellow student named Brandon, a gay black student. Brandon and I became good friends and with another student named Bill we became known as “The Three Amigos” because we were always hanging out and exploring the Riviera town we were in. Being the summer before my gay roommate but after my awakening I didn’t just blindly accept Brandon’s lifestyle but it wasn’t a big deal since he was such a good friend. Instead my dilemma was how could I be coming into these new ideas when my personal friendships and life thus far was so diametrically opposed to these new ideas I was increasing gobbling up. This would come full circle with the final aspect of my Multicultural youth.


Lived with it in college

My two best friends in college were Jews from New York. They were Saul and Cohen. Looking back Saul had all the attributes that personify what many find disagreeable about New York Jews: obnoxious, tasteless, dramatic, and crude. I’ve never forgotten when he said the two things he loved most were Judaism and Militarism, and that he couldn’t wait to get back to his room and play Call of Duty because killing Nazis was like jerking off. However he was the most outrageously funny person I knew there. We were also both dedicated cinephiles studying film so we got along famously. Cohen was much less the stereotypical Jew. However his politics were lock-step with cosmopolitan Jewish Liberals. Many a night we went past the midnight hours debating until we were blue in the face. Despite this, one thing that made us friends as film students was that for both of us Jurassic Park was the movie that mad us love film and want to study it. Our friendship only grew stronger the following summer in Italy. While I was extremely popular amongst our fellow students abroad, Cohen was universally disliked. My fierce loyalty to a friend overcame social pressure many times and I would hang out with him instead of going off with the group. Countless times we would hike the hour and a half walk back up from the beach discussing our interests, insecurities, and pain, especially about both of us losing our father to cancer just a few years earlier. Once again my Multicultural life was completely at odds with the new pro-Western and pro-white ideals I was becoming increasingly committed to. Here I was in the one of the ancient nations of our people and my best friend was one of the tribe many that who hold to these ideas considered my people’s eternal enemy. Having this contradiction in mind was hard but it didn’t steer me away from loving my people and eventually dedicating myself to fighting for them. Imagine how instinctively reviled someone who hadn’t been awakened would be if they were told their best friend was one of those that wanted to destroy the country they were falling in love that summer? That they were a stupid race traitor for having such a friend? Do you think they would gladly join our ranks after such an insult?

I’ve written about my Multicultural past in the hopes that it enlightens those who love the West about the lives of those who live the Multicult Madness. Our venom is just and necessary but it is just and necessary towards those elite traitors who are creating, sustaining, and expanding the Multicult Madness, not those who are living it because they know nothing else. For many white youths it’s not indoctrination, or lies, or political, or even Liberal, it’s exciting, fascinating, fun, and normal. Many don’t go along with it from fear of retribution or political fanaticism but, because it is enjoyable to live. To break out of it is so hard because why would you want to break out of it? It’s even harder for those like me who have not only Multicultural lives but have Multicultural families: those who fear not only be ostracized from their families for supporting our cause, but fear their families could be destroyed if our cause succeeds.

The most important task for young racially aware whites is to awaken their peers who don’t understand yet. To do this we can’t sneer and look down on them. We have to understand them and their lives and work from there. For me my awakening was brought about through love for my people and heritage, and a shattering of the double standards I was exposed to. Many times during my breaking out of the Multicult Madness I nearly turned back in sheer disgust at the rhetoric and attitudes of who hold the beliefs I now do. Defenders of Western man need no understand what they’re saving their people from before they can save them from it.

White Zionism

Brigham Young leads the Mormons to Utah


The subject of White Zionism is fresh on my mind. In recent weeks, I haven’t given much thought to the issue.

Sam Dickson’s remarks at the 2011 Amren conference about “Euro-Zionism,” Harold Covington’s recent attacks on the PLE model, and a recent interview with a Wyoming reporter have rekindled my interest in the subject.

I have also been reading a book called “Manifest Destinies” about America’s westward expansion. This includes some discussion about the Mormon exodus to Utah and the creation of their initial settlements in Salt Lake City. The material is germane to the ongoing debate about the Northwest Migration.

I haven’t seen anything over the past two months to change my opinion on the matter.

(1) In November, I was convinced that violence was grossly counterproductive and largely a rhetorical escape outlet for fantasists who substitute a purely imaginary means for real means.

The Giffords shooting in Arizona and the Spokane bomb have only reinforced my opinion on that topic.

(2) In November, I was convinced that the Pacific Northwest wasn’t the ideal destination for White Nationalists. These behemoth Blue States dwarf the more conservative, sparsely populated Red States in the Interior West.

The rapid colonization of the Pacific Northwest by illegal aliens has reinforced that view. The growing resistance in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota to illegal immigration and government overreach has only made those states look more attractive.

(3) In November, I thought we should work through the system and with the populist conservatives in these Red States to mainstream White Advocacy.

I still see more potential for a migrant driven breakthrough in those four states than our relative chances elsewhere. Kansas and Nebraska can be added to that list.

(4) In November, I was convinced that settlement, organization, legitimacy, and community outreach were far more important than rhetorical radicalism.

I haven’t changed my mind on that subject either.

In order for White Zionism to succeed, we need to dial down the rhetoric, and ratchet up the settlement and community organizing. The major obstacle to White Zionism has always been the perception that it really isn’t a viable solution.

Some advice for migrants:

(1) Move to the smaller states of the Interior West like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You will have more of an impact there.

(2) Embrace the system. Work within the system to legitimize our cause. Demonstrate the viability of the White Zionist model. This is necessary to spark any viable migration.

(3) Settle these states as conservatives and libertarians. Go there as conservatives with teeth. Instead of being treated as social pariahs, you will be embraced by the natives. Just call yourself a conservative while advocating White Nationalist policies.

If you just want to live a nice and quiet life with friendly neighbors, nothing is stopping you from doing so.

(4) Don’t act out in public. No one wants to see Neo-Nazis parading around in Halloween costumes in the town square. Instead, you should act like a model citizen to gain power, wealth, and legitimacy, things which are actually of some use to potential migrants.

(5) Go positive. There are positive things you can do for both White natives and White migrants. Look to the example of Christianity to win converts.

(6) Appeal to self interest. In order to attract new migrants, focus on the ways that migration is of practical benefit to individual families. Don’t appeal to violent fantasies or racial idealism. We don’t need those types of people around disrupting the migration project anyway.

Point to the lower taxes, better schools, cheaper land, more conservative neighbors, attractive women, and the favorable demographics and low key isolation of the region.

We need to spend less time appealing to these abstractions that only intellectuals care about, and more time to the practical advantages of colonization, to spark a real and sustained migration to the Interior West.

That will be all for now.



Americas Public sector collapse.

We are seeing a Greek style public sector collapse.

by Kyle Rogers

How the Greek public sector collapse took place.

  1. Year after year, wages, benefits, and pensions for public sector employees rose. While private sector wages did not.
  2. Often times politicians would increase public sector wages, benefits, or pensions as a means of getting votes.
  3. New public sector jobs were created simply to combat unemployment and lock in more voters for politicians who support higher public sector compensation.

Eventual Greece developed a bloated Soviet style bureaucracy which is being compensated in great disproportion to the private sector employees. Keep in mind that the private sector is paying taxes to pay for the compensation received by the public sector.

When the economic downturn began, tax revenue from the private sector dropped and Federal, regional, and municipal governments could no longer afford their employees. When faced with cuts in benefits and pension packages, tens of thousands of public employees and communist agitators rioted in the streets.

The crises in Greece is now being held over by bailout money coming primarily from Germany. The Germany economy is in much better shape than much of the rest of Europe because they maintained their industries rather than exporting them to places like China. However, Germany is now propping up several smaller European nations and the German people are tiring of it fast. Since none of the actual problems are being fixed, much worse unrest could be in Greece’s near future.

Now let’s look at the United States.

  1. Public sector wages, benefits, and pensions continue to rise even as private wages stall or decrease.
  2. Often politicians create new public sector jobs simply to fight unemployment and buy votes. George Bush even publicly stated this as a major reason for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Increasing public sector compensation to buy votes is standard political practice in the US.
  4. Many lucrative high paying government jobs are held by racial minorities in great disproportion to their numbers due to “affirmative action” programs. Whites are discriminated against across the board.

Now we are deep into an economic downturn. Every state, county, and municipality is going broke. Taxes have already been raised across the board, but it is still not enough to continue paying for all the public employees.

Governments at every level have delayed the inevitable by borrowing money like crazy. So much so, that some counties and municipalities risk defaulting on bonds.

Right now in Wisconsin we see a state on the brink of Greek style riots. Public sector employees are faced with the prospect of having their lucrative benefits and pensions packages rolled back. Public sector employees are marching in streets and are being egged on by communist agitators. In fact, as we saw on, agitators are passing out literature from Communist and Socialist groups on the streets and urging an “Egyptian Style” revolt. Over 300 people have died in the Egyptian riots so far.

Militant Communists call for “revolution” and “class warfare” in Wisconsin

Government employees in Wisconsin are among the highest paid in the nation. Now the state is broke and needs to cut back. Militant communist activists are calling for an Egyptian style revolution to keep wages, benefits and pensions at their current levels.

Gerald Celente On Obama’s Budget: “They’re Bankrupting The Country.”

February 19, 2011
Editor’s Note: This follows yesterday’s “Bullet Train to Oblivion” article. Recently, I urged you to begin looking at The Russia Times for insightful analysis.

Here is a good example. Trendwatcher Gerald Celente opines about the Obama budget and its effect on America.

Is there no colony/state in America besides Texas that is seriously considering secession? If not, why not? Ohhh….I remember now. No state, including Texas, is going to get serious about secession until AFTER Washington destroys this country, destroys the money and destroys the economy. I’m sure glad that Jefferson, Washington, Adams and their friends did not wait until King George had bled them dry before they revolted and seceded. But the Founders seceded with far less provocation from the King than Washington assaults us with today. For the life of me, I cannot really understand why even one state will not opt to save itself and its citizens from ruin before it happens.


Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Gerald Celente is founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books), and publisher of The Trends Journal. He has been forecasting trends since 1980, and recently called “The Collapse of ’09.”

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Obama’s Bullet Train To Oblivion

February 18, 2011

I saw a news story this week that told how colony/state governors have rejected the high-speed rail system proposed by the Obama Administration. But Mr. Obama already has a bullet train of his own, inherited from every previous administration since Reconstruction. It’s the “Disorient Express”, otherwise known as the Federal government.

Washington is figuratively a bullet train, picking up speed on its one-way trip to financial disaster, meltdown and oblivion. Many of those riding in the train when it crashes will likely not live to tell about it.

Most of us have already heard that President Obama delivered his 2012 Federal Budget to Congress on Monday. If the budget was adopted “as is,” it would total $3.7 TRILLION dollars…for one fiscal year.

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, there are also hundreds of billions of dollars in the Federal spending plans that never see the light of day, considered “off-budget” spending by Washington. So, the $3.7 trillion is a lie. It’s much higher than that.

We have no intention of dissecting this budget and showing its fatal flaws. The flaws do not really matter. The political positions that are being staked out by Republicans and Democrats don’t really matter. What does matter is that Washington cannot and will not fix itself.

This Federal government needs to spend only what it receives in taxes. The only way to do that is to end entire Federal programs and Federal Departments, and de-fund most Defense Department activity. But Washington employs 2.15 million Federal employees, lots of them being union employees. And that big number excludes
over 600,000 postal employees.

So cutting Federal employment massively is nearly out of the question politically.

I heard Glenn Beck say yesterday that the message sent to Washington by America in November 2010 was to stop spending, to fix health care and to stop borrowing. But in my opinion, the mid-term elections sent no such message to Washington. The mid-terms only reinforced DC’s belief that they can do whatever they like. America voted to replace some officeholders with some other officeholders. The elected officeholders in Congress are only a small percentage of the giant bureaucracy running Washington, and running America off the cliff. But America did NOTHING to force them all to obey the Constitution.

There is not enough political will in Washington to downsize the Federal government to its constitutionally-authorized size and scope. Further, there is not enough political will in Washington to stop borrowing money completely. There exist mostly politicians whose highest aspiration is re-election.

Politicians are usually not statesmen. Politicians are usually opportunists mostly worried about their own fortunes. Statesmen do what is best for the people that elected them. And Washington is not exactly overrun with statesmen…not even the new Basilisks of the Beltway that recently slithered into DC. For these serpents of surfeit spending will make compromises just like all the other members of Congress before and after them. It is entirely too much to expect Congress and the Obama Administration to downsize the government to the point that it lives within its means. And even if Washington had the will to do it, it no longer has the time to shut down the train before it crashes.

The more and more I observe the mendacious, malevolent machinations of Washington, the more I am convinced that secession is the only true solution to establish individual liberty and property rights on the North American continent.

In one magnificent act, an American colony/state may uncouple itself from this train hurtling toward its final destination of death. Separation from the American Union means no Federal tax liability, no responsibility for Federal debt, no more Federal regulations, no Federal Reserve notes, no tyranny from the Federal judicial bench, no more undeclared wars abroad.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

The End of the Age of the Bailout?

The End of the Age of the Bailout?


Watching the raw footage of the union-led protests in Madison, Wisconsin—footage reminiscent of this past month’s rioting in Egypt, sans the gang rape—I began to wonder whether we might be exiting the Age of the Bailout and entering the Age of the Default.

That is, the time might have passed when any and all problems are solved by the Federal government and the Federal Reserve throwing billions at them. (The bailouts of the banking- and housing-sectors, the Big Three automakers and their unions, and commercial real-estate investors were only the most memorable episodes in what was a global phenomenon.) We might—and I stress might—be at a point when the only choice for the massively indebted is bankruptcy.

In a statement on January 8 that didn’t receive the attention it deserved, Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed would not assist state and local governments with their municipal bonds and obligations. Bernanke’s Wall Street overseers will have their losses socialized by the Fed, but Madison, Sacremento, and Springfield will be forced to make do with their unpayable burdens. (Ben’s economic forecasts are some combination of propaganda and bunk, but when he makes a clear statement on policy, he should be taken seriously.)

I was shocked, and disappointed, really, at the absence of physical protests when Bernanke dolled out unfathomable sums to the “banksers” throughout the fall and winter of 2008-09. The scenes from Madison—and Athens last spring—make clear that when entitlements and government jobs get negated, the bureaucratic and dependent classes will take to the streets.

Illinois or California outright reneging on their debt and pension obligations is probably just outside the range of the thinkable for the media and most Americans. But the fact is, there’s a long history of state’s defaulting debts. Murray Rothbard described it:

Although largely forgotten by historians and by the public, repudiation of public debt is a solid part of the American tradition. The first wave of repudiation of state debt came during the 1840’s, after the panics of 1837 and 1839. Those panics were the consequence of a massive inflationary boom fueled by the Whig-run Second Bank of the United States. Riding the wave of inflationary credit, numerous state governments, largely those run by the Whigs, floated an enormous amount of debt, most of which went into wasteful public works (euphemistically called “internal improvements”), and into the creation of inflationary banks. Outstanding public debt by state governments rose from $26 million to $170 million during the decade of the 1830’s. Most of these securities were financed by British and Dutch investors.

During the deflationary 1840’s succeeding the panics, state governments faced repayment of their debt in dollars that were now more valuable than the ones they had borrowed. Many states, now largely in Democratic hands, met the crisis by repudiating these debts, either totally or partially by scaling down the amount in “readjustments.” Specifically, of the 28 American states in the 1840’s, nine were in the glorious position of having no public debt, and one (Missouri’s) was negligible; of the 18 remaining, nine paid the interest on their public debt without interruption, while another nine (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida) repudiated part or all of their liabilities. Of these states, four defaulted for several years in their interest payments, whereas the other five (Michigan, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida) totally and permanently repudiated their entire outstanding public debt.

Hat tip to Credit Bubble Stocks for bringing this passage to my attention.

Egypt, Liberty and Secession

Egypt, Liberty and Secession

February 12, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

Dateline 2-11-11, 11:05 EST

Just a moment ago, we saw a televised news report which showed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s spokesman on state TV announcing Mubarak’s resignation and handing over governmental power to the military. Back a few days ago, I suggested that Mubarak leave the country and phone in his resignation from safer environs. Well, he’s pretty much done that today, except he ran for the eastern palace in posh Sharm al Sheikh, 250 miles from Cairo. From that location, he can go anywhere into exile.

Now the hard work begins.

I keep hearing all the talking heads say that Egyptians want democracy. That is a load of crap. Egyptians want liberty. Big difference. But they want more than liberty. There are over 80 million people in Egypt. Over 50% of them are below 30 years of age. At least 75% of those people are unemployed, barely surviving. They want to move forward economically.

Unfortunately, prosperity is not in Egypt’s future any time soon. Egypt cannot feed its own population at this time, and has been the largest buyer of American wheat for decades. Although think about it. Is that because they do not have enough arable land, or because a corrupt government has mismanaged the Egyptian agriculture for 30-plus years? And with a weak manufacturing base, it’s going to be a long time before the economy begins to rise out of the pitiful Third-World status it presently holds. Tourism represents 8% of the Egyptian economy and tourism will be directly affected by ongoing political turmoil. And without free-market reforms, the Egyptian economy is slated for more of the same.

So, will Egypt now lurch from one repressive, centrally-planned economy to another, with merely new faces in the same roles? Only time will tell. For now, a brutal dictator has been overthrown by a few hundred thousand People of Egypt.

The regime of Hosni Mubarak spanned over 30 years. Most of Egypt’s population knows no other president or government. Now that the president has resigned and the army is in charge of the temporary government, the people of Egypt should demand that a new Constitution be written for Egypt. Otherwise, this historic moment will quickly degenerate into “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Egypt’s first president, Muhammed Naguib, led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The second president, Gamel Abdel Nasser, and third, Anwar el-Sadat, were cut from the same cloth as Mubarak.

I heard Washington’s President Obama (don’t miss that) speaking from a podium Thursday at Northern Michigan University. He made a big point that America supports the desire and actions of people around the world to throw off tyranny and form governments that protect their human rights…or words to that effect. This is a curious statement coming from an American president. Washington has climbed in bed with nearly every dictator of the past 75 years, sometimes installing them into power and sometimes toppling them, depending on their usefulness to our DC regime. Look around the world and see American foreign policy on the march. Washington hypocrites all SAY they support human rights but seem to back ruthless dictators, playing nation against nation in the real-life game of Risk.

Now America faces some upheaval of its own. Eventually, Washington’s government is going to collapse, the dollar will meltdown, and the economy will collapse also…not necessarily in that order. When these things happen and chaos ensues, a small handful of states will make the decision that they can survive better as independent nations than as colony/states of a failed Empire.

Some states will secede from the United States of America.

At that point, will the Washington President…no matter who it is…support the desires and actions of the citizens of certain colony/states to throw off tyranny and form governments that protect their human rights? If not, then why would Washington support liberty outside our borders but not inside our borders?

I believe that Washington will be powerless to stop secession. Look at what happened in the dissolution of the Soviet Union, second only to the USA in size and world power for most of the 20th Century. When the states of the USSR seceded in the late 1980s, the mighty Red Army did nothing to stop them. The Kremlin made no effort to stop secession. And almost overnight, the USSR was no more.

Fast forward to today’s Egypt. The Egyptian army is almost a wing of the government there. No dictator can rule without their support. And in the early days of the demonstrations (last weekend!!), they did roll out tanks into the streets and fly fighter jets over the downtown Cairo square. But conventional military equipment had no effect. Was a tank going to fire on the crowd? Were fighter jets going to drop bombs into the square? No and No. Mubarak could have ordered the army to clear the square by whatever means necessary. But it would appear that, even if he desired bloodshed, the generals did not agree.

So do not let this lesson go unlearned. In a nation of over 80 million people, less than one million demonstrators in the capitol city caused the collapse of a repressive government in less than 10 days.

Could the same thing happen in the USA? I doubt it. First, we are a confederacy of colony/states under a central government as opposed to being a single nation. So, Washington’s power is somewhat protected by our form of government. Secondly, DC’s officials know that Americans won’t try to overthrow Washington’s government because Americans are mostly sheep. And thirdly, economic collapse has not happened yet, so none of us knows what will occur once it does.

But the question is not whether the Washington DC government should be overthrown. I do not believe it should. I believe that colony/states should secede from the United States of America and leave the USA to its own demise. There are far too many benefits in secession, and far too few downsides to remain an American colony/state. After the American economy collapses under the weight of Federal regulation, taxation and hyperinflation, the possibility of secession will be on the lips of most Americans.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Native residents of a neighborhood are more likely to move out when immigrants move in

Native residents of a neighborhood are more likely to move out when immigrants move in, according to new research by three sociologists

The sociologists note that for native whites the tendency to leave areas with large and growing immigrant populations appears to be rooted in reactions to the racial composition of a neighborhood. In contrast, decreasing home ownership rates and increasing costs of housing in the neighborhood appear to be the primary impetus for native blacks to leave neighborhoods with large and growing immigrant populations.

Study: Neighborhood Natives Move Out When Immigrants Move In

WASHINGTON, DC, February 8, 2011 — Native residents of a neighborhood are more likely to move out when immigrants move in, according to new research by three American sociologists.

“Neighborhood Immigration and Native Out-Migration” appears in the February issue of the American Sociological Review. Study authors are Kyle Crowder of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matthew Hall of the University of Illinois-Chicago and Stewart E. Tolnay of the University of Washington.

The authors note that for native whites the tendency to leave areas with large and growing immigrant populations appears to be rooted in reactions to the racial composition of a neighborhood. In contrast, decreasing homeownership rates and increasing costs of housing in the neighborhood appear to be the primary impetus for native blacks to leave neighborhoods with large and growing immigrant populations.

However, large concentrations of immigrants in areas surrounding a neighborhood reduce the likelihood that native black and white residents of that neighborhood will leave. The scholars propose that this may be because these surrounding areas, which normally would be the most likely destinations for native householders seeking to relocate, become less attractive to those native householders when they contain larger immigrant populations.

The authors used data from a longitudinal survey of U.S. residents called the Panel Study of Income Dynamics linked to information on neighborhoods drawn from four U.S. Censuses. The research sample included 16,516 native-born, non-Latino white and non-Latino black heads of households from 1968 to 2005.

“While the settlement patterns of immigrants themselves are important, native-born residents’ decisions to remain in diversifying neighborhoods or to flee in the face of growing immigrant concentrations are just as crucial in determining the trajectory of residential integration,” said Crowder, the Howard W. Odum Distinguished Professor of Sociology in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences and a fellow of the Carolina Population Center.

“These findings have important implications for processes of immigrant incorporation, patterns of neighborhood change and broader systems of residential segregation,” he said.

Crowder researches social demography, racial and ethnic stratification, residential mobility and migration, residential segregation, neighborhood dynamics and urban politics and development.

Hall is an assistant professor in the department of sociology and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois-Chicago. His central research interests are in urban sociology, social demography, migration/immigration and labor markets.

Tolnay is S. Frank Miyamoto Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington. His recent research and publications have focused on the Great Migration of African-Americans.


About the American Sociological Association and the American Sociological Review
The American Sociological Association (, founded in 1905, is a non-profit membership association dedicated to serving sociologists in their work, advancing sociology as a science and profession, and promoting the contributions to and use of sociology by society. The American Sociological Review is the ASA’s flagship journal.

The research article described above is available by request for members of the media. For a copy of the full study, contact Daniel Fowler, ASA’s Media Relations and Public Affairs Officer, at (202) 527-7885 or

For more information about the study, members of the media can also contact Kim Spurr, UNC College of Arts and Sciences, at (919) 962-4093 or

Ecology of Race

The Ecology of Race
Race is just as vital for conservation as any other indigenous fauna or flora that is put at risk of extinction by invasive species.

The Ecology of Race is a new principle proposed by the Renaissance Vanguard International to help us understand the reality that race plays in nature, and rather than appeal to emotional justifications, we propose a reverent philosophical system of thought for the realistic benefit of all races in their respective Ethno Nationalist state. Such organisations working in parallel can act ecologically, thus enhancing our collective existence as an ecosystem of races spread across the planet.

Firstly we take a brief overview of the mechanics behind the principle “Ecology of Race”. This principle can be split into two things, the ecology and race. The ecology firstly means house or housing of biology, it is supporting biodiversity which in turn supports the ecosystem.

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The Wages of Fear: White US Population Continues to Drop

Time to get busy…

Whites continued to decline as a share of the American population in 2009, and they now represent less than half of all 3-year-olds, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of census data released Monday.

The country’s young population is more diverse than ever, with whites now in the minority in nursery schools, preschools and kindergartens in eight states — Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas — and the District of Columbia, according to William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings. That was up from six states in 2000.

“We are on our way to having a majority of minority students in U.S. schools,” Mr. Frey said.

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The View From a Cog in the USA’s Aggressive-Multicultural Machine

The View From a Cog in the USA’s Aggressive-Multicultural Machine

From inside the multi-culti machine, words of wisdom and hope.

by ‘Albert’

As a man who is both living in Europe and who works for the State Department, I feel it is my duty to comment on this post and those prior speaking to Department initiatives with regard to minority populations in Europe and elsewhere. Obviously, I am not using my real name and the views I express here are my own personal views and are in no way sanctioned by the USG, which would be appalled that I was reading such sites, let along commenting on them.

I apologize in advance if this goes long, but I believe that given the New Right’s interest in Wikileaks and the stories that have arisen out of it that my observations from the inside are relevant and would be of interest to my fellow heathens.

To be immersed in the Department for any length of time is to know with absolute certainty that the battle of ideas, for the highest seat of power, for the basic outlook of the United States of America is over and it has been won by globalist, multi-culturalist, liberal capitalism. That is to say, the USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university.

Mencius Moldbug (whose father was in the Foreign Service, and as he once pointed out to Larry Auster, when a person IN the Foreign Service and a person who grew up in the Foreign Service are telling you, who are NOT in USG that USG is fully and completely committed to the modern liberal revolution and is not capable of being reformed, one should LISTEN) is completely correct in noting that this view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference to the Permanent Government.

—— The DemoRepublicratican Ruling Party ——
You may have noticed that President Obama’s policies are not significantly different than President Bush’s, which are both similar to President Clinton’s and, rhetoric aside, not very different from President Reagan’s. The reasons for this would take a book, but put simply Mencius is correct that liberal capitalist democracy is both universalist and a form of religion, arising out of deep Protestant and Quaker roots, and that what we are witnessing is merely the playing out of that tendency to its logical conclusion.

I say this as a way of putting my comments into context. While I remain because there is still a possibility for change (rationalization or not, I keep thinking that there must have been some members of the Soviet diplomatic service who realized that their nation’s devotion to an outdated ideology that didn’t work would someday come to an end and it was his duty to the Russian people to remain at post to help when that day came, but I’m probably kidding myself), the points raised in the comments about Conservatives not getting the fundamental nature of USG is not only true, its extremely true. As the post both here and at Alt Right demonstrated, not even clear-thinking members of the New Right have fully taken in that the USG is now the enemy.

Because, let’s fact it, bravado aside, that’s a difficult thing for an American to accept. It’s much easier for Europeans to accept this; they have a history of governments who need overthrowing. But in the long history of the American Republic, never, I think, has there been a time where the Government of the United States was ideologically committed to the wholesale destruction and replacement of the American people, their history, their identity, their ideals and their very being. The Civil War is a partial exception to that and, I’m starting to believe, a lesson that we Americans for too long smugly ignored.

—— What Do They Mean by “Democracy”? ——
In any case, on to the matters at hand with that background in mind. With regard to the post American Diversity Outreach, it is my sad duty to report to you that the USG is actively promoting this not only in France but throughout the European Union and elsewhere. The US Government views the future and the meaning of the very word “democracy” to mean a democracy on the modern liberal capitalist globalist United States model, i.e. mass democracy with an extremely multi-ethnic population. To that end, historical nations are merely administrative bodies with particular historical backgrounds. A Turkish German is German. A Muslim Frenchman is French. Anyone who says otherwise is evil and will not be tolerated. Moves by any European government to treat their citizens differently based on ethnicity are viewed by USG as the same a denying Blacks in the U.S. civil rights and sends them into a shrieking frenzy. Any political party that opposes this is “monitored” by the U.S. and U.S. political and diplomatic capital is spent to discredit them.

In addition, the U.S. is fully committed to the proposition that the U.S. and Europe are Muslim as well as Christian and Jewish and Whatever entities. To that end, the U.S. has supported Albania and has created the new Muslim state of Kosovo. Kosovo and Albania are both led by criminals and murderers but in our ideological zeal this is not seen for what it is. It is seen, typically, as a need for MORE U.S. involvement, more “good governance” programs, more lectures to other Europeans that they’re not doing their part to integrate these countries into the European family. A quick example suffices to make my point.

—— Good for the Egyptian Goose, Bad for the European Gander ——
As is now well-known, USG has come down squarely on the side of the protesters in Egypt, calling for Mubarak to step down. In doing so, we have trumpeted the right of the Egyptian people to freedom of speech and assembly and their right to petition to government as to their grievances.

However, in Kosovo, when in the north a group of ethnic Serbs gathered peacefully to demonstrate against the Kosovo government by picketing outside a local government office, which resulted in someone—presumably a Muslim—rolling a grenade into the demonstration, killing some demonstrators, our USG man on the spot reported that while the situation was lamentable, true responsibility for the deaths fell to the Serbs, who should have known that such an open demonstration would provoke Muslim violence.

So much for freedom of speech and assembly! So much for the right to petition a government of one’s grievances!

I see this sort of thing many times a day. The only thing one can conclude from this is that the USG has become fanatically ideological and will cram any facts into contortions to fit its ideological world-view. That this crazed body carries such immense power and weight bodes extremely ill for both the American people and the world.

—— Multikulti-ocracy Weaker in Europe Than USA ——
With regard to this report on Muslims in Europe, it makes a point that I have long ago seen clearly here in Europe: American conservative crowing over the death of Europe and the coming of Eurabia are wildly overblown and assume that Europe and its people won’t tell USG to piss off at some point. (Exception: The United Kingdom, which has terminal cancer, is dying and should serve as a warning to all Anglo nations, but hasn’t to date. It’s almost impossible to overstate the abject ugliness and dysfunction of this nation that once ruled the world, a nation whose capital you can fly to today and literally see the barbarians walking the streets of Empire, streets they themselves lack the capacity to build).

Note that the figures, even taken as they are, show no significant minorities anywhere, with the possible exception of France. Even there, the numbers are ridiculously small compared to the Black and Latino populations in the United States, especially in my native California. Europe has nowhere near the minority problem that the U.S. does and could rid itself of it, even at this late stage, with ease. While the State Department reflects its ideology and is chock full of Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Indians, Mexicans, Blacks and just about every other minority you could think of (all of whom are totally 100% American, in the modern, globalist multi-cultural sense), you’d be hard pressed to find any such diversity in the government service of any European country.

Keep in mind also that this study includes the Balkans, with its large Muslim population left over from Ottoman times.

In this respect, Fjordman is quite correct: USG is an enemy not only of its people but of the European people. While it is true that the European elite is as compromised on the USG-led ideology as the U.S. elite is, the fact on the ground here is that the common European people have NOT bought into this view. Among the common folk here, even on the Left, there is much less tolerance for “diversity” than among average Americans. Thus, the reaction begins quicker.

France is a special case in this regard since its official ideology—like that of a triumphant liberal America—is universalist. However, on the ground, the French still know who is French and who just carries a French passsport—and the French are not known for going quietly when the chips are really down.

So, given this, what is to be done?

Three things, I think.

—— What Are Dissidents To Do? ——
First, domestically, the New Right has to convince Americans that the USG no longer represents them or their interests, in an out-of-control behemoth and needs not reform but a wholesale political movement to perform deep and quick change. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and to talk straight to the American people about where we are and where we are headed. The U.K. is doing the Anglosphere a final service by demonstrating in real time where we are all headed. It needs to be pointed to and its warning heeding. Only a popular movement which approaches this issue with intelligence, wit and insight, bold and fearless about speaking the truth out loud and proud, stands any chance. Not a good chance, mind you, but a fool’s chance. Still, duty is duty and I don’t see how we can avoid taking this chance.

Second, with regard to Europe, the New Right has to convince the traditional, nationalist parties and people of Europe that if they tell USG to fuck off and to remove troops, stay out of our affairs and to accept that Europe is a continent of ethnic nation-states that they will enjoy the support of the American people, if not the American Government. This also can be used as a wedge between the American people and USG.

Third, we need at the same time as we proceed along the lines above, realize that we are dealing with an immense monster of incredible power and influence, one that has had the world by the throat now for decades and which as educated many generations of Americans to believe sincerely that everything USG stands for is hope and light and anyone who opposes is merely the first step to Auschwitz.

Given that fact, it is very likely we shall fail. We should therefore be also planning amongst ourselves what we should do if it becomes clear that we have failed. Some sort of withdrawal or alternative community is necessary if we are to preserve our culture and our heritage and not enough serious thinking has been put into Plan B at the moment.

While our elites are flying high at the moment, their ideology is unworkable. While they appear more vigorous, they in reality are not much differently placed than the frozen leaders of the CPSU waving from atop Lenin’s Tomb.

While we are few, so were those few in Prague who decades before the Iron Curtain fell put on plays in secret demonstrating the foolishness of the ruling ideology.

This is the task before us: to accept that we are dissidents and opponents. To accept that it is our duty to resist. To use art to express that resistance, the win intellectuals and people of ability to our side. To forge contacts with supporters in the outside world. To slowly expand our influence and never, ever stop laughing at the State.

And when it comes crashing, and I believe it will, we will be there, smiling and laughing.

Black jurors and the perversion of justice.

Black jurors and the perversion of justice.

White victims of black violence are being routinely victimized a second time by black jurors. It is now an open secret that black jurors are simply refusing to convict brutal monsters of their crimes if they are black and the victim was white.

From The Truth Shall Set You Free…

The ideal of an integrated society is dying, and racist blacks are the ones pounding nails into its coffin. What is the point in having jury trials when racist blacks refuse to convict? It makes a mockery of justice, and is leading to a logical and justified backlash against the inclusion of common blacks in the justice system.

Curtis Vance stands as a poster boy for all that is sick and wrong with black society today. Vance is famous for the brutal and sadistic murder of beautiful blonde TV anchor woman Anne Pressly. Pressly died hours after being raped and beaten. The official cause of death was that her jawbone was fully dislocated and crushed back against her jugular, which constricted blood flow to her brain. Her entire face and head was smashed to mush in the attack.

Vance was convicted of the murder of Pressly, and the DNA match pinned him as the rapist of Edwards, so he went on trial on the rape charge this week. Vance was identified as Edward’s attacker by DNA match, the victim’s direct testimony, and the accused’s own confession. Yet…

After merely THREE HOURS of deliberation, the judge agreed to a mistrial, as 7 of the jurors refused to convict. Neither the prosecuting attorney nor the judge had any hope that the jury would agree on basic facts, or could be persuaded by reason. After a mere three hours, they just agreed to drop the trial.

The reason: the racist blacks on the jury. It has been confirmed that the composition of the jury was 7 blacks and 5 whites (

The irrational anti-white hatred of black jurors is not even a secret any more, and is acknowledged as widespread. Prosecuting attorneys know it, and openly counsel their clients to expect it. Edwards said mistrial was exactly what she had expected to happened, because she was forewarned by her attorney that her race, the race of the attacker, and the race of the jury would lead to the jury refusing to convict. See Edwards’ detailed interview here:

They are actually dismissing the case, not bothering to take it to another trial. Edwards says she does not want to go through the whole process again, when she would most likely face the same verdict, i.e., facing a jury of racist blacks who refuse to convict. When you are a white victim, why bother?