ATF agents admit to Mexican Gun Running false flag operation.

ATF agents admit to Mexican Gun Running false flag operation.

Obama, Hillary, and Holder were calling for more gun control to “stop American guns from going to Mexican drug gangs.” MEANWHILE, the ATF (which is run by the DOJ under the direct control of the Obama administration) was illegally running guns to Mexico. At least one American citizen, a border patrol agent, has been murdered by a gun supplied by the ATF!

At least one American law enforcement agent has been murdered with a gun provided by the ATF. It is extremely likely that Mexican citizens have also been murdered with these weapons. The Mexican drug wars are causing 1,000 or more fatalities a month in Mexico right now.

Mexico’s drug running tanks.

The impact of immigration on the black community.

California conference will focus on how mass immigration has ruined job prospects for blacks.


The Path to National Suicide

(Current as of 7/6/2010)
The Path

National Suicide
 An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism

by Lawrence Auster

Table of Contents
A Word to the Reader 1
Introduction: Breaking the Silence 5
I. The 1965 Act: Its Intent, Its Consequences 10
II. The Meaning of Multiculturalism 27
III. On the Meaning of Racism 64
IV. Further Reflections on America’s Folly 76
V. What To Do 82
References 85
Index 91
About the Author 97

The State of the Nation

The State of the Nation


[Yes, I know, this is several years old and these statistics from the Los Angeles Times are probably no longer accurate--they are worse.]

1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens


3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.


5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally


6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages..

7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south border.


8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.


9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.


10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish. (There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County )

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States’ annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue

For La Raza todo

For La Raza todo

Flash Mobs may be the catalyst needed to awaken a few folks to common sense.


Hellesponte & Kerodin

Demographics and Tribe don’t lie.

Population growth rates for the United States: 2000-2010:

White (NH) 1.2 %
Black (NH) 11.0 %
Asian (HN) 42.9 %
All Other (NH) 24.1 %
Hispanic 43.0 %
Total Minority 28.8 %

(NH) – data are for single race, non-Hispanic.
Minority = all groups except white, non-Hispanic.

For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada. – For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.

Don’t think for a moment that they will be rooting for the home team.

La Voz de Aztlan
National Council of La Raza
Black Panther Party

There are several other “minority” organizations. Many of which are taxpayer subsidized.

I don’t speak for anyone other than myself. But when you have millions of “minorities” clenching their fists and yelling (insert race here) Power, you better know that those clenched fists are directed at no one but the white people.

I knew a American man several years ago who was of Hispanic (Mexican) decent. He was in a bar with a few of his white friends. Over in the corner, was a group of … Mexicans. One of those Mexicans yelled out to him, “Hey man, why don’t come over here and start acting like your race?!” He walked over to the table of Mexicans and said, “My grandfather came to America legally. My father was born here. I was born here. My grandfather left everything behind him to become an American. My father is an American. I am an American. That is my race. If you want to be a race of Mexicans, then go back to Mexico. I have no room for your race.” By this time, all his white friends were standing behind him.

“Hey man, we don’t want no trouble.” And they slowly slinked out of the bar.

Personally, for myself … I have no room for your race. If you are here, you are an American, or you are not. If you are not … please go back to that shit-hole that you came from. Because you are ****ing up my country.

And while I am at it … for you white multiculturalists … please follow and try your multiculturalism in their country. Hell, go native for all I care.

And uh … what’s up with that 1.2%? Viagra need?


Kill whitey?

If it looks like trouble, it probably is. The gang is not there to debate the effects of american corporate expansion on the development of the urban neighborhoods with you.

The Flash Mob Attack – How To Defend?

Don’t wake up in the middle of your beating and think, “I better be brutal!” The time to be brutal is … right now.

Yeah. It happened to me once. And yeah, being brutal worked for me. Ya know, eyes, throat, pulling on the ear with a vengeance, biting, etc. But by the time the “brutal” thunk up in me, I already looked like a train wreck.

Don’t make that mistake.

And let me give you some more advice. When that punk is asking you for money while reaching into his jacket … Brutal. Now. Or when you see the guy pulling out a pocket knife from his coat pocket … Brutal. Now. There is no time to make decisions. The time is now. And brutally.

This all happened in San Francisco Several years ago.. My Sifu was really pissed on that first little gem.

In my hometown, I worked as a bar-back at one of the now closed watering holes. A customer was touching and being rude to one of the waitresses. We asked him to leave. He reached into his jacket pocket and you can see the hammer coming out, it is a gun. The time to be brutal is now. Not when the gun is pointing at you.

When you are accosted at the entrance of the store and a stranger suddenly starts making conversation with you, be aware of your surroundings … he probably has a buddy close by. Leave if you can. Make an excuse. If that doesn’t shake him off, don’t stay stationary while jabbering. Move while talking and be deliberately animated with your hands. They will size you up.

Be aware of your surroundings. And no. They were not all black.

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re with someone who you really love and care about more than anything. It can be your children, your spouse, significant other, family member (sibling, parent) or whomever else that holds the most importance in your life. Imagine that you’re walking down the street, without a care in the world, just enjoying the time you have with your loved one. Out of nowhere appears an attacker, who is ready to rob you and most likely hurt you and your loved one. Here you are, the only thing that stands between the thug and your loved one, the only thing that can protect your loved one. Failure is not an option for you here. You don’t have time to plan or strategize or even think! You simply explode and do whatever it takes to protect your loved one. You pound away until the threat is out of commission. And then you get the hell out of there!

Close your eyes and imagine what would happen if you didn’t protect your loved one. What would happen if you didn’t do everything in your power to keep this person from harm? Can you imagine it? With all the intensity and all the emotion?

Mentally practice that. Learn to turn it on and off. Just don’t stay there.


Carlos Santana’s Hate Speech Against American Workers

Carlos Santana’s Hate Speech Against American Workers

After being razzed by the public.

May 15, 2011 | Rock guitarist Carlos Santana may have reached a new low in hate speech against American workers when he took to a microphone on the field before the Atlanta Braves-Philadelphia Phillies game yesterday.

In response to being given a civil rights award, “the Beacon of Change Award,” Santana indicated that unemployed Black, Hispanic and White Americans who want jobs held by illegal aliens are as “racist” as those who turned the hoses and dogs on Martin Luther King and civil rights protesters in the 1960s.

His voice echoing through the stadium sound system, Mexican-born Santana told the pre-game baseball crowd in Atlanta that they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their state officials to enact a law that requires businesses to use E-Verify to ensure that jobs go to legal workers.

I represent the human race. The people of Arizona, the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Santana met with media after the game started and expanded upon his hatred of unemployed Americans. He said Georgia’s new E-Verify law is based on racism and economic anxiety.

This is about fear, that people are going to steal my job. No we ain’t. You don’t clean toilets and clean sheets, stop shucking and jiving.

Wow! First, I’m impressed that he uses the “we” to identify himself with the illegal foreign workers. And he uses the “you” to address the Black, Hispanic and White Americans who are unemployed and are complaining about an estimated 425,000 illegal foreign workers and dependents in Georgia competing in the labor market.

But Santana, like most pro-illegal-immigration activists, doesn’t have the slightest idea about the reality of American workers.

He doesn’t know that the majority of hotel housekeeping employees are Americans. He doesn’t know that the majority of custodial workers are Americans.

Santana is like most bigots who speak, not from knowledge or facts, but from the emotional hatred stuck in their guts.

Let’s take a look at the Americans Santana is calling racist for wanting laws to keep employers from keeping Americans unemployed by hiring illegal foreign workers.

Of young American adults aged 18-29 with only a high school degree:

  • 40% of all these young adults don’t have a job.
  • 43% of the Hispanic-American young adults don’t have a job.
  • 50% of Black Americans of this group don’t have a job.

But Santana says these Americans don’t deserve any sympathy because, according to him, they are just “shucking and jiving” when they complain that they should have jobs instead of the illegal foreign workers.

About Georgia’s mandatory E-Verify law, Santana said:

It’s an anti-American law. it’s a cruel law, actually. If you all remember what it was like here with Martin Luther King and the dogs and the hoses. It’s the same thing, only its high tech. So Let’s change it.

The dogs and hoses were about keeping AMERICAN CITIZENS who were black from enjoying full rights, including full participation in the ECONOMY.

Georgia’s new law is about protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS, who disproportionately are black, from being barred from economic participation by employers who prefer illegal foreign workers.

The people of Georgia who supported and pressed for the new mandatory E-Veriy law were operating in the best traditions of the Civil Rights movement and should have been given the civil rights award at the baseball ceremony.

Instead, the ceremony was dominated by Santana who shamed himself and tarnished the civil rights tradition with his hateful diatribe against the most vulnerable members of our national community.

The 63-year-old native of Mexico, who became a U.S. citizen in 1965, used the opportunity of receiving the Beacon of Change Award to scold Arizona and Georgia for passing legislation aimed at undocumented immigrants and was subsequently booed.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


NumbersUSA’s blogs are copyrighted and may be republished or reposted only if they are copied in their entirety, including this paragraph, and provide proper credit to NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA bears no responsibility for where our blogs may be republished or reposted.

Surprise Supreme Court Victory!!!!

Surprise Supreme Court Victory!!!!

Supreme Court rules 5-3 to allow states to fine employers of illegal immigrants. Obama has publicly stated that he is refusing to deport any illegal aliens. Going after the employers is the next most effective tool. However radical left-wing activist judges have been holding up state laws in the courts.

The ruling was specifically over an Arizona law, but may halt court challenges in Georgia, Missouri, and other states as well.

Many states are eager to go after employers of illegal aliens because they want the revenue that could be collected in fines.

The radical left and the militant “La Raza” crowd have been hissing with anger all day.

The usual group of Clinton and Obama appointed extremists voted against Arizona and in favor of giving employers free rein to hire illegals.

Religious income gaps greater than racial income gaps.

New York Times: Religious income gaps greater than racial income gaps.

Graph from New York Times

According to the New York Times, Reform Jews and Hindus are dramatically more likely to have household incomes over $75k than members of other religions. This gap is far greater than the income gap between racial groups. Conservative Jews and Anglicans are also very high.

Obviously there are reasons for this, some of which are pretty controversial. The Hindu gap is easy to nail down. Most Indians who have come to the United States are from the top performers of a nation of over one billion. The Federal government then gives them taxpayer backed business loans to buy motels, gas stations, etc. Regular US citizens do not have access to this money. They also pay no Federal taxes for the first five years. Often the ownership of their business is transferred to a relative at the end of the five years.

When you have the best and the brightest of a nation of over one billion, and then give them dramatic special financial benefits not afforded to the native born, it is easy to see why Hindus are at the top. Buddhists are performing above average for the same reason.

The data highlights just how bad native born Americans are being screwed by the massive giveaway to immigrants through taxpayer backed immigrant small business loans.

Nailing down the reasons for the high incomes of Jews is more complicated. However, the fact that Ashkenazi (German) Jews have been a merchant class for at least 1,000 years is undoubtedly the leading factor.

At the bottom of the list is Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals, and Baptists. All three of these denominations have a large percentage of black followers, as well as poorer rural whites.

The New York Times seems to suggest in their article that Jews and Hindus have become a privileged class with unfair advantages. Read Article from New York Times.

Mexico quietly buys gold while the dollar tumbles

Mexico Quietly Buys Gold While The Dollar Tumbles

May 9, 2011

Mexico buys gold, a lot of it

by Jack Farchy (Editor’s Note: Are you at least as smart as the Central Bank of Mexico?)

The central bank of Mexico bought nearly 100 tonnes of gold in February and March, the latest emerging market country to turn to bullion as a means of diversifying away from the faltering dollar.

The purchase is one of the largest by a central bank in recent history. The gold, worth $4.6bn at current prices, is equivalent to about 3.5 per cent of annual mined output. The central bank has not been publicly announced the move, but has reported it both on its own balance sheet, posted online, and to the International Monetary Fund’s statistics on international reserves. Central banks became net buyers of gold last year after two decades of heavy selling, a dramatic reversal that has helped propel the price of bullion to a series of record highs On Wednesday morning, gold was trading at $1,535 a troy ounce, down from the nominal record of $1,575.79 touched on Monday.

Mexico follows other booming emerging market economies, including China, India and Russia, which have all made large additions to their gold reserves in recent years. Matthew Turner, precious metals strategist at Mitsubishi, the Japanese trading house, said the purchase “seems to confirm there’s an appetite now among emerging economies with large Forex reserves to add to their gold reserves. Gold is seen as one way in which to diversify away from the dollar-or euro-denominated assets.” The dollar has plunged 10 per cent since January against the world’s major currencies and is trading near an all-time low. Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, has suggested that gold should form part of a new international monetary system.

China announced in 2009 that it had bought 454 tonnes of gold over the previous six years; India bought 200 tonnes of gold directly from the International Monetary Fund in October 2009; and Russia has bought just less than 400 tonnes on the open market over the past five years. However Mexico’s buying in February and March, which amounted to 93.3 tonnes of gold, is one of the most rapid programmes of accumulation on record. Apart from India’s off-market purchase in 2009, the 78.5 tonnes bought in March is the largest monthly purchase by a central bank in at least a decade, according to data from the World Gold Council. ©

The Financial Times Ltd 2011 FT and ‘Financial Times’ are trademarks of The Financial Times Ltd.

Defeat of Arizona Patriotic Immigration Reform Package Calls for Vigilance—Not Pessimism

Death of America is all but certain! Long live Global White Nationalist Movement.

Locust: This is what the enemy believes; Cubias [Email him]says that all the screaming about illegal immigration we are hearing now is just a last gasp of the old America who are coming to grips with the fact that “they might not be the unquestioned masters of America for much longer” because “the younger generation doesn’t share their biases. And that undeniable fact means that the old vision of America will soon be relegated to ignominy.”


Defeat of Arizona Patriotic Immigration Reform Package Calls for Vigilance—Not Pessimism

By Washington Watcher

When Kris Kobach and a group of state legislators held a press conference in January unveiling their model legislation to challenge birthright citizenship, the usual riffraff of self-proclaimed “anti-fa” protesters showed up to try to disrupt the event. In addition to passing out flyers with images of Pilgrims with the caption “Who’s the anchor baby?”, they demanded that Kobach reveal his “corporate backers.”

These wannabe revolutionaries are unwilling to recognize that they are on the same side as the corporate establishment which does not fund any patriotic immigration reform groups, but gives tens of millions of dollars to La Raza.

I noted their disconnect immediately after the press conference. And it became even clearer on March 14, when the CEOs of 60 Arizona businesses sent an open letter to State Senate President and SB 1070 sponsor Russell Pearce stating “we strongly believe it is unwise for the Legislature to pass any additional immigration legislation, including any measures leaving the determination of citizenship to the state.” [CEOs on Immigration Letter, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (Email the President of the Phoenix Chamber, Todd Sanders)]

By the end of the week, the Republican-controlled State Senate voted down five pieces of immigration control legislation including one that dealt with birthright citizenship, made it a crime for illegal aliens to drive, and required documentation at public schools and hospitals to help set the basis for overturning Plyler vs. Doe and other federal mandates for states to accommodate illegal aliens.

Following this vote, many usual suspects already began proclaiming the death of state-level immigration control. The Huffington Post’s self-described Hispanic Fanatic blogger Daniel Cubias asked “Has Anti-Latino [i.e. anti-illegal immigration] Sentiment Peaked?” His gleeful answer was an astounding Si!

“Even Arizona itself is rethinking its lunatic stance on Latinos. The state’s creators of SB 1070, who for some bizarre reason thought that people were clamoring for a sequel to their divisive legislation, recently introduced several new attacks on Hispanics (and upon the Constitution, while they were at it). But those bills all went down in flames.”

Cubias [Email him]says that all the screaming about illegal immigration we are hearing now is just a last gasp of the old America who are coming to grips with the fact that “they might not be the unquestioned masters of America for much longer” because “the younger generation doesn’t share their biases. And that undeniable fact means that the old vision of America will soon be relegated to ignominy.” [Has Anti-Latino Sentiment Peaked, by Daniel Cubias, Huffington Post, March 18, 2011]

But a New York Times editorial celebrating the defeat was much more cautious in its gloating. While it was happy to see the bills die, it realized “it is not the end of harsh, shortsighted laws.”

Fortunately, even the Times relatively restrained editorial overstates how much of a defeat the vote was for the patriotic immigration reform movement. While it was a disappointment, the momentum is still on the patriots’ side, and they can win again in Arizona and across the nation.

The Times editorial bemoans that the bill was defeated by business interests rather than “strong moral arguments against xenophobic anti-immigration bills.” [Arizona Flinches, April 21, 2011] The reason for this is that the voters of Arizona do are not buying any of the sob stories from the ethnic groups–so the bills were only defeated by the undemocratic influence of corporate power into politics, something the Left claims to oppose

But while the moneyed interests are a formidable adversary, they are vulnerable. Despite their strong grip on the GOP, the Cheap Labor lobby in Arizona was not able to stop Prop 200, the Legal Arizona Workers Act, or SB 1070.

Just because they won this time, in aftershave-filled rooms, does not mean they will be able to stop a future challenge to birthright citizenship.

It is also important to note how much progress patriotic immigration reformers have made on the state level. When the Legal Arizona Worker Act requiring E –Verify for all employers in the state passed in 2007, it was by far the strongest state immigration control law in the country. Just three years ago, I would have said the idea of states challenging birthright citizenship was well-intentioned, but unlikely to go anywhere. However, SB 1070 changed the paradigm so much that it became a realistic option. The fact that it even came up for a vote would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Within this context, the Republican Party has moved (at least in lip service) much closer to the patriot position. As Russell Pearce notes

“In 2004, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) was the only member of the Arizona congressional delegation to support Prop 200. The Arizona Republican Party, though not the grass roots, opposed the initiative as well. Seven years later, the state GOP, four of the five Republican congressmen (except Rep. Jeff Flake), and both Republican senators—John McCain and Jon Kyl — support SB 1070.” [Washington Watcher note: Flake flip flopped on amnesty last week---expect him to come out strong for SB 1070 as the Senate Primary race progresses]

But despite the progress immigration patriots made with the GOP, there can be no doubt that the Republican Party Establishment is still an obstacle. Even with men like Pearce in positions of power and the ostensible support of some key Republicans, real patriotic immigration reform still needs to overcome the GOP Establishment and its corporate backers.

But as Pearce has aptly stated: We have fought these battles before and prevailed. We will prevail again.” [1 battle in Arizona immigration war, by Russell Pearce, Politico, March 26, 2011]

“Washington Watcher” [email him] is an anonymous source Inside The Beltway.


Locust: They are so wrong, my generation 25-35 year old white males, are more aware of the anti-white movement then even the older generations. They think that we will just roll over and allow them to take this nation without a fight! I don’t think so, not now, not ever!

The Minority Subprime Mortgage Disaster

The Minority Subprime Mortgage Disaster

Minority Subprime Disaster Costs US at Least $1.5 Trillion.

by James Buchanan

If you estimate an average loss in value of about $200,000 combined depreciation and damage to each home that was in the minority subprime loan program and that about 7.5 million Blacks and Latinos got these loans with no down payments and failed to pay them off, the total lost to the banking industry would be $200k times 7.5 million or $1.5 trillion dollars.

One source confirms the magnitude of this loss noting that: “The IMF estimates that financial institutions around the globe will eventually have to write off $1.5 trillion of their holdings of subprime MBSs. About $750 billion in such losses had been recognized as of November 2008. These losses have wiped out much of the capital of the world banking system.”

Various leftists have attempted to blame banks or predatory lenders for the subprime disaster. The truth is that minorities and liberal policies forced on the banks by federal courts caused this disaster. While it’s true that many banks offered one or two percent “teaser rates” for the first year of the mortgage, that doesn’t give the minorities an excuse. Just how unintelligent are people who don’t understand that the teaser interest rate is going to climb rapidly after the first year?

Most of the people who took these minority subprime loans were NOT serious first time home buyers, but were in fact doing real estate speculation, hoping to sell their house for a $50k to $100k profit after living in it for a year. Unfortunately for them (and for us) the housing bubble burst, millions of Blacks and Latinos (predictably) walked away from their financially underwater homes, and stuck the banks with the full financial loss since the liberals insanely waved the requirement for minorities to put down payments on their homes.

Very few articles in the mainstream media have discussed the role of minorities in the subprime disaster. A New York Post article reports that “a ‘landmark’ 1992 study from the Boston Fed concluded that mortgage-lending discrimination was systemic. That study was tremendously flawed – a colleague and I later showed that the data it had used contained thousands of egregious typos, such as loans with negative interest rates. Our study found no evidence of discrimination. Yet the political agenda triumphed – with the president of the Boston Fed saying no new studies were needed, and the US comptroller of the currency seconding the motion. No sooner had the ink dried on its discrimination study than the Boston Fed, clearly speaking for the entire Fed, produced a manual for mortgage lenders stating that: ‘discrimination may be observed when a lender’s underwriting policies contain arbitrary or outdated criteria that effectively disqualify many urban or lower-income minority applicants.’ Some of these ‘outdated’ criteria included the size of the mortgage payment relative to income, credit history, savings history and income verification. Instead, the Boston Fed ruled that participation in a credit-counseling program should be taken as evidence of an applicant’s ability to manage debt. Sound crazy? You bet… On the Web, you can still find CRA loans available via ACORN with ’100 percent financing . . . no credit scores . . . undocumented income . . . even if you don’t report it on your tax returns.’ ”

So a fabricated “study” by the Boston Fed claimed that minorities were being discriminated against for home loans. In reality, Blacks and Latinos were failing to qualify for home loans because their average income is lower, their average credit history is worse and their ability to make a down payment is worse than the average for White people. Unfortunately, liberals entrenched in powerful positions in our government and court system chose to ignore all the evidence that ordinary Blacks and Latinos have certain inherent, persistent flaws that make them bad candidates for home loans.

Not only did the Feds demand that more loans be made to minorities, they insisted that traditional criteria like proof of employment and the ability to make a down payment should not be used to disqualify loan applicants. Lending to unqualified minorities was the first big reason for the subprime crisis. Eliminating down payments was the second big reason. The down payment is critically necessary in the mortgage industry. By forcing people to make a 20 percent down payment, the chances of the borrower “walking away” from a home loan (if the housing prices start to drop or the monthly payments increase) are greatly reduced.

The bottom line is that Third World people are financially bad for the US. Huge amounts of money are squandered on them to supply them with Section 8 apartments to live in, food stamps, welfare and now they will receive “Obamacare” and this additional tax burden will be dumped primarily on the shoulders of White taxpayers. Most of the good-paying jobs, that Blacks and Latinos get, are stolen from better qualified Whites thanks to Affirmative Action. The vast majority of Blacks and Latinos are poor and impose a gigantic tax burden on the rest of us. The state of California is rapidly plunging toward bankruptcy thanks to its non-White majority. Too many needy Third World poor and too few productive White taxpayers.

Perhaps, the most incredible thing about the Minority Subprime Mortgage Crisis is that most people did not know it was building up. It basically came out of nowhere with a price tag of 1.5 trillion dollars and it has greatly accelerated the financial collapse of California and the United States.

Alien Nation – Taking Back Los Angeles, Block by Block

Alien Nation

Taking Back Los Angeles, Block by Block


“Marines battle aliens in Los Angeles” cried the Washington Examiner Friday morning.  As I hadn’t had my coffee yet, as I stepped on the Metro, I briefly thought to myself that there had been a military coup during the night.  Unfortunately, it’s just a movie, and these aliens come from outer space.

As what used to be our country continues its decline into a barely controlled confederation of hostile ethnic fiefdoms, it is harder to make movies and games about villains that invade America without offending the hyphenated Americans that already invaded in real life.  The only possibilities left are Nazis, zombies, Nazi zombies, North Koreans, and space aliens.  (And also, I suppose, Nazi space aliens.) As in Independence Day, the aliens in Battle have come to take our resources and kill us all, so we don’t have to do any soul searching or make any clumsy attempts to humanize the enemy.  The aliens are a gooey machine-biological hybrid, and look like a slimy cross between Terminators and the robots from the crappy Star Wars prequels.  With their unmanned drones and their cybernetic suits that look like they came out of DARPA, the battle scenes seem like a fairly accurate representation of the United States military today fighting the United States military of 20 years in the future.

Yet despite the futuristic alien weaponry and modern, diverse cast that seemingly stepped out of a college admissions brochure, watching Battle: Los Angeles, is like stepping back in time.  As the American military in real life is transformed into a socially conscious welfare office for the Third World, the American military in the movies can return to its preferred role of waging war against wholly unsympathetic enemies. Aaron Eckhart, whose square jawed soap-opera looks normally conceal flawed characters, like Harvey Dent or Nick Naylor, here channels John Wayne’s Sgt. Stryker from Sands of Iwo Jima.  Eckhart perfectly represents the ideal Marine NCO, exactly the type of blue-eyed fighting man that the U.S. military is trying to drum out of the service to make room for more Alvin Greenes.  In this movie, the gay sensitivity training, nation building missions, racial gangs, and political correctness that characterize the modern military simply doesn’t exist.

In fact, the entire movie is simply a recruitment ad for the military.  Every soldier, Maine, and airman is skilled, brave, and noble, selflessly sacrificing themselves to rescue trapped American civilians.  All the war clichés are here, from the green lieutenant facing his first combat action to the fiancé who just wants to get home to his sweetheart (who, because this is 2011, is named “Shanice.”)  Even the civilians somehow manage to be useful.  Los Angelinos look gratefully to the Marines as their liberators, apparently reversing their stance from the last time the USMC set foot in LA, when they were rioting and shooting at them.

I expect any minute to see a review of the movie on National Review praising this movie for “supporting the troops.”  About five minutes later, we can probably expect Lawrence Vance to condemn it at in the name of pacifist Jesus.

Insofar as there is an internal conflict in the movie (which there really isn’t), it is about the burden of command.  Eckhart’s Staff Sergeant is haunted by the decisions he made in combat that led to the death of his Marines, including the brother of one of the Marines in the squad.  The lieutenant ostensibly leading the Marines is a recent Officer School graduate, whose training and book smarts can’t help him make real decisions in combat.  Eckhart resolves his conflict through the power of his example, assisted by some action movie heroics and a speech about what it means to lead men in combat.  His Marines, their doubts assuaged, loyally follow him for the rest of the movie, though when the lieutenant compares him to John Wayne, one of the minority Marines comments, “Who is John Wayne?”  The L-T, meanwhile, dies in an appropriately heroic way to save the lives of his men and thus redeems himself. Any internal conflicts are thus neatly resolved in such a way that the military virtues of courage, sacrifice and obedience to authority are reinforced, rather than questioned.  Sometime in the future, some liberal arts major at an American university will write an unnecessarily long paper about how this movie reinforces The Authoritarian Personality.

More than anything else, Battle: Los Angeles is an ad for the Marine Corps.  Once again, the Corps plays Hollywood like a fiddle and steals the march on its sister services, proving President Truman correct when he moaned that the USMC has a propaganda arm worthy of Stalin.  As we learned in Independence Day, if aliens ever do invade the world, apparently the Army, Navy, and Air Force sit back and let the smallest of the services do all the work.  Gradually, the movie transforms from a story about an alien invasion into an outright paean to the Corps and its values.  In a pivotal scene, a small boy mourns his father who has died heroically (just like everyone else).  Eckhart’s Staff Sergeant, with teeth gritted and manly tears, tells him that he needs to be brave and be “his little Marine,” because “Marines don’t quit.”  While this sounded heroic at the time, in retrospect this seems like strange advice to tell a little boy whose father just died in his arms.

Despite the occasional interlude, the Marines press on from one objective to the next.  After saving a few civilians, a small group of cutoff Space Marines probe deep underground to find the “Brain Bug” that serves as command and control for all the unthinking drones that have American forces on the retreat.  If they can find it and disable it, they can turn the tide of the battle.  Actually, wait, that’s Starship Troopers.  Remove the part about space and substitute “giant flying computer” for “Brain Bug” and you have the same thing though.  Once the regional command and control center is located, the heroic sacrifice of one of the members of the team, the alien craft is destroyed.  The higher ups congratulate the Marine on his victory and notify fighters around the world how to bring down other regional command and control centers.  Actually, wait, that’s Independence Day—or, more accurately, it’s both Independence Day and Battle: LA.

Of course, who cares?  It’s an action movie, and if taken for what it is, it succeeds brilliantly and is well worth seeing.  The lack of information about what’s happening in the rest of the world actually improves the story, as it creates real tension as the squad moves through smoky LA streets with no visibility, stalked by an unknown enemy.  The movie succeeds in creating a feeling of dread as the Marines slowly patrol from block to block.  The look of shock on their face when they realize they find out their air cover has been destroyed reminds us that the United States military has almost never lacked air superiority throughout the entire history of aviation.  Unlike in Black Hawk Dawn or any of the movies or television shows made about Afghanistan or Iraq, the Americans could, at least theoretically, suffer military defeat.

Michelle Rodriguez has an inevitable role as the “tough Latina who can hold her own,” a member of the Air Force who tags along with the USMC. Other than that, there’s little overt politicizing, pointless romances in the midst of Armageddon, or left-wing navel gazing about the cost of war or how the aliens are actually fighting racism.

Unfortunately, there is no retreat from politics, even for shoot ‘em up action films.  The multiracial version of the 1950s presented in Battle is itself a political statement, the equivalent of plugging one’s fingers in your ears to avoid hearing things that might upset you.  As epic and entertaining as the movie is, one can’t help but feel sad as the Marines charge heroically into battle because the government they are defending is doing their best to destroy them and the country they are defending doesn’t really exist anymore.  Nor does the United States have the social capital or infrastructure in place to win the kind of war presented in Battle: Los Angeles. In real life, lacking air superiority, the military would be in huge trouble, and it would take more than movie heroics and our strategic Diversity advantage to win the day.  We can also expect urban police and “communities” to abandon their posts and start looting the way they did in New Orleans, rather than rallying behind the Stars and Stripes.  Finally, and most importantly, this movie takes place in a fantasy world where Los Angeles is just another American city.  When a reporter in the movie notes sullenly that Los Angeles and other cities are being “colonized” by the aliens, I couldn’t help but think, “So what else is new?”  In the post-American age, it’s hard to watch a movie about heroic Marines that pretend that America is still here.

In the last scene of the movie, USMC choppers fly into the burning city of Los Angeles to begin the counter-offensive.  Such a scenario doesn’t require space aliens.  Aaron Eckhart says grimly, “Let’s retake Los Angeles.”  If only it were that simple.