59 thoughts on “Would the world be better without White people?

  1. Tyrants and fools would be happy without so called White people. Without so called White people there would have been no enlightenment movement and individual freedom. Imagine a world like Africa today, or China…without White people the world would be a jungle.

    • very true, without white people, the world would be a much “better” place, everyone would live the way they lived before they started leaching off us.

    • You’re ignorant. Today’s Africa is a direct reflection of what happens when so called white people show up. Go read a book outside of what so called white society has presented to you.

    • The tyrants and fools are white! And since when did white people care about anyone’s individual freedom except their own (at the expense of others)? They have never EVER lived in tune with Nature or their fellow human brethren, even when those brethren were also white! The worst thing they assume is that others are like them, and that racism is “part of human nature: as is war and strife, Look back in history before white people ruled things and you do not see weapons and fortresses and walls. You do not see signs that peoples were warring and fighting. ONLY in white lands. And they have spread this behavior with their conquest of the planet that belongs to all of us.
      YES, the world will be a better place without them and their thinking.

  2. Yes, like the Africans who did away with the light skinned people in Haiti? Now they are wretched starving people risking their life in an attempt to float to America. And yet, just next door on the same island today, the light skinned people in the Dominican Republic are fat and happy. And, oh yea, once upon a time in an African country call Rhodesia, the dark skinned native Africans did away with the light skinned (as you would call them Whites) African people. Rhodesia was then called the “Bread basked of Africa”. Now they call the country Zimbabwe and the idiots are killing each other and starving to death.

    Actually, it is people who consider themselves angry Blacks that are most despised in the world. Do you really think the Asians and Hispanics like the people you call Black. If we are going to get rid of a bunch of racialist people, let’s get rid of the ingrates that call themselves Black people. America would be a much better place if we did not have these Black racialist people leaching off mainstream American society.

    I’m not writing here about all people with African heritage, most are good Americans and do not feel as you do, however, for the Black racialists who hate and stereotype people just because they have light skin, the world would be much better without them. It would be nice if we could round up all the light skinned and dark skinned racialists and throw them in a big hole together. The only thing, no one could tell them apart, except for the color of their skin. Inside they are all the same.

    • I’m black & I agree. Blacks are definitely more hated. They just have cocky attitudes & they & other ppl just try to sugarcoat it with excuses most of these ppl don’t have the balls to tell the truth. As you said we’re not all like that, but the vast majority are like savage gorillas & they have the ability to make you feel things you don’t wanna feel & they’re as ignorant as any white supremacist out, but when they do something to others, they’re innocent little angels & wen you don’t give them their way &/you catch them in the wrong & confront them, you’re Satan all of sudden. You just committed a sin against the entire universe & most ppl are foolish enough to buy their lies & follow them when everything isn’t always a race issue. They need to grow up.

      • I totally agree with you. does the United States have time to wait for them to grow up is the real question? Do we have enough economic steam to push through the next decade of major issues (collapsing economy) while increasing unemployment, and under employment, can the nation survive what is coming, or will it descend into a ethnically divided nation of waring genocidal states. My guess is no, America will not survive.

      • I know it’s been a while since this article but I’d like to know where you were born in raised? Like a highly black populated area or more around white people? I agree with what you said, but I have only come across a handful of black people who will agree with it. So I’m truly curious if it has something to do with location/surrounding.

      • You are not black. And what exactly is it that would make “everyone” hate blacks? It wasn’t blacks who invaded their lands and stole their resources and killed their populations. You are drinking the Kool Aid that white social engineering has put out for you to drink. It is WHITE PEOPLE that everyone hates. We are talking 92% of Humanity here. Look at all the reasons why whites are hated. White people recorded it for you. They are hated globally for all the evil horrible things they have done to just about everyone.
        You are not here to discuss, you are here to whine and deflect and deny. Nobody is listening to you anymore. We already know all your excuses.

    • Your argument is the style of argument the perpetuate and fail to admitt that the whiteman and women are reason why this world is so screw-up.

    • Mainstream American society would be broke if their races had not traveled around the globe raping the land and its people.

    • the takers shall recieve their dues by the hand of GOD. for their lying, cheating, treachorous ways. the reason people hate the white man is for that so reason.the devil has only been allowed to rule this earth by GOD for so long.karma is coming and you snakes SHALL get a mouth full of it. im getting tired of being the meek Mexican.You want a revolution…. we live for that shit. won,t be the first time i chop down some woods

      • I’m glad that you mentioned your national origin, ethnicity, etc. These discussions typically boil down to “black and white”. I am of African origin and I have a lot of respect for all races other than the so called whites despite whether these races like my type or not. The fact remains that people deserve their right to land, an ability to feed their children and raise their young with the understanding that has been given to them over the years. I believe that this would be possible if someone weren’t spewing hatred every time you turn around or trying to label people like a box of crayons!

  3. What about the black tribes in Africa that got FILTHY RICH by raiding inland african tribal lands and bring back captives IN DROVES and selling them to the Europeans? Wait a minute; maybe we should have just ignored Africa all together. Where would they be today then. Tell you where they wouldn’t be; not in the white house, not wearing suits and ties to work every day; not sitting at a computer bitching and moaning about how bad they’ve got it. No, they’d be in some god forsaken jungle still throwing sticks at each other. You don’t like the country? By all means, pack your shit and try your luck in the Motherland. I’m sure there’s plenty of people back there that would be more than willing to take your place here and by the way you whining “Gimme”s conduct yourselves; I’d be just tickled with the trade.

    • I could not agree with you more. Blacks would still be living in the bush if it was not for white advancements. But all the same, the only solution is to remove non European males from the western civilization by force if necessary. This is the only solution, and when the economies of the world collapse we will make our move.


    • People often want to bring up the idea of Africans selling other Africans. Look at the Middle East. I’m sure those events were orchestrated by the so called whites as well. They probably didn’t have a choice. The so called white man uses all types of methods to get what he wants. Physical, spiritual, lies, manipulation, etc. Read long enough and I’m sure that this information will arise as well.

  4. Are you people serious? It was the white savages that raided and raped the earth! Not only did these savages still and leach off the inventions of other races, they bribed and snaked their way in. If there was never any white people, Africa wouldnt be the way it is today. You people cant be that stupid to not know this!

    • not to mention, that every modern invention was created by them, and that they founded every single ancient civilization, damn the evil geniuses.

    • bitch shutup white people copy any dam thing they see, such as black peoples ways and others. wait change that some white people the racist ones just like u.

  5. if it was not for the white people everyone else would still be living in a jungle lol white is the superior race. since the beginning of civilization all men and all lands have been conquered by white men. all the inventors and businessmen and leaders who make things happen are white. without white people the world would be nothing like it is today. everyone would still be living like native indians lol that is obvious. white people are more beautiful too. if you look on the internet 90% of the porn is white men and white woman because people prefer watching white people have sex. also most of the celebrities you see in tv and in the magazines are white. NOT ALL but most. I think for every 100 black woman I see maybe 1 is attractive. MAYBE. whereas if I look at 100 white woman atleast 50 are attractive. Any black person would be willing to have sex or mix with a white person but it is much more rare to see or find a white person who will wanna mix with a black. And I am not racist I just find white people much more attractive. any black guy will LOVE to fuck a hot white girl… the same can’t be said the other way around. Asians and Latino’s have beautiful woman though I must admit I love spanish girls. ps I am not racist I have some black friends but I don’t like black woman at all they are the uglyiest of the human races on average by far.

    • I am not surprised at your ignorance or your lack of gracefulness. What I continue to be baffled by is how people like yourself always say “I am not a racist” after making a powerless man’s statement in our modern world. Why are white people racist? What do you do for work? Where do you live? Where did you attend college? Answer these questions and you will understand your vicious thoughts. You feel powerless, but instead of empowering yourself through the development of brain enhancement, you find it easier to hate, what you fear. Try this, love everyone until they give reason to consider them suspect of hate.
      Once again you prove my point, yes the world would definitely be a better place without people like you (whatever your skin color is). What is all of this non-sense about 1out of every 100 black women is attractive, compared to 50 out of 100? Do you hear what stupidity (which is like vomit) coming out of your mouth. I do not need to identify myself as white, Latino, black or Asian, I am human being that believes that all people have a right to their opinions, just as long as they don’t offend or oppress others. You have been successful in doing both. My question to you is what happened in your life to make you so angry and bitter? Your spirit can reflect positive energy because your being is consumed with negative thoughts, feelings and concepts. . Ugliness is within and you are filled with it…..

      • wow Im black but that was the most wonderful comment . Your so right that’s way we need more wise people like you .

    • I suppose the world today is something to be proud of. What a joke. White people leave a trail of dead bodies in their paths and that’s about it. Fyi, when so called white people went from place to place the first thing they did was find the information created by these civilizations that they wanted to use and put their faces on. The second thing they did was destroy everything that linked the two together. You know destroy people’s history so they won’t remember their power. You know beat the hell out of them so that they will be as dumb as their oppressors. I laugh at your comments.

  6. agree with all of you…with out white people the world would be jungle liek the rock age…Look the West was civilized 500 years ago…And look at Asia,africa,muslims 98% those countries live like they live 100 years ago..and there are some idiots that say if there won’t be white there would be no Diseasses,no wars,there would be freedom,there would be no racism..Racism would be mexicans against black,black against mexican asians….asians against others..and so on…

  7. WOW! Thankfully there aren’t too many people, and I use the term loosley, leaving such stupid and evil comments. I somehow landed on this ridiculous site while looking at articles about your beloved trump. 🙂 Absolutely crazy.. all of you mutant morons. You think this world would be better with this kind of ignorance? You are disgusting pieces of trash and will suffer great karma. You really think there are enough of you who think this way to make a difference? You are completely turning off the new generation and making other countries think you’re inbred fools, which I would have to agree. You are worthless and a waste of precious air. I’ve always believed that racist trash like you die and come back as the starving and ill of the world today… KARMA. You must all live in the south because you are seriously stupid. You think you’re so intelligent? While you were living in caves, the rest of the world was building and developing. You were busy raiding villages, raping ethnic women who you claim to be better than, and stealing from every culture. That is your culture today.. you steal and lie and then try to hurt others who you KNOW are better than you. Not just black people.. all people. If white is the superior race then why do you steal from every culture? Why are you so angry and so faithless? Better than everyone? You must be crazy and evil. Hell is waiting for each of you… and may the devil be BLACK!

  8. I am a white male. look at the list of inventions that White people have made and then look at the inventions that black people have made. Its humbling how much more inventions the white people have made. Also i hate how black people are really just dickheads. Without white people you really would still be hunter gatherers in africa. Getting butt fuck by rival tribes.If africa was isolated from the rest of the world all the black people would fade into oblivion. This is very rasics but im just saying the facts.

  9. no actually wite people are just leaches themselves… The first civilization started in te middle east…. Then Blacks made Egypt… and Natives in America had te mayans and Aztecs who were crazy at astronomy and math…. Even the asians were pretty advanced…. Then white people come with the middle ages shitfest (worst that ancient times)
    and then claim that they are so advanced and smart
    white people are not ALLL EVIL
    but white people are the ones fuckin up the world
    cant deny

  10. most if not all of mankinds advances are actually whitemens advance…no electricity,cars,planes,medicine,telephones,computers,internet etc.. .u wouldnt even be reading this if it werenot for whitemen!first man on the moon???other races are truly blessed there are white
    men and our inventions!!!asians arent so smart they just do cheap ripoff poor quality of white inventions

    • Notice all on the opposite side just try to insult rather then using facts. aka liberals. not any really vaild statements. i love my children more then i love your children does that make me a famlyest? same concept. you get a box of captain crunch, one in every ten kernels is bad. you dont dump the whole box out and try and sort out all the rotten ones you throw the whole box away. same concept. you call it racism i call it realism, same concept. i rest my case have a nice night ladies and gents

  11. no the world would not be a better place without white people they created democracy, are civilized & made our world better , white people are nicer than others especially blacks who are very ignorant , lazy, violent & trouble makers.

  12. I know that every body in the whole world has a little black in them. Like people say were trouble makers. And everybodys a trouble maker so in that case everybody is mixed . So im cool white anybody who does talk bull sh8t . Cause you aint no better.
    Thank You Earth And Have An Equal Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oooh yea, thank god for the white man and his spiffy inventions and sparkling brain, thanks to them we now have the power (and are always as risk) of nuking the entire human race off the face of the earth, nd its funny cuz only the white man has the aurthority to do so…..to bad he had to rape and destroy his way around the world to achieve such technological marvels…

  14. Fuck yes glad their the inferior genetics are making there fertility rates decline so we can make the world better

  15. wow your view of the world is distorted … and amplified beyond wild imaginings. too you I am all that’s Evil in the world. I say too you like you i am an individual a human being just like you. but If im guilty of what you say then you are guilty for every crime every black person has committed. Is this the Narrative you are pushing for,

    So some black guy robs a store its okay for me too say it was your fault. some black men decide to douse a 12 year old white boy in gasoline and set him on fire and your saying its all black peoples fault. Well shit I think im feeling inclined to agree with your stupidity.

    My people have only done what all Races of people have done through out history. conquest, War! all races took part. your just angry cause we did it better than everyone ellse.. big deal. shit maybe I should be mad at all Asians for the time the Huns came down from the steps and raped and Murdered there way across Europe. or all the times when the Arabs tried to Invade Europe. (now our leaders just let them in the door.)

    tell me how would your people respond…. yea that’s what I thought. you prance around spouting off shit like your skin color gives you morale superiority, the truth is to war is Human Nature and by your tone I can tell you would love too do the same too us white people. so don’t feed me your bullshit about being better human beings just because you want too feel like a Victim.

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  18. All you half wits screaming learn some history wahh!! A world without white people would be as it was before technological advances. No internet, No cars, No modern healthcare , nothing. Just tribes, nomads, hunter gatherer types, indians… whatever you want to call them. The human race would inevitably die out on earth due to some extinction level event, Meteor, comet, super volcano whatever. Now a world with ONLY white people would be at least 500 years or more ahead then we are today. Remember who introduced western tech and culture to the east, white people did. Anywhere in the world you see modern technology is a direct result of white people. So like i was saying, imagine a world with only whites. We would be able to further progress the human race at a quicker pace and would have an guaranteed way off getting off earth before a extinction level event, or just because we can. Nothing would be holding us back.

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  21. Don’t be so daft. We have only had control for the past 1000 or so years, Latino’s before that, Arabs had a go and so on.
    If you belong to a different race, not white, and living in a white country try to remember your a guest and that numerous countries would reject your attempts to migrate.
    White countries are far safer than those of other races, with multicultural areas being overpopulated, dirtier and far more troublesome to the police and surrounding community.

  22. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me wuen new comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails with the
    same comment. Is there an easy method you can remove me from that
    service? Thanks!

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