Liberal (Ethnomasochist) Deprogramming Pretest 101 and “White-trash” from a Marxist perspective

Liberal (Ethnomasochist) Deprogramming Pretest 101

1. Which race was the first to spread disease as an act of genocide?

a) White

b) Asians

c) Blacks

2. Which race was the first to trade in black slaves?

a) Blacks and Arabs

b) Whites

c) Asians

3. White race has committed genocide?

a) Whites

b) Blacks

c) Asians

d) All of the above

4. Which race is currently being called for to be abolished?

a) Blacks

b) Asians

c) Whites

5. Which race was the first to historically invade the lands of another race?

a) Blacks

b) Whites

c) Asians

6. Which race has the highest rate of violent crime in America?

a) Whites

b) Blacks

c) Asians

7. Which race is the most evil?

a) Whites

b) Blacks


d) None (all races have committed violence)

If you find yourself answering the following (b, a, d, c, c, b, d) you are likely in the right place for historical accuracy.

If you find yourself answering (a, b, a, b, b, a, a,) then you might want to leave history for the bad guys and click here.

Take the blue pill and try to forget that you ever took this test.

“White-trash” from a Marxist perspective

I am certainly not the only one fascinated by the racial, social and cultural stereotypes that are allowed to flourish in popular culture when it comes to a group, and only one group, the American “poor white’s”. That they have poor dental hygiene is seen as funny (while no one is laughing at newly arrived refugee families who have had equally poor access to dental care), that they are obese and illiterate is blamed always on them and never on the American oligarchy, their political and religious worldview is almost always illegitimate, and so on.

I’ve been reading an interesting book which deal about this fact. The author is Jim Goad and the book is called The Redneck Manifesto. The following is an attempt at a summary and a review of the Redneck Manifesto.

The Redneck Manifesto, by author and artist Jim Goad, is one of the more interesting and valuable books I’ve read. It made quite an impression on me, and I will try to share that impression, and the central insights, here, section by section.

1. White N*ggers have Feelings, too

Goad starts his book by looking closer at the double standards of contemporary society. Why is it ok to hate “white trash”, but not ok to do the same with blacks? “The trailer park has become the media’s cultural toilet, the only acceptable place to dump one’s racist inclinations”. Goad’s basic thesis is that today, poor whites are the only group left to stereotype and despise, in a twisted synthesis of classism, anti-racism and vulgar eugenics (after all, we all “know” that all poor whites are racist and inbred don’t we…).

He then looks into the words “redneck” and “n*gger” in a dictionary, and the use of them in the press. What he finds should be obvious to us as traditionalists or identityists, but it is still a good read.

2. Feudal Existence – The Roots of Eurogarbage

Then Goad makes a little history introduction on poor whites, that is remarkably “Marxist” in its content, with class warfare and greedy elites playing a large part. “The Redneck as commonly understood is an American entity, but the paradigm, the archetype, the blueprint, the model, the freakin’ socially evolutionary antecedent to the American redneck was the European peasant in all his costume changes throughout the Dark and Middle Ages.” I personally miss an analysis of the astonishing similarities between the old contempt for the peasants of Medieval ghetto Jews, and the current contempt for poor whites of the liberal elite, but one can’t have everything.

3. A Quick History of the White American Underclass

Then follows a little historical expose, where Goad mentions the existence of many White slaves and indentured servants, Black slaveowners, and other things anathema to the liberal mythos.

4. A View from the Outside – How Rednecks became Aliens

“Any way you slice the liverwurst, it still seems like bigotry. But the ‘neck-negaters, the trash-compactors, the hill-bullies, excuse their fire-breathing with an inventive alibi – “WE can’t be bigoted – REDNECKS are the bigots”. It’s like, “He hit me FIRST, mom!” They deflect attention from their own prejudices by hating the haters, all in the name of love”.

Then follows a section where Goad follows the picture of rednecks through American history. They never were that beloved by the elite apparently, no matter the colour of same elite. An important event in the formation of “the redneck” as social type was the Civil War. “Whereas antebellum comical character sketches had prepared the country to mock a social type, the Civil War had given America a whole f*king place to hate. The South has become America’s cultural n*gger rendered in geographical terms.”

He then goes through the various hillbilly horror movies, unthinkable with Blacks as degenerate monsters, but not so with poor whites. Deliverance, Scum of the Earth, Moonshine Mountain and Gods Bloody Acre, Without a Paddle, and Bad Boys 2. Or why not Knockaround Guys, where we get the “pleasure” of seeing Vin Diesel with a Star of David tattoed on his arm beat the crap out of a redneck? Hmm… )

Goad ends the chapter with a fitting analysis of why the White elite hate and fear the Redneck: “To the white elite, white trash must seem like a disease in remission inside all whites, one that might flare up again given the right circumstances. When white blue bloods are repulsed by white trash, they are uncomfortably reminded both of what they used to be and what they may yet become”.

5. Workin’ Hard

Goad then continues with a little working class history, and he finds that “lowbrow white rage” is perfectly understandable given the way the elite has used and abused the white workers. “While today’s young’uns are bound to know a lot about racism, they probably coundn’t tell you a thing about American labour history”. Goads thesis is at least partially that the constant blabbering about racism is intended to avert the focus from real issues, like classism, down-sizing, and the inequality between the very rich and the very poor. It is a superb chapter, and really lifts the book a lot.

6. Playin’ Hard

Then follows a chapter where Goad studies the pastimes of the white working class, like heavy drinking, monster trucks, and wrestling. Goads thesis is, that when you work hard and are totally exhausted after work, you won’t get much out of listening to Mozart. You will rather need a real experience, like using crank or going to a monster truck show.

7. Prayin’ Hard

Goad then takes a closer look at Redneck spirituality. He explores the double-standard that describes voodoo and santeria as cool, but snake-handling Christian whites, Big Footbelievers, UFO-believers or Elvis worshippers as mentally insane.

“Elvis is that which is. Bigfoot is that which was. Space aliens are that which will be. The Holy Trinity of white-trash religion. And an honorable mention goes to snake-handling, which is miraculously able to breathe some life back into Christianity’s corpse. All of these belief system seem eminently more reasonable for a white working-class American than any major religion. These creeds haven’t had the life sucked out of them by overorganization. They’re still somewhat open to personal interpretation and direct emotional experience.”

8. What’s so bad about Hatemongers, Gun Nuts, and Paranoid, Tax-Resisting Extremists?

Goad then describes how the militia movement got branded as nuts and haters by the liberal media, in order to silence it. How well-funded organizations as the SPLC use the race smear to silence any opposition, and how they use “hate” to explain complex social movements.

9. Me and the Blacks

Then Goad explores the double-standards again. Especially how Blacks are allowed to express “Black Pride” in any way and how they are able to walk around with a chip on their shoulder, but how White Pride equals “hate”. There are good sections on the Populists and the Klan as well.

10. Several Compelling Arguments for the Enslavement of All White Liberals

Then comes the high-light of Goads book. Goad is “a recovering liberal”, and his description of the Liberal is dripping with venom to the extent that one cannot helt laughing when reading it. He explores the contradictions, the double standards, the blind spots, and the moral bancrupcy of Liberals so eminently that it is pure art.

“I started losing faith in liberalism when I began noticing that every liberal who accused me of white privilege seemed to come from a more privileged socioeconomic background than I did”

“If indigenous Amazonian tribes were subjected to acid rain, the liberals were emotionally devastated. But if a trailer full of white trash across town all got cancer because they lived atop a toxic dump it was a joke”.

“In hipster argot, “white” has come to mean “empty” in the same way that “black” used to connote “evil”. Standing on a street corner, the Guilty White Male loudly reminds everyone that whites HAVE no culture. He utters the word “white” with more hatred than any black person does”

All in all, a great book with a stringent, and fun, analysis of the relations between classism, economic privilege, race and liberals.

White liberals or ethnomasochist’s hate us and aren’t as righteous, peacefull, tolerant and loving as they proclaim themselves to be. The only right choice is their choice, the only association allowed is forced association, never dissassociation. Forced assimilation, interventionism, imperialization and obligations is the name of their game.

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