Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

From one of the best blogs on the web:

One of the little-known and least studied effects of diversity and multiculturalism is the way in which the First World is quietly sliding back into the past, a past we once thought we’d pulled our way up out of. Parts of our lives are literally beginning to go back in time.

Massive power failures of our aging energy grid and infrastructure now leave many Americans sitting in blackness by 18th-century candlelight for more and longer periods of time, dependent on burning fuel in old-fashioned fireplaces and stoves for heat.

Working conditions in the American labor market, once the home of the eight-hour day, the 40-hour week, and employer-provided medical insurance, are now reverting back to the cruel and bad old days of Victorian laissez-faire. The workplace is now a world of day labor, zero unions and zero job security where human lives hang on the bosses’ whim, a world wherein white people are worked like dogs for the longest hours and the lowest wages an employer can get away with, and then downsized when they are of no further use or when the greedy bastards in the suits decided to outsource Americans’ jobs to India or Guatemala.

Strange historic diseases we once thought would never threaten us again, such as diptheria and bubonic plague, are now regularly reported along our southern border where the illegal immigrants cluster in squalid colinias that resemble something ot of the slums of Mexico City or Calcutta. Rabies in animals is now a problem again thoughout the South and the Southwest as rabid bats, dogs, and other mammals wander through the uncontrolled borders along with the millions of illegals.

Now, we have a new blast from the past, and this time it’s surfacing right in the heart of our so-called gorgeous mosaic, Jew York, uh, New York City.

Bedbugs, no less.

The New York Daily News reports: “A bedbug epidemic has exploded in every corner of New York City – striking even upper East Side luxury apartments owned by former Gov. Spitzer’s father, the Daily News has learned. The blood-sucking nocturnal creatures have infested a Park Ave. penthouse, an artist’s colony in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a $25 million Central Park West duplex and a theater on Broadway, according to victims, exterminators and elected officials.” (For those who don’t know, bedbugs are a somewhat larger cousin to ordinary body lice.)

The Daily News goes on: “Once linked to flophouses and fleabags, bedbug outbreaks victimize the rich and poor alike and are spreading panic in some of the city’s hottest neighborhoods. ‘In the last six months, I’ve treated maternity wards, five-star hotels, movie theaters, taxi garages, investment banks, private schools, white-shoe law firms, Brooklyn apartments in Greenpoint, DUMBO and Cobble Hill, even the chambers of a federal judge,’ said Jeff Eisenberg, owner of Pest Away Exterminating on the upper West Side.

“The numbers are off the charts: In 2004, New Yorkers placed 537 calls to 311 about bedbugs in their homes; the city slapped 82 landlords with bedbug violations, data shows….The scourge has left no section of the city untouched: complaints and enforcement actions soared in 57 of the 59 community boards.

“In the most bedbug-riddled district, Bushwick in Brooklyn, HPD issued 172 violations this year, up from four in 2004; it responded to 476 complaints, up from 47. Central Harlem chalked up 269 complaints, up from nine. Williamsburg and Greenpoint, home to the city’s hippest galleries, racked up 148, up from 11 in 2004. Astoria and Long Island City saw the tally climb to 345 from 41.”

Okay, we get the idea. But where did these pests come from all of a sudden? As bad as things were in New York City for the past many decades, what with all the rats and cockroaches and Puerto Ricans, I never heard of bedbugs before. Where are they coming from all of a sudden?

According to the Daily New, “A surge in global travel and mobility in all socioeconomic classes, combined with less toxic urban pesticides and the banning of DDT created a perfect storm for reviving the critters, which had been virtually dormant since World War II, experts say.”

Read illegal immigration from the entire planet, which re-stocked New York with these beasties in exotic breeds from Pukeistan and Bung-Bungi, and goddamned tree huggers who have acquired this bizarre idea that all animal life is automatically good because it’s a part of nature, and so they banned effective pesticides.

This “man must return to Nature” idea is crap. Tornadoes, smallpox, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are part of Nature too, but that doesn’t mean we want to deal with them personally. Our ancestors have just spent the past five thousand years trying desperately to get away from Nature, because having to try and survive in the middle of it really sucks.

But now as the white man’s technology, his civilization, and the social order than only whites can create begin to vanish from the face of the earth, all our old ancient enemies are starting to creep back in under the tent, from the Black Death to bedbugs.

2 thoughts on “Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

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  2. According to the Daily New, “A surge in global travel and mobility in all socioeconomic classes, combined with less toxic urban pesticides and the banning of DDT created a perfect storm for reviving the critters, which had been virtually dormant since World War II, experts say.”

    I don’t deny all those are contributing factors but the one thing that is not mentioned – as it is “politically incorrect ” – and that has changed recently is that we have more contact with people from third world countries where bed bugs are more common because of the …well…less clean environment…

    Those people from third world countries bring bed bugs in their luggage or personal belongings that they bring in western nations ( we have the same problem in Canada, as we have a growing number of third wolrd immigrants we have a growing number of bed bugs, I doubt this is a coinsidence )

    the other possible factor is that more and more white people are …well…more promiscuous with people from third world countries, they are in close contact.

    I expect some to call me a hater and a racist but I am simply stating the obvious, consider this,

    The more we import lumber from far away countries, the more we end up with new types of insects that cause all sort of problems here

    is that racist?

    well then it is not racist to mention facts caused by having more contact with third world people

    the bed bug problem did not explode until immigration from third world countries exploded , yet we are supposed to believe it is due to changes that happened in the 1940s ?

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