You stupid white males, this is no joke, I don’t care what the upload states, Blacks believe this crap, we are going to have to wipe them out, we cannot live together on the same planet.  They want us for slaves, they want to kill us, so we must take them out first.

Pay attention.

Pay attention.

Pay attention.

Pay attention.

Do some research, do nothing violent, but be ready damn you. Be ready our time is coming, whether you like it or not. You will stand and fight, or die like cowards!


  1. You jokers are out of your spear chucking brains. How do the few of you expect to take all of us? What a laugh! You really can’t think up to speed with us can you. Try to realize the world is, and has been, ruled by the most intelligent for a long time. They tought all about it in school, oh,, I’m sorry, forgot who I was talking to. Come on boy, we are so sick of you animals, we’re dieing to wipe you out once and for all!

    • Its great that you are a white nationalist, This post was directed at the bench warmers who won’t get off their combined asses and do something about the mud slide across white America. Thanks for the comments, time to awaken white man, and be ready to retake our homelands, in American and Europe.

      • let me help adam, yes I am being racist, i support my race in everything that they do, i choose my race above all others adam, guess what adam, so does everyone one else you stupid fool, you think because you claim to see everyone as equal, that the muds care? They don’t they will use YOUR WEAKNESS as a tool in your own destruction. We don’t need you adam, you will die on your knees as the coward you are.

      • Excuse me what belongs to white people America europe both places you stated were people
        of colour lands before whites kill steal destroy for it.U just proved that whites are the Devil,Satan kids.IF I WERE YOU I’D BE CAREFUL YOUR OUT NUMBERED

      • Out numbered, yes, but we are also out numbered by the ants, and that’s what you are to us.

      • in american? where the hell is american? i know there is a country called united states of america.. but AMERICAN?

      • Guess what Whitelocust?I AGREE. We must over power these monkeys and kill every last one of them. then we shall go to hati and wreck all their mud houses and steal all of the wooden bows,swords, and YES their cornbread. Its time for them to stop stealing our TVs and Bikes and most of all our Courage. You and me are un stoppable because we have Guns they have rocks and a IQ of -4.

      • These comments are an insult to whites and demonstrates the white trash mentality often shown at this site:
        “We must over power these monkeys and kill every last one of them. then we shall go to hati and wreck all their mud houses and steal all of the wooden bows,swords, and YES their cornbread. Its time for them to stop stealing our TVs and Bikes and most of all our Courage. You and me are un stoppable because we have Guns they have rocks and a IQ of -4.”
        Whites cannot kill off the Black race, not merely because of their large numbers, but because whites are too weak to do so. Do you really think that all Blacks live in squatter conditions as you described and that white trash does not? As for the stealing, if not denied the same opportunities as whites, perhaps Blacks would have the same economic opportunities as whites do and would not be forced to life of crime to survive. Finally, as far as IQ, the comments in the aforementioned comment demonstrate just how illiterate and ignorant many whites are; these are the words of a scared little man.

    • You dumb ass don’t you see that we puerto ricans cuban dominicans and all afro-caribbeans and minoritites are in favor of black americans and we will help to kill white racist rednecks did you knew that?

      • This is stupid. You actually think we are black or white? We are Taino. Not all the fucking world is white and black people. We are Taino. I happen to have some white, but even so the majority are fucking Taino. Are you that desperate to be black. Then change yourself into Della Reese. Jesus Christ. I can’t stand people from white to black. But I’m neither one. We are TAINO. TAINO! For crying out loud! There are black Puerto Ricans.
        And even if we do have black (which happens to be 5-10%, some more depending on your ancestry), it doesn’t mean that we are gonna go around using “nigga,” “yo wassup,” “mothafucka” or any of that language.
        I only used “wassup” and “mothafucka” because I went to a ghetto school, and had that anger. I admit we share that in common with black people when they’re angry.
        but seriously now, we are not white or black, we are Taino
        The whole fucking world is not black and white

      • We aren’t in favor of black people either. I don’t know what mierda world you are living in. We are NOT black, nor WHITE
        We are Taino.
        There are some black Puerto Ricans.
        But even those black Puerto Ricans do not share anything in common with Ice Cube, Dr Dre, and MC Ren. lol
        Fucked up, but you get the point.

    • man what people are only around 9% of the world pop so please you white folks don’t want it.really do yall nope

    • people of color against our pale butt you are the minority we are the majority do your homework stop being brainwashed by your own kind keeping you trapped inside that hole … Start by understanding who were the Moors . Then pick up a book about who started Masonry… We are one race like it or not your great grandfather is probably turning in his grave when he meet his creator lol.. that mudslide that yall call it is Gods work think bout it

    • WHITE DEVILS!! you fools aint nothing but rapists,theives,and murderers. there is more black people them white devils dumb ass and where stronger physically and mentally. u stupid monkeys thought the world was flat for fuck sakes we revolve around the earth and all that shit!! u white devils thick ur smart them y is japan surpassing u fools!! Y? u WHITE DEVILS AINT SMART!! u people steal shit and say its urs. What have u devils done in dis world other then evil? RIDDLE ME THIS! U fools make OUR invention alittle better u improve a little u think ur smart! ur superior!u devil r only where ur at because u decieve people we let u savages in thinking ur our brothers, u play the roll untill we turn our backs then u strike like COWARDS!!do ur history they tell u so them selve

      • You really don’t believe the shit that cums out your mouth do you we take your inventions and improve them ? Go look at your native country bud it’s a shit hole who we use for diamonds and gold .. And it’s funny people are saying the puerto ricans got the blacks back not none I no they hate blacks so do my people (Italians ) and before you say it we don’t have blacks in us they did study’s . 002 percent of people have it in Italy and they live down southern Italy .. And where the devil ? Yes we worship voodoo you needed us to how you Christ hell go look at Africa there’s still jungle fucks who eat human beings .. That is considered uncivilized reality is Jews run the world every one needs to realize that .. Bit callin us white devils and saying the Latinos have the blacks back go look at America at who kills the most Latinos and blacks they fucking hate each other .. And the other thing blacks before you say u will take all the whites out all your weapons are second hand white people’s trash you really think you have. A chance one grenade and I took out 10 of you reality is all blacks get there weapons from whites and Japan isn’t surpassing shit it would be china that’s like me saying all blacks are somalians haha I don’t think my Nigerian buddy’s would like that to much and reality is cut united states defense budget in half and its still double the rest of the world put together ..

      • u need to thanks us WHITES for that because we breeded u for that u no the field work and whites WHERE DO U THINK U WOULD HAVE BEEN IF WE DONOT BUY YALL FROM YOUR CHIEFS OVER THERE? AND CHEAP AS HELL TO THINKS CHIEF

    • WHITE DEVILS!! you fools aint nothing but rapists,theives,and murderers. there is more black people them white devils dumb ass and where stronger physically and mentally. u stupid monkeys thought the world was flat for fuck sakes we revolve around the earth and all that shit!! u white devils thick ur smart them y is japan surpassing u fools!! Y? u WHITE DEVILS AINT SMART!! u people steal shit and say its urs. What have u devils done in dis world other then evil? RIDDLE ME THIS! U fools make OUR invention alittle better u improve a little u think ur smart! ur superior!u devil r only where ur at because u decieve people we let u savages in thinking ur our brothers, u play the roll untill we turn our backs then u strike like COWARDS!!do ur history they tell u so them selves!!

      • Jon

        Even though I am a white devil, everything you say is correct. If all whites would do there research they would soon see Blacks have made more contributions to the world and whites have done more to lead to its destruction. You’re also right that Blacks out number whites, so it is only a matter of time before Blacks real everything in this world.

      • As a white devil, I must say that I am in agreement with Jon. If whites would simply do some research and study history they would soon learn about all the contributions that Blacks have made to the world. If not for whites and their unfair wealth, Blacks would rule today.

      • You apes will LOSE in the coming race war!!!; you fucking NIGGERS are the scum of the earth and always have been and always will be. You inferior pieces of subhuman scum are SATAN’S kids. You NIGGERS are the most disgusting, filthy, degenerate, shitskinned, stinky pieces of garbage that has ever crawled on the face of the earth. Nothing would please me more than to see every NIGGER on the face of the earth

      • You apes walk around with plates in your mouths, commit 80% of the crime and you have the GAUL to call us savages?????; you NIGGERS are the KINGS AND QUEENS of SAVAGES. You filthy beasts are liars too!!!; All NIGGERS are filthy, disgusting, shit for skin, boot lipped, nappy headed BEASTS. Ha, at least we don’t look like fucking APES!!!!!!!

      • Is that right NIGGER??; well first of all NIGGER, you wouldn’t be able to type a DAMN thing here if it wasn’t for a WHITE MAN!! So shut UP BOY!!! We invented the typewriter, and the computer while you niggers in Africoon were and still are running around like the stinky beasts you are so fuck you nigger!!!!

    • It is amazing to me that blacks can “try to think” as they do?
      You do realize there are more of us than you? I for one don’t think you can do this but if so, “bring it on”. If you can please try! Why do some blacks think this way? Well, this country has gone to hell. Might as well go out with a BANG! You want it, you got it…

    • No blacks will never rule the world, but they do rule America, its not called black run America for nothing. do some research. Which races works for the government in greater proportion then their share of the population? Blacks. Who has sway over whether or not, a pro-white nationalist runs for office? Blacks. Who get special treatment because of their skin tone? Blacks. Look at our government, blacks run it, browns participate, white pay for it, simple. When are white’s going to get it, you lost your nation, time to start a new one.

      • You racist scared fool! You will never rule the world becuase your ignorant and stupid and clearly dont have any qualifications only the beliefs handed down from your KKK parents. Get a job or find something more productive to do with your idle time. I am black and proud and ill let you know that we want to live in an equal world with equal opportunities were people dont hate because of race or religionor culture. Red neck racist ass holes like you should be lined up and shot, becuase only then will we as a human race learn to love and value each other and the world be a better place for all with out the need for heierachy and unessaceray pointless hate. Now go back to your trailer and sleep with you cousin.

      • Only thing blacks got in America is a half black president who is destroying te country go look at the city’s with black mayors buffalo Detroit phillly all shit holes haha Obama turning America into a welfare country blacks got more gov jobs like mail men and shit like that Mabey ahha !

  2. im white…my boyfriend black^^ the president black..all the singers i like are black…so me and ma friends think blacks are gonna rule the world…whoevers white n dnt like that..i gat something to say!!! Blacks are multiplying ha!!! Cant get rid of them so dont even try!

    • see you soon on the battlefield. You know whats coming, whether you will admit it or not, and the punishment will fit the crime, try to wipe my people out, well, yours will be the last generation of parasites.

      • so much hatred have to be explained, perhaps he was raped by a hispanic gang… or maybe when a child he found her mom sucking a huge black while his white dad was out working hard for them,and mom forced him no to tell dad about what he saw… he still have nightmares about mom with such a bick cock in her mouth and looking at him!!!

    • Annaka, I could not agree with you more. I am white and have a Black girl friend and sincerely believe that Blacks will rule one way or the other at some point. President Obama’s weath distribution will be the fist critical step.

    • Oh we will get rid of them, and you as well one day because the WHITE JESUS CHRIST who OWNS your filthy asses is going to do the job for us. I knew you were a nigger or a nigger lover by your HORRIBLE speech and sentence structure; not that you even know what sentence structure even is by the way!!!!

  3. well actually from a wealthy white man’s pov we whites are worse cause went to their country and the niggers had nothing but peace and we stole them from their homes and enslaved them and shit. then we really screwed the Indians by giving them smallpox blankets which is also what we are doing in Africa. i mean come on did you notice that AIDS was rare until us whites went to Africa and started fucking their wives an our wives fucked their monster dicks .we whites are the virus duh!and we did get a 400year head start cause we made sure we bought out all of the lands were blacks wanted to live and forced them to work harder 4 it so while they worked we just laid back and enjoyed the shit they made us. i mean earlier 2day i fired this black kid so my best friend could work at my firm it was so funny cause my pal got his raise and benefits. and since in whiter i am gonna race this other black kid 4 cash but gonna sneak some steroids FUCK IT IM RICH AN WHITE SO I AINT SCARED TO SAY DAT WE AINT BETTER DEN THE GERMANS TEACHING OUR KIDS TO 4GET IT

    • It’s called survival of the fittest. And just so you get your facts straight, black people enslaved black people before it was cool. They also sold them to the white man. As for the American Indian, it is terrible what happened to such a noble race. However, being a good percentage Lakota myself, I still understand that he is stronger and smarter, wins.

  4. for you who are racist you guys are all fuckin stupid im black and i dont give a fuck who rules the world u guys are all racist dumbasses

  5. I don’t know why people are still arguing who is better. God put us ALL here to help, love, and enjoy one another. When will all of the hatred stop? What are you gonna do when Jesus opens the sky and comes down for judgment? Will you be able to stand before God himself and declare how much you hate His creation? And if you hate God’s creation, then you hate yourself, dummy. It is 2011 for crying out loud. We as a nation need to realize that the road we have been on is leading to destruction and despair. It is time for us to stand as one. If you don’t believe in God, then I feel sorry for you and I pray for mercy on your soul. This site is dumb and it only spreads hatred and disgust. We have so many problems in this earth it’s sickening. People are being killed, raped, abused and little kids and babies are getting molested and beat. Why don’t we unite as responsible human beings and make the world better for future generations? I don’t hate any of you personally, I don’t even know you. But open your eyes to reality. We are all on this planet together, whether you like it or not. Deal with it, don’t talk about destroying it. America has turned into another Sodom and Gommorah. If it wasn’t for God’s promise to Noah not to destroy mankind again… I think we deserve to have been wiped out a long time ago. Love one another, stop hating…..

    • OK, first of all, god said he wouldn’t destroy the world through a flood, not that he wouldn’t do it again at all. Second, this is not a hate site… it seems to be more about opening the eyes of people who do. Blacks are the most racist people per capita than any other race in America, or did you watch the videos? Select groups from Central and South America are a close second. I am not racist, as those who know me can attest. One cannot help the color they are born but, they can help how they act. There is nothing wrong with Black people but, I can’t stand niggers. Hispanics have a beautiful culture, but I fucking hate beaners. White people have dominated the modern world for many centuries but, show me some white trash and I’ll show you a dead man.

  6. What Rule the world ? The cash ? Who’s the richest man in the world ? White ? Of course lolll Good Luck Vs

    Bill Gates, Rockefellers and all banker + the royal blood line ahahahahaha Good Luck😉

    • OK, first of all, god said he wouldn’t destroy the world through a flood, not that he wouldn’t do it again at all. Second, this is not a hate site… it seems to be more about opening the eyes of people who do. Blacks are the most racist people per capita than any other race in America, or did you watch the videos? Select groups from Central and South America are a close second. I am not racist, as those who know me can attest. One cannot help the color they are born but, they can help how they act. There is nothing wrong with Black people but, I can’t stand niggers. Hispanics have a beautiful culture, but I fucking hate beaners. White people have dominated the modern world for many centuries but, show me some white trash and I’ll show you a dead man.

  7. Blacks will never rule the world, just as whites never ruled it. People rule the world, and if you really want a “COLOR´´ to rule the world…GREEN the color of money.

  8. the Negro and Brown masses WILL NEVER RULE. its not in your nature. look at your homes, places you run out of so that you can crawl where whitey lives. as to you killing whitey? i guess if you survive all the Chemical and Biological Weapons we will Unleash on your cockroach kind then maybe In Your Dreams you might have a Snowballs chance in Hell. really, who will you rule? Asians? Chinese? Japanese? oh yes, they have to let you immigrate, give you welfare etc…

    funny thing is I dont remember Whites Ruling The World! there were Empires – Greek, Roman, British etc… they were Not Global.

    the only thing you will rule is your dumb ass self … maybe

  9. Even as a white, I realize that blacks will one day rule America. The only thing keeping them from doing now is that the wealth of America is in the hands of white America, and wealth is power in this country. The wealth gap is closing quickly and there are enough progressive whites that will support black rule, that it is inevitable. Why are whites afraid of black rule? Afraid that blacks will rule like whites have, with no respect for others, afraid that blacks may abuse their power, afraid that they will become second class citizens. Whites have planted the seed, now it is time to reap the byproduct of those seeds.

    • We don’t think America will survive the next 10 years! wealth gap will never be closed, America will collapse into a mass of murdering, ethnically cleansing tribes of people, whites will realize their can never be peace, and they will exterminate most non-white males from the north American continent prior to 2030. Its up to white males today to see that this is coming no matter what you say or do, and be ready for the collapse, buy guns ammo and food, and network with your brothers, its going to be a bumpy ride, but we will retake our nation!

  10. what no way us higher white race have done nothing wrong. slavery was an accident and nothing bad happened and nigger cnt rule cuz in skool i heard the started the kkk and nazi and hunted us so we had ta get the bushes to fix it

  11. You racist scared fool! You will never rule the world becuase your ignorant and stupid and clearly dont have any qualifications only the beliefs handed down from your KKK parents. Get a job or find something more productive to do with your idle time. I am black and proud and ill let you know that we want to live in an equal world with equal opportunities were people dont hate because of race or religionor culture. Red neck racist ass holes like you should be lined up and shot, becuase only then will we as a human race learn to love and value each other and the world be a better place for all with out the need for heierachy and unessaceray pointless hate. How ever if non whites rule the world itll be nice to see you get a taste of your own medicine so your history can be ruined and you forced to work against your will humiliated and treated like your nothing and forced to live in poor conditions for generations. America built on racism and violence will fall on rascism and violence. Black British and proud! God save the Queeen. Now go back to your trailer and sleep with you cousin and have some retarded babies.

    • spoken like a true, Afrocentric tyrannic despot. The more I here what blacks have to say about their global behavior, the more I know what must be done for the survival of the human race, and you know what it is, you wake up with bends of sweat pouring down your face thinking about it, thinking how long before the white man wakes up and cast the parasites back to their 3rd world hell holes from whence they came. I can assure you, i would rather the whole of humanity be destroyed then allow anyone but our racial stock to control our homelands, control our destiny, we reserve the right to defend ourselves against all enemies, foreign, domestic, black, white yellow or brown, and we will. Care to see the sun of nuclear fire rise over the cities which your kind have infested, stick around, you have not seen anything yet. See you on the battlefield.

      The First Locust

  12. However if non whites rule the world itll be nice to see you get a taste of your own medicine so your history can be ruined and you forced to work against your will humiliated and treated like your nothing and forced to live in poor conditions for generations. America built on racism and violence, will fall on rascism and violence. Black British and proud! God save the Queeen. Now go back to your trailer and sleep with you cousin and have some retarded babies, and for those rascist fools that do work or sleep with your brother or best friends wife cos thats how you fools roll! Y’all need Jesus!

  13. Wow. This guy in the video really is a moron. Black people were not “taken” into slavery, they were sold into slavery by there wonderful African brothers. As long as you still live in the past you are slave in your mind, as long as you’re a slave in your mind then I do own your ass!! The strange thing is, you’re letting me do it, live rent free in your head!! Waste your life blaming me and others for where you are and we’ll just keep enjoying the good life while your crying about something that has never even happened to you.
    Before you start crying about racism still being alive and you have experienced it, well, welcome to the world. Everyone has had to deal with racist assholes. White people aren’t the only racist people walking around. Time to grow up and take a long hard look in the mirror.

  14. All I know is America will be a 3rd world country soon because blacks screw everyone in sight. And they are too stupid and and not evolved enough to run a country.

    • Reality of the situation, many parts of Amerika are already in the 3rd world status, and this nation is headed towards a collapse, followed by massive ethnic wars in which we will retake our nation by the sword!

      • Ok you whoever you are whitelocust, you talk as if your some ulimate warrior. “Taking back Our country” who the hell do you think you are? Because this was never your land.Native amercians are the owners of this land. Hinting thats the ‘Native’ in native amercian just informing you if you didn’t know. Just because your greedy ancestors stole and pushed people off their land you think you own it. Whites came across looking for something better because you basically destoryed what was good in Europe. With your crusades and plagues. You know I’m very young. For the early years of my lifeI loved white peole, my first bestfriends were good christian folk. But idiots like you is what made me mistrust white peole. I like to see the good in us but its always corrutped by one bad seed. I don’t agree with this site creator’s methods or statments about world domination. But I do feel this what brings out person’s true colors. You want blood, you want the white race to rise above. But its impossible because if you did destory us you only be playing a part in your own end. Destorying a race of people that from your own God! you shall be the one to fall. Your own hate will blind side you, I don’t hate you or whites,hispanics, asians. I hate you as a person. Your race has done wrong but I’m not so blinded to hate you all. The real devils like you hide amongst the good ones. Destorying the whole reputation of your kind. And you think if you destory blacks and all the others will make things better you are surely mistaken. What would be left of your once ‘magnificent’ land but broken orgins and you’ll go on trying to discover some new land and never recover because the lack of labor force. Who bulids things really? Blacks and hispanics and in all honesty asians are smarter and hardworkers than the majority of white people (No offnese to the non racisit white people). WE are your hope for better days, you need us as we need you. Thats how things are suppose to be. And it a great shame for someone who seems so intellgent as yourself to be just a waste of a man with all that hate inside you. You’ll never know true love or peace because you let the devil overtake you. Listen men do you really need a kid like me who’s only 14 not even in high school preaching to you about what’s right and wrong. For sure you have some growing up to do, EVEN MORE THAN A PRETEEN LIKE ME.
        P.S. I am not/ but at the same time i am simillar to a sterotypical black male. My real father i dont know who he is. My mother raising my little brother and me alone. And we don’t have the same father. Despite all of this do I sound the least bit ignorant? I didn’t think so!

      • Guest Posts

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        Monday, June 6, 2011

        Special Guest Post:

        You Are All Racist

        The following is a very special Guest Post from a college student in Race and Gender Studies.

        Update: I wrote this as a satire.

        I am glad that OneSTDV, despite being an incorrigible racist, has given me this outlet to inform you inbred hicks about true racism and legacy of the authoritarian menace that is the white race and the nefarious deeds said race has foisted upon People of Color in lands that they have never been welcome in despite thinking that they are welcome there, indubitably. Since I am currently studying these courses at a top American university, I am far better equipped to understand the historical infractions engendered by the white race as it proffers its legacy of extirpation around the world. People of Color have been mere innocent bystanders as racist whites have taken over their lands, destroyed their traditions, rapaciously plundered all the intrepid innovations of People of Color, raped their women, and then had the audacity to impose upon them the racist standards of modern society. Just to be clear, you are all racist and I am only writing this post because it is incumbent upon the informed to inform the uninformed and even though I believe you all are inconsequentially perturbed and beyond redress, I have a duty to my brothers and sisters of color to do so. Now I am a white male so one must understand that everything I say and everything I know is undeniably motivated by the insidious and vapid constructs of social and societal and political privilege that dominate this racist and sexist and colonialist and ableist and genderist and socially constructed and racist and sexist and biased and anti-fat and anti-anti society that I unfortunately must call home and that pays all my bills via student loans. So while I’ll try my best to relay the information about historical legacies of structural and institutional racist sexism and People of Color suffering inherent to society’s structures, only a handicapped, half-blind, fat, invalid, black, female-trans, lesbian could do so in a sufficient manner. Since OneSTDV, probably because he’s a racist, has only given me limited amount of space, let me just explain why you’re all racists. First, you’re all white and even those of you that aren’t white have been fomented by the invidious constructs of social construction that underpin the institutional racism that pervades this society. In other words, white people are all racist because society makes them all that way. You can do nothing about it, only the tears of a Person of Color, preferably an illiterate lesbian from South Africa, can cure you of this affliction. White people can not understand the plight of People of Color because they are blinded by society and its inherent white morality, a morality that views all People of Color as intractably below them. Only People of Color can understand the vast problems of society because they must deal with white racists every single day and every single minute of their lives. Further, every single white in the world should be held accountable for the collective moral transgressions of the white race. People of Color have been victimized by whites for far too long and until those past sins are expunged from the moral record of whites, either by disenfranchisement or as in killing such as in the justified killing of Amy Beihl, then whites must ask for forgiveness every day. Any crime committed by a Person of Color is justified because People of Color can never do any wrong. They are just reacting to a racist society and so anything they do, even killing for no reason, is justified and should be celebrated. Whites can never complain about crime because white people killed some People of Color in 1750 and we will never forget that. People of Color who commit crime today can never get back all the years of abuse from whites and so whatever they do now is just collective retribution for white transgressions of the past and so I think every Person of Color criminal is actually a hero because they are righting a wrong inferred by the callous actions of the white man, who is bad. People of Color do not commit crimes then, they commit acts of justified retribution. Every death of a white person, especially of a cop, is justified because People of Color can never do anything wrong. People of Color in prison are all innocent because they never did anything, it was racist judges and racist lawyers and racist policemen and racist shopowners and racist grandmothers and racist dogs and racist squirrels and racist buildings and racist cars. Damn, you hicks just don’t understand the struggle. I grew up in New Hampshire and I knew a black kid once and I felt for him so much because all the other kids at school were so nice to him and so willing to include him in everything they did. And all the other parents would treat him like all the other kids. Damn racists. Now, I know you racists will throw out some racist stuff like test scores and everything, but those are culturally biased. Asians score better only because they hate themselves. Blacks would actually score better than whites if the tests were appropriate. Did I mention that you guys have small penises and you’re just jealous that black men have big penises and could give it to me so hard? Back to test scores and statistics, statistics are really just a ploy of racist whites to keep People of Color down, same with victim surveys (racist eyes), track and field, and education. All racist and all wrong. In fact, even reading those racist studies is racist, so I don’t do that.

        Finally, let me explain why People of Color have done everything good in this world. They commit no crime, it only looks that way because Law and Order has racist writers and so does the news and the crime pages and the newspapers and YouTube and cameras are racist too. People of Color have invented everything good in the world, but then white people stole it all because that’s what the insidiously criminal white race does to the humble and generous and sacred People of Color, with their hard bodies and their voices and their chocolate skin and their rapping, oh their hardcore rapping is so great. So white people steal stuff and then try to take credit for all the great stuff invented by People of Color who are way better than they are. Whites just can’t compete with People of Color so that’s why they run and hide. But you can’t hide for long racists, People of Color are taking over and we’ll have our utopia of big, bad, brothas and their doorags and their Tim boots and oh yea, can’t wait for that. People of Color will rise up and then we’ll have the society we always wanted where there is no crime, no oppression, no victimization, and nothing wrong because any problem ever caused in the world, white people did it. Even if they didn’t directly do it, they did it by being white and existing and also by looking at People of Color with their white privilege. But the day is coming when People of Color will undermine white privilege and it will be great. So heed my advice you racists, with your math and statistics and incontrovertible evidence for every single racial disparity, you will rue the day when People of Color, the rainbow coalition, rises up against you and your horrible society with the highest standard of living, the best medicine, the most stable social landscape, and the most opportunity for success. When this racist society comes crashing down on your racist heads, you will understand how it feels and you should grovel for the forgiveness of People of Color who have done the thankless work to keep your society going -running drugs and guns across the border, working in your prisons (for free!), maintaining gang life, rapping about bitches and hoes, and updating the lexicon and social landscape with stuff like making it rain and droppin’ it to the flo’. White privilege is done racists. So take your computers, your technology, your food, your modern medicine, your democracy, your poetry, your music, your low level of crime, your civic service, your academia, your science, your philosophy, and your stable societies and shove it. Oh and race is a social construct, we’re all the same except blacks are the best, there’s more variation in group than out group, tests are all biased, institutional racism, white supremacy, Western beauty standards, and mother’s basement losers small penis in the ass jealous.

  15. you bloody idiots, just look at africa today after majority rule, need we say more, all africa gave the world is a bunch of lazy wogs.

  16. Idiots are always living in denial. Black people commit most crimes, period. See it every day, don’t need tv for it. Your race was still living in mud huts and using bushes for clothes when whites were inventing everything. Light, cars, planes, tv, trains, science, astrology, math, phone, radio, gun, the wheel, clothes, shoes, furniture, refrigerator and pretty much all great inventions. Even watermelon and fried chicken you can thank a white person. Perhaps this is why blacks are so jealous and pissed all the time? Jordans shoes, your cell phone, your car, your sagging pants, all the shit you take for granted, thank white people for it, and show some respect. You’d still be in Africa the 4th world country living like a animal if not for us. Be happy you get to live like us and be happy we tought you how to be human, even if you still haven’t compared.

  17. All these years of making everyone equal has come to this? I am white and I do believe that every human is equal. Why fight? We are all humans… people like you guys make me sick.We treat you guys very well.We let you in our country because you guys were dying of hunger in africa. We don’t want to kill you guys…. wtf are you talking about we are just trying to advance as a human race.If we wanted to kill you guys we could of done it a very very long time ago when we had slavery. But we didn’t because it just wasn’t right and as a human race everyone should be equal.

    • Right on target. We whites must stop thinking about trying to make everyone like us, and start thinking about how to rebuild our civilization. Step one, blacks back to africa, step two unify the white nation under a single powerful global hyper power.

    • One must have 360 degree vision, constantly on your guard, and act as is you could be attacked from above at any second.

      Be PARANOID & understand that this sort of behavior can be expected from them anywhere, anytime, any place they exist.

      Many of them are akin to rabid dogs, venomous snakes, and psychopathic that even their own kind tries to avoid them.

      As merciless and unconscionable as insects, there is too much proof out there to ignore, only a fool would believe otherwise, sure there are a few good ones, but WAY too many are the scum of the Earth, and do not deserve your pity or mercy.

      What do we speak of?

    Are brown dark skin
    Rich of ancient temple
    Rich of cultural wisdom
    Very soft attitude, very nice people.
    Always smile to any people.

    And then white people came

    They were Roman Christian
    They bomb their own church
    And they blame this people

    And then Christian Chinese came
    They teach about stealing money
    And they blame this people

    If you have 360 vision you’ll find the root of this evil in the Vatican.
    In the dark side of Vatican you’ll find the Black Pope
    Yeah, its true, their DNA’s contain ERROR.

  19. I read over 90 percent of the responds. I say one day it will be be the beginning of a new era. Full of peace but in order for it to come it must be war.

  20. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    We wanted to let you know about a new petition we created on We the People, on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to ours? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by November 25, 2011, the White House will review it and respond!

    If this petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.
    This petition is very important, as African Americans prepare to go back to U.S. Federal Court, and the U.N. please sign it.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Support the Repatriation of African Americans to The New United Republic in
    West Africa: The New United Republic,The African Americans Back to Africa Movement
    respectfully submits this petition for the recognition, support, blessings
    and help of the American Government and People in the establishment of a New
    Nation in West Africa for those African Americans willing to freely
    repatriate to their ancestral place of Domicile in West Africa. African
    Americans were “Ethnically Cleansed” from West Africa during the
    “Enslavement Trade”. President Lincoln said after signing the
    Emancipation Proclamation, “I have urged the colonization of Negroes,
    and shall continue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this
    plan”. The New United Republic seeks the assistance from the U.S.
    proposed by President Lincoln. Please help restore African Americans to

    Respectfully submitted
    Imamaa Bilal Sabir, President and Chairman
    Lady Faatimah, Prime Minister and Mother of the Nation

      • Right of conquest dictates ownership of territory. Also includes the right to defend territory from invaders and punish those who assist in an invasion by those otherwise known as traitors (crime punishable by death).

        We are evolving my friend, we are aware of what you and your kind are doing to our people. We have won the information war, soon the shooting war will begin. The future belongs to us.

      • The enslavement of White Europeans to build the America’s is a documented fact. Thousands of White Europeans were sent from Europe to be slaves in the America’s and the Islands, from whence we get the term “RedNeck”. If White Europeans sought reparations and restitution from the Europeans countries who committed these criminal acts, I would support them to correct this injustice. Many White Americans can’t figure out how they ended up poor, well it’s because their White brothers who robbed them blind, then gave them a false sense of superiority, and threw them in with the Blacks as one “Broke” population. There are African Americans who do not want reparations from White America, just to be assisted in leaving America, just like African Americans were assisted in coming to America against their will as Chattel Slaves. America belongs to White people and always will, there are African Americans who realize this truth and are not about the business of supporting anyone who does not recognize this reality. You White people who read this post, please understand that there are between 5 to 17 million African Americans who would leave America right now if we had our “Stolen Land” returned to us. Please support the repatriation or recolonization of African Americans back to Africa, White people can keep their wealth, to Hell with Civil Rights, reparations and reparationist. Please sign our petition, help America by helping millions of blacks to leave America, and please pass this on to any White groups racist or not, we need their signatures and support! I heard one White guy say, “Good get them Niggers out of our White country, Go Back to Africa!!!” Well Mr. White man hear is your opportunity to get millions of blacks out of your White America. You can view and sign the petition here:

      • i don´t undertand , first you have the right of conquest , then the right to defend from
        invaders the territories you have you invaded ? what about other´s rights?
        why you hate other races for doing the same you have done? if you didn´t stay in your homelands now you can´t complain about other´s trying to expell from the territories you steal from others…
        it´s simple… about “we are evolving” , please.. you are DISAPPEARING , for a strict darwinian
        sense you are the worst performing race in the entire world, to be succesful it means breading enough offspring to adulthood so they can again reproduce and so on, no matter how big or tall or intelligent you are , it all boils down to that…
        you speak about the battlefield and nuclear war and all that stupid stuff.. you don´t even know how to handle a knife, you are pathetic , your own people hate you and consider you a mad nobody wants to listen to …
        21 cty whites womens vote for Obama and prefer inmigrants males , keep on screaming u T rex !!!

      • Totally lost, that’s what you are. White have given the world every single advance in the history of humanity!! This world by our birth right belongs to our race, you muds are breeding like roaches because like the parasites that you are you have no concept of sustainability, you consume and grow until you are forced by nature through starvation to cut back until you can consume more, you are a plague on humanity!! But it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to defend yourself against our vastly superior civilization, it wouldn’t be any fun in the coming global war if you didn’t! See you on the battlefield, I will keep an eye open for you.

      • As for me handling a knife, I couldn’t laugh harder! 8 years of service, and 14 years of special training allows me to use the standard combat knife in hand to hand combat. But my specialty was long range scoped rifle fire using the rapid engagement precision rifle by la rue. I’m also versed in the use of small arms, building clearing, survival and evasion, and counter insurgency/guerrilla warfare.

        I’m not afraid of your kind in the least, I take pity on your kind every day by not gutting you where you stand. Like I said, this site is devoted to waking up as many white males to the threat and coming war as possible. Most and I mean the vast majority have awaken, but they are not organized or ready for the collapse and everything it will bring.

        None the less, we will prevail, our leader has foreseen our victory, for the new age approaches, and your liberal western democracies will fall by their own making!

        Long live the Imperivm Evropa. For we shall dominate this earth, the weak will be burned away in the cleansing fires of the collapse and we shall rise to power and take our rightful place as your gods once more!

      • Ha ha, what “battlefield” u r talking about ? there will be no batllefiled nor Armagedon, you will disapear just as the soviet empire did, stop watching so many movies, keep on thinking with your paleolithic mind, China and India will take USA position as the rulers of this world and nobody will listen to U …

        “this site is devoted to waking up as many white males to the threat and coming war as possible” uouuuuu !!

        and how many have you “awake”???? two? three???

        you could only finish like that stupid nowregian killing poor inocents while beleiving himself a “justiciar knight”…

        it´s funny you talk about “Imperivm Evropa”, it remembers me that your wild ancestors from Britania were one day my ancestor slaves in times of the Roman Empire, your ancestors learnt to read and write from mines when serving them,for that reason you use the Latin alphabet ,there´s no such a thing as an English alphabet, the Egyptians ,
        the Chinese, the Indians all those old cultures had alphabets when the English and Germans and the Nordic peoples were runing half naked through europe they were barabarians , peoples without civilisation, the word “civilisation”
        itself comes form the Latin there is no such a word in Germanic languages for the simple reason you had no “civilisation”, you borrowed the term form your Latin masters ….

      • First off, i’m not british. So before you run that mouth know what your talking about. Second off the five europid racial sub groups are brother races, similar in genome type, language and drive, but each unique and contributes differently to Europa, to the IDEA.

      • You don´t have to be British to have ancestors from Britania, but unless you are of Viking descent your ancestors were mastered by mines because Romans ruled them all …

        I will tell you what will happen to your “Imperivm Evropa”, the Western will split in two just like the Roman Empire
        a milenia and a half ago, Europe and the USA, for Europe there is no much hope, just take a look on articles like this,1518,734323,00.html

        by 2050 , Europe, sorry, Eurabia will be a half muslim continent mastered by the Chinese, that will be the faith of the “Estern” Western World…and u know Islam is worst than Chrsitianity for economic and general development….

        for USA there´s a bit of hope, the USA still have a chance to survive ,in its very name it´s the clue…
        “UNITED states of america” , that´s what Europe utterly failed to achieve … UNION, in the 21 century the word UNION means everything , India and China will become major powers because they suceeded in remain UNITED , that´s also the reason why Islam will not be a major power, Iran vs Pakistan vs Turkey vs Saudi Arabia vs Irak and so on, they fight each other and will never become united because they are not a single civilisation as Huttington states, he has an erroneus equation in his mind, civilisation=religion, wrong, there is a Western civilisation that have Chrsitianity only as part of its roots,
        there´s no such a thing as an Islamic civilisation, islamic countries are from differents civilizations (some time very different , Somalia , Iran and Indonesia have nothing in common but Islam), well , in Latin America Brazil it´s another
        example of the value of keeping UNITED, spanish speakng LA countries couldn´t unite as one but Portuguese speaking Brazil could so today the led country in LA is Brazil , well have no time to continue , tomorrow i will teach you how all will boil down to in the “Western” Western World …

      • Keep ignoring history at your own peril. The world is changing, globalism has failed, liberal democracies have failed, the old ideas are returning. All people want to be free of your consumerist materialistic life, its unsustainable soul crushing effects have set the course of its own destruction.

  21. “The world is changing” – I totally agree

    “globalism has failed” – I don´t know what u mean by “globalism” but between u and me there is somethin called Internet,
    an international network …

    “liberal democracies have failed” – well, all not-western nations that has developed its economies made it by embracing some of the “liberal” concepts , feudal Japan and comunist China perfromed bad while isolating for the rest of the world,
    when becoming more “liberal” and “global” they suceed…Japan is certainly a Democracy , China clearly is not , India is
    struggling to becomin one…i don´t think Liberal Democracy have failed but certainly needs a fix, and among all systems mankind invented is by far the best …

    “old ideas are returning” – changes are always resisted,”The world is changing” and so many are frightened , remember the Bible (an incredible book i love so much !!!) , “And he cast out Adam and caused him to dwell over against the garden of Eden, and stationed the cherubs and the fiery sword that turns about to keep the way of the tree of life”, you can´t
    return to Eden , ther is no “return” to safety , you have to find yor way through the brave New World with NEW ideas,
    the OLD ones worked in the OLD World….remeber once again , there is no choice to survive by no evolving…

    “All people want to be free of your consumerist materialistic life” – really? i think the oposite , non western peoples want the “consumerist materialistic life” westerners enjoy ! that´s the root of western decay …why do u think Chinese and Indians work harder and harder? u think like a comunist with that idea of “consumerist materialistic life”

    “its unsustainable soul crushing effects have set the course of its own destruction.” – one thing is true ,we killed God as Nietzsche said back in the 19th but not as an “effect” of our “consumerist materialistic life” and we haven´t found a replacement for our dead father …and that´s a problem , a big one , but be sure, resurection is not a solution …

    “the fact is, 3rd world populations does not equal 1st world nation” – nobody in 3rd world wants to equal 1st world ,
    did the Germanic tribes wanted to equal Romans? when Odoarco king of the Hérulos finnaly conquered Rome he didin´t wanted
    to become another Roman Emperor …he consider himself just a barbarian… in the throne of Rome !

    • Taking each sentence out of context without answering the statement as a whole. Another tactic of the enemy subversive. You cannot change my mind.

      People want unprotected sex, drugs, and other things that are not only bad for them, but bad for society as a whole. Let me ask you a question.

      What has diversity given whites world wide?

      Los angeles and south africa come to mind.

      What is the premise that our nations are better off now then before diversity was introduced?

      Japan vs. New orleans.

      No my friend you are a confused ignorant sheep who will not open your eyes until you have no choice, which is how most zombies for the system currency exist. Many of you will not see the end of this decade, so very sad. But those of you who do will be better off in the new world that is coming. Life will have meaning, family, race, community, nation, and state. These things have value and they will again, we are winning and you know it. Good luck!

      • you can´t see the point, let see ..

        “What is the premise that our nations are better off now then before diversity was introduced?”

        that´s exactly what a wasp asked back in the twenties…he thought like this

        “all those italians gangsters , smuggling alcohol and so on, south side Italians killing North side Irish in Chicago, thanks god we stop the Chinese from coming to the east coast !!! these Chinese are a sub human race but by 1882 we
        could stop them ….”

        but u needed all those inmigrants as u need them now, when i went to NY i spoke spanish all the way from the airport to the hotel, the taxi driver was an inmigrant , the one who took my luggage also was an inmigrant but the waiter in the hotel didnt spoke spanish… he was from Jamaica !!! , in the restaurants , shops , everywhere the clerks were inmigrants or blacks… you are done ,you have to live with all those inmigrants or your economy will colapse , or you succeed integrating inmigrants as you did before or you will become a weak country just as Australia or Canada , gotcha?

      • We advocated for the collapse and death of the western world, especially the ununited states. Amerika is the sole state responsible for the continued oppression of not only whites, but for the majority of the worlds population.

        Do you not understand? We want globalism to fail because its unnatural capitalism in name only, and more fascism then Marxism in reality. We want more immigration to Amerika because we know those who come only increase the weight at the top of this upside down pyramid scheme.

        We want more welfare for blacks and Latinos, we want more crime and corruption, we want cities to turn into 3rd world hell holes full of gangs, crime, broken families and poverty.

        We want the white population in Amerika to feel the pain and suffering they have inflicted across the globe through the Amerikan government.

        Only then will they be ready to hear our call.

      • Let me make this very clear:


        1. Globalism as stated in is wrong:

        Globalism is liberalism
        Oct 24th, 2011
        by Brett Stevens.

        When you live in a dying time, you are told many things about history. You are told to rely upon those ideas as truths. Only later do you learn they were propaganda, constructed to manipulate you toward thinking in a political way.

        Conservatives tried to keep our time from becoming a dying one. Tooth and nail, we fought the dominant idea of liberalism, which is that we need “equality” and therefore, society needs to cater to the subjective desires, judgments and fears of the individual.

        What rose out of those liberal ideas was in fact the most powerful, destructive and inescapable form of control ever created. Kept in power by popular notions and our fear of speaking against such good-sounding terms as “equality” and “freedom,” it enforces conformity.

        With the fall of the Soviet Union, it was able to unite the social and political systems of East and West and form a new system of equal parts consumerism, anarchy, socialism and totalitarianism. Its sole goal is to create equality so it can manipulate many identical citizens into mass conformity and obedience.

        It does all of this in the name of freedom, and hides behind its different parts.

        Consumerism. If you accuse it of being too socialist, it points out that semi-free markets are thriving and you can do whatever you can afford to want.
        Anarchism. If you call it fascist, it retaliates by showing you how anarchic it is. It is permissive about sex and most drugs, has no social standards, and encourages deviant behavior.
        Socialism. If you accuse it of being a giant money scheme, it shows you its vast entitlement states and “wealth redistribution” programs and agenda.
        Totalitarianism. If you point out that it is not really a system of leadership, but instead a kind of romper room for spoiled domesticated urban clones, it will retaliate by fighting terrorism in the name of freedom.

        It’s hard to oppose something that is so permissive and based in good-sounding things like equality, freedom, justice, peace, harmony, love, pacifism — wait a second, it can’t support all of those things! Exactly: its fundamental idea is social disorganization.

        Social disorganization allows it to endorse the flavor of the day at the surface, and underneath the skin, to keep working toward its ultimate goal: fracturing all of humanity into equal granular parts so that no organized social order exists.

        Lack of social order gives the most control to those who have authority, money or media power.

        The idea behind this new kind of civilization is decentralized control. Instead of having a king, we have a political system that is mostly theater performance. Behind the scenes, oligarchs and politicians manipulate us.

        We are easy to manipulate — we have two polar opposites:

        Good: democracy, equality, justice, freedom, diversity.
        Bad: fascism, elitism, values, culture, ethnic pride.

        The goal of our system is to smash down everything that keeps you from being an average, identical and compliant citizen. Culture, values, religion, and even personal integrity must go. We must be equal, because the quest for equality is what justifies the power of the system.

        Ask a crowd of people how to fix strife and they will inevitably not know, argue a lot, and make a compromise which is to give everyone a voice. Democracy. Equality! It’s a universal solution for human problems, like calling a committee meeting or having a show of hands.

        Except it doesn’t work. It becomes the surface part of our political equation, and forces another layer to arise. People vote for what is popular, and nothing complex or unpleasant can be popular, which means voting denies over half of reality. It is by nature delusional.

        Liberalism, leftism, anarchism, socialism, communism, Marxism and all other political ideas based in the freedom of the individual are parts of this modern system. Their goal is to maintain power by making us all equal. They do not like to mention that equality is conformity, being average and uniformity.

        Equality is conformity. When we all have equal amounts of power, no one can disturb the system. That is its brilliant invention. Equal people can only do what others do. There is no deviation, and if anyone deviates, he or she will be punished by the others who fear the loss of their equality.

        Do you ever wonder why all our enemies are compared to Hitler? He’s the Emmanuel Goldstein of the real world.

        Do you ever wonder why all of our wars are fought for freedom and democracy, yet never seem to result in the same?

        Globalism is liberalism. Liberalism is equality. Equality is — like the promises of salesmen, the lies of one-night sex partners, and the memes whispered in a crowd — exactly half of a truth. We will all be equal, but the other half is that equality makes us easy to manipulate as a herd.

        This movement arises fear in the individual. Individuals, afraid of consequences in life, demand power. They form a crowd that is half lynch mob and half riot, and they demand equality. They invent liberalism and equality to gain power, but power is their goal.

        I call this movement Crowdism, and it creates liberalism and infests all other ideologies like a mental virus. It uses liberalism and globalism, which amount to being the same thing or at least methods of each other, to achieve total control — all in the name of equality.

        Since 1789 and the French Revolution, liberalism has become the dominant force in world politics. During the Cold War, both sides agreed in theory that the purpose of government was the equality of the individual. Now they have merged, and the result is global liberalism, or globalism.

        Conservatism is the opposite of globalism. We do not support equality; we support wisdom that comes from an understand of balance, the patterns of nature and the hierarchy of ability that makes us function as a species, much as the organs in our body or species in an ecosystem have a hierarchy.

        As you watch globalism wreak havoc across the world in the name of its ideology, which is liberalism, you will want an option to this seemingly unstoppable all-consuming system. The same option has been there for centuries, but you were told to avoid it, so you do not even know its name: conservatism.

        2. Amerika as it currently is formed must also come to an end:

        Amerika is a type of civilization, not a place.

        Comprised of equal parts liberal anarchism and commercial fascism, this type of civilization uses “freedom” and “equality” to create a society without standards, values or ideals.

        The ensuing social chaos demands a strong force of control, found in commerce, media and government. Commerce ropes citizens into debt and jobs, media fills their heads with illusions, and government enforces profitable laws.

        What results is a destruction of all culture and even self-reliance, instead producing a society of identical neurotic drones who depend on government, entertainment and social approval like a nursing calf.

        The Amerikan type of civilization, anarcho-totalitarianism, is the end result of us reversing our thought process. We gave up on leadership and goals, and instead are following whims and social trends.

        What does it mean to be ‘White in America’? We are going to explore this in a long essay for another Web site, but have no problem in stating the thesis: racial violence against white people is hardly a cause for concern nor justification for coverage by the media, for it is just another example of the privilege of being white; white people shouldn’t worry about the changing demographics in America, for the joyous day when white people are just another minority group is the moment when a peaceful Utopia will occur.

        In summation, white people have no voice in their continued dispossession that they have the privilege of funding, and have the honor of bearing the brunt of the primary racial assaults (Black-on-white attacks being the most prolific) transpiring in this nation that the media admittedly will not cover.

        SBPDL started as a joke. That joke started to end on July 4, 2009 when we read about a Mahogany Mob attack in Akron, Ohio (50+ Black people) on a white family trying to enjoy the fire works. In this case, the Black participants shouted “It’s a Black world!” as they attacked the white family.

        That joke ended this summer, when Mahogany Robs and Mahogany Mobs started emerging nationwide to a complete media Black-out.

        Had Enough Yet? Then Fight Back Smarter

        Productive people everywhere understand that their lives are being wrung of every drop of value, but it is hard to put your finger on why and how. Or more importantly, what to do about it. Yet, even though there are so few of us, we still hold all the cards. You just have to know how to play them.

        We’ve seen elections come and go, and yet things seem to always get worse and worse no matter who gets elected. And no matter how much you talk yourself blue in the face, or wear your fingers to the bone online, too few people seem to “get it”. A lot of what you hear in the media, even from your favorite pundits, still seems to miss the mark somehow.

        How can this be? You may be one of the unlucky ones who have had everything you’ve ever work for destroyed. And yet there are many people around you who don’t seem to notice anything is wrong at all. We keep hoping those people will eventually wake up, but they never do. Not even the intrusive policies of the TSA seem to make much of an impact on most people. As horrifying and unpleasant as this may be to you, most people seem to just simply accept the accelerating encroachment of their liberties. While you get madder and madder, and more and more exhausted.

        There is a simple reason why so few people seem to care, and yet this simple reason eludes people like us, who thrive on creating value in the world. We’re so busy working to improve things, we just can’t see the world through their eyes.

        The reason is that to all those people, you are the enemy. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever threatened anyone, the simple fact that you think for yourself, and are bold enough to believe that you have rights and value as an individual, is downright terrifying to most people. And those people will take any amount of government abuse necessary, as long as bad people like you are rounded up in the process.

        This is why your children are indoctrinated against your values in school, to breed more numbed populace who see you as the enemy. This is why working hard and playing by the rules brought us to the brink of ruin, because, as we are only now becoming aware, the game was rigged all along. This is why you have to swallow every bit of your inner self at work. Or, if you own and run your own business, this is why it gets harder and harder each year to stay afloat. This is why no one but you and your close circle seems to really be bothered about any of this insanity in any meaningful way. This is why not even those pundits and politicians “on our side” ever really seem willing to “go there”. They only dribble out enough pap to keep us tuning in, or voting for them.

        We would like to think that people are waking up. Some are, no doubt. But most people don’t want to wake up, because the dream is nicer. And turning to government to take what they need from you is a lot easier, isn’t it? If you are really honest with yourself, and evaluate those around you, you will probably find, unless you are extraordinarily fortunate, that there are just too few of us left.

        We’re facing a war on two fronts. On the one hand, we’re faced with an enormous and growing entitlement population drawn from all walks of life, including those who adminster and protect that entitlement class, which is another whole entitlement class of its own. On the other hand, we’re faced with the powerful elites who control the media, banking and government. Ultimately, elections don’t matter because there are just too many of the one, and the other are too powerful. The suit monkeys on Wall Street, and their international banking partners, are able to whip up the masses into any frenzy they wish at the snap of their fingers. And to prevent us from making any measurable impact at all.

        The necessary end result? A total economic collapse, of course. But you already knew that.

        Take heart, though, because that collapse will finally break our enemy’s hold on us.

        3. Blacks and increasingly Latinos are the problem in Amerika:

        If you traded the population of Detroit with the population of Pittsburgh, instantly Pittsburgh is doomed. Instantly. Detroit recovers in a matter of months, with the overwhelmingly white suburban areas realizing that Detroit is safe once again. The city is rebuilt, schools work again, and the government is staffed with adults who care about the long-term consequences of their actions and decisions, instead of the short-term motivated Black politicians.

        It’s fitting to remember that the illegal immigration of the United States – which will end – is being fueled by the desire of white people to abandon Black Undertow cities for new suburbs, built by cheap labor from Mexico. Or from white people escaping California, where the crushing burden of paying for large Mexican families makes raising their own families impossible, and moving to Idaho, Arizona, Montana, or Texas.

        4. The Media is participating in the destruction of the white historical majority in Amerika:
        Not a word on the racial violence of Black people targeting white people in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbia, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston, Peoria, Atlanta, or Philadelphia.

        These stories confirm to readers of Drudge (in the tens of millions) why they live nowhere near Black Undertow cities and exercise true freedom of association by living in Whitopia’s and retreating away from Climate Change that is exacting devastation upon once economically healthy cities.

        Over July 4, 2009, a white family in Akron learned a truth that must be beaten into the heads of people the country over, as they were attacked by 50+ Black people who shouted, “this is a Black World.” Knowing that the legal system is run by people, like Eric “My People” Holder, trained (and promoted) to only prosecute hate crimes when the defendant is white, believing that justice will ever come to any of the people assaulted in the Wisconsin State Fair Attack in Milwaukee is akin to believing the world is flat.

        Perhaps this is one of the reasons for such extreme levels of segregation in the United States, especially cities where the Black unemployable level (Black people rely on government jobs because the private sector has to turn a profit and can’t have unproductive people on their payrolls) is reaching frightening levels, revealing to the world the harsh reality of cognitive differences between the races through the free market.

        Knowing that rates of interracial crime and murder are horribly skewed toward Black people attacking, raping, murdering, assaulting and targeting white people (with the rare exceptions of white people targeting Black people for the aforementioned crimes fodder for Mainstream News sob stories of continued white oppression of “helpless” Blacks), the decisions made by white families across the country to live in cities with few Black people is a life-saving one. Never forget that nearly 90 percent of interracial murders in America are Black-on-white.

        We Believe in most of what this guy says is true:

      • This site is funny as hell! Whitlocust you are a fucking joke who cares about any of this silly bull shit. Your so called war?! Hahaha you fucking jack off I hope you don’t really feel this way and think all this horse shit you are rambling about has any chance of happening. Thanks for the laugh douche bag see you on the battlefield baaahahahaha.

      • Subliminal Promotion of Miscegenation by AFP

        The AFP, an international news wire based in France, sent out an article on the so-called “kindness gene.” However, it is the photo included with the article that makes it sinister. While discussing a possible genetic basis for kindness or lack of kindness, the AFP shows an unrelated stock photo of a black male hand holding a white female hand.

        The writers at AFP must lack the kindness gene themselves. They are actively encouraging white women to engage in extremely dangerous behavior.

        Woman who have relations with black men are in dramatically higher risk categories for being infected with HIV/AIDS or being murdered than all other women.

        A major study on spousal homicide concluded that white women married to black men were the single highest risk category.

        White women married married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of spousal homicide than white women married to white men. Black men are a third more likely to murder their wife if she is white, compared to blacks married to black women.

        More data:

        “The National Black Women’s Health Project” has identified the battering of women as the number one health issue for African American women (Joseph, 1997).

        Femicide (the murder of a female by a current or former love interest) is a leading cause of premature deaths in African American women aged 15-44. (Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol 7, No. 1)

        In 1998, Salber and Taliaferro reported that the spousal homicide rate among African Americans is 8.4 times more than for whites. The incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages. (Source

        According to the CDC:

        Black females aged 15-19 are 3.9 times more likely to die of homicide or AIDS than white females in the same age group. This increases to 4.4 time for females aged 20-24 and 7.3 times for 25-34.

        AIDS the leading cause of death for black women aged 25–34 years.

        Among women aged 15-24, homicide accounts for 5% of premature deaths in white females, but 20% of all premature deaths by black females.

      • Why we will win

        … against the pathological left, anyway.

        I have spent a few days discussing golf and football with a dozen or so folk at the Telegraph online. They were hardly committed sports fans, unless you count screaming “racist” at every slightly “incorrect” white man a sport. Perhaps they do.

        They are certainly not very sporting themselves. They never answer questions. With the more capable anti-racists who gather at British Democracy Forum to plague BNP members I always felt that the wriggling was at least partly strategic. But now I think the lot of them are probably constitutionally incapable of answering anything. The answers just aren’t there.

        The same feeling that the multiracialist ideology can’t answer the questions of the present-day runs through this article in the Guardian today:

        Far right on rise in Europe, says report

        Study by Demos thinktank reveals thousands of self-declared followers of hardline nationalist parties and groups

        The far right is on the rise across Europe as a new generation of young, web-based supporters embrace hardline nationalist and anti-immigrant groups, a study has revealed ahead of a meeting of politicians and academics in Brussels to examine the phenomenon.

        Research by the British thinktank Demos for the first time examines attitudes among supporters of the far right online. Using advertisements on Facebook group pages, they persuaded more than 10,000 followers of 14 parties and street organisations in 11 countries to fill in detailed questionnaires.

        The study reveals a continent-wide spread of hardline nationalist sentiment among the young, mainly men. Deeply cynical about their own governments and the EU, their generalised fear about the future is focused on cultural identity, with immigration – particularly a perceived spread of Islamic influence – a concern. …

        The rest of the article is worth a browse. The original Demos report, which is less lurid in tone than the article above, is here.

        The Guardian piece mentions an “expert on the politics of racism in Europe” called Gavan Titley. He’s recently published a book with a Jewish anti-racist academic called Alana Lentin. It is titled The Crisis of Multiculturalism, and again there is the sense that the world is asking new questions and answers are just not there any more.

        Not only the answers. The very utopianism which has sustained the radical left over the last half-century is corroding under the acid of Islam’s cultural intransigency. New facts left intellectualism cannot accept, and new antagonisms it cannot resolve are rising.

        To demonstrate the left’s growing intellectual sclerosis before these, here is the sole review for Lentin and Titley’s book from its page at Amazon.

        Incomprehensible – The authors may have something worthwhile to say but they’re not about to let you in on their secret

        29 Sep 2011

        I think I might agree with what the authors of this book have to say about multiculturalism. I even think that what they think might be a worthwhile subject for a book. But there’s no way of knowing one way or the other.

        The authors do not seem to realise that a book, first and foremost, must be understood – that there is no point spouting some post-modernist jibberish if you actually have something to say. Unfortunately, even if the authors do have anything to say, I think the reader of a book like this is entitled to assume the worst.

        If this is what passes for sociology these days (or academia, at least – there are a great many quotes from ‘the field’ which are equally incomprehensible) it’s a depressing state of affairs.

        In the 1990s, Alan Sokal famously had a spoof essay published in the self-regarding, post-modernist literary journal Social Text. The editors inhabited a world which even they did not understand, where language had become utterly detached from meaning and in which reputation with one’s peers rested solely on conjuring up, through nonsensical combinations of clever-looking words, an imagined higher plane of understanding which did not actually exist. The reality is that if a sentence doesn’t appear to make sense, that is a bad thing, not a good thing.

        So: here’s how this book begins:

        “Few people – particularly those given to regarding actually existing practices of state multiculturalism as a form of liberal nationalism, or overdetermining culturalism, or micro-colonialism, or political containment – can have guessed at the depths of its transformative power”.

        It’s a lot of long words, but at least you can tell what they’re getting at (even though it seems to me that the “it” in this sentence is never defined). Anyway, it’s only downhill from there.

        This, from the 3rd page, is typical:

        “If the humanitarian and civilizing discourses of the war on terror are undergirded by a depoliticizing extraction of conflict ‘from the dense lattice of geopolitical and political-economic considerations to be depicted as stark morality tales’, the conventional accounting of multicultural collapse rehearses stark new certainties”.

        Ok, so maybe it’s me. I get the vague idea there might be a point behind this sentence but if I want a puzzle, I can do a crossword or something. I’d actually rather this book told me something about “the crises of multiculturalism”, which is why I bought it.

        Every page is the same – it’s like some mysterious faith-based exercise in reading. Imagine what you want them to be saying and then, if you can imagine the words do say what you want them to be saying, then yes, take it that they are saying that.
        Every fifth sentence or so is straightforward. Actually, now I’m looking for one… and I really can’t find one … anywhere!

        “Integral to this neo-patriotism is the liberal discourse of inclusionary exclusion that has suffused European political cultures, providing malleable possibilities for the ongoing cultural labour of imagined communities”. That’s about as good as it gets – mainly because it’s one of the few sentences in the book that doesn’t include the word ‘polysemy’, but also because at least a phrase like ‘inclusionary exclusion’ is amusing.

        Anyway, page 3 is, unfortunately, as far as I got. Thanks for the memories Lentin and Titley. And to think – I reckon I’m one of the sympathetic ones.

        Do Amazon do returns for this kind of thing?

        Indeed, can the entire canon of left intellectualism, which has shaped the social debate since Adorno and Marcuse washed up in America, be forgotten, its relevance over, its energy sapped, its function superceded by history, and a history of race at that?

        Posted by Guessedworker

  22. stop acting like fools people all most every one on here is misguided hope this video shows you why you should not hate or fight one another and that its is corporation who is then enemy of man kind not a or any certain race.

  23. We are tired of hateful as deised careing people nonhuman devel ruling our planet
    You fucking Extruterestren go the fuck home
    And leave. our planet

  24. I almost find it funny to hear so many whites he afraid. Truth is hard to accept but this country was built upon the blood, sweat and tears of Blacks. If it were not for the wealth centered in the hands of whites and their ability to control the laws and courts, Blacks would already rule. With unjust laws in place, what do you expect Blacks to do?

  25. Ummm..Hmmm..Today i will be tellin U all who does not kno about black and white ok…First of all iam Black,,, secound of all iam a very nice light brown color iam black and iam beautiful…The problem with white is black ppl can be better than white ppl also the other problem is I heard that black ppl will always rule the world cuzz white ppl were ppl who was the first ppl who came on earth but not that true also i heard that black were the ppl who came secound so that’s y u usually see wayyy tomuch white ppl in the school more than u see the black children the reason y i kno all of this is because i see it and kno it.. White were the one’s who brought herpies and desease’s on earth from the wayy they have all these kinds of spots like it look’s very nasty their skin look’s very nasty and fake cuzz their pink or red that shpudn’t happen to ppl…Also black ppl have a very nice dark strong skin and blood we r ppl who nevr get sick that fast..aswell as white ppl usually get sick more faster…Cuzz they hav weak blood we have strong blood because were black and we alway’s have r hair to take care of It’s true.. white ppl don’t cuzz their hair is so tinnnn like a dolls hair…One more thing before i go Read these letter’s i will be written….

    BLACK-beautiful,,,,Better,,,,Best,,,Looks,,,African American,,,Clean,,,care,,,,,,,,kIND:) Be proud who u are U all BLACK beautiful ppl!!!

    • I don’t believe all Blacks believe that all whites should be killed. Still, when you look how whites have treated Blacks, it would be understandable. Whites seem to think that because they currently control the wealth of this country, they can do as they please and abuse Blacks. One day the whites will not control the wealth and then watch out.

  26. niggers are just a wast. They steal merder and rape. They spread there nigger aids and there meth. Your nigger race will fall to the white man. The white man will rule always. And you can thank that nigger obama for that. There will never be another nigger president becuse of it. That right niggers are not people. They are a parisite. A drain on the world and they should all be WIPED OUT.

  27. oh ok so now ur talking Racist shit.. Oh i get every shagging thing ur saying now…Well the problem is i rather be black because i feel alot safer and cleaner…The funny thing is it seems like u white disgusting herpies ppl who has no kinda shame in urself wanna try taking over the black’s well that’s NOT! gunna happen…Also u may need to take another look again because the other funny thing is their r 2 skin colour’s in this world black and brown and for u their is only white tanned skin so Does that make sense..! so Basically were Better so u white Clown WALL can say whatevr u want…But as long as i livee iam happy The way God created me to Be…

  28. Atleast iam not a freaking scared ass Dummy of Them Stupid Whites out their…But for the black’s We scarrr ur ASSES off!! Lol… is their anything else u would want to say…Becuzz i will correct ur Ass again if u would like!!

  29. Niggers are subhuman savages

    The reason niggers even exist is a complete mystery to me. As a Christian for many years, and dealing with niggers most of my life, I can honestly say that niggers are inferior, subhuman, degenerate, filthy, ignorant, low IQ, beastly, horribly hideously disfigured, demonic, pieces of genetic garbage that has ever existed on planet earth. Even though this is the 100% truth, a statement like this will never see the light of day on the mainstream news sources. Ever!

    We all need to realize that these beasts are ruining our world; they degrade and ruin every single place they infest. I say infest because to me they are the same as bacteria, parasites, fungus, insects (roaches and the like) and poison. These beasts are so filthy and disgusting that just for me to look upon these creatures makes me ill. Here is my personal conjecture on how these beasts came into being. I don’t like to bring any faith issues into any discussion but one must consider all possible theories.

    First, I believe in the Bible. If you look carefully in the Bible you can see that it explains what occurred plainly; although the powers that be have tried to twist and spin these words, the truth is still there. But there are other revelations that appear as well you just have to figure it out on your own. God is perfect; therefore our Lord would never create such hideous beasts. But Satan would. He wants everything God has and wants to do everything he does. Demons are ugly and hideous; they are fallen angels, disfigured when they were kicked out of Heaven. Niggers are the most hideous creatures living today among us. Even when they get a mentally ill white human to mate with they are still ugly. It never ever goes away; even if they mate with a white for 10 generations they will still be hideous.

    This leads me to believe these creatures are demonic and took human form and had help from Satan. They could also be a failed alien experiment as well.

    • you are one seriously mentally ill POS !! All black people are superior to dumb f#*ks like you, and you can bet God will send you straight to hell when you die, By the way…Jesus was a liberal whose skin was not white and loved all people, even sick f#*ks like you.

  30. I am not trying to start a race war here and I my self am not white, but you cannot deny the true facts, If you guys really want to know the TRUTH and learn something new on IQ/Race then watch this video

    (watch?v=OqLLYlJt0io) or type this on youtube for the video (Race, Evolution and Behavior)

    then come back and post us your honest opinions on this topic!!!!!!

  31. You know what, you blacks rule nothing , you didn’t in Afica, and you don’t in America either, or for that fact in any country. Read in the Bible the Story of Cain, and Able, the black race are decendance of Cain, and they will never yield a crop.

  32. Black people are way to busy killing each other than going after white people! Read the news! Look at the people in jail! Duh! By the way idiots, your people sold you off as slaves! Keep shooting each other

  33. Good luck to them. Their history of self-governence isn’t very impressive. Haiti and Liberia were the first self-ruled black countries. Haven’t they done just great? White people, particularly the English, brought good government, stability, trade and prosperity to a good part of the world. As for the reference to the English language in the above video, it is the accepted language of finance, trade and diplomacy. It is the richest and most flexible of all languages and it’s not going away. We all should be thankful to White people, particularly the British, for bringing prosperity and stability to a good part of the world. Just compare Great Britain and their former colonies to the rest of the countries on the planet.

  34. Hey dear, listen ! White is the symbol of peace. Don’t you know this fact. Listen, a person is evaluated by his/her good and bad deeds. If a white person does bad deeds, he is the real black person. But if a person does good deeds, he is the diamond like human being.

    My dear, there is very short time now left when Golden (Satyug/heaven) age will come on this very earth where people will live in peace, prosperity and happiness.

    2036 will be the day when the doors of Heaven will open. Preparations to bring this holy year are being made secretly so that evil souls may not be able to interfere this task given by God to some pure souls.

    In this new world, there will be no discrimination as there will be no disease, no dirt, no blackness but only purity. The people who have good/pure heart and pure feelings for others will take place there definitely. So my dear don’t spread false and baseless news about black people’s ruling over the world.

    • Skin color causes oppresssion when narrow minded individuals judge people by the color of their skin, rather than their character. It isn’t self sympathy, just a reality.


  35. You white people are so goddamn evil, that if Satan was to move next door to you, he would move out that same day! I hear you devils talking about “your land”, “our country” lol! Everything you demons have was stolen from the darker races. You wet dogs crawled around on all fours in caves and hillsides of Europe before BLACK PEOPLE gave you civilization! You were savages, cave men with no identity! The gates still remian at the foot of the caucasus mountains where you devils were locked in, unable to infect the rest of the world with your wickedness! Everywhere you race has gone, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION have followed you! From religion to the ancient egyptians, you devils have falsely put your face and covered the historical truth about the GREAT BLACK MOORS, HEBREWS, and Hamites. We started civilization and had great nations before a white devil even walked on the planet.You foul beast came out of US, dont ever forget that! Mendels law says you can not get the dominate from the recessive! That destroys your white lies concerning the first people on earth! You are the MASTER LIARS and DECEIVERS mentioned in the scriptures. Your race is no smarter than any other race except when it comes to doing acts of evil and creating weapons of death. Is it a coincidence that The Most High gave Esau the gift of weaponry? You were created to be the Devil on the earth and you have done your job well! Everything wrong with the earth today can be laid at your feet. Middle Eastern Wars, Viruses, Pollution, Homosexuality,Economic Crisis… The list goes on forever because there is no end to the wickedness of white people. For centuries you demons have raped and robbed Africa (Aparthied, Colonialism) and now you use biological warfare (AIDS, Ebola) to wipe out is people while stealing their oil, diamonds, gold, and radioactive materials! You dont like niggers in Amerikkka but you created them. Everything they are today can be laid at your feet. Its was YOU that enslaved us for 400 years. You stole our culture, history, freedom, dignity, and treated us worse than cattle. Even after slavery ended in 1865, the whiteman still under Reconstruction and Jim Crow continued being the same devil as his ancient ancestors (Edom).You act as if nothing you did for 400 years should have any affect on us today lol! You say” Africans sold you niggers to whites”. We are not African you stupid kkkrackers. The Africans are Hamites, the negroes are Shemites! Not all blacks are the same nationality you dumb retarted cave lepers! We fled into Africa in 70 ad to avoid Roman Persecution! Dont they teach you devils anything at Outhouse Elementary? They sold us to you demons because we are not their people, but how does that excuse WHITE CRIMES during the trans Atlantic Slave Trade? Then you devils say ” well whites were slaves too” lol! At notime in history did a people suffer chattel slavery as the hebrews here in Amerikkka! So stop playing word games with the word “slavery”, there are many different forms of it, from endentured servants to the worst being chattel slavery! I know how you devils like to clump us all together with the worst parts of Africa. That would be like me clumping all whites to the trailer parks and Appalachian area! Now back to blacks in Amerikkka. Who killed all our leaders that tried to lift us up (COINTELPRO)? Who flooded our communities with crack and guns (Dark Alliance by Gary Web)? Do any of you devils remember Oliver North? Who painted Jesus white when he was really a black Hebrew from the tribe of Judah? Who painted all of history white and declared themselves the cream of the planet? Who herds us to live in the wrost parts of every city in Amerikkka (redlining)! Who discriminates on the job, hanging nooses, denying promotions? Who committs crimes of police brutality? Who killed 77 million North American Indians and 100 million hebrews to set up an evil empire on stolen soil? Who is polluting the planet? Who is killing wild life and polluting outer space around earth’s orbit? Who forces all their evil holidays and false religions on black people? Who is creating viruses like computer programs and purposely infecting the people to claim healthcare debts? Who rigs the elections, making the sheeple think they have a choice? Who is blowing apart the middle east as we speak, killing millions of civillians? Who is stealing Middle Eastern Oil? Who allows the fake white jews in Israel to have nukes on their criminal settlement called Israel while telling others to disarm? Who swears an oath of office on the Bible , then legalizes gay marriage? Who controls the media and hollywood that puts out filth on a daily basis? THE ANSWER TO ALL IS THE WHITE DEVIL! You act as if your the children of the Most High with words, then do the acts of SATAN! 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Sounds like satan to me. You devils have used every dirty trick known to man to keep us under you worldwide, then you have the nerve to blame us for not being on your level! We are beyond your level! Who the hell wants to be like YOU? Murderers, faggots, liars, deceivers… We dont want to be like you and never did! How do you think you were allowed to gain power in the first palce. If we were like YOU, we would have killed and enslaved the first hairy red kkkrackerss that came from the black womb! We were not willing to kill all over the earth and steal land like you demons have. We let others alone to live in peace which is something whites cannot do! So you think your killing, lying and stealing makes you the master race lol? Yep it does, the Master Deceivers and curse of the earth! So fuck all you white supremest liars and warmongers. Your kkk bullshit has no power against truth! The earth was fine until you demons came, the earth will be fine again once you are all DEAD!

    • We whites were always the minority but we always were able to enslave other nations.We are the most smart race.Our iQ is about 100-105.Black iQ in Africa is 75-80 and in the U.S.A about 90.What have blacks contributed?Oh wait yes i know some things!They spread A.I.D.S pretty fast and commit crimes in record time.And by the way from when blacks dominate sports?From when blacks are stronger.We whites have higher slow twitch which makes us stronger.See for example Mariusz Pudzianowski and other Polish/Eastern european men.You know something?You use a P.C right?Why you use it it is one of the trillion inventions which whites have made.Why you write with latin alphabet?it is another white invention write your african non-readable and without sense bullshit.Who sold the black people to whites?you know who?Blacks themselves did it to not starve to death.You were living in tribes with wooden sticks while we explored all other the world with ships and muskets.About crisis,we can have a crisis because we know when we lack money.A crisis is normal for blacks blacks weren’t the only people enslaved why ONLY you cry about this?Why?My nation was conquered by Turks for 400 years i am not crying.I love my homeland.I am bored to discuss with a black person(Your iQ is so low that we can’t have even a polite discussion.)

      • That is true in black sub-saharian Africa no one had the wheel,no one used draft animals-(horses,camels,donkeys,mules,oxen)! No one used stone/cement/clay to build buildings! All structures were wood&thatch&no 2 0r multiple story buildings No paved roads, no bridges, no written languages or complex math! Limited metalugy-(gold&iron), no glass/porcelin or ceramics! No large boats/rafts or ships! Black? sub-saharian Africa was the least cultuurely developed in world history! In addition to white Europeans brunette Asians&Orientals had all what was mentioned! The American Indians&Polynesians to a lesser extent had some of these things, they were more advanced than many if not most blacks in Africa!

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