Worst movie in the history of humanity, 2012, yep that’s right!

Update 2/25/2011

Worst movie in the history of humanity, 2012, yep that’s right!

This is the last time Hollywood liberal elites fool me into watching another one of their pieces of shit.  This movie has got to be the most disrespectful anti-white, kill whitey, pro-communism, pro-black supremacy movie of all time, black panthers would be proud.  They lured me in with the whole destruction of California, great to see them stick it to the libs and moronic termaweenie governor, and good to see yellow stone erupt and wipe out what’s left of the west, but I knew something was up when one of the main characters was a black doctorate geologist, who becomes the messiah of morality and good character towards the end of the movie as he saves mankind, even though no such thing exists within the real world, I guess that’s why they call Hollywood the city of dreams.  The anti-religion aspects were present when a religious icon in brazil collapsed on the poor Brazilians asking for redemption below, while the Vatican dome turns into a giant bowling ball first killing the pope, then it cruises down the plaza crushing the poor Catholics in prayer beneath it.  Not to mention The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, yes folks, a crack formed straight down the middle between God and Adam, one more spit in the face of organized pro-western religion.  I swear semen was dripping from the screen, the liberals in Hollywood could not help themselves, they were literally in an orgasmic fever when they wrote this script, they had to humiliate western religion, I’m not a religious person, but for once can they keep it in their pants, for gods sake give it a break!  When one religion is targeted for on screen destruction, while Buddhism is allowed to live on through the lone surviving monk, and Islam is no where to be seen but in a moment of prayer, something’s up, god forbid we offend Islam with the destruction of the black jigsaw puzzle they worship in the Sand Kingdom, of course the anti-American dictatorial terrorist supporting Saudi royal family lives on with first class tickets on the American ark.  What the hell!!!  If this was not enough, communism was celebrated throughout this movie, china built the arks!!! NO I’m not joking, the arks, had a made in china stamp on the bottom, but surprise they did not fall apart like all the other shit china makes.  The swarms of Chinese ants worked feverishly building the arks that would save civilized man, they were organized in their movement of animals to the arks, organized in kicking the Tibetan people from their land to build the arks, just like good little communist in Hollywood, nothing wrong with china.

This is not the worst part, I have saved the best ( I mean worst part of the movie) for last.  When the world is destroyed, the liberal assholes made sure the liberal higher then holly globalists pieces of shit in Europe survived, but the European people, just a passing moment of total destruction, the only Americans allowed on the ark were those who paid a billion euros a ticket, that’s right EUROS!!  So only the liberal elites in America, warren buffet, bill gates and the likes were allowed to live, the rest of us cows left out to the slaughter.  Wait there’s more.  I’m working my way to the end of the movie, when they finally find land, guess what, of all the places on earth, the one land mass to survive un scathed, while the rest of the planets land masses are totally destroyed, completely submerged under the waves, every aspect of the Untied States, gone, Western Europe, gone, Asia gone, the rest of the Americas gone, gone, gone, all  gone!! But nope they could not leave it at that, they had to jab the blade in one more time.  The first of the surviving satellites came online and reveal, the worst of humanity has survived, if you call them human.  Africa, yes that’s right Africa, not a single strip of land was damaged, matter of fact, its greener then before, and to top it off, the does not exist in real life black male scientist/geologist states with affirmation and joy, that the waves that washed over the Himalayas, and sure as hell washed the crackers out of house and home in the west, did not touch Africa!!!!! Can you believe this shit, all the n***ers survived!!! The simians, Nigerians, Kenyans, all survived, only greed westerners, to much religion loving Latinos, too capitalistic Indians (people from India), were totally wiped out.  Even some of the communist Chinese workers were allowed to live, but Africa, the one place that did not assist in building the arks, no contribution other then the black scientist, and his future empresses (former black presidents “Obama‘s” daughter, who also happens to be a doctor of who knows whats what, is not married, no kids, and is not on drugs, or stuffing her face with chicken) they live on in Africa.  Only good parts of the movie, California gets its ass handed to it, the “Obama” character, gets crushed by an American Aircraft carrier, and his bitch wife died before all hell breaks loose, so no appearances from the queen.
After the movie ended I could barely contain my rage, what a rip off.  I can’t wait for the revolution, these libs have it coming to them, I thought nothing could be worse then “the day after tomorrow,” in which not only did they have Americans fleeing across the southern border like a bunch of illegal aliens, but after destroying the western civilization, just to make sure they got every cracker, the libs sent a tsunami to wipe out that last out post of semi-commonsense Australia.  This movie tops the charts, Worst movie of all time.  If you don’t like what I have to say, kiss my ass monkoid, I’ll see you on the battlefield!!!

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Black History Month Heroes: Adrian Helmsley from “2012”

In 2012 the earth was saved thanks to a Black geologist

When looking at the work of Roland Emmerich, what is most striking about his film resume is the intense devotion to Black Fictional Heroes. Will Smith as Captain Stephen Hiller in Independence Day flying a F/A-18 Hornet, when less than 2 percent of military aviators are Black was one thing; the most politically incorrect scene in film history was also included in that film when a half-naked African emerged from the bush clutching a spear and celebrating the downing of a 15-mile wide alien spacecraft as if he actually had something to do with disabling to the ship, is another.

That particular scene accompanies the montage at the end of film, showcasing the downed alien ships throughout the world. How on earth an African was able to chuck a spear miles into the atmosphere and bring down an interstellar spacecraft is a hilarious question that Emmerich seemingly leaves unanswered in Independence Day.

Recovering from this racial faux pas, Emmerich would cast Danny Glover in yet another “Black POTUS during the end of the civilized world ” that has become the predominate theme in film. 2012 was a visually stunning cinematic experience showcasing implausible action and an over-reliance on destroying popular landmarks that Emmerich’s movies have become gratuitously famous for in the process.

2012 is the anti-Knowing and I am Number Four, a film that exists in a parallel universe where Black people fill virtually every important vocational role instead of our reality where Black people enjoy an onus on barbershops and government employment.  This is the beauty of Black Fictional Heroes, as popular culture through the medium of film, television and even pop singers and other entertainers are manufactured and carefully placed in a colorful form of Black product placement to let the viewer know that yes, Black people can be anything they put their mind.

Real-life employment and labor statistics might showcase a paucity of Black people in positions that movies and television routinely casts them in (think computer programmer, scientist, geneticist, inventor, dentist, vet), but this is why behavioral modification techniques and propaganda are so vital to propping up Black Run America (BRA). All Black people come from families as loving as that wonderful Cosby family was in The Cosby Show. Right?

2012 can be boiled down to, what OneSTDV called Hollywood Liberalism Personified:

The picture’s main premise is global warming on steroids, as large solar flares are found to be heating the Earth’s crust to an unstable level. An Indian physicist, working in conjunction with America’s chief geologist Adrian Helmsley, a black guy, makes the discovery. The black American scientist relays this information to his dubious boss, a white man who subsequently represents the moral failings of pragmatic government frugality, and then the black President. A global consortium of nations resolves to save humanity by appropriating funds from rich donors who are offered seats in exchange for their donations. Of course, thisprivate fundraising effort is later criticized by Adrian, the moral compass of the movie, for unfairly limiting occupants to the rich…

After establishing John Cusack, his ex-wife, and their children, the dismantling of Earth’s crust begins. I generally love disaster films, but that usually doesn’t imply watching billions of people die. This extreme seismic activity that eventually destroys almost all of Earth’s landmass is an allusion to the Mayan’s 2012 calendar prediction popular amongst the “woo” sect. In a nod to the noble savage meme, several characters mention the foresight of the Mayans and, in doing so, belittle Western technology as practically equivalent to antiquated superstition.

The movie continues in China, where the Chinese have been building ships to save humanity. Cusack is joined by a Russian billionaire who later dies in a horrifically violent manner, justified due to these reprehensible character traits: having a hot young blond as his trophy girlfriend and being a rich capitalist. In between, we get Mr. Miyagi Eastern mystic wisdom while the Vatican disintegrates, killing a bunch of Catholics. (Coincidentally, no Muslim monuments were eviscerated in the film.)

While in China boarding the arks, the black American scientist delivers a “We are the World” speech that inspires all of humanity. At the end of the film, with the natural disasters having extirpated almost all of civilization, one continent stands alone as the new birthplace of humanity: Africa. Yes, the only continent to survive a worldwide flood was Africa (South Africa to be specific!). So with the entirety of civilization destroyed, humanity can now progress into a new dawn free of the restrictions imposed by all those pesky conservative institutions.

Wait a second, a Black geologist? Everything else sounds entirely plausible, but a Black geologist? Here is a list of the 10 vocations with the lowest Black participation:

1. Artists and related workers—0.8%
2. Environmental scientists and geoscientists—1.0%
3. Cost estimators—1.1%
4. Farmers and ranchers—1.4%
4.   Dentists—1.4%
4.   Surveying and mapping technicians—1.4%
7.   Farm, ranch, and other agricultural managers—1.5%
8.   News analysts, reporters and correspondents—1.8%
9.   Millwrights—2.1%
9.   Miscellaneous physical scientists—2.1%

So what are the positions with the highest Black participation? Find out here.

Black geologists are rare in the field of geoscience; yet like the wine industry, the study of rocks and the ground we walk upon continues unabated.  But a crisis exists, of course:

African American earth scientists ponder strategies to attract more students of color to a field with growing opportunities

Reston, Va. — Their work is essential to the production and preservation of things we take for granted every day — resources like water, natural gas, and petroleum. Yet, if you asked the average person what geoscientists do, most would be stumped.
And if you asked the average geoscientist why so few among them are African American, the reaction wouldn’t be much different.

Last month, a group of roughly fifty African American geologists, geophysicists, students, and corporate recruiters convened here on the campus of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to discuss the future of their profession and strategies for expanding their numbers. The theme of the seventeenth annual conference of the National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists (NABGG) was “Diversity in Geoscience.”

“Within five years, approximately 25 percent of our current staff will be eligible for retirement,” said Cynthia L. Quarterman, director of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service, a major federal employer of geoscientists.
“MMS has a five-point strategic plan for diversity,” Quarterman adds.

Noting that five different world records for offshore resource production were set on the outer continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico in the past year, she said that resource production is expected to double there in coming years.

A Black geologist can save the world in 2012, but in reality, a Black student interested in becoming a geologist can scarcely be found. So yes, Black students studying geology are between a rock and hard place (only 373 Black students were studying geology at American universities in 1996 and you can bet that every company that hires geologist for mineral inspection and oil exploration were interested in landing their prized Black employee from this lot) though the National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists does have exceptional corporate backing.

The desire to rectify the lack of Black participation in geology (and virtually every hard science) has been an Sisyphean task, though Sisyphus at least got the boulder up the hill before it came crashing down again. This article from 1994 showcases that Black participation in geology shows no signs of ever improving:

Bernard Hubbard, a graduate student in the Department of Geology at the University at Buffalo and one of the relatively few African Americans in the U.S. who is studying geology, has strong advice for inner-city kids.

“Don’t fear the professional fields,” he advises. “There are more of us going into these fields than you’d ever know. You’d be surprised at the number of people who come from the ghetto who really make it to the top, but you never hear about it. Your people are there!”

While the under-representation of minorities in all the sciences has received much attention lately, many studies and programs focus on biology and chemistry, and other more “popular” sciences. But African Americans are especially under-represented in geology.

The American Geological Institute estimates that out of 26,522 students studying geology at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the U.S., only 362 are black.

The National Association for Black Geologists and Geophysicists estimates that of the 80,000 working geoscientists in the U.S., just 0.4 percent are black.

Thank God for Black History Month Heroes, or else we’d only have Black people playing roles like in Mad Men that more align with the profession that they are found in real life. Here’s to you Adrian Helmsley, a Black geologist that we can all be proud of, and who saved the day in 2012.

What’s increasingly melancholy though is that the continued usage of the Black Fictional Hero in film doesn’t translate to an increased Black participation in that particular vocation in real life.

And thank God for Emmerich, as the mulligan he was offered for the horrid shot of Africans, holding spears and admonishing a downed alien spacecraft as if they had something to do with its defeat was completely forgotten with the ode to Black people that was 2012.

36 thoughts on “Worst movie in the history of humanity, 2012, yep that’s right!

  1. this shit insults china very much. just another movie what the US use other countries to fulfill its own heroism that it is the one who lead and save the world, and china who built the ship are only workers for it. hahaha
    i feel sorry for my stupid chinese fellows, since the ones are in china and dont understand english think this movie are praising them because its china who built the ship… for whom? for westerners? couldnt they realize?

    secondly, even though, they are stupid in some way, but if the real case happened someday, for sure, chinese wont be stupid enough that they will build a ship for westerners who always insist humanity or human equality which make them sound such a hyprocrite!

    • Exactly, if only more people would come to understand the true agenda of the left, its not unity, its tyranny, and they are using the movie industry as their propaganda machine to brainwash the masses.

  2. I thought the movie would suck and did not see it when it was released. Finally, relented and spent a buck to rent the DVD. And yes, the movie sucked totally. I was shocked to see the black president coincide with the election of Barack Obama. (I’ve got nothing against a black man being president). But it just shocked me how the movie cast black person as the President. In anycase, what baffled me was the black scientist and the bullshit in the Indian mine. Your observations on the movie were right on. I was indeed shocked to see Africa intact. I do have one thing to say about not showing the destruction of muslim holy sites, or buddhists or any other for that matter. I understand your sentiment and share it as well. However, we have to realize that if we show destruction of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, it does not give the right to show the destruction of someone else’s relgious site. It is like if some moron makes lurid jokes about his/her sister people may or may notlaugh at it, however it does not give that person same right to talk about other’s loved ones and not expect retribuition. Other than that I agree with you, this movie was a complete appeasement of rest of the world. I am not white, and I am an immigrant. I see the same anti-white / anti-western line in the movie as well. Infact, it anyone made sense it was the acting chief on the US side. He had given the black scientist a chance to give his pass to one of the less fortunate – the black scientist had no intentions of doing so. What blew me away was the President’s daughter complaining that people were chosen as to who could pay 1 billion euros. I’d say to her, “Time for self evaluation”. Why was she there? I think it was good that they showed the President stay behind. I am so sick and tired of the Discovery Channel and History Channel showing the destruction of the US in mega tsunami, super hurricane, hypercane, mega volcano eruption, multi-mega earth quake. And every expert in the frickking world is always saying how the US will be destroyed. I pulled the plug on cable TV. I came to America because it is the best. I don’t need to see some cooked up, cockamamie fiction paraded as science on TV.

    The only point I’ll concede to this movie is that they are going for a global audience. So I can understand why they want to show the contributions from the rest of the world, etc. (besides Korean’s know how to make ships better than anyone else). But they did not have to do it at the expense of denigrating the US and especially casting the white guy from the administration (who was the most logical person in the entire movie) as an evil man. And not to mention, if you remember the black scientist exclaiming how 10 people could have fit in his room, but when the people were aboard, he was not having anyone of them except the President’s daughter. Wow… I’m glad I paid only a dollar for this and three hours of my time too.

  3. Its just a god damn movie calm the fuck down…you think this movie is the bible or somthing its just another hollywood movie obviously they dont mean it to be real, just watch and enjoy the movie and stop being such a god damn jackass and taking everything so serious, the point was to make money with the movie not to shit on any countries or make a point…once again ITS JUST A MOVIE STOP GETTING SO FED UP WITH IT, your retarded

    • Tell that to the Jews in Germany prior to world war two, you can’t see the war being waged to destroy our civilization and its people then you are already lost.

  4. I agree with you that 2012 is the worst movie ever and whoever created it should be killed in a horrendous fashion, but your review is clearly not about the movie, but your own personal fears and racist views.

    The movie isn’t about African Americans. It’s about the world ending. There is no “sticking it” to liberals and Arnold Schwarzeneggar in California. The San Andreas fault is real, and so is Yellowstone. Movies have been using black figures in movies like this because 1) it’s the reality, you insecure racist bigot and 2) it’s more fucking interesting than seeing some pasty white asshole giving us goatse the entire time.

    One thing that irritated me about this movie is that it includes not only religion but also pseudoscience. I’m not religious myself, but I do love theology, and since the previews so sorely showed that it was going to be a religious piece (not anti-religious, I assume you read the bible, have you not reached Revelations yet?) since they showed Jesus at Rio falling and the event at the Sistine chapel, which I found not anti-religious but very symbolic towards the chapter of Revelations.

    There is no Communism in this movie, just a family of Russian assholes. I’m happy that Russian dickfuck died for all the shit he put his family through, but it was admirable the way he saved his sons at the lowering of the bridge. I don’t see a movie review here, I see a rant that puts political fears and conspiracies where non actually exist. It’s just like your type to hate and to make up shit just to make a point that doesn’t make any sense. It’s your kind, that if God did truly exist, would be ashamed of. God created all of us as his children, and he comes in many forms. God, Allah, whatever you want to call him, they’re all the same God. You need to fucking calm down and READ about Islam. It’s fucking CHRISTIANITY in ARAB.

    “kiss my ass monkoid”? How old are you, 12? You must be one of those asinine 34 year old racist homophobic former KKK members. I feel sorry for people like you. You live your lives with such hatred in your hearts simply because another person has more melonin in their skin pigments. You want to know the difference between us white people and black people? They have more protection against the sun. That’s it. Wake up.

    • You must not being paying attention to the subtleties in the language, Hollywood does not put anything into a movie that they don’t think about first, everything is said, scene’s are done, all for a reason, its to expensive to just do anything. If you knew anything at all about anything, there are differences between the races, compare the West prior to the massive mud flow to lets say, Africa. Any differences? Yes, and it has little to nothing to do with imperialism or they would be more like Europe, then the shit hole they have become.

      • oh so you’ve been to both europe and africa and been able accurately compare the 2 based on physical experience? what about egypt? they are a relatively thriving country and they are technically africans, being located on the continent of africa. and what of white dutch european south africans? you say these horrifically racist things to get attention which ultimately i will regret giving you but theres a hell of a lot better ways to do it. you spout bigot nonsense, claiming liberal hollywood is poisoning the masses. well ronald reagan was an actor before he was a president and he effectively destroyed middle class white americans (which i assume you are since you’re mentality is that of one who thinks themselves better) with reaganomics. he was a staunch republican but youre more of a fuckin meth head anarchist kkk white supremacist who probably lives in his mothers basement jacking off to snuff films and wondering why your daddy left you.

      • Neanderthal Genes ‘Survive in Us’
        More news stories on Ancient History

        Paul Rincon, BBC News, May 6, 2010

        Many people alive today possess some Neanderthal ancestry, according to a landmark scientific study.

        The finding has surprised many experts, as previous genetic evidence suggested the Neanderthals made little or no contribution to our inheritance.

        The result comes from analysis of the Neanderthal genome—the “instruction manual” describing how these ancient humans were put together.

        Between 1% and 4% of the Eurasian human genome seems to come from Neanderthals.

        But the study confirms living humans overwhelmingly trace their ancestry to a small population of Africans who later spread out across the world.

        The most widely-accepted theory of modern human origins—known as Out of Africa—holds that the ancestors of living humans (Homo sapiens) originated in Africa some 200,000 years ago.

        A relatively small group of people then left the continent to populate the rest of the world between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago.

        While the Neanderthal genetic contribution—found in people from Europe, Asia and Oceania—appears to be small, this figure is higher than previous genetic analyses have suggested.

        “They are not totally extinct. In some of us they live on, a little bit,” said Professor Svante Paabo, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

        Professor Chris Stringer, research leader in human origins at London’s Natural History Museum, is one of the architects of the Out of Africa theory. He told BBC News: “In some ways [the study] confirms what we already knew, in that the Neanderthals look like a separate line.

        “But, of course, the really surprising thing for many of us is the implication that there has been some interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans in the past.”

        John Hawks, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US, told BBC News: “They’re us. We’re them.

        “It seemed like it was likely to be possible, but I am surprised by the amount. I really was not expecting it to be as high as 4%,” he said of the genetic contribution from Neanderthals.

        The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome is a landmark scientific achievement, the product of a four-year-long effort led from Germany’s Max Planck Institute but involving many other universities around the world.

        The project makes use of efficient “high-throughput” technology which allows many genetic sequences to be processed at the same time.

        The draft Neanderthal sequence contains DNA extracted from the bones of three different Neanderthals found at Vindija Cave in Croatia.

        Retrieving good quality genetic material from remains tens of thousands of years old presented many hurdles which had to be overcome.

        The samples almost always contained only a small amount of Neanderthal DNA amid vast quantities of DNA from bacteria and fungi that colonised the remains after death.

        The Neanderthal DNA itself had broken down into very short segments and had changed chemically. Luckily, the chemical changes were of a regular nature, allowing the researchers to write software that corrected for them.

        Writing in Science journal, the researchers describe how they compared this draft sequence with the genomes of modern people from around the globe.

        “The comparison of these two genetic sequences enables us to find out where our genome differs from that of our closest relative,” said Professor Paabo.

        The results show that the genomes of non-Africans (from Europe, China and New Guinea) are closer to the Neanderthal sequence than are those from Africa.

        The most likely explanation, say the researchers, is that there was limited mating, or “gene flow”, between Neanderthals and the ancestors of present-day Eurasians.

        This must have taken place just as people were leaving Africa, while they were still part of one pioneering population. This mixing could have taken place either in North Africa, the Levant or the Arabian Peninsula, say the researchers.

        The Out of Africa theory contends that modern humans replaced local “archaic” populations like the Neanderthals.

        But there are several variations on this idea. The most conservative model proposes that this replacement took place with no interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals.

        Unique features

        Another version allows for a degree of assimilation, or absorption, of other human types into the Homo sapiens gene pool.

        The latest research strongly supports the Out of Africa theory, but it falsifies the most conservative version of events.

        The team also identified more than 70 gene changes that were unique to modern humans. These genes are implicated in physiology, the development of the brain, skin and bone.

        The researchers also looked for signs of “selective sweeps”—strong natural selection acting to boost traits in modern humans. They found 212 regions where positive selection may have been taking place.

        The scientists are interested in discovering genes that distinguish modern humans from Neanderthals because they may have given our evolutionary line certain advantages over the course of evolution.

        The most obvious differences were in physique: the muscular, stocky frames of Neanderthals contrast sharply with those of our ancestors. But it is likely there were also more subtle differences, in behaviour, for example.

        Dr Hawks commented that the amount of Neanderthal DNA in our genomes seemed high: “What it means is that any traits [Neanderthals] had that might have been useful in later populations should still be here.

        “So when we see that their anatomies are gone, this isn’t just chance. Those things that made the Neanderthals apparent to us as a population—those things didn’t work. They’re gone because they didn’t work in the context of our population.”

        Researchers had previously thought Europe was the region where Neanderthals and modern humans were most likely to have exchanged genes. The two human types overlapped here for some 10,000 years.

        The authors of the paper in Science do not rule out some interbreeding in Europe, but say it was not possible to detect this with present scientific methods.

        Click to see enlarged image.

        Original article

        Email Paul Rincon at Paul.Rincon-INTERNET@bbc.co.uk.

      • Genetics, Personality, and Race Personality appears to be greatly influenced by heredity. Do races differ in “average personality”? by Samuel Taylor It usually takes time for scientific knowledge to become generally accepted. Even when there is no entrenched opposition to new ideas, information spreads slowly. Sometimes, though, powerful vested interests mount such effective attacks on scientific inquiry that they are able to keep discoveries almost completely sealed off from the public. This has been the case with recent research on race and IQ. Today, there are almost no qualified geneticists or experts in mental testing who claim that racial differences in intelligence are not due, in large part, to genetic differences. And yet, the popular press overwhelmingly supports the view that intelligence is almost exclusively a product of environment rather than heredity. It may be even less well known that many of the traits we think of as “personality,” such as gregariousness, political views, personal mannerisms, and even choice of hobbies appear to be governed to a significant degree by heredity. The power of genes that has been confirmed in recent studies has surprised even the most convinced geneticists. The new findings have racial implications. After all, the races have a great many physiological differences that are clearly inherited (see AR, Dec. 1992) and the evidence for racial differences in average intelligence is overwhelming (see AR, Nov. 1992). Are there then group psychological differences that are inherited? Is there such a thing as an “average personality,” like an average intelligence, that differs from race to race? The small number of studies done in this field suggest that there is. The most eye-opening findings on how genes determine personality — whatever a person’s race — have come from studies of identical twins who were separated at birth and reared apart. Since identical twins have identical sets of genes, they are ideal subjects for study. Even when they have been reared in different families in different environments they show astonishing similarities that can be explained only by their shared genes. Identical twins show astonishing similarities that can be explained only by their shared genes. Thomas J. Bouchard and his colleagues at the Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research have done the most extensive and convincing research on identical twins separated at birth. They have found more than 100 pairs of such twins and have been studying them for more than 12 years. Time and again they have found similarities that cannot be explained by coincidence. For example, of all their subjects, only two were afraid to go into an acoustically shielded room for special testing. The same two people agreed separately to enter the room only if the door were wired open. Whenever they were at the beach, they went into the water backwards and only up to their knees. They were, of course, a pair of identical twins, and since they had been reared apart their curious behavior can only be explained genetically. Another pair of twins discovered on their first meeting as adults that they both used Canoe shaving lotion and Vademecum toothpaste, and smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes. After they parted, they exchanged birthday presents that crossed in the mail and proved to be identical. Some similarities are even more uncanny. One pair of twins had both divorced women named Linda and then married women named Betty. They later discovered that before they met each other as adults, they had taken several Florida vacations on the very same stretch of beach and had driven there in the same model of Chevrolet. They had both named their sons James Alan (one was “Allen”) and both chain smoked Salems. Both chewed their nails and had woodworking shops in their basements. Another pair of twins who were reunited at age thirty found that they had similar mustaches and hair styles, aviator glasses, big belt buckles and big key rings. Both were volunteer firemen and had jobs installing safety equipment. Both drank Budweiser and crushed the empty cans. Separated at birth. One pair of twins confessed that they did not vote in elections because they did not think they were well enough informed to make wise decisions, another pair had each been married five times, and a third pair firmly refused — in separate interviews, of course — to answer controversial questions. One pair of twins were habitual gigglers and said that until they finally met the other twin they had never known anyone who laughed so freely. Dr. Bouchard and his colleagues found that similarities of this kind were the rule rather than the exception. Moreover, identical traits are uniquely characteristic of identical twins. Fraternal twins, who are no more genetically alike than ordinary siblings, do not show this kind of remarkable similarity even when they are reared together in the same family. As for intelligence, it was discovered long ago that identical twins reared apart have IQs that are closer to each other than those of fraternal twins reared together. No one would argue that environment has no effect on the mind. However, it is increasingly clear that there are deep-seated psychological and personal traits that are established at birth and are unaffected by environment. Emergenesis In an article in the December 1992 issue of American Psychologist, Dr. Bouchard and his colleagues have speculated on what their findings mean for genetic theory. The traditional Mendelian approach has been to look for traits that run in families. High intelligence, schizophrenia, diabetes, baldness, and blue eyes are all likely to appear in succeeding generations and are therefore accepted as having genetic origins. But what about a liking for woodworking or Budweiser, or the conviction that one is not well-enough informed to vote? These traits are either not likely to run in families or, if they do, have usually been thought to be caused by parental influence. However, since the Minnesota twin studies suggest that genes are at work even at the level of individual personality traits, genetic theory must be revised to explain this. In addition to those physical traits that are clearly genetic, and distinct conditions and diseases for which the genetic origins have been discovered, it appears that we all have many traits that are genetically influenced in complicated ways that are not yet understood. David T. Lykken, one of Dr. Bouchard’s colleagues, has coined the term “emergenesis” to describe this phenomenon. According to his definition, an emergenic trait is a “novel or emergent property” that results from combinations of more basic genetic traits. If genes are at work even at the level of personality traits, genetic theory must be revised. The random genetic mixing that takes place through sexual reproduction can produce chance combinations that result in traits not seen in any ancestor. Since these traits do not run in families, they would not ordinarily be thought of as genetic. The remarkable similarities found in identical twins suggests that even those uniquely individual traits heretofore thought to be products of environment or of chance occurrence are strongly influenced by genetics. The American Psychologist article gives an example of how twin studies have shifted our understanding of the balance between environment and heredity. In one case of identical twins reared apart, both developed serious psychological problems by age ten. According to a psychoanalyst who examined both girls, their disorders were so similar that he described them as “equivalently pathological.” However, he also noted that if each child had been studied separately, most clinicians would never have suspected a genetic cause. Although their families were very different from each other, it would have been tempting to explain the girls’ conditions in terms of parental personality and family dynamics. It was only because the children were identical twins and had become “equivalently pathological” at the same age that doctors realized that this was probably a genetic problem. The study of identical twins therefore suggests that heredity accounts for much more of our personalities and characteristics than even geneticists had thought possible. As Dr. Bouchard puts it, “the vast majority of psychological traits are influenced to some degree by genetic factors.” Personality testing of twins has led him to conclude that although environment has a clear effect on personality, even such things as religious fervor, political convictions, gregariousness, and moral integrity appear to be 40 to 50 percent determined by heredity. Satisfaction deferred. How do these new findings apply to the different races? Although it is difficult to evaluate personality, and the political pressures against racial comparisons are enormous, a certain amount of data has nevertheless come to light. For example, it is well known that criminals typically have lower IQs than non-criminals. The lower average intelligence of blacks and Hispanics as compared to whites and Asians doubtless explains much of the differences in crime rates. However, other genetic factors may be involved. In their wide-ranging book, Crime and Human Nature, James Wilson and Richard Herrnstein point out that criminals are almost always more impulsive than non-criminals. They cannot put off the satisfaction of their desires, even if immediate satisfaction means smashing and grabbing. Other researchers, whose work has been exhaustively summarized by J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario, have found that blacks are more impulsive in this sense than whites, who are in turn more impulsive than Asians. If it is true that blacks favor immediate impulse over long-range goals and if they are less able to sacrifice today for rewards tomorrow, it would help explain not just high rates of criminality but the chaos and lack of development that characterize all black societies. It takes foresight and self-control to work at a boring job rather than rob a liquor store, or to invest money rather than spend it, or to do homework rather than watch television. Any group that cannot defer satisfaction will not progress very far. Prof. Herrnstein and Prof. Wilson also point out that blacks and whites get different scores on standard, pencil-and-paper personality tests. The best known such test is the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), which measures the extent to which someone deviates in various ways from the norm. Black men get higher scores — meaning they are less “normal” — than whites on every measure except femininity. Whether or not, as Prof. Wilson and Prof. Herrnstein suggest, the MMPI is based on an arbitrarily white definition of “normal,” it is still significant that blacks and whites get different scores. It makes no difference if, by black standards, it is whites who are abnormal; what matters — and is scarcely known outside the expert community — is that measurement of personality consistently gives different average results for different races. Victor Elion and Edwin Megargee have tried to test the validity of the MMPI for blacks by concentrating on just one of its components, the Psychopathic deviate (Pd) scale. They compared the scores of college students, first-time criminals, and repeat offenders — for both blacks and whites — and found that for both races, Pd scores rose with the degree of criminality. Their conclusion is that the MMPI is an accurate predictor of deviance. Therefore, higher average scores among blacks probably reflect a real, underlying difference in personality. The view that the races differ psychologically is scarcely new. In a recent paper, Michael Levin notes that 15th-century Arab slaveholders concluded that blacks were unintelligent, had a good rhythmic sense, and were highly sexed. These were opinions of men who had had no previous contact with blacks and had no other information about them. In our own era, a number of authorities have concluded that psychological differences between the races are as striking and profound as physical differences. The great British anthropologist, Sir Arthur Kieth, maintained that “the primary marks of race are psychological.” Louis Leakey of more recent fame has said, “I would be inclined to suggest that however great may be the physical differences between such races as the European and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are greater.” Albert Schweitzer, who devoted his life to ease the sufferings of Africans concluded at the end of his career: “They [Africans] have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any of the functions of our civilization.” The views of such men as Dr. Leakey and Dr. Schweitzer are confirmed by the consistent failure of blacks to conform to the demands of white society. It may well be, as Michael Levin is brave enough to suggest, that it is foolish to expect them to do so. As he puts it: “At an aggregate statistical level it may not be possible for blacks to satisfy white norms … If so, blaming Negroids for deviation from white norms of self-restraint is as pointless as blaming cats for not eating hay.” Foundations of Liberalism Clearly stated conclusions like this account for why any discussion of inherent genetic differences terrifies the defenders of orthodoxy. Virtually every attitude that can today be described as “liberal” depends on blind faith in the power of environment to overcome the consequences of genetics. (An interesting exception to this is the acceptance among many liberals of the view that homosexuality is biologically determined. People who would be horrified at the idea that women are biologically better suited than men to child-rearing or that blacks are inherently less intelligent than whites seem to turn into instant geneticists when it comes to homosexuality.) Liberals believe that crime, stupidity, poverty, and deviance must not be the result of hereditary limitations and must be caused by bad surroundings. Government must therefore intrude into every corner of our lives as part of its sacred mission to improve those surroundings. Likewise, since it is only accidents of environment that cause people of different races to attain different levels of civilization, environmental tuning can raise people of any race to the highest levels. It therefore makes no difference if whites are displaced by waves of non-white immigrants. Since liberalism does not even begin to make sense unless these things are true, its defenders are ruthless opponents of any scientific inquiry that might unearth awkward facts. That is why a conference that was to be underwritten last year by the National Institutes of Health suddenly lost its funding when the guardians of orthodoxy learned that it was to study genetic causes of crime. They were afraid — perhaps justifiably — that blacks would be found to be more inherently crime prone than other races. For the last several decades, the forces of militant liberalism have been remarkably successful at preventing even the expression of inconvenient facts, much less further discovery. This is beginning to change. Facts can be suppressed for only so long before they come tumbling out in a rush. The dam is cracking and before long it will break. Heart of Darkness Pushing whites out of Africa. by George Kimble Zimbabwe — the former Rhodesia — is sinking into violent anarchy as its aging autocrat stirs up hatred against the remaining whites. In neighboring South Africa whites look on in horror as rampaging blacks kill and dispossess farmers in a nightmare they persist in believing could never be visited upon their own country. And in a perfect parallel to their treatment of non-white degeneracy at home, the American government and media have said next to nothing about this continuing outrage. Part of the problem is 76-year-old Robert Mugabe, leader of the ZANU-PF party, who has ruled the country for 20 years. His “leadership” has slowly destroyed a once-prosperous economy, left one quarter of the adult population with AIDS, and encouraged corruption at all levels. He is running out of booty to distribute to his supporters and hopes to plunder the one remaining efficient sector of the economy: commercial farming. Some 4,500 large-scale farmers — almost all of them white — grow wheat, tobacco, and other crops that account for 40 percent of the country’s exports. Says whites are “enemies of the people.” Last February, Mr. Mugabe held a referendum to approve constitutional changes that would have broadened his powers and given him the right to seize white-owned land without compensation. The measure was defeated, largely because of the rise of a serious opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvan-girai and supported by many whites. Mr. Mugabe was furious at the defeat and responded by encouraging Dr. Chenjerai Hunzvi to lead a movement to occupy white farms and drive out the owners. Dr. Hunzvi, who likes to go by the name of “Hitler,” is thought by some to be the second most powerful man in the country. He is a shady operator (see: Hitler’s Rise to Power) who claims to speak for black veterans of the insurgency that ended white rule in Rhodesia 20 years ago. The “war veterans” imitate Red Guard tactics from the Chinese Cultural Revolution, forcing one group of victims to beat up the next. Swarms of blacks calling themselves “war veterans” are now squatting on approximately 1,000 (some reports put the figure at 700) commercial farms, egged on by Mr. Mugabe’s denunciation of white farmers as “enemies of the people.” Arriving in government-supplied convoys, they camp out on private property, demand food and drink, and intimidate farmers and their black employees. Many admit they are being paid by the government. Often roaring drunk and brandishing clubs and knives, they sometimes make the farmers’ wives and daughters dance for them or sing songs praising Robert Mugabe and the ZANU-PF. At their worst they kill, burn, rape, and loot (see: Violence and Anarchy). It is a miracle that so far only three farmers have been murdered, but many have been beaten, held hostage, or forced to sign documents transferring ownership of their farms to the occupiers. One reason there have been so few deaths is that farmers have put up no resistance and many have abandoned their farms and fled to safety in the homes of friends in the cities. In some cases blacks have looted and ransacked unoccupied homes, killed livestock, and burned farm buildings and crops. Squatters have frequently vented their wrath on the blacks who live and work in the farms, beating them and burning their houses. Many whites have farmed the same land for three generations and are very attached to the blacks who have also worked there for generations. Sixty-two-year-old Lorna Coleman says these attachments would make it hard to leave Zimbabwe no matter how great the danger. “One of my biggest worries is what will happen to our staff. We have 70 people working for us and their families live on our property. I take that responsibility seriously. I don’t want to abandon them.” The “war veterans,” — most were not yet born or were in diapers when the insurgency was actually going on more than 20 years ago — imitate a Red Guard tactic from the Chinese Cultural Revolution. After they beat up one group of farm workers they load them onto trucks, drive to the next farm and make them beat up the workers there. This is supposed to raise political consciousness. “We are forced to beat our own friends,” says one terrified worker. The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe has declared the occupations illegal and ordered Mr. Hunzvi to get his people off the land, but the court cannot enforce its order. The police, whom whites now dismiss as “coat hangers for uniforms,” stand by idly in the face of rampant lawlessness. Mr. Mugabe himself has no regrets about the killings and beatings. “We warned the white farmers,” he says. “We cannot protect you if you provoke the war veterans. You must accept the consequences.” On April 28, although he did not suggest that the squatters go home, “Hitler” Hunzvi publicly called for an end to violence and the occupation of more farms. Some hoped this might ease the crisis but it did not. Farm invasions, beatings, and crop burnings continued, fueled by Mr. Mugabe’s increasingly shrill denunciations of whites. Farmers have now concluded that even if Mr. Hunzvi actually wanted to stop the violence he doesn’t have the authority. It is hard to believe he wants to. On May 8, after the third farmer was beaten to death, he called for all Zimbabweans who hold British passports to be rounded up and deported. Anyone who didn’t want to go, he said, should be killed. Members of the opposition MDC have suffered worse than the farmers. ZANU-PF activists have killed at least a dozen: party administrators, declared candidates for office, and ordinary supporters. They have beaten up and intimidated uncounted thousands. On May 5, police even held MDC leader Mr. Tsvangirai for seven straight hours, though they did him no violence. The MDC salute is an open-handed raised arm. In some areas blacks have stopped waving to each other for fear the gesture could be misread and invite attack. Funerals for murdered MDC supporters have been hush-hush, stealthy affairs rather than typically African large-scale observances. “No one must mourn a member of the MDC,” explained the daughter of Peter Kariza, an activist murdered by Mugabe supporters. “If they do, they’ll be killed.” Mr. Kariza’s widow, who was herself badly beaten, saw her home burned down and her cows and goats stolen. She must now care for her eight children alone. David Coltart, an official in the MDC says the violence is vastly under-reported: “They attack families every night, beating everyone they can lay their hands on. The trouble is that this happens deep in the rural areas. By the time they are reported, there is nothing fresh for television cameras.” In early May police admitted that for a month they had not even told anyone about the murders of three MDC activists, much less captured the killers. New elections are expected in June, but the chances of a fair vote are zero. “People might value their vote, but they value their life more,” says political scientist Alfred Nhema at the University of Zimbabwe. “Many would rather lose the election than die.” He confirms that, as is common throughout Africa, many Zimbabweans think the Mugabe forces have magical powers and will know if they vote for the opposition. On May 6, a Mugabe-supporter addressed this paean to democracy before a crowd of 700 at a political rally about 40 miles north of Harare: “If ZANU-PF loses this election, you will not say that I did not warn you. If we lose, we will get out our guns… We will be at the voting stations. If ZANU-PF loses, the way forward will be filled with war.” MDC supporters are hardly saints either. On May 7, at an MDC rally they beat two men who made the mistake of wearing ZANU-PF T-shirts. Gedahlia Braun, an American academic who has lived many years in South Africa and has written occasionally for AR, argues that many Africans are incapable of understanding elections as anything other than a form of warfare. Political opponents are no different from battlefield enemies and might as well be killed. The crisis has been something of a battle for journalists, too. The “war veterans” rightly see them as unsympathetic and have often barred them from covering farm invasions. One South Africa-based reporter who wanted to talk to squatters 25 miles east of Harare changed his mind when “war veterans” threatened to kill him. They seized the two blacks he came with, handcuffed them, and beat them with iron rods. Both men were badly hurt and one may have gotten a fractured hip. On April 28, the secretary general of the War Veterans Association insisted that blacks own the land, and lashed out against “false reporting:” “With immediate effect, if we hear any journalist saying we are squatters, there is going to be war here. There will be severe punishment.” Many white farmers have stopped talking to reporters for fear of reprisals and mob violence. Although many Zimbabweans now despise Mr. Mugabe for the ruin and lawlessness he has brought to the country, African heads of state stand by him. On April 22, after the murders of two farmers, the leaders of South Africa, Mozam-bique, and Namibia gave Mr. Mugabe a ringing endorsement of his handling of the “land problem.” They accept his view that whites are clinging to unearned privilege and must be taught a lesson. To the dismay of his own whites, President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa has yet to pronounce a single word critical of Mr. Mugabe, though on May 6, Nelson Mandela spoke pointedly from retirement about African despots who cling to power until they die. The United States has officially condemned “violent attacks against farmers” and called for Zimbabwe “to restore the rule of law.” It plans to keep the annual aid budget at $12 to $14 million but has canceled plans for an increase. A State Department spokesman promises a “wait and see” approach, saying there might be further action if the elections this summer don’t appear to be fair. The killings don’t seem to be of much interest to him. Britain, the former colonial power, has been so stupid as to call the violence “incomprehensible.” It has cut off arms sales to Zimbabwe, and got the Commonwealth to issue a condemnation (though it agreed not to invoke economic sanctions or try to have Zimbabwe thrown out of the Commonwealth). Mr. Mugabe scoffed at the scolding, saying “Britain has nothing to teach us.” He closed a two-hour May-third speech with his fist jabbing the air, shouting “Down with British imperialism and neo-colonialism.” The British had promised $57 million over the next two years to buy some of the land now farmed by whites, but will not hand it over if illegal occupations continue. Mr. Mugabe wants the money without conditions, and promises to drive whites off the land without compensation anyway. Those who oppose him, he says, can leave the country. There has been an increasing flow of Zimbabwean asylum-seekers to Britain, with 50 arriving in March. The British have said they will offer entry only to whites who have ancestral ties to England — anyone else is out of luck. Britain and the European Union have, however, discussed setting up contingency plans to evacuate whites to South Africa if the violence gets worse. Needless to say, farm occupations are wrecking the cash-crop econ-o-my. This is the season tobacco farmers auction their crops but squatters have burned thousands of bales and halted all work on many farms. Only a tenth of the usual tonnage has made it to market (though some farmers are delaying sales, in the expectation of another devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar). Tobacco accounts for the bulk of Zimbabwe’s annual export earnings and 20 percent of its gross domestic product, so the disruption is significant. The vice president of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union, a Mugabe supporter, says he knows why so little tobacco has gotten to market: “The war they [white farmers] are fighting by withdrawing their tobacco is so that they can destroy the economy and push Mugabe out of power.” Now is the time farmers should be planting winter wheat but many cannot. Not only are operations paralyzed by squatters, an estimated 30,000 farm workers — one in ten — have fled for their lives. This sudden work stoppage raises the specter of serious food shortages by December. The crisis in Zimbabwe is lapping into South Africa. The Rand has hit a record low against the dollar, and already-wary foreign investors are appalled by what they see across the Limpopo river. The cruel fact is that Mr. Mugabe and the “war veterans” are going after the land of white farmers not because there is not enough to go around but because whites made the land productive. Estimates vary enormously but whites are said to own 30 to 70 percent of the most fertile farmland. Over the years the government has used British aid money to buy 1,120,000 acres of formerly white-owned land, and “redistribute” it. The theory was that large farms were going to be broken up, Marxist-style, into thousands of small holdings. In fact, the 1,120,000 acres have gone to only 400 people — 2,800 acres per person. The 400 people are, of course, Mugabe’s cabinet secretaries, retired generals, family and friends. Moreover, the government already has millions of acres of undeveloped land it could distribute any time it liked. What it wants is more land already improved by whites and now recognized as some of the most productive in the world. Past experience shows that once whites leave and their farms are turned over to blacks, crop yields rapidly go downhill. Those with long memories have noted a certain grim parallel with South Africa. Twenty years ago, when Rhodesians buckled under world pressure and gave power to blacks, Robert Mugabe was the darling of the West. He was intelligent, well-spoken, and had several advanced degrees. World opinion greeted his 1980 election as president with something like the rhapsodies they later lavished on — well — Nelson Mandela. His Marxism, we were told, would quickly wear off, he wanted only peace and reconciliation with whites, and Africa would have a chance to show the world the kind of enlightened leadership of which it was capable. It certainly got that chance. Some of the sheen wore off in the mid-1980s when Mr. Mugabe turned out to be a bit of a primitive after all. A member of the Shona tribe, he sent his notorious, North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade to slaughter an estimated 20,000 Ndebele who had the temerity to think their tribe should have a say in government, too. At age 70 he married his 30-year-old secretary, with whom he began several years of dalliance while his wife was dying of a protracted kidney disorder. Grace bore him two children before the wife finally died and is now famous for extravagant shopping sprees at upscale London shops. She is known in the British and African tabloid press as “Zimbabwe’s Imelda Marcos.” But what has most upset Mr. Mugabe’s liberal admirers is his attacks on homosexuals, whom he calls “worse than pigs and dogs.” If the 20,000 Ndebele he killed had been homosexuals, the West might have forced him from power. In 1980 there were more than 200,000 whites in Rhodesia. After the capitulation, two thirds ignored the West’s ecstatic predictions of love and prosperity, and fled the country. The remaining 70,000 are now less than one percent of the population and completely at the mercy of black-run institutions. Perhaps they might have listened to an Africa hand from an earlier time, Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). The much-beloved musicologist, theologian, and doctor was known as “the greatest Christian of his time” and won the Nobel Peace Price in 1952 for missionary work in Africa. Near the end of his life he wrote: “The negro is a child, and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority. We must, therefore, so arrange the circumstances of daily life that my natural authority can find expression. With regard to the negroes then, I have coined the formula: ‘I am your brother, it is true, but your elder brother.’” AR George Kimble is a businessman who has lived for several years in Africa. Quotes By Blacks & Other Minorities Assembled by John “Birdman” Bryant When individuals try to convince you that “diversity” is good, think about the following quotes: Miles Davis (black jazz musician) “If somebody told me I had only one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow.” Khalid Abdul Muhammed (New Black Panther Party Leader) “Hollywood is owned by these so-called Jews. Look at the movies they make about us, Black people killing black people. Let’s make some revolutionary movies where we kill white people in the movie. Kill’em so hard you have to cover up your popcorn from the blood spraying out of the screen.” Speech given at San Francisco State University in May 1997. Malcolm X “The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing” (Speech given in Los Angeles, upon learning of a plane crash. Mario Obledo (1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient from Clinton, and the former head of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund) “California is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the institutions. If people don’t like it, they should leave.” Willie Brown, black Mayor of San Francisco (currently under investigation by the FBI) To a white parent complaining that affirmative action would penalize his children. “I don’t care about your idiot children.” I’ll bet this parent went away with great satisfaction on affirmative action and diversity. And a FAMOUS CARING “CIVIL RIGHTS” LEADER: Former Black Panther leader Jesse Jackson Admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. “[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said. More quotes from nonwhites: **** James Baldwin (Black Novelist) “The future is…black” **** Khalid Abdul Muhammed (Black Panther Leader) (on what South African Blacks should do to any whites who refuse to leave South Africa) “We kill the women. We kill the babies. We kill the blind. We kill the cripples. We kill them all…When you get through killing them all, go to the goddamn graveyard and kill them a-goddamn-again because they didn’t die hard enough” (November 29, 1993 speech at Kean College in Union, New Jersey) The Black panthers are headquartered in the United States. Just think of how many of his members are following his agenda. **** Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez (University of Texas, Arlington) “We have an aging white America. They are dying. They are sh**ing in their pants with fear!…I love it!” (Speech of January 1995, quoted in Coe, Reconquista, p. 16) **** Reverend James Cone “What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.” Quoted in David Horowitz, “Hating Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 44) **** Endnote: It seems that misery is abundant in the countries of Africa. The one place that whites were involved was the current country of South Africa, which at one time was the “Jewel of Africa”. This was prior to turning the country over to uneducated, immoral blacks, which have stripped the country of all wealth. It is now the only country where citizens can purchase RAPE INSURANCE. The Reality of Racial Differences By Ian Jobling • 1/17/07 Naturally different Naturally different. The culture of the age that we live in is founded on a lie: racial egalitarianism. It is an article of faith in the West that all racial differences in abilities and personality stem from environmental, rather than biological, factors. This dogma has been conventional wisdom among the Western elites since 1950, when the United Nations published its “Statement on Race,” which declared: “There is no proof that the groups of mankind differ in their intelligence or temperament. The scientific evidence indicates that the range of mental capacities in all ethnic groups is the same…. Genetic differences are not of importance in determining the social and cultural differences between different groups of Homo sapiens.” Link, p. 102. In succeeding years this belief has entrenched itself. A 2003 documentary on PBS, entitled Race: The Power of an Illusion, expressed a view that is more or less entirely unchallenged today in the media and most of the academy: race is a myth constructed by whites to justify colonialism and slavery. The documentary urged viewers to take an environmentalist view of racial differences: Try a paradigm shift. Every time the mind gropes toward the seemingly evident—that, say, black people are better at sports, or Asians at math and music—deconstruct it. Look for the social reasons, the economic reasons, the cultural reasons why these stereotypes only seem to hold true.1 So crucial is this lie to our society, and so weak the empirical support for it, that Western universities must silence those who contradict it. Two cases of such silencing have occurred over the last two years. After Frank Ellis, a lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies at Leeds University in Britain, stated his belief in the reality of racial differences in the student newspaper, the university and local political elite immediately began calling for his dismissal. One local politician called Ellis’s views “narrow-minded, intellectually bankrupt, morally reprehensible nonsense.” He eventually chose early retirement after the university began disciplinary proceedings against him. A similar fate befell Australian professor Andrew Fraser after he declared his race realist views. Race Differences in Intelligence Buy this book from Amazon.com The heart of race realism is recognizing this lie for what it is. Research on differences between the behavior of whites and blacks has decisively refuted the environmentalist view. Indeed, at least a large school, and perhaps even a majority, of specialists in the study of intelligence believe that the black-white gap in IQ is rooted in biology. There is also powerful evidence that blacks and whites differ innately in other respects, including sexual behavior and ability to defer gratification. This article focuses on differences between whites and blacks because these differences have received the greatest amount of attention from scholars, not because they are the only, or even necessarily the most important, racial differences. Black-white differences are thus the best test of the validity of the innatist and environmentalist perspectives. Given the dominant role that genes play in determining behavior, it is likely that many of the differences among the cultures of the world have biological roots. The Power of Genes There is no denying that racial populations differ in their behavior. All the statistics on high-school graduation rates, out-of-wedlock births, crime rates, and other behaviors regularly reveal substantial differences between blacks and whites. The environmentalist view depends on the premise that genetic makeup does not play a major role in the formation of these differences. Rather, environmentalists attribute black behavior to social factors like poverty, inferior schooling, and racial discrimination.2 For more on the environmentalist interpretation of racial differences, see “The Lesson of Race Denial”. This view, however, contradicts the known facts. The science of behavior genetics, or the study of the genetic basis of differences among human beings, has revealed the power of heredity in shaping our personalities. Given the strong influence of genes, it is highly unlikely that racial differences have no genetic component. The primary means of sorting out the influence of genes and environment on behavior is twin studies. Scientists can measure the contributions of the two factors by comparing the similarities among identical twins, who have the same genes, to those among fraternal twins, who share only half of their genes, to those among children reared together in the same household, who are not genetically related. Additionally, scientists can compare twins who were raised apart to those who were raised together. Race, Evolution, and Behavior Buy this book from Amazon.com Not only do twin studies enable scientists to assess to what extent people’s personalities are due to genes and environment, but also the nature of the environmental influence. By comparing the similarities between twins reared together to those between twins reared apart, scientists can calculate to what extent twins’ personalities are influenced by the circumstances of their upbringing, which scientists call their “shared environment.” This research has concluded that shared environment has a negligible effect on how people turn out, and genes a major one. Adult identical twins are highly similar across the whole range of behaviors and abilities. Astonishingly, identical twins who are separated at birth and reared apart are almost as similar to each other as twins reared together.3 However, children who are unrelated but raised in the same household are no more similar to each other after they have reached adulthood than any two random strangers would be.4 The general rule is that about forty to fifty percent of the variation in behavior and abilities among individuals is determined by heredity, half by non-shared environment—experiences that are unique to an individual—, and zero to 10 percent by shared environment.5 Intelligence is one of the personality traits most strongly influenced by genes. Although genes have a weaker influence in childhood, a full 80 percent of the variation among adults in intelligence is due to heredity.6 The IQs of identical twins have a correlation of 0.86, whereas those of fraternal twins have a much weaker correlation of 0.6. However, after they have grown to be adults, there is no correlation at all between the IQs of unrelated children who are reared in the same household.7 This research makes the environmentalist view of racial differences highly implausible. The social factors to which environmentalists attribute racial differences, such as poverty and inferior schooling, are part of blacks’ shared environment, as they affect the black population as a whole. However, shared environment has no effect on IQ and little effect on other personality attributes. The power of genes to affect behavior is evident not merely from the scientific results of twin studies, but from psychologists’ accounts of the similarities in behavior among identical twins separated at birth who have never met each other before. For example, among the subjects of the largest study of twins reared apart were 39-year-old twins who both had worked part-time as sheriffs, both smoked Salem cigarettes, drank Miller Lite Beer, bit their fingernails, and enjoyed scattering love notes to their wives around the house.8 Another pair had long made it their practice never to express any opinions on controversial issues. Two were helpless gigglers, even though both described their parents as serious. Other pairs each had the habit of wearing seven rings on their hands, or obsessively counted things, or had each been married five times, or were fashion designers, and so forth.9 If genes shape our personalities down to the smallest details, it is very likely that substantial and constant behavioral differences among races have some genetic component. Racial Differences in Intelligence The black-white gap in IQ is the racial difference that has been most extensively researched, publicized, and argued over. Psychologists have consistently found a gap of about one standard deviation, or 15 points, between the mean IQ of American blacks and whites ever since IQ tests began to be administered nearly a century ago. American blacks have a mean IQ of about 85 and whites of about 100. There is no doubt that IQ tests do measure intelligence. As Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray demonstrated exhaustively in The Bell Curve, a person’s IQ is the strongest predictor of his school performance and socio-economic success as an adult.10 The Bell Curve Buy this book from Amazon.com The stability of the difference across time strengthens the case of race realists. Despite all the efforts made in the US to achieve parity among the races, the IQ gap has not gone away. In 1917, the first large scale IQ tests in America found about a 17-point difference between the scores of the races; the most recent studies show the difference is about the same.11 The equalization of spending on black and white education, government educational programs for the poor, diversity training, and all the rest of it simply have had no discernible effect on the racial IQ gap. Not only is the difference found consistently across time, but also across place. Blacks all over the world have a mean IQ that is low relative to that of whites. In reviewing the literature on black intelligence in Race Differences in Intelligence, Richard Lynn found that the 57 studies of the IQ of blacks in Africa conducted between 1955 and 1994 consistently showed that they had a mean IQ of around 67.12 Fourteen studies between 1986 and 2002 of blacks in the Caribbean and Latin America found a mean IQ of 71.13 Thirty-one studies of American blacks between 1918 and 1998 found a mean IQ of 85.14 Twenty-nine studies conducted in Britain and the Netherlands between 1966 and 2002 found a black IQ of 85 there as well.15 In Israel, two studies of Ethiopian immigrants who are Jewish by religion but racially black found a mean IQ of 65.16 Some of the most powerful evidence of the biological origin of racial differences in intelligence comes from trans-racial adoption studies. For example, a 1992 study examining the IQs of adopted white and black 17-year-olds raised in upper-middle-class white families found that despite their similar environment, the adopted children with two biological white parents had a mean IQ of 106, whereas the adoptees with two black biological parents had a mean IQ of 89.17 In light of evidence like this, none of the environmentalists’ explanations of racial differences in intelligence is even remotely plausible. Some object that IQ tests are not a good measure of intelligence because they contain questions that whites are more likely to know the answers to than blacks. But the racial difference appears even on reaction-time IQ tests, in which subjects must respond as quickly as possible to a simple visual stimulus, such as a flashing light or a change in color in a dot on a screen.18 It is difficult to see how such tests could be culturally biased. Nor do arguments that blacks score lower on tests because of socio-economic deficits hold water. If class background explains differences in IQ scores, why do blacks raised in upper-middle-class white families score so much lower on IQ tests than whites from the same background? Moreover, black high-schoolers from affluent backgrounds regularly score lower than whites from poor households on SAT tests, which are a good measure of intelligence.19 In media coverage of race, including the PBS documentary mentioned earlier, hand-picked authorities tell the audience that the genetic theory of the racial IQ gap has no credibility among experts and is merely a relic of pernicious superstitions. This is another lie. The school of researchers that argues for the biological basis of racial intelligence differences, among whom are psychologists Arthur Jensen, J. P. Rushton, and Richard Lynn, have solid academic credentials and publish in peer-reviewed psychological journals, and their work is respected even by those who disagree with them. Furthermore, in 1988, a survey of experts in intelligence and its measurement found that a full 53 percent believed that the black-white difference in IQ was partially genetic in origin. The same study found the news media consistently overestimated the percentage of IQ experts holding egalitarian views. There can be little doubt there still exists today at least a significant school of experts that hold race realist views despite pressure from their colleagues and society at large to abandon them. Racial Differences in Sexual Behavior Although the racial difference in intelligence has received the most attention, it is only one of many. In fact, blacks and whites differ across a whole range of personality attributes. The fact that these differences are found the world over is strong evidence that they stem from the differing genetic makeup of the races rather than from any accident of history or culture. The g Factor Buy this book from Amazon.com The races differ in sexual behavior: blacks are more sexually promiscuous than whites and are less inclined to form long-term sexual partnerships. The sexual mores prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa differ radically from Western norms. African sexuality is characterized by the early onset of sexual activity, loose emotional ties between sexual partners, and matings with many different partners. For example, among the Herero tribe of southwest Africa, men typically sire many children by different women before they marry at the late age of 35 to 40. The tribe considers this behavior normal and does not stigmatize the children of out-of-wedlock unions.20 In 1987, 64 percent of African adolescents reported being sexually experienced vs. only 40 percent of European adolescents.21 Africans also have sex with greater frequency than whites.22 The same difference is evident in the US. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2005 sixty-seven percent of black high school students reported having had sex, whereas only 43 percent of white high school students did. Twenty-eight percent of black high-schoolers said they had had four or more sexual partners in their lifetimes, compared to only 11 percent of white high-schoolers.23 Also, in 2002, black men aged 15-44 reported having had 8.3 sexual partners in their lifetimes on average, whereas white men reported 5.3.24 These differences in sexual promiscuity create enormous differences in susceptibility to sexual diseases. In 2005, over six percent of Africans aged 15-44 were HIV positive, compared to 0.5 percent of North Americans and Europeans, making the HIV incidence rate in Africa a full 12 times higher than in the West.25 Blacks in the US show the same pattern. According to the CDC, US blacks are 10 times more likely than whites to have AIDS. There are similar differences in other sexually-transmitted diseases. In 2005, 9.8 out of every 100,000 American blacks had syphilis vs. 1.8 whites, making the black syphilis rate more than five times higher. American statistics on parenting also reveal blacks’ lack of inclination to form long-term sexual bonds. The CDC reports that no less than 70 percent of all black births were to unmarried women in 2005, which is about three times higher than the percentage of births to unmarried women among whites. Black children are three times more likely to live with a single mother than white children.26 Racial Differences in Ability to Defer Gratification A third domain in which whites and blacks differ is the ability to defer present gratification for greater future rewards. It is essential to success in modern societies that we be willing to accept privations and hardships in the present for the sake of greater good down the road. Buying a house in the future often requires that you save and invest your money rather than spending it immediately. Getting a good job in the future often requires that you endure difficult and costly training in the present. Scientific studies and statistics on behavior show blacks have a lower ability to defer gratification than whites. Blacks’ inability to focus on the long-term makes them more prone than whites to socially irresponsible behaviors such as crime, unemployment, and drug addiction. The psychologist Walter Mischel demonstrated this racial difference clearly in a 1961 study. He offered black and white children the choice between a small candy bar immediately or a larger candy bar a week hence. The black children were so much more likely than whites to ask for the smaller candy bar that Mischel deemed significance tests superfluous. He concluded, in the blunt language that his day still allowed, “Negroes are impulsive, indulge themselves, settle for next to nothing if they can get it right away, do not work or wait for bigger things in the future.”27 A particularly good example of the consequences of blacks’ inability to defer gratification is their higher crime rates. Criminals are the best examples of people who favor present gratification at the expense of long-term rewards: a mugger is willing to sacrifice his whole future for the chance of stealing someone’s wallet. According to the research report “The Color of Crime” by the New Century Foundation, which publishes American Renaissance, blacks in America are seven times more likely than whites to be in prison. Nor is this an artifact of racial discrimination by the legal system: the report also proves that the available evidence leaves no doubt that police are equally likely to arrest white criminals as black criminals and judges equally likely to convict them. Blacks are more likely to commit every category of crime than whites, but the gap is particularly wide in the categories of robbery, which blacks are 15 times more likely to commit than whites, and drug offenses, which blacks are 12 times more likely to commit.28 “The Color of Crime” also proves that this difference in criminality is not caused by black social disadvantage. Examining violent crime rates by state, the report finds the percentage of the state’s population that is black or Hispanic is a far better predictor of crime levels than poverty, unemployment, or high-school dropout rates. Furthermore, even when you control for these factors, the relationship between percentage black and Hispanic and crime rates remains almost as strong as before. This indicates that even if whites were just as socially disadvantaged as blacks, the racial difference in criminality would still be almost as great as it currently is.29 This difference in criminality prevails internationally as well. Using data from international surveys of crime, J. Phillippe Rushton found that violent crime was twice as common in Africa and the Caribbean as in predominantly white countries.30 Many other differences between white and black behavior are consequences of the difference in ability to defer gratification. Blacks are twice as likely to be unemployed as whites, indicating they prefer the present pleasure of sleeping in and “hanging out” to the long-term rewards afforded by holding a steady job. Blacks also spend three times as much of their income on movies as whites, who are more prone to save their money for major purchases in the future.31 Why Race Matters Buy this book from Amazon.com These racial differences create major differences in lifestyle between blacks and whites that cause blacks to struggle in white societies. No matter how much taxpayer money is devoted to improving black education, employment, and so forth, blacks continue to lag. Year after year, they do worse in school than whites, commit crime at higher rates, and are more likely to be unemployed and impoverished. This insurmountable difference in lifestyle suggests that the white and black mind were designed to form basically different types of society suited to different conditions. The reason for the differing psychologies of whites and blacks is not hard to find. Blacks are a people adapted for tropical conditions: until the first Muslims began taking African slaves in the 10th century, all blacks lived in the tropics. Whites, however, spent 18,000 years of their evolutionary history living through the Ice Age. A world of ice and snow makes radically different demands of an organism than one of sun and lush forests. Life-threatening cold would have spurred early Europeans to evolve greater intelligence, family nurturance, and ability to plan for the future. For more about the evolution of racial differences, see Ice People and Sun People. Other Racial Differences The nature and causes of differences between whites and blacks have been studied substantially, and there are, consequently, a number of easily available reviews of research on this topic. Little research, and fewer reviews, exist on other racial differences, however. Psychologists have, of course, determined the IQ scores of populations all around the globe, and these have been summarized in Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in Intelligence, but there is little beyond this. The lack of information on the innate characteristics of the world’s races is a major scandal. It is of the utmost importance that the nature of the races be known, not only because of their inherent interest, but also because they have critical implications for public policy. Take the effort of the US to establish a democracy in Iraq as an example. In a sane world, the US would have found out before it started the effort whether a population had to have certain psychological characteristics to be capable of democracy. Does a population have to have a certain minimum IQ for democracy to take root in it? Is a certain level of altruism required? To determine this and other foreign policy matters, the US government would have employed psychologists and geneticists by the thousands to gather and evaluate information on the innate characteristics of the world’s peoples. Without such information, however, we are forced to proceed in the dark, with predictably unfortunate consequences. In the absence of scientific research on how the races differ, race realists are within their rights to make their best guess. If people object to our guesses, we can always respond that scientists have failed in their responsibility to provide us with better information. Under what circumstances, then, is it appropriate to judge that a trait that is common among members of a given race is due to innate factors? There are two good guidelines. A racial trait is probably innate if members of a given race show the trait in many different parts of the world and social contexts, and these behaviors persist in spite of incentives and pressure to change them. Take South Asians/North Africans (SANA) as an example. According to Luca Cavalli-Sforza, the world’s foremost authority on population genetics, the predominant population of the region of the world stretching from Morocco to Bangladesh forms a distinct genetic cluster.32 People from this region, whether Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, or Jordanians, show a tendency towards violent tribalism, which expresses itself as a fanatical commitment to Islam. They manifest their violent tribalism not only in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but also in the very different societies of the West when they immigrate there. This behavior persists in spite of powerful pressures and incentives to change it. SANA’s violent tribalism has resulted in economic sanctions and actual military invasion in their homelands. Once they immigrate to West, moreover, SANAs have every reason to assimilate into their host societies, as assimilation would enable them to prosper. In spite of these pressures and incentives, SANAs prove themselves willing again and again to blow themselves up in order to extend the dominion of Islam, or their particular version of it. Furthermore, sizable minorities of SANA immigrants in the West, and actual majorities in their homelands, support terrorists. This being the case, it is reasonable to suspect that violent tribalism might be in their blood. It is absolutely crucial that the West wake up to the reality of racial differences, as these have implications across the whole spectrum of public policy. Is it realistic or desirable for universities to recruit black students if blacks are less intelligent than whites? Is it wise to prevent police from racially profiling if blacks are naturally more likely to commit crime than whites? Above all, is it a good idea to accept black immigrants into our societies if they are naturally incompatible with it? So crucial are these questions, and others like them, that the very future of the West may depend on our finding the right answers. If you want this article to be exposed to a wide audience, take the time to recommend it at digg. Millions of readers traffic the site, and the more recommendations an article gets, the better its chance of being read. If you don’t have digg account yet, registration is easy. Just click submit to get started. Notes and References 1. Quoted in Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele. Race: The Reality of Human Differences (Cambridge: Westview Press, 2004), p.197) ↑ 2. See, for example, John U. 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Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior (New York: Penguin, 1999), pp. 50, 53. ↑ 8. Ibid., 118. ↑ 9. David Lykken et al., “Emergenesis: Genetic Traits that may not Run in Families,” American Psychologist, 47, 1565-77. Quoted in Rushton 46-47. ↑ 10. Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (New York: Free Press, 1994), pp. 148-53, 63-89. ↑ 11. J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur R. Jensen, “The Totality of Available Evidence Shows the Race IQ Gap Still Remains,” Psychological Science 17, no. 10 (2006): 921-22. Link. ↑ 12. Richard Lynn. Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis (Augusta, GA: Washington Summit Publishers, 2006), 31-34. ↑ 13. Ibid., p. 40. ↑ 14. Ibid., pp. 42-43. ↑ 15. Ibid., pp. 48-49, 52. ↑ 16. Ibid., pp. 52-53. ↑ 17. R. A. Weinberg, S. Scarr, and I. D. 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[Link}(http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/ad/ad362.pdf) ↑ 25. UNAIDS. 2006 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic (Geneva: UNAIDS, 2006), 13. Link ↑ 26. US Census Bureau, “Children’s Living Arrangements and Characteristics: March 2002,” US Census Bureau website, June 2003, p. 5. Link ↑ 27. Walter Mischel, “Preference for Delayed Reinforcement and Social Responsibility,” Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 62, no. 1 (1961), p. 6. Quoted in Michael Levin. Why Race Matters (Oakton, Va.: New Century Books, 2005), 77. ↑ 28. New Century Foundation. The Color of Crime 2nd ed. (Oakton, Va., New Century Foundation, 2005), pp. 7-11. Link ↑ 29. Ibid., pp. 11-12. ↑ 30. Rushton, pp. 158-60. ↑ 31. Levin, p. 77. ↑ 32. L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi, and Alberto Piazza, The History and Geography of Human Genes, Abridged ed. (Princeton: Princeton University Press), p.80. ↑ Why Is Africa Poor? Just as American blacks blame whites for their failures, Africans deny responsibility for the misery they bring on themselves. By William Robertson Boggs Black Africa is the poorest part of the world by far. It is in Africa that we find countries like Zaire, Ethiopia, Chad, and the Sudan, where gross national product per person is less than $200 a year. The 41 nations of sub-Saharan Africa produce no more wealth than the tiny country of Belgium, which has only one forty-fifth as many peo
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      • Racial Differences in Moral Reasoning
        By Ian Jobling • 4/21/09
        moral judgment reasoning roots
        Moral reasoning lies at the roots
        of racial differences in behavior.

        In Why Race Matters, Michael Levin distinguishes the morality of whites from that of blacks on the basis of respect for moral principles, or ideal standards of behavior that are binding for all people. As one example, whites are relatively likely to behave in accordance with the principle of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The behavior of blacks, by contrast, is less influenced by principle and more by immediate self-interest. This racial difference in respect for principle results in lower crime rates among whites than blacks and greater respect for human rights and norms of civility.1

        While Levin’s case for racial differences in principled moral reasoning is intuitively plausible, he references no research that directly addresses this question—indeed, little such research was available in mid-1990s, when he was writing his book. Today, however, there exists a substantial body of research that documents differences in moral reasoning by race, and it not only confirms Levin’s insight, but broadens its application. Since much of this research has received little attention and has never been synthesized in a single article, all relevant findings are reviewed here.

        Psychologists working in the tradition of Lawrence Kohlberg have devised tests that measure moral maturity and have conducted surveys on the moral reasoning of different racial populations. Their research leads to the following conclusions:

        * The percentage of principled moral reasoners in white and northeast Asian2 populations is significantly higher than the percentage in black, Arab, and Hispanic populations. This difference likely has an innate basis.
        * Moral maturity is substantially correlated with intelligence. Levels of principled moral reasoning show the same distribution by race as IQ scores do, with Asians scoring highest, whites lower, Arabs third, and blacks last.
        * As they grow older and more educated, whites and Asians show increasing moral maturity. Levels of moral maturity do not increase among Arabs, however. The evidence on black moral maturation is contradictory.
        * Whites mature morally at a slower rate than Asians, but at the college level, both races show comparable levels of principled moral reasoning. The disparities in moral maturity between whites and Asians on the one hand and blacks and Arabs on the other increase with age.
        * More tentatively, it can be concluded that blacks are more motivated by immediate self-interest and that Arabs are more authoritarian than whites and Asians.

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    • Germans helped build America
      – and how has America repaid them?

      ScriptoriumOrderArchives Index

      Germans helped build America
      – and how has America repaid them?

      Part 5: The Forty-Niners
      In September 1852 Carl Schurz, the son of a teacher, and his young wife arrived in New York harbor. As member of a liberal student fraternity he had participated in the Baden Uprising in his homeland. From Philadelphia he moved first to Wisconsin, to be a farmer, but even here his public speeches, perfect in both vocabulary and diction, made him so well-known that Lincoln is said to have been envious of this German. Schurz was later to be praised as “the greatest immigrant Germany ever provided”, or “a gift from Germany to America”.

      As a German who, like most of his countrymen, supported the liberation of the slaves, Schurz joined the Republicans. Lincoln once greeted him with the flattering words, “Within the framework of our brief acquaintance, I must say that no man is closer to my heart than you are.”

      Lincoln officially defended the Abolitionist Cause, but the words he spoke in 1858 in one of his famous debates with Stephen A. Douglas are not well known: “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races… I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people… and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

      President Lincoln, whose stepmother Sarah Bush was of German descent, posted Schurz to Madrid as Ambassador. During the Civil War Schurz took command of a Union Army division consisting primarily of Germans. After the end of the war, Schurz became Senator of Missouri and, in 1877, Secretary of the Interior under President Hayes. As journalist and politician he had advocated a quick reconciliation between the North and the South. At the same time, he also wished to see an improvement in the living conditions of Negroes and Indians, which concerns again netted him considerable opposition.

      Regarding these and his other efforts to reform the civil service, Joachim Fernau writes ironically: “All in all, one can imagine how unpopular Schurz quickly made himself… His attempts to clean up the higher offices were perceived as most impudent. Schurz introduced testing, screened the candidates according to their expertise and their respectability, and mercilessly exposed every shortcoming. The New York Customs Office proved to be a particularly smelly hornet’s nest. When he opened that up, the entire Republican Party turned away from him… Oh for the good old days under Grant! The days when Vanderbilt was rewarded for each and every kilometer of railroad track with ten miles of land to either side of it! The days when Philip Armour made a million dollars in only three months by supplying meat to the army, even though the maggots were already crawling out of the meat barrels…”

      The tragic inner conflict typical of German immigrants to America is expressed in rare form in Schurz’s famous statement: “I love Germany like my mother and America like my wife. If one must choose, one stays with one’s wife, but the love for one’s mother lasts a lifetime.” Bismarck admitted: “As a German I am proud of Schurz.” But how would the German-Americans reconcile Schurz’s words with their actions in the event of a war against their homeland? Their ready adjustment to and ultimately their assimilation into the pre-set Anglo-Puritan society brought the Germans disadvantages almost without exception. Those who set the tone among the Germans were god-fearing Christians. What they lacked in practical life was the ability to assert themselves politically!

      Another dedicated champion of the liberation of the slaves was the Mannheim lawyer Friedrich Hecker, who is also credited with establishing the first German athletics society in Cincinnati. In 1896 Adolph Ochs (whose father was from Fürth) founded the New York Times. In Manhattan in 1853 Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg from Wolfshagen, together with his son Henry, founded the company Steinway & Sons, whose concert pianos would soon become world-famous. Dr. Abraham Jacobi, an escapee from the Minden prison, opened up a medical practice in New York, pioneered pediatrics in the United States, and gained world fame through his publications.

      The watchmaker and optician Heinrich Göbel, an immigrant from Springe on the Deister Mountain, invented the lightbulb – with a charred bamboo fiber in a vacuum glass bulb – in 1854, 25 years before Edison picked up on this invention. Heinrich Gustav Hilgard, known as Henry Villard, made a name for himself in the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad. He financed the enterprise in part with credits from Germany, as thanks for which the state capital of North Dakota is named Bismarck. Together with Edison, Villard-Hilgard founded the Edison General Electric Company. He also acquired the majority of shares in the Evening Post, one of New York’s major newspapers, and appointed Carl Schurz as its editor-in-chief.

      In his book Halleluja Joachim Fernau is less taken with Villard’s methods. He describes Villard as a major participant in the method of luring cheap labor to America via European recruiting agencies. “They canvassed the poor districts all the way to Naples and Sicily and deep into the heart of Russia.” Consequently, for example, of 25,000 steel workers in the smoke-drenched Pittsburgh region, 15,000 were immigrants.

      Between 1852 and 1854, some half a million immigrants from the German-speaking regions arrive in America. Among the “nativists” who feared the new competition on the labor market, these waves of immigrants prompted considerable resentment. The immigrants tended to be better qualified, dominated specialized professions, and on the whole exhibited a superior work ethic, far removed from the otherwise common desire to make “fast money” in any way possible.

      But what the old-established Puritans held against the Germans in particular was their custom to use Sundays not only to piously read the Bible but also to recover in their own way from the strain of the week, with music and dancing and beer. Hundreds of associations of nativists, East Coast Puritans, teetotalers or Messianic Templerenzers – usually with especially strong representation by the fairer sex – crusaded against this “German vice” that threatened the nation’s salvation. President Kennedy once stated that it was thanks particularly to the influence of German immigrants that “our everyday life was rid of the strict and overly pious Puritan character.” In 1793, in his book The Age of Reason, the American freedom hero and first Foreign Minister of the United States Thomas Paine wrote about his countrymen: “If the taste of a Quaker could have been consulted at the creation, what a silent and drab-colored creation it would have been! Not a flower would have blossomed its gayeties, nor a bird been permitted to sing.”

      The Germans, insulting as they did the purity of American morals, were attacked, stoned, even murdered by the fanatical mob. The German Theater in New Orleans was turned into a sea of flames. In Chicago a regular battle ensued in 1855 when the German pubs were to be closed on Sundays. But for once these radical proceedings by the Puritans achieved the opposite of their intent. The attempted discrimination against the Germans rather became an impetus for them, true to the principle that pressure creates counter-pressure! But unfortunately this chance was wasted. If the Germans had founded a party of their own, this budding self-confidence might have lasted!

      On the occasion of Schiller’s 100th birthday in 1859, lavish Schiller Festivals were celebrated throughout the nation. Friedrich Kapp considered that the Germans were “at the apex of their development and intellectual importance to the United States” at this point. But when this Schiller Year was also the first time that a German was elected Sheriff of Chicago, the Anglos howled in outrage: “How disgraceful it would be,” the Times wrote, “if it should come about that an American is hanged by a German!”

    • Whites discovered America.

      Whites founded America.

      Whites wrote the Law of the Land (Constitution).

      Whites planned the growth westward.

      Whites financed the building of the nation.

      Whites defended it (ie: Remember the Alamo).

      Whites established the moral courage and decency which governs our one nation under God.

      Whites pay most of the taxes
      used for non-whites in the form of ‘welfare’.

      We should have ‘National White Appreciation Month’
      (like the blacks do for their worthless contribution to this nation.)

      Not taking away from the contribution of some individual African Americans, who contributed also, but saying that African Americans built this nation is totally insane, they did not build it as much as Italian-Americans, Asian-Americans or even African immigrants, they’ve been here for over 400 years so they must have left a footprint of some sort, but saying that they built this country, totally bogus, we BUILT IT .
      Anyone who hates what “we built this place” said, should also understand that he WOULDN’T be saying this at all IF there weren’t Afrocentric propagandists on this forum spreading bull@$%^% saying blacks were the main ones that built this nation… which is total BS, and everyone who knows history laughs at them.

      But we KNOW blacks contributed some here and there, just like Mexicans, and etc. But again, these inferiority-complexed Afrocentric propagandists want to twist history around and make it seem they America wouldn’t be here if it were not for blacks. LOL! Hahaha! What comedy! Truly! They helped, but guess what, if they weren’t here, there’s have been others to step up and do the job! Blacks weren’t NEEDED, but they were used because they were cheap labor. It’s sad, but true.

      So stop saying it’s a RACIST argument, when really, it’s an argument to battle the RACIST black Afrocentric propagandists on this forum and elswhere. Tell them to drop their inferiority complex, and then we’ll respect them.

      Now, EVERYONE should be judged on an individual basis. However, this still doesn’t negate the FACT that african Americans being ONLY 12-13% of Americas population comprises A LOT of the crime, illegitimate birth rates, welfare & entitlement dependency, frivolous lawsuits, laziness, insubordination, dead beat fathers & single, unwed mothers who neglect their kids. You should also be aware of what managers and business owners have to say about african Americans within the labor force. Now, this is not politically correct to say, but this is what EVERY single manager and business owner whom I know have had to say.—- Hispanics are WAY BETTER than african Americans. Hispanics are WAY BETTER workers, they are WAY MORE reliable, they don’t call in sick, they don’t sue & they don’t have nasty, unappreciative attitudes. And, whether you like it or not, this is TRULY how managers and business owners feel, etc..

      ALL of Americas wars could and/or would have been won without african Americans. In addition, your claim that african Americans invented everything in America is TOTALLY FALSE in the exact, same way as the claims that african Americans built America. Picking cotton DIDN’T build America. ALL of Americas GREAT, urban, industrial centers were built by white European immigrants. Furthermore, Hispanics are WAY BETTER for Americas future than what african Americans are. Hispanics are WAY BETTER workers, they are WAY MORE reliable, they don’t sue, they don’t call in sick and they don’t have nasty, unappreciative attitudes. Seriously Truth, EVERY manager and/or business owner whom I, my family, friends and acquaintences know have ALL said that they’d hire a Mexican, Central or South American, West Indian (Jamaican, Haitian, Grenadian, Trinidadian, Dominican, Puerto Rican) or even an african born black immigrant (Nigerian, Ethiopian, Senegalese and/or Ghanian)before they’d EVER hire an african American.

  12. I fucking HATED This SHITTY PIECE OF SHIT CRAP! Just pointing out one of the shittiest parts… *
    Okay so, its when they are about to go onboard the boat, they screw the whole fucking thing and get like a water hose pipe stuck between those GIGANTIC ENORMOUS Gears, and I mean like, those gears should really be able to crush that little hose…

  13. Man, I just watched this shitty ass movie. I agree 110% with everything that was written. Liberalism at its finest. Good thing it was a movie, cause God only knows that in real life a liberal will not risk their own life for anything. Theyre too damn important!

    Thanks for the write up. *****

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