The Pentagon’s Willful Blindness

The Pentagon’s Willful Blindness

By Andrew Bostom

The Pentagon’s bowdlerized “analysis” of the jihad-inspired mass murder committed by a pious Muslim officer at Fort Hood is a disgrace. The willful blindness toward the essence of jihad will harm our troops.
I recently attended a briefing (an early iteration of the discussion contents are available here, entitled “To Our Great Detriment“) which elucidated in irrefragable detail the Pentagon’s willful capitulation to the dictates of Islamically-correct interpretations of jihad by various Muslim Brotherhood “consultants” to the Department of Defense (DOD). While the DOD adopts the absurdly apologetic interpretation of jihad at its most “aggressive” as a bloodless missionary “striving” to promote the Religion of Peace — negating the living legacy of jihad as a genocidal war doctrine, in practice as well as in theory — the Pentagon’s Muslim Brotherhood advisers, true to the authentic doctrines of jihad as an endless war of propaganda and deceit, continue to espouse jihad war to their Muslim constituencies.
The result of this stunningly corrosive process has been the willful subversion of U.S. DOD policy to the ultimate goals of both cultural and violent jihad: Islamization. More immediately, the warped, criminally negligent “rules of engagement” this DOD subversion has engendered are imposed upon our troops actually battling armed jihadism. This puts their lives in danger unnecessarily and for precisely the wrong “cause” — alternative forms of Islamization, such as supporting Sharia-compliant regimes irrevocably hostile to Western ideals and goals in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The dangerous absurdity of DOD subversion — and its cruel, destructive impact on our troops — is self-evident in this report and accompanying commentary by Diana West:
This wasn’t supposed to happen there. According to a ‘counterinsurgency’ plan (COIN), anti-US, anti-infidel violence just wasn’t supposed to erupt in Garmsir, Afghanistan, of all places. But it did. And at least eight Afghans died in this Helmand Province district in rioting this week inspired by rumors that U.S. troops had roughed up a Koran.  Somewhere between ‘one thousand’ (UPI) and ‘several thousand’ (The New York Times) Afghans converged on the central bazaar in response to these rumors. ‘The Taliban were provoking the people,’ an Afghan police official told the Times. ‘The Taliban were telling the people, ‘This is jihad; you should sacrifice yourselves.’
Jihad? What’s jihad? Among see-no-Islam Western policymakers, Islamic war doctrine is a cipher, a taboo, so policy is made in ignorance. But thousands of uneducated Afghans knew exactly what the Taliban meant. And what’s more, they acted on it.  It was ‘like watching the movie Blackhawk Down,’ a Marine master sergeant told UPI, except ‘I was in it. My gunner kept yelling he had definite targets, people shooting at us but he couldn’t fire back because there were unarmed people around them.’
The contemporary willful ignorance — and subversion — of our DOD contrasts starkly with the studious and intellectually honest approach to jihad taken by C. Snouck Hurgronje. A professor and Dutch colonial official, Snouck Hurgronje was also a pioneering and prolific Western scholar of Islam.
He visited Arabia (1884-85), including a stop at Mecca, while serving as a lecturer at the University of Leiden (1880-89). Hurgronje’s two-volume classic work Mekka (188889) describes the history of the city and expounds upon Islam’s origins and the traditions and rituals of the earliest Islamic communities. Translated into English as Mekka in the Latter Part of the 19th Century (1931), the second volume includes many details of daily life in an Islamic culture and also discusses the Indonesian Muslim colony at Mecca.
From 1890 to 1906, Snouck Hurgronje was professor of Arabic at Batavia, Java. He also served as an adviser to the Dutch Colonial Government for Arabian Affairs, and in 1891 he was sent for a year to Sumatra to study the Acheh uprising — the subject of his two-volume De Atjèhers (1893-94; published in English translation in 1906 as The Achehnese), his ethnographic account of the people of northern Sumatra and a standard reference work.
Snouck Hurgronje remained a colonial adviser until 1933, but he returned in 1906 to the Netherlands, where he was professor of Arabic and Islamic institutions at the University of Leiden until his death in 1936. An explorer, scholar, politician, and jurist, Hurgronje wrote extensively on a range of Islamic topics and also served as a visiting professor in Egypt (1911) and the United States (1914).
Although deeply respectful of Islamic religious life, as an authoritative scholar of Islamic doctrine and history and a Dutch colonial official, Hurgronje vigorously opposed Islamic jihadism. He stated plainly that all teaching with regard to the orthodox, mainstream Islamic institution of jihad war and the establishment of a caliphate should be prohibited in Muslim schools. But perhaps most importantly, Hurgronje’s “prescription” was based on a meticulously researched, clear-eyed, and unfettered understanding of Islamic doctrine, history, and culture.
The travesty of today’s subverted DOD policies toward jihad — embraced and embodied by General Stanley McChrystal — are highlighted by the comparing of McChrystal’s and Hurgronje’s words.
Sounding eerily like an erstwhile “Commander of the Faithful,” McChrystal’s uninformed, jihad-abetting dawah maintains that “flagrant contravention of the principles of the Koran” includes, for example, “The Taliban tell them [Afghan Muslims] the Koran says they have to fight the Crusaders and they [Afghan Muslims] believe them.”
Contrast McChrystal’s bizarre, distressingly apologetic notions with Hurgronje’s insights gleaned from decades of studying Islam, including years of fieldwork in Indonesia researching and writing his seminal, The Acehnese, an analysis of a jihad-inspired Muslim “insurgency.” Hurgronje made these general observations regarding the doctrine of jihad war from his Mohammedanism (New York, 1916, p. 59):
…yet another duty was most emphatically impressed on the Faithful; jihad, i.e., readiness to sacrifice life and possessions for the defense of Islam, understood, since the conquest of Mecca in 630, as the extension by force of arms of the authority of the Muslim state, first over the whole of Arabia, and soon after Muhammad’s death over the whole world, so far as Allah granted His hosts for the victory.
In The Acehnese, Hurgronje concluded,
…most Muslims are absolutely ignorant of the details of the doctrine of jihad.  But so long as not one single Muslim teacher of consideration dreams of regarding these laws of the middle ages as abrogated, while a great proportion of the people exhibit the strongest inclination to restore the conditions which prevailed some centuries ago, so long does it remain impossible, however anxious we may be to do so, to omit the jihad from our calculations when forming a judgment on the relation of Islam to other religions.
…rules of Mohammedan [Islamic] law which control the relations of the ‘faithful’ to the ‘unbelievers’ can only be characterized as humane…if we start on the supposition… that kafirs [non-Muslims infidels] are the inferiors of Muslims in this world. That law declares it to be permissible in some cases, in others commendable and even obligatory, to slay infidels, or to kidnap or enslave them. Many ways are left open to the Muslim of cheating individual kafirs or an infidel government without sinning against God. Under the Mohammedan law religious liberty is intolerable as involving the coexistence of truth with falsehood, and of the service of the true God with paganism.
Our military leadership — epitomized by gullible, triumphantly ignorant men such as McChrystal — must abandon its self-destructive, Muslim Brotherhood-nurtured “understanding” of Islam and rediscover the wisdom and experiences of honest Western scholars such as C. Snouck Hurgronje.

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

By Christopher Chantrill

Isn’t it great to have a Republican senator from Massachusetts? It’s also good to have the First Amendment reaffirmed by the United States Supreme Court — even if our liberal friends are shocked and appalled at the notion of corporations sticking up for themselves.

As delicious as last week’s good news was for conservatives, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. We do not mean that every week will bring new conservative successes. Not at all. It is just that every month will bring fresh anguish for President Obama and his supporters.
There’s the sinking spell in the equity markets last week. It might be from worrying about the president’s anti-banker populism. Or more likely, it is telling us that we are not out of the woods yet on the economy. I suspect disappointing news on fourth-quarter GDP on January 29.
Indeed, it’s pretty clear after 2009, the year the locusts ate, that President Obama and his liberal supporters are facing an annus horribilis. And they know it. Here’s Jon Jeter of The Root telling his readers to be afraid, very afraid.  He sees “a perfect, gathering storm of economics, politics and tribalism[.]”
Trilbalism? I’m afraid so. Racism is rearing its ugly head again. Jeter quotes Andrea Mitchell, who sees anger out there — the worst since the days of George Wallace. And guess who will be taking the part of George Wallace this time around: Sarah Palin.
Palin is the latest in a long line of demagogues -from post-Reconstruction governors in the Deep South to Father Coughlin in the ’30s, from Reagan to Lou Dobbs-who’ve emerged to redeem, or reclaim, the land from Northern carpetbaggers and uppity Negroes.
It still takes me by surprise when the liberals reaches for the racist redneck line. Yet it makes complete sense. If you are writing the narrative of a progressive vanguard leading the world into a highly evolved future, then your story needs an antagonist. The redneck, racist truck-driver with a rifle in the back window fits the part to a T.
Presumably President Obama is trying to preempt the right-wing racists by getting the first dagger into the backs of the bankers. After all, it was the bankers who sent the Okies to California.
Here’s my prediction.  The president’s banker gambit will fall as flat as his stimulus plan, his cap-and-trade bill, and his ObamaCare fiasco. But that will be the least of his problems.  There will be continuing high unemployment right through 2010, which I predicted a couple of weeks ago. There’s the housing market that still hasn’t turned. There’s the huge monetary stimulus that must be unwound. There’s the budget crisis in the states. There is the tax increase coming in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire. Oh, and did I mention the budget deficit and runaway federal spending, or everyone’s favorite, Fannie and Freddie?
It is becoming more and more clear that neither Obama nor Axelrod nor Emanuel really understands ordinary, suburban, private-sector, Joe the Plumber America. Urban America they know. But not suburban Massachusetts.
Scott Brown’s victory last week, writes Bill Kristol, demonstrated the potential of an “enlightened, good-natured, constructive populism.” Notice also how the new Brownian motion slices through the “enlightened progressives vs. benighted reactionaries” narrative of liberal Jon Jeter.
Jeter’s liberal way is the pre-modern way, a hierarchical moral order, with the educated elite guiding the unevolved peasants. The conservative way is the Modern Moral Order, as Charles Taylor describes it in A Secular Age:
The basic normative principle is, indeed, that the members of society serve each other’s needs, help each other, in short, behave like the rational and sociable creatures that they are … In other words, the basic point of the new normative order [is] the mutual respect and mutual service of the individuals who make up society.
This all comes straight from John Locke. So a president who wants health care organized in a single administrative bureaucratic program is missing the basic Lockean point. He is proposing a new version of the old medieval hierarchical structure, where kings ruled by divine right. Only now, liberals want to rule by educated right.
The president has a problem, as Mark Steyn points out: “[Obama ran for president] as something he’s not, and never has been: a post-partisan, centrist, transformative healer[.]”
After a year of the president reverting to type as a partisan, left-liberal wheeler-dealer, the American people have declared in three elections so far that they didn’t vote for that. They wanted someone who would stop the bickering and grow the economy.
So what does Obama do now? The way he’s going, there may not be a Democratic Party by the end of his term in 2013.
As I said, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Christopher Chantrill is a frequent contributor to American Thinker. See his and His Road to the Middle Class is forthcoming.

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Blaming Whitey

Blaming Whitey

By Robin of Berkeley

Why white is beautiful too.

In the early ’90s, my most P.C. friend boasted about attending an anti-racism workshop. Although the event was called “Healing Racism,” I silently dubbed it “Blaming Whitey.”
As she described it, whites and blacks faced each other on opposite sides of the room. Whites guiltily told tales of being racially insensitive, and blacks berated them. Then blacks recounted stories of racism while whites bowed their heads in shame and apologized.
My friend pronounced the day as healing. I thought it sounded sadomasochistic.
I chalked it up to “only in Berkeley.” But over the years I’ve heard of more and more such happenings.
In states both blue and red, incoming college freshmen must attend social justice seminars during orientation. As though 18-year-olds don’t feel crappy enough about body fat and pimples, now they have to recoil at the color of their skin.
The targeted audiences for these blaming and shaming sessions are getting younger, which is predictable. Every cult from the Moonies to the Left recruits from the malleable young.
Even kindergartners are being groomed to be the littlest of community organizers. One of my twenty-something clients cried herself to sleep in second grade after her teacher graphically detailed the conditions of slave ships. While this lovely young person never harmed a flea, somehow she became responsible for genocide.
Blacks in this country have been subjected to true horror in the past. This terrible fact of life cannot be changed.
Punishment is not possible for the evildoers; they are long dead. But that doesn’t stop Obama and the Left from exploiting grudges and grievances for their own agenda.
Whipping up racial antagonism harms us all, but it especially harms the youth. Hopeful, eager black children can turn angry and demoralized from constant reminders of bigotry. White kids may start believing that their race is evil.
Fostering friction benefits the Left’s goal of redistribution. To achieve socialism, they need whites under their thumb. The Left’s modus operandi: Crush white people’s spirits. (The Left excels at this — they’ve been trampling on blacks’ self-confidence for decades.)
By convincing whites of guilt by association, the Left can induce them to act against their own best interests. Sheepish whites will give up first-class health care and sacrifice Granny for reasons of “justice.” Or they’ll embrace illegal aliens, even if this means a degraded standard of living.
Brainwashed Americans will even risk their own safety and excuse crime. (“It’s not my mugger’s fault.  He’s a victim of white privilege.”) They’ll offer up their own children to hostile public schools for the utopian vision of multiculturalism.
They’ll do anything, in fact, to get that scarlet letter “R” (Racist) off their backs. Most disturbingly, guilty whites will support a president who obviously despises them.
Think I’m exaggerating about Obama?  Just witness his contempt on any given day, whether he’s demeaning Middle America, or Sen. Scott Brown’s truck, or the Cambridge Police.
And behold Obama’s friends: Eric Holder, who is revolted by our nation of cowards, and Michelle Obama, whose enraged speeches, caught on tape, can make your skin crawl.
For possibly the first time in our history, we have leaders who can’t stand most of the people who elected them. And Obama and his crew are working overtime to get whites to detest themselves too.
On the one hand, I understand the hatred and desire for revenge.
Our country’s history is different from most others’. Germany exterminated millions of Jews — but few Jews now live there. The Khmer Rouge massacred much of its population — but those killed were other Cambodians.
In the U.S., blacks coexist with whites, a race that once enslaved them. And the media, schools, and the government take every opportunity to pick at this racial wound.
So I recognize where this antipathy comes from — the shame of slavery and segregation. However — and I’m sorry if this sounds harsh — Obama and friends need to get over it. They need to start living in the world circa 2010.
You see, I am not one of those shrinks who encourage clients to rage for years about their rotten parents. And I don’t believe that bad childhoods exonerate bad behavior. Simply put, people remain in bondage when they allow the past to become their identity today.
The social justice campaign against white America is itself unjust. No matter how great someone’s suffering, retaliating against the innocent is inexcusable.
White privilege seminars are a forum for propaganda, a way to bully and browbeat. They are the elitist version of the New Black Panthers and their billy clubs.
As a psychotherapist, I see the damage done to young people: There’s Shannon, a teen, who had a full-blown panic attack when a teacher fulminated against “white supremacy.”
And then there’s Lara, a Midwestern girl who has had her sense of self-worth decimated since arriving in Berkeley for college. Once confident and secure, Lara now takes antidepressants.
Last week, Lara said to me the following: “When I first came here, I had no idea of all the terrible things white people have done. I’ve come to hate white people. I hate myself. Sometimes I fantasize about killing myself so there would be one fewer white person.”
This is what it’s come to.
I said the following back to Lara:
Your life matters. You have a right to be here, no matter what anyone tells you. You are a precious gift to the world. Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.”
And the same words apply to every one of us:
To blacks rendered permanent victims;
And whites tarred as racists;
To the old being cast out;
And men viewed as obsolete;
To women being sexually degraded;
And those of faith being jeered at:
“Your lives matter. You have a right to be here. You are a precious gift to the world. Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.”
A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a psychotherapist and recovering liberal in Berkeley. To protect client confidentiality, names and identifying information have been altered.

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51 year old brutally beat in racially motivated attack.

51 year old brutally beat in racially motivated attack.

A wolfpack of young black thugs attacked a 51 year old white male who was jogging. Their only motivation appears to be a desire to commit violence against a white person.

This the type of story that would receive major media attention if the races were reversed. Since it is one of the tens of thousands of violent interracial crimes committed against white people every year, it is a non-story to the “mainstream media.”

PITTSBURG — A 51-year-old Pittsburg man was punched and hit with a glass bottle Saturday morning while jogging on the Delta DeAnza Trail.

East Bay Regional Parks Lt. Dave Dubowy said the victim was jogging at about 11:20 a.m. when he neared a group of three men playing with a dog near the trail. As he passed the men one man punched the victim in the head, sending him to his knees. As the victim tried to get up, another man hit him in the back of the head with a glass bottle, Dubowy said. The victim suffered a 2-inch cut to his head but was able to get away from the area and call police. He never lost consciousness and refused medical treatment. The suspects did not steal anything from him.

Police were unable to find the suspects. They are described as three black men in their early 20s. One suspect was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with white lettering and jeans, had beaded hair and a cleanshaven face. Another suspect was wearing a dark gray sweatshirt and matching sweatpants and had short hair. The third suspect was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, black pants and had short hair.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call East Bay Regional Parks police at 510-881-1833.

No one wants to risk their life just to watch the World Cup.

Captain Obvious: No one wants to risk their life just to watch the World Cup.

The much glorified 2010 South African World Cup has turned into a total disaster as thugs prey on tourists near the venue. Promises by the government to clean up crime have been a total failure and FIFA has now cut their fan predictions in half.

FIFA originally predicted that 1 million foreign fans would travel to South Africa for the world cup. Today they cut their estimate down to 450,000.

US 82nd Airborne shocked by ingratitude of Haitians. Forced to use free food as an incentive for the Haitians to behave.

US 82nd Airborne shocked by ingratitude of Haitians. Forced to use free food as an incentive for the Haitians to behave.

Nothing like this even remotely happened in the area of Southeast Asia hit by the tsunami, and that was a much bigger disaster which hit mostly third world areas. In Haiti heavily armed troops with tanks are now being used to distribute food and water due to the violence that erupts whenever free stuff is given out.

The problem of Haitians beating each other has gotten so bad that the 82nd Army has been forced to withhold food as punishment for “bad behavior” in one camp.

Officers of the 82nd airborne say they are shocked by the ingratitude of the Haitians. Some have smashed UN issued high energy biscuits and used their free bottles of water to pelt US soldiers. All while demanding better handouts. (By the way, in Haiti, eating dirt is common.)

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