White America, R.I.P.

White America, R.I.P.

Ian Jobling, Editor of White America

Ian Jobling shut down his website White America yesterday. This brings to a close a three year attempt by Jobling to create a more full throated, philo-Semitic alternative to American Renaissance and the David Duke wing of White Nationalism.

The saga began in 2006 when Ian Jobling and Mike Berman broke with Jared Taylor over his refusal to anathematize anti-Semites to their satisfaction. This can be traced back to the infamous David Duke/Michael Hart confrontation at the 2006 Amren conference. In the wake of that incident, Jobling and Berman circulated a letter which condemned Duke and anti-Semitism. If memory serves, they were displeased with Taylor’s response and launched “The Inverted World” in protest.

Mike Berman quit the project early on because (of all things) The Inverted World was not philo-Semitic enough for his tastes. Jobling spent the next few years supporting the Iraq War and attacking various prominent figures in the pro-White movement. His website targeted David Duke, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and Frank Salter.

In 2009, The Inverted World evolved in White America, which was the same project under a new name. Jobling launched a vBulletin forum that quickly died. He uploaded a YouTube video which announced “White America” was discussing the great issues of our time:

As time went on, Jobling began to post less frequently. He started tauting John Rawls as the philosopher of the pro-White movement. His last burst of activity was a debate with Kevin MacDonald and Ted Sallis over the merits of Salterism. By that point, it was clear that Jobling’s trajectory would eventually take him out of the pro-White movement.

Now he promises a new project about his “other interests.” There was nothing wrong with White America. Jobling’s problem was that he didn’t have the temperament to build a successful website. He preferred to write long, ponderous articles that reached sweeping and inflammatory conclusions through dubious reasoning.

If Jobling had stuck to daily niche blogging instead, White America would have been a success story, not a ghost town. There is an audience for his philo-Semitic, race realist, anti-Nazi message. Guy White sings the same tune and has built an audience of thousands of readers. The only difference between Ian Jobling and Guy White is that the latter is more pro-active about getting his point across.

I think Jobling expected the MSM would shower him with accolades for severing the pro-White movement from anti-Semitism. He thought he would be invited to write for mainstream publications and appear on radio and television. He expected to build bridges to the conservative movement.

I warned him at the time that he would be ignored by the anti-racist mainstream and marginalized within the movement. That is how events played out.

It usually pains me to see a pro-White site close its doors. In the case of White America, it is no real loss. By the end, it was more or less anti anyway.

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