Race Realism on the Rise.

Race riot watch. Bakersfield braces for possible riots after self-defense shooting of teenage thug by police.

A fifteen year old black thug led police on a high speed chase through Bakersfield, CA in a stolen car. When he reached a dead end, he rammed his car into a cop door. Officers were forced to open fire. The teen died later at a hospital. Another 17 year old was arrested at the scene and a 26 year old fled from the car at some point and got away.

The “usual suspects” are ignoring that teen was a violent monster who attempted to use the stolen car as a deadly weapon. Instead they are claiming the police “murdered him.”

Despite the election of Barack Obama, 2010 so far has been a year full of race riots. Blacks have rioted repeatedly in Philadelphia and Kansas City, MO. Other riots have occurred in New York City, Seattle, Alton(IL), and Oakland.

Decades of wrist slaps leads to ten murders.

From AP…

LOS ANGELES – The man charged with 10 murders in the Los Angeles “Grim Sleeper” case was arrested at least 15 times over four decades but never sent to state prison despite recommendations of probation officers, including one who urged he receive a maximum sentence because it was a bad sign that a man in his 50s still committed crimes, court and jail records show.

Lonnie Franklin Jr., 57, was arrested for burglary, car theft, firearms possession and assaults. But his crimes never were considered serious enough to send him to state prison or to warrant his entry in the state’s DNA database, authorities said.

“He’s danced to the raindrops for a long time without getting wet,” Detective Dennis Kilcoyne, head of the task force investigating the killings, told the Los Angeles Times.

At a Saturday community forum on the murders, city councilman and former police chief Bernard Parks said law enforcement and police should not be faulted for their past handling of Franklin.

“That’s not unusual,” Parks said of Franklin’s short sentences and frequent quick releases. He said jails are “constantly evaluating who can be let go to make room.”

But Parks, who as police chief from 1997-2002 ordered new examination of cold case files and as city councilman in the area of the killings raised a reward of $500,000 before the arrest, said he understands frustration from victim’s relatives and community.

“If people are dead, there is no consolation, there is no excuse,” he said.

CNN can’t figure out why white tourists didn’t use South Africa’s prostitutes.

In a nation that has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world, South Africa gathered their multitudes of prostitutes to stand ready for white tourists.

Instead the South African government says they are shocked that white tourists shunned their prostitutes and instead visit art galleries and museums. CNN seems to think this is a puzzle as well. Maybe this is why CNN has gone from the largest news network in America to a distant third.

From CNN…

The behavior of fans in South Africa has run contrary to what was predicted prior to the start of the tournament after David Bayever told World Cup organizers in March it was feared that up to 40,000 extra prostitutes could converge in the host nation to meet the expected demand.

Bayever, deputy chairperson of South Africa’s Central Drug Authority (CDA) that advises on drug abuse but also works with prostitutes, warned: “Forty-thousand new prostitutes. As if we do not have enough people of our own, we have to import them to ensure our visitors are entertained.”

But the tournament in 2010, if anything, has seen the modern-day soccer fan attracted to art galleries and museums over brothels.

A trend that has seen a drop in revenue across the board for the prostitution industry, which is illegal in South Africa. “Zobwa,” the chairperson of Sisonke — an action group representing around 70 street prostitutes in Johannesburg — said business had been down over the last month.

90% of black owned farms in South Africa are a failure.

23,000 square miles of land have been given to black farmers by the ANC since 1994. A staggering 90% of that land is classified as “not productive” by the South African government.

Nevertheless, the ANC plans massive confiscations of white owned farm land to redistribute to blacks. The same policy that took Zimbabwe from a food exporter to a starving nation that needs foreign charity to survive.

From BBC…

The government had set a target of 2014 to redistribute one-third of white-owned land back to the black majority.

But Mr Nkwinti acknowledged that the deadline would not be kept.

He said the focus would now shift to helping the black farmers make their land productive.

“The farms – which were active accruing revenue for the state – were handed over to people, and more than 90% of those are not functional,” he said.

“They are not productive, and therefore the state loses the revenue. We cannot afford to go on like that… No country can afford that.”

At the end of apartheid in 1994 almost 90% of land was owned by the white community, which made up less than 10% of the population.

Land reform is a sensitive issue in South Africa and has been brought into sharp focus by the decline of agriculture in neighbouring Zimbabwe, where many white commercial farmers have been violently evicted.

The Best Solution to the Current Haitian Crisis: Millions of Haitians Repatriated Back to Africa

The Best Solution to the Current Haitian Crisis: Millions of Haitians Repatriated Back to Africa

by White Preservationist

The gracious head-of-state of the African nation of Senegal, President Abdoulaye Wade, has generously offered land and needed resources in the Sub-Saharan nation of Senegal to (potentially) millions of surviving Haitians who were negatively effected by the recent earthquake there.  Wade said that Haitians, who are of course of racial Sub-Saharan African-descent, could immigrate to Senegal in order to “return to their origin” and rebuild their lives in their native continent of Africa, that the government of Senegal would offer them the needed land and resources to help them get started once they returned to Africa.  This is a brilliantly forward-looking plan which should be implemented immediately.

As I wrote about in a recent post, this is exactly what Whites in the USA, Europe, and other White nations which contain large Black populations ought to be doing — we should be encouraging people in the African diaspora to return to their native continent where they will be able to live and exist in circumstances of their own vision and creation, outside of the influences of excessive technological-industrial modernity as well as excessive Western and/or Asiatic meddling.  In short, just as we want to encourage White Nationalism amongst the White masses, we ought to similarly encourage Black/African Nationalism amongst the Black masses.

Wade’s plan is especially applicable and useful to small and cramped Black nations such as Haiti, since at almost 10 million people the nation is direly overpopulated and has been gradually denuded of the available resources necessary for existence, while the African nation of Senegal (which is around the size of the huge U.S. state of South Dakota) is geographically much larger than Haiti, rather thinly populated, and it still has plenty of resources to sustainably support a viable Black-African population.

So, instead of bringing Haitian refugees, orphans, and others to the USA or other White nations (Canada, Netherlands, France, etc), we should work with the Senegalese government to assist in their repatriation back to their native African continent.  We would assist in their transport there, and once they were there we could also help them build traditional African-style villages and homes, provide them with food until they get their farms up and running, construct schools and places of worship, help them to open small workshops and factories for the manufacture of needed consumer goods, get power-plants up and running, and so on and so forth.  As the old saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day — teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” deftly explains, helping Blacks to stand on their own two feet in their own country back on their native continent is far preferable to continually sending them food, water, medicine, clothes and so on as we now do in broken Black nations such as Haiti.

As I’ve written about before, we should assist in building up sustainable African-style villages which mimic tradtional cultural and living styles in the region and area instead of seeking to build them one or more huge cities, because historically cities which are filled with millions of people of Sub-Saharan African descent always seem to eventually become mega-urban slums of the worst sort (similar to Port-au-Prince).

The alternative to this is Senegalese repatriation plan is, of course, the continued mass-immigration of hordes of 3rd world Haitian Blacks in to White America, and that is of course a very bad thing for White America racially, economically, culturally, and so on.  Blacks ought to live amongst their own kind back on their own continent from which they were cruelly snatched by Jewish-Spanish, Jewish-Portuguese, Jewish-Dutch, and Jewish-British slave-traders a few centuries ago.

I heartily commend President Wade for offering this plan to the long-suffering Black Haitians who have been devastated by the recent earthquake, and I wish him the best of luck — his phrase, in reference to helping Black Haitians to “return to their origin,” shows him to be a great man and a true leader who possesses deep socioracial insight far beyond those possessed by mostWhite-Western leaders.

While I think that the death and destruction in Haiti is terrible, I will not be donating a dime to earthquake relief there and I wholeheartedly reject all of the Haitians being brought in to the USA as refugees and orphans — lest you think I am some cruel soul who just hates all Blacks because I am a ‘racist,’ I should state that I do not hate Blacks (or anyone else for that matter) and I actually would be willing to devote at least 2 years of my life working toward this Haiti-to-Senegal repatriation plan (though I’m not sure where to apply for a job such as this) in the hopes of also eventually assisting Blacks in the USA in their peaceful return to their African motherland sometime in the future as well.

+ The BBC & AP have the story:

File photo of Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, September 2009

Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians could “return to their origin”

+ “Senegal offers land to Haitians”

– ‘Senegal’s president says he will offer free land and “repatriation” to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti.’

President Abdoulaye Wade said Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal.

“The president is offering voluntary repatriation to any Haitian that wants to return to their origin,” said Mr Wade’s spokesman, Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye.

Tuesday’s earthquake killed tens of thousands and left many more homeless.

Buildings have been reduced to rubble, the distribution of aid is slow, and people have been flooding out of the devastated capital, Port-au-Prince.

“Senegal is ready to offer them parcels of land – even an entire region. It all depends on how many Haitians come,” Mr Bemba Ndiaye said.

“If it’s just a few individuals, then we will likely offer them housing or small pieces of land. If they come en masse we are ready to give them a region.”

The spokesman emphasised that if a region was given, it would be in a fertile part of the country rather than in its parched deserts, the Associated Press news agency reported.


+ “Senegal offers land to Haitians that want to come”

By RUKMINI CALLIMACHI, Associated Press Writer Rukmini Callimachi, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jan 16, 5:52 pm ET
DAKAR, Senegal – Senegal is offering free land to Haitians wishing to “return to their origins” following this week’s devastating earthquake, which has destroyed the capital and buried thousands of people beneath rubble.

Senegal’s octogenarian President Abdoulaye Wade told a meeting of his advisers that Haitians are the sons and daughters of Africa, because the country was founded by slaves, including some believed to have come from Senegal.

“The president is offering voluntary repatriation to any Haitian that wants to return to their origin,” said Wade’s spokesman Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye late Saturday following the president’s announcement.

“Senegal is ready to offer them parcels of land — even an entire region. It all depends on how many Haitians come. If it’s just a few individuals, then we will likely offer them housing or small pieces of land. If they come en masse we are ready to give them a region,” he said.

He stressed that Wade had insisted that if a region is handed over it should be in a fertile area — not in the country’s parched deserts.

Senegal, a nation of 14 million roughly the size of South Dakota, is considered one of the most stable and developed in the sub-region. Still nearly half of working-age adults are unemployed and the country has been burdened by high food prices, frequent blackouts and spiraling energy costs.

Many have criticized Wade for being a dreamer, proposing lofty projects that do little to alleviate poverty or address endemic corruption. Others see him as a statesman who dares to have a vision for Africa.


The Hated White Male

The Hated White Male

by David Yeagley

The white male is the most hated creature on earth. Specifically, the middle-aged, white, Western male, and particularly the American white male, is the most despised, condemned, and denigrated human being in the world.

He can’t do anything right. Unless he is praising the poor Negro, or lauding some forlorn “indigenous” people of color somewhere in the world, the white male is universally regarded with moral ostracism. He is believed to be the inventor of all ills, the abuser of all races, and the war-monger-in-chief across the globe.

Ann Coulter, a media concession
for conservatism?

These hysterical blatherings, of course, were created by the weaker portion of the white race. Very much expressive of the “slave ethic” so carefully articulated by Friedrich Nietzsche in The Genealogy of Morals (1887), it is today called Communism. It is a process whereby the weak prick the conscience of the strong, and then rise to tyrannical power by the usurpation and elimination of freedom. It is an inverted aggression, a parasitical deception.

Indeed, the worst enemies of the white race are white people themselves.

These self-destructive types are delighted to use every darkie in the world to validate their white self-flagellation, their ritualistic politics of self-condemnation. It is clearly a form of self-righteousness, the repulsive like of which finally gave birth to Protestantism. Today, Communism is giving rise to an American Renaissance, a revival of American values—from ethnicity and religion to economics and political freedom.

Michele Bachmann, another media concession. Is she man
enough to lead the country?

The war is certainly wrought with agonous uncertainties and defeats, and is by no means alleviating in the near future. The strong white male has yet to even enter the fray. He stands by silently, watching white women attempt to wield his power.

A substantial group of mild-mannered middle-aged white American males attempted to hold a conference in Washington recently. It was called the 2010 American Renaissance Conference. They intended to hold a gentleman’s discussion on their plight, and to assess their future. However, Communists harassed and threatened every hotel facility which the conference attempted to secure. The conference was cancelled. Not one word of this outrageous incident was reported in American media.

But when a tall blonde American white female has a brush with a Canadian university, it is prime time news. Media couldn’t get enough of the Ann Coulter story at Ottawa. It was a human rights violation.

This is where the white man is today: unimportant, unattended, and hidden. Worse, he is loathed. Only white women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Ann Coulter are paraded in media. The white male is anathema.

As a Comanche Indian, descendant of a warrior race, I have a word of advice for the white male: do not presume superiority. I know the white man is a grand old warrior. I know his accomplishments are unfathomable. Yet, I see in him a humility which is costing him his world. I see in him a pride that is making him impotent.

The warrior does not have the luxury of choosing his enemies. The warrior must never be too proud to fight.

Sarah Palin, the “guy” gal in conservative
politics. Is this what the white race offers
up for consumption now? White women?

Pride is the secret of failure in Indian country. It is becoming the obvious cause of failure in the white man’s world. The proud white warrior seems too lofty, too indifferent, and too complaisant to fight. He lets his women be used and abused by any and all; he thinks she can do all the work now; he presumes that change is inevitable. He seems to feel somehow insulated, or simply at the end of his era.

Racism is his biggest fear. He cowers before such a thought. Though the term is not defined, the accusation is the deadliest weapon in the ’slave ethic’ arsenal. The white man, who has mightily defeated all other races in the world, is terrified of the mere word “racist.” What a glorious trick. What a wondrous swindle of his power for his conscience. This is the Communist precursor of defeat. “Racism” is the dope, the anesthetic, before the tyranny of Communism triumphs. The constant drone of moral condemnation for strength and success finally weakens the white man into submission to the immoral imperative of Communism. “You owe me!” cries the morally pretentious Communist. “I’ve been wronged!” he shouts to the ignorant world, which is ever so anxious for justification and significance.

The middle-aged white male—this is the victim of modernity. All that he has accomplished is cursed. Freedom itself is damned. The morally worthless Communist makes his way by words. His lying pen is mightier than the honest sword.

Why Minorities Can’t Lead America

by David Yeagley

Barry Soetoro (often called “Barack Hussein Obama”–may his name be changed, inshallah) is a profound example of the inability of a minority to lead a majority, and the impropriety of such an assignment. That such a disconnected, alien individual should be put in charge of the greatest nation on earth simply demonstrates the imbalanced introspection, and the foolishness of self-righteous idealism to which that great nation has drifted. “Jeshurun waxed fat and kicked…then he forsook God, which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation,” to quote an ancient Hebrew (Deuteronomy 32:15).

It is the special liability of greatness to fail in self-understanding, to credit itself for being, and to deny the true source and origins of its power. But, on the personal level, or on the national level, success is more accidental than created, more circumstantial than achieved. Those to understand something of the Creator, understand something of the nature of greatness. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. (Ecclesiastes 9:11.)

A bit much? Lincoln’s words in a 1858 debate with Stephen A. Douglass. Astounding? Maybe not. For the entire quote, see:
The Liberty Tree.

The seat of power in this world was been created through the white race. Through it’s connection with the true God, by predilection or by choice, the scepter has be held in white hands. “The Great White Throne,” we have called it, metaphorically. The notion that a foreign race, a godless heathen, could successfully occupy that Throne is a notion that reveals the godlessness that has grown up in the white race, particularly in America. It is the expression of a self-congratulatory, self-idolizing, and self-righteous sentiment, born of a profound displacement, yea, ignorance, of the true God. God created the nations, and the ethnicities, and the races. To dismiss this would seem ominous, (to assign such a purpose to Christian faith, blasphemous).

It may be pawned off as an act of transcendent charity, sharing the Great White Throne with an irresponsible, dubious, black juvenile–who clearly has no idea of what he’s doing, or even supposed to do, but it is not true charity. It is merely self-idolizing on the part of whites. It is goodness gone too far. It is the generosity of centuries finally made into a self-awarded badge of honor. While it may seem the apogée of of nobility, while it might even appear to be self-sacrificing, putting a alien Negro (who is not American in any real sense of the word) in charge of country is the epitome of self-destruction. It is in fact ignoble, and disgraced. This is always the final result of self-righteousness. In this case, it is a white race who has neglected to honor its fathers, a nation who has taken credit for its own status, denying the faith of the founders, and the role God played in their values and vision for the nation. The sons play with the riches, without cherishing the discipline it took to earn them. The sons toy with honor, rather than earn it.

That the race through whom power was made in the world should offer the seat of that power to the weakest of the weak, may provide a ‘jolly good show” for some moralistic, philosophical fireside pipe-smoking conversation in some quiet, dignified parlor in an out-of-the-way hunting mansion in Britain, but, the entertainment is nigh too costly. Can the white race recover from its extraordinary kindness?

The fact is, if the whites don’t recover, it spells disaster for the dark races of the world. The Third World depends on the great White Throne. It is in the best interests of the colored races to follow the whites, not try to lead them. It is not an expression of “equality” for the whites to offer power to the coloreds. It is the expression of condescention, and a self-destructive condescention at that. And, again, any power freely given, inappropriately given, improprietously given, to the darks, disables them from improvement. They are thus robbed of the lessons for their own learning–the want of which is the cause of their dependent position in the world.

And the most obvious, most crippling element is the inevitability of race, of minority race interests, confusing and denigrating the general status of the dominant white society. There is one thing that all can be sure of: the minority in power has his own minority interests at heart. This is in principle, in policy, and in action. Barry has behaved as a black man so thoroughly, so completely, that this is the nature of his leadership. His approach has been to force the black face in the white face, day in and day out. Though he pretended to decry the idea that “the most important thing is to be a celebrity — it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get on TV,” this has been precisely his approach to presidency. He obviously feels that the best thing he can do for himself and for Negroes is to put his face on television 24/7. That way, white will get used to blacks, and maybe even forget the blackness, like Chris Matthews. Equality will finally be achieved.

BadEagle.com was assessed recently by an Ethiopian seer by the name of Kidist Paulos Asrat (Camera Lucinda). Asrat title her piece, “Indians will be Indians.” She determined that, for all my conservative efforts, in the last analysis, my first interest was in Indians.

David does this, to a certain extent. But, here starts the contradiction. Despite a professed love for America, I think David, naturally, loves Indians first – and best. So he has to find ways to incorporate the defeat of his people with their uncomfortable and humiliating lives in modern America. Hence, his strange, and constant, discussions of the subliminal effects of Indians on America, and even the world.

I shall not challenge this profound insight, but rather employ it as an example of the truth of my own words in reference to the Great White Throne, and the impossible notion that any but a white person could successfully occupy it. I cite the Amharan seer as acute assent.

I will add, however, that my notion that Indians are exemplary is only in the matter of nationhood. Indians have demonstrated what it means to love and cherish your own people to the point of sacrificing. Indians would never allow or want a non-Indian person to be chief. Indians would never accept much less elect a non-Indian as a tribal chairman or governor. Look at the case of Quanah Parker, the government-appointed “chief” of the Comanche. He was hotly hated for this un-Comanche position. It was contrary to all Comanche tradition. It wasn’t our way. Plus, Quanah was half-white, and the white man, the government and the ranchers, took advantage of that fact. And Agent James M. Hayworth assigned a half-dozen body guards to protect Quanah from the Comanches.

Quanah Parker, ca. 1852-1911

(They used to say Quanah took baths in extra hot water to rid himself of his white blood. Well, Barry married an American black woman.)

Any Questions?


The Hated White Race

by David Yeagley

“Fifty years from now, there won’t even be any white people!” said my pathological Middle Eastern neighbor. He knew I was an American Indian, and he expected me to dance in his vision.

I didn’t. I found his attitude, and that of his angry black wife, repulsive. I don’t appreciate being presumed upon or being dictated to in any matter, especially in the matter of race. Nobody tells this Indian how to think. I’m free to like and dislike whomever I please, for whatever reasons I choose.

My two neighbors were racists, obviously. And they were making me a victim of their racism. Because I was non-white, they presumed I was a natural partner in their resentment and animosity toward the white race. I was judged by the color of my skin, so to speak.

This all happened many years ago, but, I never forgot it. Today, I see truth in the words of my Middle Eastern neighbor. White women are leaping in bed with black men, or other darkies of the world, and popping out strange-looking children. Generally speaking, the male in these incidents could not care less about the children. It’s all about sexual aggression against the white race. They’re happy to conquer for the moment, and to create ghastly, permanent consequences. Marriage and family have nothing to do with these misanthropes, nor the lusus naturae they create.

This denigration of race is a cruel mockery of manhood. It is a pathetic testimony of the personal irresponsibility and malignant selfishness of failed men. Indeed, a careless woman is generally such for the lack of a caring father.

But I will not dismiss this kind of race destruction as sexual caprice or mindless ego in aimless men. It is not some Über-design of social architects, or the express intent of integrationists. While racial disintegration may be the result, there are other inevitabilities at work in the process.

Like the universal law of aesthetics. We want beauty. Superior beauty lies in the white race. It is the variety of color, the red hair, the blonde hair, the green eyes, the blue eyes. All the other races in the world have only one coloring, the same black hair, the dark brown eyes and skin. A bit drab in comparison, can’t we say?

A true redhead, only in the
hated white race.

The darkies of the world are truly fascinated with the white race, and always have been. However, there is a certain envy that naturally, unavoidably develops. It seems Hitler had a point when he referred to “the hated white race.” (Mein Kampf, p.325.) But the sexual encounter of the dark with the white makes the white dark. And what most people—especially white people—forget is the fact that the white race is the minority in the world. It is, and has always been, vastly out-numbered by the dark races. Moreover, the pigmentations of the white race are all genetically recessive. The whiteness is first to fade.

Therefore, integration tends to mean elimination for the white race. That’s simply the way of the genetic world. That the white race became the most powerful, dominant, ruling race may be attributed to cultural values more than anything else. It was of course the white race that adopted the Judeo-Christian religion. The social constructs and psychological hierarchies in this tradition evolved a people more astute and agile in every way.

A true blonde, only in the hated white race.

Whatever ‘mental’ problems the white race developed as a result of being more powerful are only fairly recent evolutions. In his day the white man has created a throne like no other in history. If it is criminal at the foundation, the challenge is chiefly from envy—always the weakest charge. Besides, what’s the point of the dark man accusing the white man of not keeping his white morals, if the dark man himself does not believe in those morals? The charge of hypocrisy is moot, made in impotence. (The white man’s self-flagellation is the only hope of the darkies.)

I would not look forward to a time when there is no white race. My neighbors were nothing I would want to see more of in this world—certainly not their attitude. But that there is a growing number of people in the world who think like them is a concern. The Muslim world tends to produce such a disposition.

Disguised though it may be in moral and religious terms, political terms, or even genetic terms, the case is fairly obvious: “the hated white race” is such for its beauty and power.

Damon Evans and the Black Vocational Rule

Damon Evans and the Black Vocational Rule


Diversity. No word is more nebulous in the English language then this one, though achieving some form of it is the goal of every company, business and university in America. Institutions lacking the blessing of diversity are cause for immediate concern though one Harvard sociologist refused to publish major findings on the subject of diversity on the grounds it might lead to the erosion in the once-perceived invincible armor of the diversity movement.

One thing is for certain: Diversity is not an old, old wooden ship that was used in the Civil War era. Regardless of what diversity truly means, once a company has acquired a certain level of diversity, to undue this transition and back-peddle on such a noble commitment would be grounds for immediate concern.

The race to accumulate the most positive diversity points in Corporate and Collegiate America is a never-ending marathon that will ultimately lead to the displacement of every leadership position in that entity of people with ties to Pre-Obama America.

Black Run America requires enforcers to guarantee its continuation and the never-ending desire to obtain some elusive goal of diversity to brighten the employee payroll figures is a task that is at the forefront of all organizational objectives.

A corollary of the quest in pursuing diversity is that once the implementation of this mission has occurred, the hiring of a non-diverse employee can never transpire for that position.

If this happens, the commitment to diversity is over and a regression to the mean old days of Pre-Obama America (an era where diversity wasn’t a principle of every company and university, but striving for unquestioned excellence was such a principle) is afoot.

Black people are the pawns in the game of diversity, where Disingenuous White Liberals maneuver to pull the levers of power through a game of manipulation.

No pawn is more apparent than the former Athletic Director of the University of Georgia, Damon Evans. Hailed as the first Black Athletic Director of a Southeastern Conference (SEC) school, he presided over a multi-million dollar budget and replaced the legendary Vince Dooley in the role.

Becoming the figurehead for all of UGA athletics, Evans was confirmed to be one of the ultimate personifications of the dreaded Token Black in all of American business.

Once picked as the Sports Person of the Year by the Athens, Georgia newspaper, Evans was the athletic director of a university that is overwhelming white to the point of having this be an open embarrassment to the school:

As reported Tuesday in this newspaper, a trust report titled “Opportunity Adrift” ranks UGA last among the 50 flagship public universities in the United States in terms of the percentage of in-state minority and poor high-school graduates it enrolls. According to the report, 40 percent of this state’s 2007 high school graduates were black, Hispanic or American Indian, but less than 10 percent of the university’s freshman class for that year were minority students.

Though the school’s enrollment is 95 percent white, the football is more than 70 percent Black and has continually had disciplinary problems.

This article published in 2009 points to Evans moral strength and the importance of his leadership in helping the Georgia Bulldogs attain athletic excellence, never acknowledging that all 12 schools in the SEC are also enjoying the financial windfalls of being part of the SEC.

Mr. Evans was a paragon for those who push diversity, a model citizen and a loyal representative of the school. He attained the position of Athletic Director of a Predominately White Institution (PWI) and was viewed as an individual who could help the peaceful infusion of diversity into virtually every segment of society.

That all changed one fateful Buckhead night in July 2010 that threatens to weaken the diversity at UGA:

The police report from the Georgia State Patrol officer who arrested Damon Evans in Atlanta Wednesday and it’s a damning document for the Georgia athletics director.

According to the report, filed by GSP Officer Mark Cabe, Evans’ black BMW was weaving noticeably on Roswell Road, which initiated Cabe to U-turn his cruiser and execute a stop. After Evans pulled into a parking space at the corner of Roswell Road and Chastain Drive, Cabe reports that he “noticed that the subject had a pair of lady’s red panties between his legs.” Later in the report Evans admits that the panties belonged to his passenger, 28-year-old Courtney Fuhrmann of Atlanta.

“She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home,” Evans said, according to police.

While trying to conduct a field sobriety test on Evans, Cabe reports that Fuhrmann got out of the passenger side of the car several times despite instructions from both the officer and from Evans to remain in the vehicle. After failing to obey a final warning, Fuhrmann was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

“I have a young lady and she is intoxicated and I am just trying to get her home,” Evans reportedly told the officer.

Police report that Evans failed a field sobriety test. “Used his vehicle for balance” and “subject kept his left heel on the ground almost the entire test . . . after instructed (to hold it) approximately 6 inches of the ground,” reads the report.

Evans refused a breathalyzer, then began to plead with the officer.

“I am not trying to bribe you but I am the athletic director of the University of Georgia,” the officer reports.

“The subject admitted again that he’d been drinking and started crying,” McCabe writes. Evans asked the officer to take him to a motel.

“I am not going to bribe you but is there anything you can do without arresting me?,” Evans asked, according to police.

When off-loading Fuhrmann at the jail, the officer asked her how long she had been seeing Evans. “Only a week ago,” she replied, according to police.

Fuhrmann also stated: “I promise you one thing: He will get off. . . . It will be erased because he is the Athletic Director of UGA and he has that power.”

Upon dropping off Evans at the jail, “the subject began crying uncontrollably,” the police report says.

Evans resigned for the DUI (and for alleged infidelity) today, and with this the only Black Athletic Director in the SEC is no more. Evans even attempted to bribe the officer who arrested him, while the red panties of another woman rested comfortably in his lap!

His tenure that was greeted with so much enthusiasm for the diversity-addition he brought immediately upon hire now ends thanks to one alcohol fueled evening that displaces diversity atop the head of UGA’s athletic department. Therein lays the true casualty in this sordid tale of DUI, disloyalty and booze – diversity.

Once you hire a Black person for a position and once that Black person’s employment is terminated, or if they resign, a Black person of equal or lesser value must be immediately hired to replace them. If not, the commitment to diversity has been reneged upon and that business or university is forsaken its desire to be a model for diversity.

Call it the Black Vocational Rule of Diversity

Damon Evans is no more at the University of Georgia. Diversity cannot be another victim in this story. Evans, who told students not to drink and drive in a public service announcement, failed to take into account his own advice and in turn threatens the fragility of the diversity situation at UGA.

The successor to Evans must be a Black person – as the Black Vocational Rule of Diversity mandates – or else the commitment to diversity by UGA has to be called into question. A school that is embarrassed by its overwhelming white student body (historically, the school has always been white, thus its nature is a PWI), must replace this unfortunate stain on its reputation by displacing white students with diversity.

Thus, the true nature of diversity. The displacement of white people with non-white people. But hey, at least we have college football to watch!

Dead Letter – Our Constitution of No Authority

Dead Letter

Our Constitution of No Authority

In a commentary for Chronicles (unavailable online), Tom Fleming makes an argument about the increasing irrelevance of the Constitution that I find mostly irrefutable. According to his argument, which is clearly non-neocon in origin, it is futile to try to depend on a tradition of government that arose in radically different circumstances from our own. The kind of governing document that late 18th-century Americans created and accepted for themselves came out of communal arrangements and moral assumptions that no longer are dominant in our society. Now that these shaping conditions have been irreversibly changed, it is foolish to believe that present or future inhabitants of the U.S. will continue to accept the legal restraints and distributed sovereignty that mattered to 18th century Northern European Protestant merchants and small landowners.

The current residents of the same territory may agree for want of something better to being ruled by a “living” version of what the Founding Fathers devised. But what they are actually living under is not the regime established in 1787. One should not confuse contrived legality with what Aristotle understand to be a “way of life” associated with a particular form of government.

Least of all, should one take seriously the constitutional patriotism that the neoconservatives have been pushing for the last several eons. We all supposedly find national solidarity in the form of government that nurtures us as a “people,” a regime that is seen as the bodying forth of the work of our Founding Fathers. The catch here is that what this government has become looks less and less like what it started out being. We no longer have, as Richard points out, anything that faintly approximates a self-governing nation. And certainly our federal and state governments have nothing in common with the polis as described by Aristotle in the opening passages of The Politics, a regime and mode of life in which those who rule are the same as those who are ruled. We now have something that is supposedly better, a nation of open borders und bureaucratically enforced sensitivity represented by such natural leaders as President Obama, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Barney Frank.

Tom brings up his argument in connection with recent attempts by Tea Party partisans to give the appearance of being 18th-century colonists protesting English tyranny. All of this is inexpressibly ridiculous for more than one reason. George III was practicing benevolent neglect in the New World in comparison to the managerial despotism that our population now for the most part happily accepts. Moreover, no one who is even minimally culturally literate could mistake a 21st-century retiree speaking with a Midwestern twang for an 18th-century Bostonian. Equally relevant, doctrines like Nullification, which excited Western Pennsylvania and Kentucky farmers in the 1790s, mean nothing to the present conservative establishment, except as rhetorical filler that can be thrown at the Democrats now in power.

Does anyone with more than a room-temperature IQ think that FOX news is interested in reviving the states rights positions of Jefferson and Madison in the current debate between our two national parties? The GOP-neoconservative establishment was offended when Rand Paul made a bumbling attempt to call into question some provision of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. And the GOP senatorial nominee in Nevada had Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity campaigning against her after she suggested ways of cutting the Department of Education. After all, this federal department has provided loads of jobs for GOP as well as Democratic Party hacks.

What I can find to counter Tom Fleming’s argument is rather limited and would consist of the following: Although we’re holding an exceedingly poor hand and the momentum is mostly on the other side, we should use those resources that are available to us to keep our enemies from gaining more ground. Some arguments will be more helpful than other ones; and which ones will work will depend on the circumstances. For example, the appeal to nullification that Tom Woods makes in his most recent book is not likely to get us very far, given our two-party monopoly of the political conversation and given the erosion of any understanding of states as living communities.

The kind of state consciousness that existed when Jefferson and Madison raised the idea of nullification two hundred and fifteen years ago is a thing of the past. It does not relate to our less cohesive, perpetually mobile, and by now multiculturalized society. Such appeals will work even less once the GOP crawls back into power and predictably starts acting like the Democrats. Once that happens, Tom’s case will offend the Reps even more than the Dems.

But when telling arguments, including those in support of Nullification, can be marshaled to advance our interest in the short or middle term, we should never hold back. We should be every bit as opportunistic as we can in pursuing our goals. And we should stress the notion of legality in a society that continues to pay homage to that principle, however inconsistently. Calling attention to laws and precedents protecting our property and freedom from government attempts to de- and recode us behaviorally may be our best weapon against a derailed political order. In any case, doing something is better than simply giving up.

Another thought is that global democratic empires like the U.S. and the EU are beginning to suffer from the effects of overload. At this moment the EU’s human rights czars are trying to get Catholic countries, like Italy, to remove religious symbols, and in particular crucifixes, from public buildings. For years the EU has imposed PC guidelines on how its members should deal with invasions of Third World immigrants, gay and feminist lifestyles, and historical narratives that do not fit the imposed antifascist standards.

Similar disputes about control being placed on local and regional authorities have erupted in the U.S.; and we may hope that such dissension will continue to surface and grow even more severe. In these situations claims for more decentralized authority are likely to become more common; and even if these claims won’t bring about total system changes, they can assist us, for a time, in limiting bureaucratic and judicial overreach from the top.

Having made these defenses I should admit that I share Tom Fleming’s general pessimism about making the U.S. Constitution work again, as it once understood as mandating distributed authorities. Whether a constitution is written, as in the American case, or viewed as a series of unwritten precedents, as in the British case, there is no way to prevent its straying once the society that was willing to live by its restraints has vanished. Elena Kagan (who in the most recent polls enjoys greater popularity than disfavor by 2 percent) has become the Hamilton and Madison of our late modern age. The most we can do, in the face of our new judicial philosophers and the hostile media now in power, is to hold back their victory train. It may be too late to hope for a more formidable opposition, barring of course a major disaster. I always pray for one big enough to wreck the state that the neoconservatives wish us to be proud of but not devastating enough to end the chance for national recovery.