None dare call it White genocide

None dare call it White genocide

The case for a new discourse of genocide in our lands

by Christian Miller

The overarching goal of the “open borders” movement is to flood millions of non-Whites into all traditionally White nations.  Make no mistake – this is not mere coincidence.  It is White genocide by design, worldwide in application.  The United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia: White people founded and populated these nations.  All of these nations operated under the implicit mandate, if not explicit by law, that they existed as White nations for the posterity of the White founding stock.  All of these nations had overwhelmingly White populations for the preponderance of their national history.  Now, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, all of these traditionally White nations face demographic upheavals through massive non-White immigration.  The White populations of these countries are slated to become minority populations in just a few generations.

Why is the push for unrestricted immigration focused so strongly and so specifically upon the traditionally White nations?  Some say the traditionally White nations are economically advanced and therefore desirable destinations for immigration.  This observation is mostly accurate.  However, it does not explain the entire story because there are many other advanced nations that are traditionally non-White, yet face no pressure to absorb foreign populations.

Japan is one of the most highly advanced economies in the world.  It is a well-known and well-documented fact that Japan faces a grave population decline.  There are not enough young Japanese to assume the lower rungs of the workforce.  The elderly Japanese population looms on the horizon, destined to strain the retirement and pension system.  The Japanese reproductive rate is far below the replacement rate.  Over time, Japan’s population will continue its precipitous descent.  Under the orthodox globalist economic doctrine, Japan’s situation beckons for a massive influx of cheap foreign labor.  Yet somehow the international political discourse barely broaches the topic of massive non-Japanese immigration to Japan.  There is no strong international or domestic pressure (or imperious demand) for Japan to import millions of Africans or South Americans.  Japan is not singled out for genocide via massive non-Japanese immigration.  Japan is not the target.  Japan is free to remain Japanese.  It is only White nations that are targeted for genocide.

Egalitarians claim “the race problem” will disappear if the traditionally White nations assimilate and interbreed with non-White populations.  Some imagine this will produce a utopia of brown-skinned beauties – society without race by homogeneous default.  Others recognize this scenario as the systematic eradication of the White race – White genocide.  To bolster the credibility of the latter position, put the shoe on the other foot.

Assume for the sake of argument that in a stunning reversal, political correctness dictates that Africans are racist oppressors.  Africans disproportionately enjoy material niceties, unfairly subjugate other races, and an invisible “African privilege” pervades the air which mysteriously oppresses all other races.  In this hypothetical world, institutional racism means that Africans are predisposed to success and worldly gain from birth, as a result of the current political power relationship.  Now, follow the usual prescription for healing with plans for coercive diversity and watch the fireworks begin!

The continent of Africa can solve “the race problem” by a massive influx of non-Africans.  These non-Africans will assimilate and interbreed with Africans over time.  The end result will be a utopia of mocha-skinned beauties – society without race by homogeneous default.  Everyone will hold hands in unity, hatred will be a thing of the past, and racial oppression will no longer be an option.

A sharp mind quickly realizes the solution to “the race problem” in the African example is actually the Final Solution for Africans.  That is, the systematic eradication of the African people – African genocide.  No rational Black man will agree with such a genocidal campaign.  No reasonable Black man will stand by and cheer on the destruction of his or her fellow Africans.  No race deserves genocide.  Every race has the right to exist biologically, ethnically, and culturally.

International law defines genocide as an international crime against humanity, with grave punishment for violations.  As far as the international recognition of the reality of race, ask the ghosts of Saddam Hussein or Wilhelm Frick if the Kurds or Jews, respectively, are mere social constructs.  Race is an internationally-recognized reality and is a major factor in the crime of genocide.  In the future, the political and economic elites that are responsible for the policies of White genocide may face trial before an international tribunal.  The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The present immigration and political policies of many traditionally White nations, especially the United States, are in violation of part (c) and possibly part (d).  White nations have been subverted to conditions that heavily favor non-White immigration, restrict White birthrates, and encourage and support non-White birthrates, and are thus calculated to bring about the physical destruction of the White race.  There are many quotations of politicians, professors, and pundits advocating this very point – the end of the White race.  Genocide is not always an act of traditional murder.  The United Nations Convention on Genocide covers violent genocide with parts (a) and (b).  However, the remaining definitions cover indirect and incremental methods to clarify that any form of genocide is punishable under international law.

The United States employed an explicitly pro-White immigration policy for the entirety of its two centuries of existence until the treasonous 1965 Immigration Act, which reversed this safeguard and subverted American immigration policy to discriminate against White Europeans in favor of non-White immigration.  Prior to the 1965 Act, American immigration policy favored White European immigration to maintain the status quo of the American population.  The behind-the-scenes architects of the 1965 Act realized that overwhelmingly non-White legal immigration would inevitably reduce the White American population over time.  The political front men of the 1965 Act, such as Ted Kennedy, falsely assured the American public that the new immigration policy would not upset the racial balance of America. In 1965, America was approximately 89 percent White.  Just a few generations later, America is around 65 percent White.  In one more generation, White Americans will be a minority in their own country.

Illegal aliens create further demographic chaos, as White Americans are crowded out and out-bred by millions of mestizo illegal aliens from South America.  Despite overwhelming public desire to seal the border and to deport and deny entry to illegal aliens, the federal government has willfully ignored its mandate to protect against all threats, foreign and domestic.  Non-White legal immigrants and tens of millions of mestizo illegal alien invaders will dispossess the White American majority in the next few decades.  White Americans will become a minority in their own nation.

Overwhelmingly non-White legal immigration and millions of non-White illegal aliens are inherently destructive to the White American population.  Welfare and social benefit policies financially reward the generally poorer non-White groups for having large broods of children.  Preferential hiring policies set aside jobs for non-Whites.  Lax enforcement of employment law allows non-Whites to undercut the wages of educated White American citizens.  The appalling aspect of these trends is that most of these policies, such as welfare, food stamps, and free emergency medical care, are predominantly financed by White American taxpayers.  These White American taxpayers labor under conditions calculated to bring about their genocide as the progressive income tax discourages the most productive White Americans from having children.

Educated, self-reliant, and law-abiding White American taxpayers face the greatest disincentives to having large families.  Instead, these White taxpayers work hard but are forced to financially support criminals, illegal aliens, and welfare abusers.  The taxes paid by hardworking White citizens are transferred to illiterate illegal aliens to bankroll large broods of anchor babies that will produce an ever-increasing amount of welfare obligations and future criminals.  The White American population dwindles while the non-White populations exponentially increase, further straining the welfare system, crowding prison cells, diluting educational standards, and destroying formerly safe White neighborhoods.  White Americans face incremental genocide by design, which is precisely why so many fail to recognize the creeping trend.  Genocide need not be associated with machetes, firing squads, or executions.  The type of genocide White Americans face is far more subtle, which makes it all the more dangerous.

To deny White citizens of White nations the right to preserve themselves – biologically, ethnically, and culturally – is the true example of racism and hatred.  Genocide is never acceptable.  What can be more racist than the systematic eradication of an entire race?  White Americans need not be ashamed of identifying on a racial basis, as every other race in America has a political license to do so.  La Raza, the League of United Latino American Citizens, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith are all bound by racial or ethnic ties.

White Americans are now approaching minority status in the nation their forefathers fought for and built from the ground up.  If the current birthrates continue, White Americans will be a minority group in a few generations.  White Americans must be free to object to the immigration policy of White genocide without being shouted down as “racists”, a term which has lost potency due to its use as a political tool to silence White advocacy.  “Racist” is a thinly-veiled attempt to silence a person who wishes to protect his or her race from extinction – a person who opposes genocide.  “Racist” is an empty slur meant to shut down debate, silence White people, and obfuscate the reality of White genocide.

White Americans must be free to describe racial injustices committed against White people.  Introduce the term “anti-White” to mainstream political discourse in the only way possible – by starting with private conversation.  The mainstream media attempts to mold public opinion, but when there is an seismic shift in American thought, the press has no choice but to bow to popular pressure.  Demand an end to White genocide and anti-White policies.

White Americans have the same claims to identity, organization, advocacy, and existence as does any other group in America.  Take a principled, adamant, and vocal stand against White genocide.  Talk to neighbors and inform friends.  Write letters to editors, television producers, media figures, and especially politicians.  Let the muffled White voice clear its throat and speak up clearly and forcefully after decades of silence.  Turn the tables and take back the moral high ground.  The truth is dangerous, which is precisely why slurs like “racist” are currently used to shout down reasonable opposition to White genocide.  Brush aside such denunciations, or better yet, mount the offense with a counterattack.

Anyone who opposes a return to traditional American immigration policies is pro-White genocide.  Anyone who supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is pro-White genocide.  The current American immigration policy discriminates against White Europeans and is pro-White genocide.  There is nothing more racist than genocide, because it is the destruction of an entire race.  If someone shouts “racist!” in a petty attempt to silence debate, explain that a real racist is someone who wants to commit genocide against the White race.  Stop White genocide one conversation, one talking point, one letter, one complaint, one comment, one remark, and one person at a time.  Stay on a consistent message against White genocide.

The White race of the future, if there is to be one, will be grateful.

10 thoughts on “None dare call it White genocide


    The earth has a problem of over population. The result is that almost every other species on the planet is dying. Who is being blamed for it? It is the white race that instigated the problem with the development of medicines, which was made available to the rest of the world without any thought about the potential impacts. Now the white race is attempting to engineer an improvement in the under developed races because low human development index is associated with high birth rates. The idea is noble. Not only would a smaller world population slow the damage to our natural environment, but peace is conducive to innovative research that would help us minimize our impact on the environment. The problem is the premise that race is a social construct and that it can be engineered.

    This is what is needed to be done –

    1) Stop aid to developing countries. Less developed races are not going to be developed within one generation (and they’re not going to stop breeding like rabbits), no matter how much money you throw at them.
    2) Stop the flood of immigration from third world countries to first world countries.
    2) Develop research in genetic studies and prove or disprove Watson’s theory that intelligence is genetic (apparently this research is only a few years from completion).
    3) Develop research to improve our understanding and mitigate the human race’s environmental impacts
    4) Get rid of all egalitarian political philosophies, especially communism and democracy, and implement meritocracies. We are only equal in the eyes of the law, NOT in our ability to participate in the voting process. These philosophies just encourage further population growth.
    5) Encourage families to have enough children to replace the existing white population

    If that’s not to your liking, maybe you can take comfort in the fact that nobody is going to conquer the West for long. We’ll all be dead soon if we don’t stop using up everything on earth for human consumption. Western culture is the only culture that has the means to save the human race.

    Don’t respond to the liberals’ fears and don’t even attempt to ‘convert’ them. We are not responsible for them. They’ve become our enemies because they refuse to see the facts and suffer from the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ syndrome. The only way to respond to their fundamentalism is without fear. We have nothing left to lose and they are lost, so get over it.

    …I can think of three types of fundamentalism – religious (e.g. Islam, Christian, Jewish), political (e.g. communism – China/North Korea would be good examples) and ideological (e.g. Western environmentalism – causing the race controversy).

    …I think the reason that race has become such a taboo subject is because of the West’s desire for peace, which is required for us to solve the earth’s environmental problems. Make no mistake, the environmental problems are REAL. The disingenuous part comes in when we are no longer allowed to judge things like races i.e. form an opinion about it because it is portrayed as human in the same way that God was portrayed as human in Christianity. It is done for the sake of obtaining peace.Tim Johnston said…

    …fundamentalism never benefits any religion, country or ideal. Its premise is false. You just need to look at the backlash that Christianity had due to fundamentalism. Islam does not benefit from any of this unless you consider domination a measure of success, which is not correct. Environmental fundamentalism will also have no success, despite its developing dominance.

    The dogma runs like this – all races are genetically/biologically equal (and race is a social construct) so all the races are able to uplift their living standards. High living standards are associated with low birth rates. Low birth rates are associated with low competition for resources. Low competition results in peace and peace results in scientific and technological progress. That will enable us to combat the alarming (which may well be exaggerated, who knows?) environmental impacts that we are facing in this day and age.

    Because this argument is accepted as dogma and there can be no debate about it the truth that race is not necessarily a social construct will never surface. Race can’t be discussed. We will hurt the feelings of ‘race.’ Less developed races can’t be uplifted unless it occurs over many generations through natural selection and their numbers will continue to increase out of control. Over population results in competition and ultimately war. So there will probably never be any advances in sound environmental practices until we see the end of environmental fundamentalism. It will fail…

    …According to Wikipedia the definition of racism is – Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    …I just realized the implication of our discussion. It means racism is good.

    In the same way that one must decide about religion, it is our duty to make a decision/observation/judgment…whatever, about the races. If one doesn’t form an opinion about race simply because of controversy, then we are not thinking for ourselves because that’s what we’re being told to do. People were not allowed to question God’s existence in Europe during the Middle Ages (and present day Islam.) By judging a race, e.g. Chinese are small people and don’t swim very fast, it is not hate speech. Hate speech is when an individual or individuals are judged, e.g. “my Chinese neighbour and his family are midgets and not worthy of our company”. An example of hate speech as a result of Christian fundamentalism is “the atheists in the village are evil sinners damned to eternal hell and should be ostracized.’

    … Racism is simply the tool used to draw certain conclusions and like any tool, if used incorrectly it’s not going to work very well. And there are no absolutes in the way one can achieve success – there are only degrees. But thanks to fundamentalism, you would think racism was a swear word. Imagine you attached the same stigma to all the tools we had for making judgments – anything from philosophy to language to whatever…

    …The consequences of racism are a lot more ‘liberal’ IF you accept the premises behind it. I don’t accept it because I’m not a liberal. The point is that there is a choice. We’ve been made to think that there is no choice. Just like people were made to believe that they had no choice believing in God as a result of religious fundamentalism.

    I agree that liberals are racist at heart but that is not their sin. Their only sin is that they don’t talk about their racism. They have judged races and they have made further judgments based on these. When we question the outcome of their judgments they judge us, as people, by not giving us the benefit of the doubt that we may be able to make a contribution that may improve the outcome of their judgments.

    They are at fault because you can never judge people. You can’t judge people! Ever!

    ….I don’t think we are being judged just because we are white. Anybody that confronts the ‘ruling class’s cowardice will be judged. If not with racism, then with stupidity, or whatever. But whites confront them more than others because we are responsible for our global environmental catastrophe. We want to take responsibilty for our problems…

    …I have judged God and it was my duty to judge It. Had that choice been taken away from me, it would no longer be a faith based religion, but a religion based on emotional blackmail i.e. a form of religious fundamentalism…I could say the same about race. Race is not a person or people. It is an idea. Yet I am told I may not judge a race in our politically correct western culture. Nowhere is that written, but it’s done using emotional blackmail. I can’t even blog using my real name, for fear that I may become persecuted if I expressed my honest opinions. So in that regard, political correctness is a form of fundamentalism. I think Muslims have been targeting the West because they’re familiar with the modus operandi of controlling people’s thoughts. Muslims are by far the most fundamentalist group of people, apart from the West.

    I believe it is this judgement that is the cause of the culture war between the ruling class and country class-

  2. it took the Jew a long time to get to the point of eradicating the White race, starting with movies
    in the early 1900’s, to the Jew penetration of the American government under Roosevelt,
    to the complete Jew takeover of the United States under Ronald Reagan.
    Thus, it will take the Whites a long time to recover. ALL EFFORTS ARE APPRECIATED

    • We have only begun to fight, and soon with our nation dying, we will take the fight to the enemy, from the ashes our nation will rise in another form.

  3. The essay has much merit.

    We need to expose overt genocide of whites in S Africa on an unprecedented scale – openly pushed by the ANC “youth leader’s” chanting “Kill the Boer!” But this gets zero attention in mainstream media. Break the silence. EXPOSE WHAT HAPPENS THERE! See sites like…

    // [archive spelled wrongly in English!]

    // OR // OR [Afrikaans like the above] [new “South Africa Sucks” critical website on S A!]

    South Africa exactly what the WHOLE WOLRD will be like under the present plan to make whites a minority in every place! For sure they are a minority in the world at large…. just as in S Africa. That is our future (under advancing secular humanist globalism!) Our future…

    UNLESS WE DRAW LINES and say “these regions are for our use only – others keep out” except perhaps as temporary day-laborer IN SECONDARY JOBS ONLY (as in S African apartheid, with JOB RESERVATION, where non-whites came from bantustan nations to work camps outside white cities or mines or non-burban industries (often built on borders of bantustans for convenient labor supply.) That system worked well. I had lived there! But the other folks must NEVER become too numerous… which means the area and finances and stuff they have must never be too great. Or they will “over-run the place.”

    PS: Exactly this “over-running the place” us what now occurs in many Latin American big cities. Formerly the Europeans (mostly Spaniards and Portuguese, plus later waves of Italians, German, etc) dominated with an iron hand. Now others (via “humanism”) are taking more control and becoming “uppity”… with a NEW SURGE IN LATIN CITY MURDER RATES as just announced and lamented by the chief of the OAU himself! (Org of American States)

    See the website

    (So the “hispanic crime” problem we see in N America is just the tail end of what is happening down there! And once guys become criminals there, they try to escape. North America sounds like a great place to set up!! I think that is part of why we see many cross into USA as illegal aliens. They do not qualify to enter legally – such as some fine doctors, scientists, etc who go north – who are mostly of mostly European origins.)

  4. This book may be of interest to you as it covers the apparent government complicity in genocide of the Afrikaners in South Africa.
    Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa

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  6. If you can’t change the System……….Change yourself. When you talk of “White Race” you are playing in their hands. This grouping becomes just another divisive weapon for them to use. You as a “Christian White Man” do not have the advantage they have. They have All the money. they have had all the years, and they do not squirm from evil. They do it secretly, but here are morning loudly and public. You just come out as pathetic. Learn at least to think like them, not necessarily so that you may be like them, but to know their next possible step. Know you enemy!

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