Afrikaners Apologize

Afrikaners Apologize

2 thoughts on “Afrikaners Apologize

  1. As usual here, the inconvenient facts are always left out on ALL of the material on this website. Here are only a couple reason why blacks can be just as racist as white:

    By the 14th century, long before the white man arrived, there was already an active East African trade in gold and copper mining.

    In 1652 the Dutch established a colony at the Cape of Good Hope, the idea was to colonize the land and exploit the indigenous population and its rich resources for themselves only, and of maintaining white European supremacy over the country’s black majority, Imagine if it had been the other way round.

    The point is this. The white man had no business being there in the first place unless his invisible God in the sky told hims so.

    The blacks didn’t invite the white man to come to South Africa and illegally take over their land or boss them around . They would have been better off being left alone and to eventually develop themselves through fair trade agreements with other countries. Instead, the Dutch settlers, at little financial cost, exploited the cheap labor and the ignorance of the natives to get rich and lord it over them.

    Blow-back is a bitch isn’t it?

    As if sarcasm makes the Afrikaners cause a just one.

    • Blow-back nope. When we whites retake control of our governments from the suicidal liberals and their mud pets, the only blow back will be the nuclear bombs dropping on mud cities.

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