Black on White Crime and the Racial Double Standard

Black on White Crime and the Racial Double Standard

Victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Few people are truly shocked that Blacks attack Whites, but many people are shocked to find out how the media suppresses and distorts such attacks.

For decades, there has been a news blackout of Black on White crime, especially Black on White murders. Those who hide the truth from White America are doing so for reasons of their own. Let’s review some of the most egregious cases and then analyze this continuing situation.

Through 1973 and 1974, Black Muslims committed 16 random Black on White murders known as the Zebra Murders. In one instance, a man’s penis was cut off while he was still alive. At the time, two teams of San Francisco Examiner reporters could find not a single Black person who expressed sympathy for the randomly chosen White victims.

On Oct. 31, 1977, three young White women attended a Halloween block party in Long Beach, California. As they walked through the crowd, Black men began harassing them with racial taunts and obscene gestures. Among the reported chants were: “We hate White people; fuck Whites.” The two Whites tried to ignore the Blacks, but Black women soon began egging on the males, and the taunting soon escalated into violence. The three Whites tried to run, but Blacks of both sexes surrounded them and inflicted a horrible beating.

When all was said and done, although witnesses said that about forty Blacks participated, police had arrested only nine Black girls and a Black boy, ages twelve to seventeen. One of the White female victims dreamed of being a professional photographer, but a skateboard used as a club damaged her eyes permanently to the point that she can never pursue that dream. The other two girls received concussions, bruised lungs, and broken bones. All had their earrings ripped out. As strange as it may sound, the attorney for the assailants argued that this crime was not racially motivated. Go figure. Authorities disagreed but ended up giving the assailants light sentences anyway, arguing that the Blacks had good school records and should not have to suffer inappropriately for going wrong this one time.

In May 1992, Blacks rioted in Los Angeles over the Rodney King verdict. White truck driver Reginald Denny, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, was one of the victims. Two Blacks pulled him from his truck, beat him unconscious and smashed his head with a fire extinguisher. Another Black danced up to Denny, smashed him in the head with a brick and strutted a jig over his broken, helpless body. In that riot, 58 people died and 5,300 buildings were reduced to ashes. Denny survived with brain damage. After recovering enough to speak, Denny took the Politically Correct view that his attackers were not racially motivated. They were just upset about continued injustice to Blacks. The media reported Denny’s brain-addled response with glee.

All Black on White crime is not native to America. On August 25, 1993, Amy Biehl, a 26-year-old White student from Stanford University, traveled to South Africa to help free Blacks from White rule. While there, she gave three of her Black friends a ride to their home in a Cape Town slum. That would be the last thing she ever did. For no apparent reason, young Blacks pulled her out of her car and hit her in the face with a brick. Seems that bricks are a popular weapon-of-choice for rampaging Blacks. Amy ran from her attackers but didn’t get far. They caught her and beat her to death as she begged for mercy. The last sounds she heard were the anti-White slogans shouted by her attackers. If this crime had occurred in the United States, how would the media cover it up or explain it away as just another Black response to White oppression? Don’t worry; they would find a way!

Recall the infamous “wilding” incident in New York’s Central Park, in which a gang of young Blacks beat a White female jogger almost to death simply because they were bored. Recall also the joyous Black response to the O.J. Simpson murder trial verdict, which freed a Black on White murderer. Many Blacks said that it was fine that a Black celebrity got away with murdering his estranged White wife because in the Jim Crow days Whites often got away with murdering Blacks.

On March 22, 2003, White 17-year-old Dana Marie Pliakas attended a party in the Pittsburgh-area apartment of Black Rodney Burton. At some point Dana got into an argument with Burton’s 19-year-old Black girlfriend, Brittany Williams. The Black girl punched the White girl and tore her clothes off.

Eyewitnesses reported that Williams and Burton then beat and tortured Pliakas for several hours as the girl begged for her life. Later, Burton and Williams let Pliakas get dressed, escorted her out of the apartment, and returned shortly afterward alone. Pliakas was later found dead, shot in the head. Police Superintendent Kenneth Fulton said that Miss Pliakas “probably spent eight or nine hours under the hand of these two individuals, to be tortured, stripped, beaten, and shot in the back of the head and that was a pretty bad thing for a junior in high school.” What a gross understatement!

On Saturday, January 6, 2007, White Channon Christian, 21, and White Christopher Newsom, 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee, went out on a date. Outside the home of friends, they were carjacked and kidnapped. For the next twenty-four hours, their three Black male captors and the female sister of one of the assailants beat and tortured the two young White victims. In addition, they gang-raped Mr. Newsom, and gang-raped Miss Christian. The Blacks then cut off the White man’s penis while he was still alive, forcing his girlfriend to watch. They also urinated on the young woman, made her drink cleaning fluid, and either strangled or suffocated her to death.

The Blacks then killed Mr. Newsom with multiple gunshot wounds and transported his bullet-ridden corpse to a dumping ground. When police found Miss Christian’s corpse stuffed into a garbage can, they were shocked to learn that her attackers had at some point cut off her breasts. Interestingly, the details of the crimes were considered so horrific that authorities would not release accounts to the news media for fear of putting Blacks in a bad light and upsetting race relations. The facts emerged only when some enterprising reporters checked documents filed in federal court. News blackouts are not uncommon with Black on White crime.

On June 5, 2007, Illinois Senator Barack Obama told an audience of over 8,000 at historically Black Hampton University that Blacks experience “silent riots” within themselves. The Rodney King verdict ended in the terrible Los Angeles riots, Obama said, and Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina could also have easily ended in White deaths fueled by Black anger. The Mulatto Messiah is now our president. In retrospect, whether you like George W. Bush or not, he did all he could constitutionally do to aid New Orleans before, during, and after the hurricane.

Other coastlines were hit hard from Louisiana to Florida, but the liberal governor and liberal Black mayor of New Orleans did not follow legal emergency procedures. Other coastlines got help before, during, and after the hurricane. Louisiana officials were to blame for whatever was done regarding Hurricane Katrina. Racism had nothing to do with it! After all, Bush did more financially and politically for the continent of Africa than any other person on earth during his eight years as president. That was probably money not wisely spent, but Blacks would readily have ignored his good intentions to kill White people and snag a new television set in the process. Instead they opted for Obama’s “silent riot.”

The most recent Black on White abomination is the brutal murder of lovely blond newscaster Anne Presley, who was sexually assaulted and murdered in October of 2008. Apologists for Blacks immediately came forward and ridiculously claimed that Presley was actually a man who had a sex change, etc. Apparently the Black guy discovered she was really a male and murdered her. For Zeus’s sake, give us all a break! Another commentator hypothesized that Presley had a death wish to be killed by a Black man and somehow was responsible for her own death. According to the news media, Blacks are never to blame for killing Whites, but in the extremely rare instances that a White kills a Black, that is yet further evidence that we live in a “White racist society.”

The first thing these crimes have to tell us is that Black people usually don’t care if Whites are the victims of Blacks. Blacks see Black on White crime as something of a Karmic retribution. In other words, Blacks think Whites are just getting what they deserve after oppressing Blacks for all those years. Innocent Blacks were enslaved, beaten, castrated, and hanged — so White’s are just getting back what their ancestors gave. The law of Karma does not work that way, however. According to Karma, the crimes of individuals come back on those individuals, either in this life or the next.

Blacks today want only revenge against people who had nothing to do with slavery. They blame the successful Whites for their own bad attitudes and mistakes, such as dropping out of school too early or adopting a life of crime. Today, most Whites wish slavery had never occurred, and most Whites regret the pain endured by slaves during their servitude in the United States. Nevertheless, should these crimes of 200 years ago give Black people the right to horribly murder innocent White people today? No person conversant with ethics would argue that it does.

Second, Blacks still hate Whites, but Whites have been schooled to accept and tolerate Blacks. Just look at the brutality with which Blacks attack Whites. Black carjackers do not kidnap and urinate on Black victims, but they feel justified in visiting the most brutal tortures on innocent Whites. They go out of their way to humble Whites as though they were humbling Western Culture and humbling those who took ignorant Blacks as slaves in Africa.

Violent Blacks have not grown beyond the hatred their ancestors felt over 200 years ago. And they get positive press from the Jewish-controlled news and entertainment media.

Third, Blacks and their attorneys always try to place White victims and White America on trial, and America, to some extent, feels guilty enough to agree. Well, White America is not guilty and never was.

Fourth and finally, Blacks expect Whites to cower to them in the media, in society, and in the courts as some sort of reparation for past injustice. Blacks expect to be treated as victims, even though they have committed the most terrible physical and mental atrocities on Whites. And the media-conditioned Whites are willing to give non-White criminals every benefit of the doubt.


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