When Black Run America Implodes

When Black Run America Implodes


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Oakland is cutting police officers due to budget cuts. East Saint Louis is cutting police officers due to budget cuts. Both cities overwhelmed by violence and crime of a certain variety that have an eroding tax base no longer capable of maintaining an already porous infrastructure.

Food stamp usage sits at 40.8 million people, however funding for this program is in jeopardy of being diverted to pay for other, more pressing matters:

Some Democrats are upset and advocacy groups are outraged over the raiding of the food-stamp cupboard to fund a state-aid bailout that some call a gift to teachers and government union workers.

House members convened Tuesday and passed the multibillion-dollar bailout bill for cash-strapped states that provides $10 billion to school districts to rehire laid-off teachers or ensure that more teachers won’t be let go before the new school year begins, keeping more than 160,000 teachers on the job, the Obama administration says.

But the bill also requires that $12 billion be stripped from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps, to help fund the new bill, prompting some Democrats to cringe at the notion of cutting back on one necessity to pay for another. The federal assistance program currently helps 41 million Americans.

……………..Black Run America (BRA) will implode on itself, this much is certain. The United States is hopelessly bankrupt and can no longer make tribute payments to pacify the Black population festering in a sea that is anything but tranquil.

BRA’s collapse will happen swiftly and quickly, with the speed of an uncontrollable zombie contagion, once the government can no longer make payments necessary to maintain peace in economically non-viable areas. Even CNN reports on the threat of power outages across the United States and the possibility of rioting.

It should come as no surprise that SBPDL cannot stop smiling at the speed and rapidity of the developments transpiring in BRA, conspiring quite publicly to bring the whole rotten system crashing down.

It was always unsustainable, and now, with recent developments transpiring across the nation (Omar Thornton, Shirley Sherrod come to mind) many people are beginning to realize just how powerful the coalition that maintains BRA is, yet the stunning lack of funds to maintain this alliance shows just how fragile it truly is in the end.

There has never been reason to despair. Never. The time for holding false illusions of what the United States once was and the desire to return that state are over.

In the end, we should have known all along that Black Run America was economically sustainable. Only through greater taxation could this model continue, and a movement is afoot across the nation that has usurped the age-old idea of supplying Boston harbor with tea.



Sheila said…

Interesting take – that this (massive black riots over entitlements) is how BRA will end. I’ve been reading proposals of secession, insurrection, etc., but just today at another blog I saw a comment echoing your point – that the violence will not begin with either the white tea partiers or Dear Leader’s government, but with the blacks when the government cannot fulfill those expectations for largesse it has set ever higher. The big question though, is when will this level of black unrest be unleashed in majority white areas? As long as it’s confined to black urban areas and the victims are either other blacks or the Asian/Pakistani shopkeepers, most whites feel insulated. There was a bit of unease with the reports of those whites caught in the Rodney King riots and the Katrina (Africa in our midst) fiasco, but by and large most whites live far enough removed from majority-black areas to pretend they are not directly affected by black pathologies. When black mobs move out to the suburbs, then things will get truly interesting.




The mainstream propaganda media is certain the Tea Party movement is racist. I really don’t think they believe that but the race card is the only weapon they have to try and bring down the movement. Why do they call the Tea Party racist? Because the vast majority of Tea Party members are white. AWD has been at every tea party event in Dallas since the inception of the movement in February of 2009. Never have I seen fencing, armed guards nor “No Blacks Allowed” signs at any event. In fact, at the Dallas Tea Party one-year anniversary, 5 of the 11 speakers were black conservatives. So the burden of an explanation of why more blacks don’t attend Tea Parties lies squarely with blacks and not the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party movement was founded on repealing the newly passed Stimulus Bill. The first protest was held in 22 American cities on February 27, 2009 and demanded the repeal of the tremendously irresponsible legislation. There was no talk of Obama’s race or anyone’s race for that matter. The movement was founded upon the principle of demanding fiscal responsibility from our federal and state governments. It remains so today. Most Tea Party groups do not deal with social issues. In fact, the five principles of the Dallas Tea Party (one of the largest and most successful Tea Parties in the country) are:

1. Fiscal responsibility
2. Personal responsibility
3. The Rule of Law
4. Limited government
5. National sovereignty

There is no mention of race. The Tea Party movement deals squarely with principles laid out in our Constitution. So why don’t more blacks participate in the Tea Party movement? The last poll I read showed 91% of blacks support Obama. This is not surprising because 90+ percent of blacks always vote for Democrats. Why? Because the Democrat party has seduced the black vote with welfare and social programs since the 60′s. It has instilled a belief of entitlement and victim hood in the black community to such an extent that black Democrats believe they are owed income distribution from white taxpayers because their ancestors were slaves. Many blacks have escaped this mental slavery but the vast majority of blacks still find themselves chained to the Democrat plantation of low expectations and victim hood.

The Tea Party is focused on the well-being of the United States as a whole. Many black Democrats look through the prism of how any single issue affects the well-being of blacks. Black Democrats do not seem to care that the United States is nearly bankrupt and Obama and his loyal communist Democrats in Congress are driving us over the edge of the cliff to financial ruin. The Tea Party focuses on personal responsibility and taking care of one’s own. Many in the black Democrat community focus on what they can extort out of the white taxpaying community by using guilt for slavery or charges of racism. It has worked quite well as no other group of people in America receives as much money or attention and carries such a loud voice even when they are only 13% of the population. In terms of Ayn Rand, a good percentage of blacks…certainly the black Democrats who depend on welfare…are the moochers of society. There are many of other races that have learned to mooch off of producers too but, percentage-wise, blacks depend much more on income distribution from taxpayers than anyone else. This is why black Democrats overwhelmingly support ObamaCare. They see it as a mechanism for free health care just as they have become accustomed to welfare and other entitlement programs.

Taking this into consideration, how could any rational person expect to see large numbers of blacks at Tea Party events? Being only 13% of the population, if every black person in America suddenly turned into fiscal conservatives, we would still see blacks vastly outnumbered by whites at Tea Party events. But this is where political correct poison comes into play. It is much easier for the propaganda media and Democrats to feign shock and cry racism that more blacks aren’t in the Tea Party. They try to hang the racist label around the necks of American taxpayers when the truth is blacks are not excluded except by their own racism, greed, and undying loyalty to their political masters in the Democrat party. So many blacks in the welfare culture have become so dependent on the largess of taxpayers they do not know how to produce.

Black youths drop out of school at greatly higher rates than other races. So many black youths turn to crime at rates greatly higher than other races. The same goes for out of wedlock births. This is not due to racism from white people, Tea Parties or the man in the moon. It is due to the latent low expectations put on them from black professional victims like fools Sharpton and Jackson and, again, Democrat politicians.

While my words are not politically correct, they are true. Tea Party leaders scramble to jump through the hoops to prove they are not racists to a media who has a vested ideological interest in ignoring the truth. Leaders in the Tea Party movement should take the high road but stop worrying about answering the press and professional racists. The Tea Party is not in business for them anyway! The vast majority of America views the Tea Party as it is….dedicated, hard-working, independent middle class Americans demanding fiscal responsibility from their government. What is so racist or extreme about that? Don’t ask the media or Democrats!


posted by AWD 7:40 PM
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is there any better way to vote than with one’s feet and money? If so, the blue states are getting an industrial strength beat down! Sane producers are leaving the dying blue states to the moochers! Once again, we see the ride of socialistic insanity does indeed come to an end. Union pension plans wildly out of the norm, high taxes, restrictions on businesses, entitlements for moochers, and rampant corruption are rapidly killing blue states.

Why would any sane producer leave the People’s New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Nueva Jersey, Mexifornia, etc? Maybe it’s the novel idea that producers can keep some of the money they earn! Personal tax rates in red states are dramatically lower than in those of the “progressive” blue states. And those things with doors where people live called houses? Well, they also have those in red states too, albeit larger and less expensive with lower property taxes! And businesses find a much more welcoming experience in red states than in those high-tax, highly regulated blue states. Why indeed would anyone leave the paradise of Detroit?

Here’s a graph of migration to Austin, Texas. Black lines indicate migration to Austin. Red lines show people leaving Austin.

Interesting, huh? Why would all those people leave the wonderful blue states in the northeast United States? The same reason keeps coming to mind….SANITY!

Here is a graph of immigration patterns from Los Angeles.

Porque la gente queria salir de Los Angeles (Why would anyone want to move from Los Angeles)? Amazing what happens when stupidity governs!

Now ask what will happen to blue states once the producers all flee? Two options. Massive bailouts (robbery) of red states to fund the failed blue states or bankruptcy. The correct recipe would be bankruptcy. Blue states have been living in fantasy land believing their corrupt, big-spending models can survive. Red states will not stand for our tax dollars being used to support them. Any politician that would support bailouts would certainly become targets for the tea party. The problem is blue states still maintain a tremendous amount of seats in Congress although they are losing them fast due to outward migration patterns.

What will happen? I don’t know. Perhaps the red states will tire of pulling the weight of the country and secede leaving the blue to some future anarchy. Ask yourself what will happen when there is no more money for welfare, Section 8 housing and food stamps? Remember New Orleans after Katrina? That’s my best guess.

America is quickly dying at the hands of socialist politicians. The elections of 2010 must be only a start to the banishment of liberals in Washington and state houses. If not, look for this guy coming to a blue state soon.

Here’s an article on the subject.

Low-tax states will gain seats, high-tax states will lose them

By: Barbara Hollingsworth
Local Opinion Editor
11/17/10 10:00 AM EST

Migration from high-tax states to states with lower taxes and less government spending will dramatically alter the composition of future Congresses, according to a study by Americans for Tax Reform

Eight states are projected to gain at least one congressional seat under reapportionment following the 2010 Census: Texas (four seats), Florida (two seats), Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington (one seat each). Their average top state personal income tax rate: 2.8 percent.

By contrast, New York and Ohio are likely to lose two seats each, while Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania will be down one apiece. The average top state personal income tax rate in these loser states: 6.05 percent.

The state and local tax burden is nearly a third lower in states with growing populations, ATR found. As a result, per capita government spending is also lower: $4,008 for states gaining congressional seats, $5,117 for states losing them.

And, as ATR notes, “in eight of ten losers, workers can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. In 7 of the 8 gainers, workers are given a choice whether to join or contribute financially to a union.”

Imagine that: Americans are fleeing high tax, union-dominated states and settling in states with lower taxes, right-to-work laws and lower government spending. Nothing sends a message like voting with your feet.


Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism

Back to the Future:
Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism

1,369 words

Editor’s Note:

Apropos of the publication of the English translation of Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism, we are reprinting Georges Feltin-Tracol’s review of the original French edition from The Scorpion.

Guillaume Faye
European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age

Arktos Media, 2010

After an absence of thirteen years, Guillaume Faye, the French New Right’s prodigal son, has returned to the fray with a rich and stimulating essay called L’Archéofuturisme. Returning to the “philosophy of the hammer” which made him so popular among young supporters of the neo-right, Guillaume Faye has readapted his eighties modernism to develop a neo-Nietzschean conception of the world. against modernity and its carcinogenic metastasis he urges the restoration of archaic values in an ultra-technological universe. To be archeo-futurist is to think in the manner of an old hoplite but one in front of a computer, ready to conquer Mars or to carry out genetic manipulation.

Faye affirms that GRECE failed in its strategy of infiltrating the established media. Inspired by the works of the scientists René Thom and Ilya Prigogine, he believes he can see in current events the first stirrings of a global catastrophe which he expects to break out in the early years of the twenty first century. We therefore have to anticipate the implosion of the West and state of the world which will come out of that implosion. That is the reason for Faye’s suggestion of an innovative, European radical and dissident approach: archeo-futurism. Archeo-futurism sees itself as a “re-emergence of archaic social configurations in a new context.” For the societies of the future we need to think in terms of a combination of the advances of techno-science and the return to traditional solutions out of the mists of time. That may be the true nature of post-modernity, as far removed from a nostalgic cult of the past as it is from an idiotic worship of whatever is current. Between the longest memory and the Faustian soul should not be a question of “or” but of “and.” For they do match. To bring together Evola and Marinetti . . . The Ancients are not to be aligned with the moderns but with the futurists, for . . . globally the future needs the return to ancestral values and that applies the whole world over.” As a new-post Western ideology, archeo-futurism is based on vitalist constructivism, the positive and persuasive name given to anti-egalitarianism. In the first chapter of his book, the ex-journalist and radio animator, levels some friendly but pertinent criticisms of the French New Right. If he disagrees with the communitarian thesis expressed in recent issues of éléments and insists that by restricting itself over-intellectual and insufficiently polemical activities it is responsible for the decline in support it suffered in 1983-1984 (the time when support for the Front National was rising) he also admits to what he now believes are errors of his own. The most significant change concerns geopolitics. Between 1978 and 1985 Faye was in favor of a European-Arab alliance, supported radical Islam and denounced the USA as an archetype of what he termed “the West in decline.” Today he considers that the so-called Third World is the principal enemy of the European peoples whilst the United States is simply a competing nation which must be reappropriated by the European in order to create a world of the North, “a Septentrion” to face the menace of the South. Another important change is in his attitude to the Front National. Although he had already shown an inclination towards the so-called “national preference” politics of Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Faye used to berate the Front National as a “Regano-Papist” organization. Now, (writing before the party split) he sees in the Front National the one and only authentic revolutionary movement in France!

The three chapters which follow are brief and confused outlines (Charles Schmitt follows the decriminalization of all drugs) of archeo-futurist application to social life, science and the economy. No partisan of consensus or the so-called “soft ideology,” Faye believes that the Left has made its peace with the international bourgeois system. With the pretext that it is fighting against exclusion, the spirit of egalitarianism will have nothing to do with ideological differences based on group difference. Normally a despiser of puritanism in all its forms, Faye impatiently looks forward to the official sanctioning of houses of pleasure and impatiently awaits the advent of transgenetic man. He protests too against what he calls “the devirilisation” of European man, which, he claims, has led to an upsurge in male and female homosexuality.

On the subject of immigration, which favours multi-racial and therefore inevitably multi-racialist, societies Faye discerns three factors of so-called “immigrationism”: xenophilia, ethno-masochism, and electoralism. However, because he believes, as he puts it, and rightly in this reviewer’s opinion, that the future belongs to peoples and not to tribes, he considers the “national preference” to be an anachronism. He suggests that it be replaced instead by an “ethnic preference” which would be the norm for homogeneous populations. This follows on logically form his proposal to abolish the United Nations in order to make way for vast unity reaching from Iceland to Kamtchatka, which Faye calls Eurosiberia. The integration of a nation like France into Eurosiberia would not have to mean the loss of French identity. On the contrary, it would permit a redefinition and rediscovery of itself as Gaul, a land ethnically Gallic.

The sixth and final chapter is a science-fiction novella describing the day in the life (in 2073) of a high dignitary of the Eurosiberian federation. The first quarter of the 21st century has witnessed natural and human induced cataclysms. Europe has been able to rise again drawing on constructivist and vitalistic principles, supported by national-populist Slavic governments in war with Islamic invaders between 2014 and 2028. The new nomos of the Earth dreamed by Faye gravitates around great ethnically centered continental blocs.

This provocative book will excite the post-modernist imagination. Unfortunately, some of the arguments are hide bound to the present. Guillaume Faye can’t get away from the belief in the importance and future of nationalism, in this case a nationalism with continental dimensions. Arguing that to be nationalist today is to give to the word “nationalism” its original etymological meaning: namely to defend one native people, is disingenuous nonsense. Faye confuses nationalism, a wholly modern concept, with populism, which has always existed, even when today the crowd and the mob are tending to replace the people as the driving force behind it. So to write, as Faye does, that “being a nationalist today is to become aware of the dimension of a European people which indeed exits, is threatened and is not so far prepared to defend itself politically” reveals a peremptory reductionism. Does a European people and hence a European nation really exist? Certainly there are European peoples living on the continent of Europe for the most part with a common recent ethnic ancestry, who share the same civilization and await the same historical destiny. But this very diversity is not compatible with a political construct based on a “European nationalism, democratic and federal.” Moreover, Faye’s ethnically homogeneous regional areas is in hopeless contradiction with the archeo-futurist notion of Empire. It is time that other words are found, which bring archaisms into the future, words such as peoples, communities, homeland and province. Whatever Faye insists to the contrary, his archeo-futurism will be a multi-cultural melting pot.

Guillaume Faye sees Islam as a major threat to Europe. This Islamophophia is quite surprising, for unless Faye is suggesting the non too realistic crusade against all the Muslims of the world, with the purpose of extirpating the “religion of the Prophet,” Europe has to accept the geopolitical proximity of Islamic lands on the south coast of the Mediterranean. If it is necessary as Faye puts it to, “become aware of our responsibilities, to rediscover the taste for power,” then Islam is an adjuvant. The author forgets that under the yoke of Saracen and Tartar, the Spaniard and the Russian receptively found the way to a new Renaissance which was to transform them into Empire builders.

L’Archéofuturisme will scandalize the naive dreamers who believe that we are approaching the Golden Age of prosperity and brotherly love. He will shake those who are not familiar with the theses in his first book, Le Système à tuer les peuples. The contents of L’Archéofuturisme are subversive, because, as the author writes, “we now own the monopoly of alternative thinking, the monopoly of rebel thinking.”

What Was, Must Be

What Was, Must Be

Guillaume Faye’s “Archeofuturism”


One thing that always struck me about William Pierce’s broadcasts is that out of the two hundred or so that he recorded during the late 1990s, only one ever talked about the world he aspired to see following his revolution. One. Worse still, his utopian vision was not at all inspiring, being, for all practical purposes, a return to 1933. This, unfortunately, is not uncommon among those who, in some measure or another, share his ideas—even among those who are far less radical and apocalyptic, and think in terms of a ‘velvet revolution,’ or co-opting, or electioneering.

As I have written on previous occasions, if our camp is to catalyze a transvaluation of values, and eventually cause a purge of the top echelons of academic, media, and political power in the West, those whom we seek to inspire need to be given more than just a return to the past: they also need a vision that is forward-looking, indeed futuristic, even if ultimately founded on archaic principles. Otherwise, our camp will condemn itself to irrelevance, perpetuating the impression many ordinary people have that we are just aging nostalgics, who feel left out in the brave new world of progress and equality, and are reduced to waving an angry fist at modernity because we have no new ideas of our own. ‘Bankrupt’ is the term often used within the mainstream to describe our ideas and morality.

To get anywhere, one needs to know where one is going; and to get others to come along and make the hard journey to one’s paradise, one has to be able to at least describe what it looks like.

Guillaume_FayeThis is why I was interested in Guillaume Faye’s book, Archeofuturism, which Arktos Media published for the first time in English translation during the Summer of 2010. Along with Alain de Benoist, Faye is a leading exponent of the Nouvelle Droite, the European New Right. Faye, however, is more radical than de Benoist, who has accused him of extremism. And some say he is also more creative. Until recently, I only knew Faye by name and affiliation, having never taken the trouble to read him. Was it because of that photograph I have seen of him, grey-haired and scowling with bug-like mirror shades? Whatever the answer, I was pleasantly surprised when the present tome revealed that Faye’s outlook is very similar to my own. Indeed, it turns out that in Archeofuturism he articulates positions that I have articulated in some of own my articles. No wonder the book’s editor, John Morgan, was keen on my reviewing it.

Readers will easily infer at least one of the positions Faye and I share, as I have reproduced it in the second paragraph of this review. The difference is one of emphasis: I think archeofuturism is necessary to move forward; Faye thinks of it as the paradigm that must replace egalitarian modernity, come what may.

There is no question for him that the liberal project is doomed: although its proponents paint it as good and inevitable, egalitarian modernity is, in fact, a highly artificial condition, an unsustainable one, which will fall victim to the very processes it set in motion. Faye believes that we are currently facing a ‘convergence of catastrophes’. These include: the colonization of the North by Afro-Asian peoples from the South; an imminent economic and demographic crisis, caused by an aging population in the West, falling birthrates, and unfunded promises made by the democratic welfare state; chaos in the countries of the South, caused by absurd Western-sponsored development and development programs; a global economic crisis, much worse than the depression of the 1930s, led by the financial sector; ‘the surge of religious fundamentalist fanaticism, particularly in Islam;’ ‘the confrontation of North and South, on theological and ethnic grounds;’ unchecked environmental degradation; and the convergence of these catastrophes against a backdrop of nuclear proliferation, international mafias, and the reemergence of viral and microbial diseases, such as AIDS. For Faye, the way out is not through reform, because a system that is contrary to reality is beyond reform), but through collapse and revolution. As a catastrophic collapse is inevitable, revolutionary thought and action must today be post-catastrophic in outlook. He further suggests that inaction on our part will only open European civilization to conquest by Islam.

How does Faye visualize the post-catastrophic Earth? For him, the deprecation of modernity results in a two-tier world, in which most of humanity reverts to traditional or neo-Medieval societies (essentially pre-industrial reservations), while an elite minority—composed of Europeans and South East Asians—rebuilds advanced technological societies across Eurasia and parts of North America. These societies are to be, of course, archeofuturistic—hierarchical and rooted in ethnotribalism, fiercely protectionistic, yet also ones that fully exploit science and technology, even if ‘esoteric,’ non-humanistic versions of them, ‘decoupled from the rationalistic outlook.’ There is to be no global flow of capital, spreading wealth and technology everywhere: the world economy is to be inegalitarian, elitist, based on quality over quantity. There are also to be no nation states: the European Imperium is to comprise over a hundred regions, with their own languages, customs, and garb. The United States is to split in to ethnic regions (Dreamland for the Blacks), and is to stabilize for the most part according to an eighteenth-century agrarian model. The world, in sum, and in contradiction to liberal aspirations, is to become more ethnic and more differentiated, not less.

In other words, if Faye rejects modernity it is not because he a nostalgic who dreams of returning to a bygone golden age, like so many White racial nationalists today; but because he is an elitist who thinks the world must be rebuilt on entirely different foundations—foundations that are more in harmony with nature.

In order so that we may get a better sense of what he means, he concludes the book with a Science Fiction novelette, titled One Day in the Life of Dmitri Leonidovich Oblomov, and set in the year 2073. Interestingly, and to Faye’s credit, the latter does not really describe a utopia, where everyone sings and lives happily ever after; but rather showcases Faye’s imagining of what he considers will be the most likely consequence of an archeofuturist new world order. It has its own unique set of problems, as any reasonable person would expect. Yet for Faye dealing with problems is part of living, and the choice is therefore not between having or not having problems, but which set of problems is preferable to another. In any event, one can well imagine Faye’s archeofuturistic vision will make egalitarian liberals, and perhaps even some White Nationalists, shift uncomfortably in their seats.

Oblomov, however, is just a scenario. As I have previously mentioned, and as Faye states repeatedly, we must not forget about Islam. Faye stresses that it is here, among us, facing us, right now, and that no amount of appeasement or accommodating will cause it to become less of a threat. This is because, he argues, Islam is an inherently intolerant, aggressive, theocratic movement that will abide no religious pluralism. Faye believes that Islam, and for that matter the Afro-Asian immigrants colonizing our continent, must be expelled from Europe, as was done in the past.  ‘Where there is a will, there is a way,’ he states. Naturally this presupposes either deposing the White ethnomasochists, the deluded cosmopolitans, the xenophiles, and the immigration fraudsters, or being ready to replace them once they fall by the weight of their own corruption and the catastrophic consequences of their own ideology.

How do we get there? The first step is understanding where we came from, where we are, and where we are going. Faye begins the book by evaluating the current with which he was formerly affiliated, the Nouvelle Droite, and outlining the factors and ideological errors that led to its loss of vitality and eventual eclipsing by the Front National. He then presents his vision, which includes corrections of some previously held positions. This is followed by a series of politically incorrect statements—fast sniper attacks against the contemporary West that aggregate into a global analysis of its present condition. An outline of Faye’s future world system follows, in incremental order. Finally, the reader is immersed in the finished result through an exercise in fiction.

That is the first step.

The next step, having read Faye’s text, understood it, reflected, discussed it, and reached individual conclusions, is elucidating how to put the theory into practice—a task that will require our most astute minds and political operators, not to mention funding, courage, and discipline.

I find Faye’s one of the most lucid analyses and statements of a metapolitical proposition I have yet encountered. It is both creative and logically structured. It is both analytical and refreshingly constructive. And it is both intelligent and unflinchingly radical. What is more, the text flows with urgent velocity, thanks to a skilled English translation, and is copiously supplemented with useful informative notes. What more can you ask?

Apocalypse China

Apocalypse China

Or why the East will not inherit the earth

It’s hard not to notice that there’s a certain admiration for the Chinese among far rightist websites these days.  The reasons are obvious as their nation is large, numerous, proud, talented, industrial, relatively homogeneous, and – in the main – unaffected by cultural Marxism and the ideas that went into it.  To give one prominent example, Richard Lynn speculates that the Chinese will colonize the world on the grounds that they will most likely be the first large nation to fully embrace the eugenic potential of upcoming innovations in biotechnology.  But before we let ourselves get carried away with such analysis we should also consider whether there are any potholes that might obstruct the path to China dominating the earth.

And there are.  At least two.  The first being the prospect that China’s economy is, in certain key ways, propped up by massive government distortion and not nearly so strong as it appears, which I briefly touched on in this entry.  The second would have to be the potentially devastating long-term affects due to environmental degradation and pollution as a consequence of China’s unique path to development, and it is this second point that I would now like to concentrate my attention.

The conventional wisdom on that second point also takes two forms.  The first is that it is rude for us Westerners to point out such a thing given how we’ve polluted the earth ourselves and how much of what’s made in China these days is for our benefit.  The second is that China is merely following the development pattern that we pioneered but in a highly-compressed timescale – what happened to us over a couple centuries is happening to them over a few decades – and we should expect the current era of pollution to be followed by an era of cleanup.  The Yangtze and the Yellow will one day be what the Thames and the Cuyahoga are today, not perfect but serviceable.

The conventional wisdom seemed convincing enough until I found these pictures.  Please, follow the link before continuing below the fold.

Say it with me now, “Holy shit!”

To briefly recap, starting with Deng China has been undergoing an industrial revolution all its own over the last three decades using an economic “model” based on foreign exports.  Chinese goods dominate Western markets because they can be made more cheaply even after transportation costs are taken into account because the operating labor and environmental costs are obscenely low – the workers are paid slave wages and the waste is dumped without the additional expense of treatment into the rivers and onto the soil.  Intense competition within the mainland [China] keeps profit margins vanishingly small and sometimes even negative, due to the distortions that come from having state controlled companies.  The same Chinese rare earths industry that’s been making recent headlines provides a great of example of this model in action.

But the story of modern China’s environmental degradation does not begin with Deng, although you would be forgiven for thinking so, as it is not simply a story of industrial development gone haywire.  The real story begins with Chairman Mao.

In the Great Leap Forward Mao flicked his wrist and caused at least two ecological catastrophes.  The first was part of his plan for China to lead the world in steel production by smelting steel in their backyards, the Chinese were to get the energy to do this by completely cutting down the forest of the vast subtropical south China karst belt and turning them into coals; however, the trees didn’t produce enough coals and so the Chinese were – amazingly enough – made to uproot all the stumps that were left behind and use their wood as well.  The consequence of this is that the hot summer sun beat directly down onto the ground cover that once blanketed the forest floor and killing it in a few years, with the elimination of the trees and the ground cover the land was no longer able to retain the seasonal rainfall like it once did, which lead to massive flooding and soil erosion and rendered impossible those traditional farming practices in the region that have sustained the Chinese people throughout the ages.  All of this is discussed in a riveting – if poorly lit – one hour lecture available here or here.  This first catastrophe is a little known piece to the puzzle that was the Great Chinese Famine and the more recent droughts in the Southern provinces.

The second of Mao’s ecological catastrophes was his decision to send out large numbers of Chinese people to work the grasslands with the inevitable consequence being over-farming and overgrazing.  The over-farming led to massive dust storms, which carried away fertile top soil not unlike what happened in the American Dust Bowl, as well as flash floods, soil erosion, and desertification.  The disaster of overgrazing was made worse by the use of goats, which ate up the grasslands at their very roots and accelerated the desertification process.  The result has been that China has lost roughly enough farmland the size of Greenland to the encroaching desert since the Great Leap Forward and continues to experience desertification at the rate of losing enough farmland the size of England’s Kent per year and the size of America’s New Jersey every five years with an increasing rate of apocalyptic looking orange dust storms, which carry with them important top soil as well as sand.  As one can imagine, many livelihoods are lost in the desertification process and massive resettlement efforts are continually underway.

Factor into the equation all the dams that the ruling government has built in the modern era and it’s not wonder that nearly 40 percent of China is suffering from soil erosion problems.

Back to Deng and the pollution caused by a process of industrial development that began in earnest roughly three decades ago.  The central crisis here is water, roughly one-half of China’s water resources are no longer safe to drink, even when taking into consideration modern treatment methods, and one-fifth of it can’t even be used for industrial purposes.  By at least one estimate, China might possibly use up between 89-100% of all its sources of drinking water by 2030!  The Yangtze and Pearl river estuaries are now dead zones and the Yellow river is drying up, China is the only country in the world where seafood output from aquaculture outstrips live catch.  Anywhere from 75-90% of the groundwater in the fertile and densely populated North China Plain (home to Beijing) is polluted, causing cities and farms to increasingly rely on a rapidly dwindling unreplenishable fossil aquifer that is practically a mile below the surface.  In the face of such dire circumstances the Chinese authorities have decided to alleviate water shortages in the North by turning to none other than Chairman Mao and his harebrained, massively expensive, vastly complicated South-North water diversion project and melt snow in the meantime.

And then there are the smoggy skies caused by coal plants, underground coal seam fires, vehicle exhaust; toxic food; cancer villages; and even something so absurd as deodorant cannons applied to open landfills.  It’s not that environmental laws don’t exist, they do, but go unenforced because of political corruption stemming from the fact that local officials are rewarded for growing the economy and producing more GDP, not protecting the environment.  No wonder China is scrambling to cut deals with Africa and Brazil in order to have enough resources to meet its future resource needs.

China, and by extension the East, will not inherit the earth.  It can only have a few more years left until the sheer weight of these ecological catastrophes bring the country to its knees and become a textbook case of what it means to economically develop a country around an incomplete view of wealth.

Letter To James Edwards

Letter To James Edwards


Re: James Interview On VOR,

James and others of the Political Cesspool,

I realize that Harold Covington of Northwest Republic gets the short shrift when it comes to what is known as the White Nationalist movement. VOR and other radio programs can’t or won’t cover his Radio Free Northwest.

Covington has covered the Edgar Steele’s travails as much or more than any other site.

Covington’s four Northwest novels have been covered on, for example, the Occidental Quarterly site and I believe Tom Sunic has interviewed Harold. But that’s as far as is goes.

Here is my opinion of what whites are up against on the North American Continent.

This country is going down the tube. This country can’t be saved and should not be saved. It’s a goner. Whites as a mass will not wake up, all on their own, to what’s really going on.

All the White Nationalist radio programs and publications, except Covington’s are nothing but talk, talk, talk. Covington is heading up the only visible program of doing something about saving the White race on this continent with his Northwest migration as outlined in his four Northwest novels.

This pussy footing around thinking that the mass of brainwashed Whites in America are suddenly going to wake to their peril is a pipe dream.
Granted, some are awake but have no idea what to do about what they’re facing. There is no way in hell that this country, all 50 states, can be reclaimed back to the “good old days”. There never really were any “good old days” of our fathers and their fathers. This nation was doomed before the ink on the Constitution was even dry, and Tom Jefferson and the other Masons knew it. The Constitution has buried within it the seeds of its own destruction. It’s a dead duck. Get over it.

We have to stop living in the past and face what will be the extinction of the White race on this continent within 100 years unless the hard realities or met. In my view Harold Covington has mapped out the only viable option in saving a piece of this land and a remnant of the Whites in the Northwest migration.

Do you really think that the Jews, and their shock troops of beaners and blacks, whose rank and file hate the Jews as much as they hate Whites, are all of a sudden, in some future fantasy become nicey nice and let Whites survive when Whites become the minority in less that 50 years?

Tom Chittum in his Civil War Two, Edgar Steele in his Defensive Racism and Harold Covington in his four Northwest novels have outlined what the possible scenarios for the future of whites may be. There are other books that cover the subject and have their place.

However, it’s the Northwest migration of carving out a place for Whites in what is now the Northwest United States, as the only realistic option, that has a snowball chance in hell of saving Whites.

Now, I’ve said this to my friends and I’ve said this to Harold which he knows to be true; you can’t save a people, they have to save themselves, you can’t do it for them. The only thing one can do is to do all that’s possible to give Whites the option that has a chance of success.

NW Native

Americans Are Dumb-Asses


Monday, November 15, 2010

Americans Are Dumb-Asses


by R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

Watch the behavior of adult Americans. Something is very wrong.

Many people say to me, “Americans are just stupid.” They point to the public school system as the dumbing down facility, or they put the blame on the parents.

There appears to be something far more sinister taking place.

Of course, what is about to be revealed to you will be hotly contested by every progressive on the planet. Their denial is meaningless, when the facts point to the obvious.

ANALOGY: If a building is on fire, then the building is on fire. Right?

POINT: If we see bizarre human behavior, then there is a cause, and it can be discerned. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem.

OBSERVATION: A large majority of Americans appear to be “mentally challenged,” because they fail to process incoming information, to analyze it, and then to adjust their behavior (i.e. change). For example, there is a huge increase in Attention Deficit and Compulsive disorders.

Recently, a large group of political activists were informed that the candidate, who they wanted to support, was not running on the GOP ticket; thereby, they should not vote straight party. They were told many times, Do not vote straight party.” They were told to manually select each candidate. In the past, most of them had always voted straight party. At the end of the voting day, when the supporters gathered to party and celebrate their hard work, the leaders discovered that the the supporters had voted straight party. The adult voters were distraught, when they learned that their candidate of choice lost the election. Is that stupid, or is it a mental problem?

Yes, those people appear to be really dumb and stupid; however, that behavior is an indication of something that is much more serious.

QUESTION: What is actually happening to the ability of American adults to perform critical thinking and to make rational decisions?

FACT: Under the Clintons, the federal government in 1998 through the Goals 2000 program labeled all children as “Special Needs.” The opinion at federal level was that all children have either mental, physical, or emotional problems, and they need assistance by experts. The education bureaucracy took that legislation and expanded it to levels that are still hidden from the public. Congress gave the Department of Education the right to “promulgate regulations;” thereby, it makes laws, which citizens must obey or face punishment. Hence, all children are“at risk” and need to be rescued.

FACT: In the late 1990s, billboards were all over South Carolina, which announced that humans need treatment for mental illness. President Clinton and his administration were busy getting ready to offer everybody that treatment. Medications are still advertised on television for conditions related to agenda (i.e., depression, sexual disorders, etc.). Those state and federal programs still exist.

POINT: My observation of the human mental condition has been noted by the U.S. Government. Some professionals believe that the federal government had a role in actually causing the disorder in our human state of mind, both in the USA and abroad.

QUESTION: Why are Americans having difficulty doing something that humans in the past seemed to do very well, like sitting in a classroom without disrupting it?

My professional opinion is that there is an underlying cause.

FACT: Most of the people who are over fifty-five-years old remember the days before television. My own family did not have television until I was seven.

As a child, my life was filled with the sounds of nature, which were very gentle and quiet. With four children in my family, there was plenty of human interaction, children chattering, and ongoing instruction by a busy mother. I lived in small cities most of my childhood. Families only had one car, so the sounds of traffic were minimal. Parents put children outside to play in the morning. After lunch, we took naps, read books, and then went back outside to play some more. The same thing after dinner.

In the 1960s, schools had the alphabet pasted above the chalk board and very little else to visually stimulate the students. No distractions were allowed. Some teachers had the resources to make a bulletin board, which was changed for each season of the year. Visual and auditory stimulation were minimal, which allowed the developing brains of children to process the incoming data.

However, within a decade, our society went to a different way of living. Families had televisions squawking all day long. Mothers watched soap operas, and no longer wanted to read to their children. They were too busy. Eventually, the children were given a television to watch with cartoons, whose characters insulted and injured one another. Fathers came home to their man chairs and assumed a position of The Watcher.

OPINION: Americans have mind-melded to a machine, which is destroying our ability to think.

FACT: A professor performed a study back in the 1990s about the amount of data that is coming into our human brains today. He compared the present input of the 1990s with the input of the 1890s. The input during the first two hours the morning in the 1990s was equal to a month (30 days) of input only 100 years ago. Humans are pounded all day with input from multiple sources, both electronic as well as from their environment.

FACT: Furthermore, the electronic vibration of the earth’s atmosphere has changed. One expert has documented that before the invention of electricity, the earth resonated at a very low frequency. However, the onset of the electronic era has increased the amount of vibration in the atmosphere in which we live.

The original resonance of the earth was 7.83 cycles/second, which is perfect for human learning. That resonance has drastically changed. For more information, direct your studies to Dr. Nich Begich (www.earthpulse.com). It is a fact, and not an opinion, that our atmosphere has electronically changed. Humans are surrounded by an increase in unseen vibrations, and our nervous system is strongly effected by it.

FACT: Another problem is the amount of data on brain tissue is enormous. Humans minds are under siege. It is no wonder our elementary children need drugs to stay calm. They cannot cope with all of the incoming data.

Many teenagers feel angry all of the time. Their normal hormonal surges, combined with the electronic pounding, is creating havoc within their brains. They seek relief with illegal drugs, by experimenting with sex, and they consume alcohol by the barrel. Can you blame them?

ILLUSTRATION: There is an episode on one of the Star Trek television series, which illustrates this type of phenomena. A small video game was introduced onto the space ship for entertainment. People became addicted to the mild visual stimulus they were getting from playing the game, and they could gradually increase the stimulation. Eventually, the entire crew was playing the game all day and all night. No one was working. They were eventually rescued by a person who refused to play the game, and avoided becoming addicted to the machine.

FACT: Today pediatricians are seeing two-month-old babies that do not attend to noises. Parents bring them to the doctor, because they think the child is deaf. After testing for physical defects, and not finding anything wrong, the doctor begins to ask questions about the home environment. Doctors find this condition occurs when parents have a television running all day. The newborn cannot discriminate between the parents’ voices and the television. Parents are asked to turn off the television, which will allow the baby to learn the human communication s/he needs for survival.

THEREFORE, at this point in time, my professional opinion is that most of the human behavior problems are caused by our electronic environment, and that includes entertainment. We have been seduced into ways of thinking that heretofore would never have occurred. We are bombarded with incoming input to a level that is breaking the normal barriers of the human ability to cope.

Progressives have tried to convince parents that children and teenagers are disobedient creatures by nature. As a professional, I totally disagree with that idea, because history tells me otherwise. In fact, that history was my own.

FACT: In the past, most children obeyed their parents and teachers without question. They wanted to be good, because that is what they were taught. Mischief is not “badness.” Children are humans and very creative, but they usually do not wish to harm parents. Historically, adolescents were not openly rebellious. No one ever witnessed disobedience on a grand scale. Today on television, every show involves sassy, loud, disobedient teens. In the past children never saw disobedience, and the idea of disobedience was just not in their psyche.

In the past, people respected the property of others. Before the Great Depression, no one locked their doors, because stealing was considered immoral, wrong, and the community forbade it.

Kindness within one’s own family and community was prevalent in the past.

One did not covet better cars, better clothes, etc., because one rarely saw anything above the status of the community in which one lived. There were no television advertisements demanding competition. Instead, folks learned to be content with very little.

For the record, of course, I am aware of adolescents in all eras who choose to run away from home or who act out frustration in public. But again, the behavior is caused. If it is a genetic condition, then one must suspect that their immediate environment aggravated the situation. Again, the number was minimal.

SUGGESTION: The cure for this mental malady is simple: unplug the electronic devices that consume our minds.

CONCLUSION: I do not believe that a voluntary disconnect is going to happen. The minds of the masses are already corrupted, and that corruption by electronic abuse and conditioning spans several decades. The future is tilting in a direction that is bizarre. We are not moving toward socialism, but toward a atheist dictator government. Its plans are well documented, and it shall take over all humans on earth, who are conditioned to comply. Fiction has become fact.

QUESTION: Who will rescue humans from this electronic mental seduction?