The Mexican Flag

About the Mexican Flag – Commentary by Steve Mason

The recent flap about the display of the Mexican flag in a Colorado school classroom, and how the outcry against it caused its removal, should make us all thankful for some small miracle. It shows that there is still a spark left in American minds for the preservation of our national identity, and that hopefully there exists some recognition for the menace that the planting of the Mexican flag on our soil represents, and the spiritual issues that are at stake here.

For this is a spiritual struggle, not just for the soul and existence of our Republic, but one that exists on a much deeper level, one that involves the meaning of Life itself, and Man’s spiritual relationship with the Universe and God. For this is rooted in the meaning of the Mexican flag itself, which, it will be shown, is a symbol of War, Imperialism, Conquest, and Satanic belief. Let’s examine the history and meaning of this blasphemous thing.
Mexican flag

The Seal of the Mexican Republic that dominates the tricolor of that entity is an eagle perched on a cactus that grows out of a stone. This is the magical sign that the wandering tribe of barbarians we call the Aztecs, but calling themselves the Mexica, from whom Mexico takes its name, upon encountering, were to stop their wanderings and settle down, at which spot their Demon War God of the Sun, Huitzilipochtli, would give the Mexicans the world.

Just who were these Mexicans? They were one of many Nahua-speaking invaders that overswept Mesoamerica in the past millennium, overthrowing and destroying previous civilizations, bringing their practices of war and human sacrifice.

The Mexicans in particular, claimed to have originated from some mythical, nebulous homeland somewhere in the North called Aztlan, (from which the word Aztec came), but which today is our homeland in the United States, and claimed by the self-styled Chicanos, (itself a word that derives from the Mexica), as part of their Reconquesta. These Mexicans further claimed that their Demon War-God, Huitzilipochtli, ordered them to stay on the move until they saw the magical Eagle on the Cactus on the Stone.

But wherever these Mexicans wandered and migrated, they made themselves hated and unwelcome, due not only to their intrusions onto others’ land as a matter of their claimed sacred right (much like the illegal alien Mexican invasion of today), but due also to their uncouth and spiritually filthy behavior and attitudes, that involved some offensive, peculiarly bloody human sacrificial practices, wife-stealing, and incessant warfare.

Thus they were unwelcome and hated wherever they showed their gangrenous presence, and thus they were constantly driven out, and forced ever southward. In this period, they were ostracized and driven in on themselves, instilling an inferiority complex that exists to this day, but which nonetheless inculcated a sense of unity and identity that enabled them to survive apart. In the process, they came to regard themselves as a kind of messianic race, that was charged by their blood-thirsty Demon War God, Huitzilipochtli, to wage war for the purposes of keeping the Universe in existence by satiating the gods with human hearts and blood. From this comes the current conceit of the Mexicans that they are a “cosmic race.”

After arriving in the already over-populated Valley of Mexico, where they made themselves unwelcome in the usual way among the several principalities thriving there, they survived for a time as vassals and mercenaries, until they performed some hideous bloody act that caused King Coxcox of the Culhua to drive these savages into the lake, where they found refuge on two tiny islands, and where they claimed to see the “magical sign” of the eagle.

From there, to make a long story short, they conquered the entire valley of Anahuac, naming their empire Mexico, which never extended beyond the southern area of the currently named state which today claims the whole area from Guatemala to the Rio Grande, and once to tried to lay claim to the American Southwest for a short period of 24 years.

They named their capital city Tenochtitlan, and to commemorate the founding of it, created the Holy Stone of Sacred War, which is on display in the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. It is in the form of a sacrificial temple, replete with offering bowls to hold fresh hearts and warm blood, various astronomical symbols used to uphold the claim of the “cosmic race” to rule the world, garish war-symbology, nightmarish icons of demonology and constant death, and last, but not least, on the back is the original carving of the Eagle on the Cactus on the Stone.

But with a difference. On this carving, the fruits of the cactus are human hearts, and the cactus itself is a mass of human hearts rising out of the chest of a sacrificial victim, and instead of a serpent in the eagle’s beak, are two banners that are the Aztec hieroglyphs for WAR. This is in keeping with the true ethos of the Mexica, which is that they were the race chosen to harvest fresh hearts and warm blood, to keep their Satanic demon-gods fed and satiated, and to thus preserve the world from destruction. It was to be accomplished through the aegis of perpetual war, waged by the Mexicans! of course, and this is both the “heart” and so-called “soul” of the Aztec ethos.

It is reflected on the present day flag of the Mexican Republic, and it is reflective of the militancy and ethno-racism of both that entity and our own domestic Chicanoismo. It is both morally gangrenous and spiritually filthy, and its expression is full of hatred and malice and genocidal intent against the United States of America, and we need to bear this in mind whenever we encounter the dancing Aztecs, and always whenever we see the Mexican flag on U.S. soil.

(Has anyone ever noticed that the flag of the United Farm Workers, with its aztec eagle in a white circle on a red background, looks exactly like the Nazi flag of Adolf Hitler, if the eagle is replaced by a swastika? They think we don’t know!)
United Farm Workers' flag
United Farm Workers’ Flag

Fire and Blood: A History of Mexico by T.R. Fehrenbach;
Da Capo Press, New York, 1973, updated 1995. [ Amazon ]

Steve Mason lives in Austin, Texas.

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The Mexica/Aztecs

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Law in Mexico before the Conquest


After the  Aztec  heresy  began  in  AD 1468, only male
nobles  and  a  few  male  commoners  were
allowed to wear the ‘little  black  dress’ — which it seems they liked to wear underneath  their  clothing.   The  story  gets even more lurid,  however.    The priests who murdered all male and female sacrificial  victims, believed themselves to be ‘laif-laif iek nal fam’, which means ‘woman trapped in man’  or  ‘woman trapped in man’s body’ in Mayan. For this reason they were all  homosexuals, and also believed themselves to be the only  ‘true‘ earthly representatives of all mother goddesses. They  would  even wear   their   ‘little  black  dress’, while they were murdering female virgins, who they believed were nothing more than impersonators of the goddess Mayahuel.   These priests believed that they were the goddess Mayahuel incarnate! Another bizarre twist to the story is that the women among the Aztec nobility  (during  this  era),   would  not wear the  ‘little black dress’.  They  believed themselves to be ‘fam iek nal laif-laif”.  In Mayan, this  means ‘man trapped in woman or ‘man trapped in woman’s body.’   Inscriptions on several Mayan temple pyramid walls warn people to beware of “man trapped in woman’s body” and  “woman trapped in man’s body”.
In  realityall  such  persons were  considered  to be the
Tzitzimime, (i.e., Star Demons), by the Maya.


The children of the Aztec aristocracy, during the 52 years of  the Aztec heresy, were required  to  undergo  ‘Nayk-Jhee Nait Mek-p’ or ‘Baptism of Blood’,  when  they  reached  11years of age.   It  was  so  horrible,  on  average 81% of them would  run  away from  their  parents,  so  as not to have to participate in it.  Of that number, about 41% of them would be recaptured.   In the end only 18% of the total  number  of children of noble birth would go on to become  the  next  generation  of  ‘rulers’.  Those who were recaptured, but refused to undergo the ‘Nayk-Jhee Nait Mek-p’ were tortured, sodomized and murdered.   About  30%  of   the  commoners  —  the  largest class — would undergo the ‘Baptism of Blood’, and they were given the honor of  doing-in the ‘rebellious’ young aristocrats. Most commoners were not as insane as those who supported the aristocrats, and would help and hide children who were  able to escape.  Many would flee to the mountains and jungles. This ‘rite’ is described on the inner walls of the Pyramid of the Moon,  built  in  99  B.C. in  Teotihuacan.*   There it is condemned,  as  it  had  existed in  Mexico  at  times in the past, and  the  inscriptions  there  warn  against those  who   practice  it.


The Spanish documented  it  as well,  after  the  Con-
quest of 1519-21.    The  initiates would  submerse  their  heads  into  a 2-foot round jar filled with the blood of people recently murdered,  and  drink  of   it.    Next,  they   were  made  to  have their  first  homosexual experience,  with  an  adult — usually their  father,  if they  were  boys,  and  their  mother  if  they were  girls.     The   30%   of   the   commoners   who   would undergo the  ‘Baptism of  Blood’   would  be  given  the   best jobs as    civil    servants,    teachers,    temple   and    palace guards,  and agricultural  overseers.   Only the aristocrats (of both   sexes),    were   allowed  to  be  prostitutes —   which they  thought was  quite  a  noble and honorable  profession. The Spanish were so sickened by all this that they completely demolished Tenochtitlan and built Mexico City on top of its ruins. Click  on  thePage 12tab  at  the top  of  this  page to see  an Aztec drawing  of  a Tzitzimitl (Star  Demon).

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Church Militant (Catholic Caucus)

The apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe which occurred in Mexico in 1531 were an evangelization experience unsurpassed in all of Church history with the possible exception of the Day of Pentecost. December 12th marks the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who I believe can be titled, Patroness of the Church Militant. I say this because, in that experience, She brought together all of the elements of a spiritual army that conquered what was then a total culture of death; if She could overcome the evil forces that directed the massacre of thousands of innocent human beings in 16th Century Mexico, we can be assured that She can repeat that victory for our modern day culture of death and dethrone the abortion demon from his altar of sacrifice.

Despite the glowing accounts of revisionist historians about the Aztec Indians (16th Century Mexico), the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice in a systematic and brutal manner. Their “religion” was based upon obeisance to bloodthirsty false gods who demanded a regular glut of killing to provide them with fresh hearts and blood of sacrificial victims. They had their own priests, rituals and a theology/cosmology tied to the idea that only blood sacrifice would appease their gods and so keep the world in order. It is estimated that as many as 50,000 victims a year were offered on the pyramidic temples of these gods dotting the landscape of Mexico.

After Hernando Cortes conquered the kingdom of Montezuma in 1521 he wiped out all the temples and put a legal end to the abomination of human sacrifice; yet, the murderous practice continued under the cover of darkness because the people were not converted from their killing instincts and practices which were deeply-rooted in culture and history. Enter Our Lady of Guadalupe with Her maternal love a decade later when the crisis of culture in the newly-conquered land had reached an apex.

The Virgin Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego, one of the early Christian converts from the pagan religion, and decreed by Her magnificent authority that the killing would stop in the hearts of the people as well as in their law. The story of the apparitions is well-known (see sidebar) but the effects of the apparitions are not, and these effects are equally important to understand in order to grasp what I call “The Guadalupe Event.” That is, the conversion of the people of that time from their idols and the dissipation of the Aztec culture of death. It was done precisely by marshaling an army of faith, and in this, She gave us a formula for the Church Militant that only needs to be repeated to conquer our own culture of abortion.

The first and critical element of the “Event” was the wholehearted cooperation of a holy and discerning bishop, Juan Zumárraga. To him Our Lady sent St. Juan Diego for the building of a church. It was not the project of the layman to build the church. St. Juan Diego proved his sanctity by being a faithful messenger of Our Lady’s plan, but She did not ask him or want him to build a church lest the pagan people think that She was setting up another religion other than the one Her Son founded. The bishop was the recipient of the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary impressed on the Indian’s cloak (tilma) and afterwards gladly built the church that Our Lady requested for the people. Following that, he sent out his cohort of missionary priests to baptize and sacramentally cleanse the people of their idols of polygamy, human sacrifice and demonic religion. The combination of the churchmen working hand-in-hand with the lay faithful in a full-scale assault on the idol-worship of the time is how the culture was purified. There are various estimates of just how many Indians came into the Catholic Church in the decade following the apparitions (1530s), but all accounts admit that there were 8-10 million conversions. That amounted to three-fifths of the entire Aztec population at the time!

Our Lady did not use a political process or a Supreme Court to accomplish this mass conversion. She engaged the Church in a battle of spirit with the demonic culture and thus purified the lives of the people from all their idols. Do not all the prophets foretell that God will purify His people from their idols if only they will turn to Him? Well, Our Lady shows us that the cleansing of body, soul, spirit—and culture—is indeed possible; if only the Church will become once again a Church Militant marching under the standard of Our Lady’s leadership.

On December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, please join me in praying for the Church Militant to rise up again and defeat the culture of death!*548/APTOPIX_Mexico_Death_Saint__ljon_11-03-2010_JHFIQ54.jpg

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