Black Racism

Black Racism

By Marty Nemko

I received this email today from a Rob Lau (


The latest hate crime in Oakland resulted in the death of a poor, helpless, non-English-speaking, Chinese victim. This blatant act of murder was committed by racist black thugs.

Black racism directed at non-blacks, especially towards Asian immigrants and Asian Americans is rampant in Oakland and in cities all across America.

It is hypocritical and disingenuous to not acknowledge that black racism is the impetus behind many crimes committed by black thugs against Asian victims. This ugly reality needs to be openly discussed, black racists need to be vilified, and responsible community groups need to find real solutions.

Black politicians, police administrators, and other so-called leaders need to be held accountable for their whitewashing of black racist hate crimes. These people howl so loudly when there is even the barest hint of racism — real or imagined — directed towards blacks.

Where is the outrage when a black racist is the perpetrator? Violent racists of any color should be demonized and punished.

Rob Lau

5 thoughts on “Black Racism

  1. This is an example of the BLACK SUPREMACIST AGENDA,. Blacks who believe they along with all other black people are supreme to any and all other races of people. Their message is to exterminate other races, mainly the white race, so that blacks can rule and dominate America. To be truthful, racist blacks are no different from racist whites, or any other races of people who are racists. EVIL has no color, it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. The devil that killed that Asian should be castrated without an anasthetic. Then, he should be set on fire, but after being beaten with a hammer. The truth is, people who are racist are very sick and dangerous people, and should be kept out of society at best. My heart and condolences extend to the victim’s family. The devil on the right in the above photo must not be let back into society.

  2. I moved to Montana. Up here there are only 5,500 blacks in the state. I hate going to the lower states during the holidays because blacks and hispanics are every where. Sometimes, I dont see a black or hispanic for months. Its cold as hell up here but the quality of life is unsurpassed. Also up here the better man gets the job every time!

  3. I guess this is a kkk blog. The Asian male in the photo was part of a Hmong or Vitnamese gang. They are getting more and more violent against each other. It is not racism it’s just plain stupid and senseless gang violence !

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