Paging Epic Beard Man: Five Black women attack pregnant woman on bus in Seattle

Paging Epic Beard Man: Five Black women attack pregnant woman on bus in Seattle

There is so much to write about right now (thanks to everyone sending in stories). So many stories are time sensitive and need to be addressed (there will be a lot of posts the next three days), but one story needs to be tackled first.

Don’t ride the bus in Seattle

Seattle is no stranger to Black people attacking people on buses (or jaywalking). But a new video and story has surfaced that shows a danger that can no longer go unnoticed:

Newly released security video from a Seattle city bus shows an attack on a pregnant woman by five teenage girls, who were later arrested for assault.

A pregnant teen says she feared for her baby when she and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of four girls and a woman on a Seattle Metro bus last month.

It was all captured on the bus’ security camera.

Police say Jessica Redmon-Beckstead, 17, was riding on the packed bus in the city’s Belltown neighborhood during the evening rush hour Nov. 19 when a 19-year-old woman, three 16-year-old girls and a 14-year-old girl came on board.

Surveillance video shows that, just 34 seconds after the girls got on, one of them grabbed the MP3 player Jessica and her boyfriend, Jason Decoste, were listening to. When they resisted, they were beaten and kicked by the five suspects, police say.

Redmon-Beckstead says she turned around again and was struck in the eye and began bleeding profusely. It wound up requiring six stitches to close, authorities say.

Jessica mentioned twice that she was pregnant and said she didn’t want to fight them, but says one of them made the comment, “Well, nobody hit her in the stomach.”

Investigators add that, as the attack was occurring, three of the girls stole items from the boyfriend’s pockets.
The attack continued until the bus pulled over. The bus driver called police. The victims were able to escape, police say.

Metro Police say they tracked down three of the alleged attackers about a half-hour after the incident. They say they arrested the other two days later.

Investigators say the 19-year-old, Ayana Sharee Cain, was charged with assault and has since bailed out of jail. The other four girls were charged in juvenile court with second degree robbery. Three remain in custody while the fourth is on electronic home monitoring, police say.

All five suspects have prior arrests, authorities add.

Where is Epic Beard Man when you need him? Why is the entire bus participating in the same non-intervention mindset that was sadly present when Kitty Genovese was murdered? Will the day ever come when someone says what millions have thought and dreamed for someone to finally say (Enough…)?

We at SBPDL read virtually every story, study, and book possible on race and crime in the United States.

Our friends at have vividly provided the finest aggregate of the face of criminality in America and yet still people are afraid of mentioning the unmentionable.

This unprovoked attack on a bus in Seattle will go down the memory (as so many other stories have been forced down) save for a select group of people who remember such horrors as Knoxville and Wichita. The full-onslaught of decade old stories of lynchings, draggings and other assorted behavior are constantly brought up and alluded to in an effort to make Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) cry and flame the fires of white guilt are nothing –absolutely nothing — compared to what is transpiring in major cities on a nightly basis.

The Crazies live among us, all around us. Where are you Epic Beard Man? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Watch the video here.


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