‘US losing power in Latin America’

‘US losing power in Latin America’

An analyst says US aggressive stance against Latin American and Caribbean countries shows Washington’s anger over its diminishing influence in the region.

The region “is no longer directly under the thumb of the US corporate power and US military power,” Co-Director of International Action Center Sara Flounders said.

“That certainly is infuriating US policy makers, the Pentagon, and the corporations that are used to treating the economies of Latin America as extensions; as sources of cheap raw material and cheap labor,” she told Press TV.

Flounders specifically referred to the US attempts to rig Venezuela-Colombia relations as an evident example of Washington’s agenda for destabilizing the region.

“Any reconciliation or improvement in relations between Colombia and Venezuela would be to US detriment, and certainly to the detriment of the US military presence in Colombia,” she added.

Flounders argued that the US has, for many years, used fighting drugs as an excuse for its military presence in Colombia.

However, its main aim is “stopping a popular movement in Colombia from becoming a force such as have happened throughout Latin America, where democratic and popular forces have really swept elections and made enormous transformations and changes,” she said.

Read more editorials at presstv.ir

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