An Open Question to Black People: Why will the future be better?

An Open Question to Black People: Why will the future be better?


Editors note: The SBPDL hat is off for this one, it’s time for a serious question.

Why do Black people think the future will be better?

Richard Spencer at Alternative Right discusses an important article recently published by The National Journal that delineates exit poll results from the 2010 midterm election. It shows that white people are abandoning the Democratic Party completely (save for those true believers, Disingenuous White Liberals) and that Black people comprise one of the trusty multicultural building blocks of the Rainbow Party Coalition that is the Democrats.

Spencer points out some interesting data from the exit poll results that show:

The data I find most striking are the responses to the question, “Do you expect life for the next generation to be better than today?” A majority of minorities say yes. Three quarters of Whites say no.  Both might be right.

Why is that Black people and other non-whites believe that the next generation will be better off tomorrow than today? Will the taxation on the dwindling white population be enough to pay for the continued sustenance of the Black population? At what point does the burgeoning Latino population decide it no longer needs to be part of the Rainbow Coalition and dumps Black people?

Based on what we know of majority Black cities that rely on stimulus money to meet budgetary requirements to pay for their bloated school budgets (see Birmingham or Detroit as prime examples), what will happen as the money runs out? Well, we already know as Detroit and Atlanta provide ample evidence for this contingency.

Black Run America (BRA) is fueled by white guilt and the tears of DWLs. White guilt is fading fast in America (all the evidence you need for this statement is the fact that Google went to the extraordinary maneuver to block all search results for this Web site. A friend in the Search Engine Optimization – SEO – business told me that this site should be getting 10,000 – 20,000 unique hits a day, based on what we were getting before Google pulled the plug on us).

I’m not trying to be arrogant with that statement above, but the fact is that Stuff Black People Don’t Like has developed into one of the most unique voices on the web. We reached a point where people would type in questions on Google, Yahoo or Bing about Black people and SBPDL would be one of the top results that they would get back.

I have asked a simple question since Mein Obama swept to the Oval Office garnering a whooping 96 percent of the Black vote (and that approval rating has stayed consistently strong): what happens when Black people lose faith in Barack? Two + years into Obama’s 1st term we get this from The Huffington Post:

A deeper dive past the headline numbers reveals a reality that ought to trigger national alarm but hasn’t for the simple reason that it is already embedded in the country we have unfortunately become: the Divided States of America.
Among white people, the unemployment rate dropped in December to 8.5 percent — hardly acceptable, but manageable were the government spending more to expand a fraying social safety net and generate jobs. For black Americans, the unemployment rate was 15.8 percent.

Professional economists will not pause for an instant at those figures. It is a truism that the black unemployment rate generally runs double the white one, and yet when did that become acceptable? How can there be so little discussion about a full-blown epidemic of joblessness in the African-American community, as if the commonplace incidence of despair — and, more recently, reversed progress — somehow amounts to old news?

“Can you imagine any other group at that level of unemployment and the media dismissing it as not important?” the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked during an interview this week.

He described deteriorating inner-city, predominantly-black communities in Chicago and Detroit.  In New York, a recent study found that more than one-third of African-American men aged 16 to 24 were unemployed between early 2009 and the middle of last year.

The picture becomes more vivid still using a broader Labor Department measure known as underemployment, which counts jobless people along with those who are working part-time for lack of full-time work, or who have given up looking for work but are eager for jobs. Among African-Americans, the underemployment rate was running just under 25 percent late last year, according to an analysis of government data by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington. That compared to a rate of about 15 percent for white Americans.

What happens when the lone white guy is gone?

Few people dare point out the reality Black Run America (Lawrence Auster is one of the most courageous)  and the intense drive to promote Black people above their station through affirmative action and by highlighting crises in various vocations from wine enthusiasts to doctors. Our military and the one hope for the future, NASA, have been forced to lower standards in a bid to increase Black participation (Blacks fail the military entrance exam at an alarming rate).

The same can’t be said for the would-be barbers or postal employees.

Nothing is legitimate in Black Run America (BRA) unless it has ample Black participation (so that’s why abortion is so accepted now!) and any vocation or avocation that dares lack Black people cannot be taken seriously until it absolves itself from this problem.

So here’s the ultimate question: Explain Baltimore. Explain Prince Georges County. Explain Detroit. Explain Haiti. Explain Clayton County, Gwinnett or DeKalb County in Georgia. Explain Birmingham. Explain why Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have horrendous graduation rates and are failing across the land.

Why are 50 percent of Black people not graduating from high school?

What about credit and sound banking?

So, why is the future going to be better again? You had your shot with Detroit. You had your shot Atlanta. We saw what happens on a day without white people when New Orleans collapsed into anarchy (the same can’t be said for Nashville).

Those who can see grow by the day, though those who govern the party that harness their energy steer it in pointless directions for the time being.

I’m very proud of what Stuff Black People Don’t Like has compiled over the past 18 months, for it represents one of the most definitive portraits of life in Black Run America (BRA) you can find.

This Web site started as a joke, and evolved into a blog that required censorship from a multi-billion dollar corporation to stunt its growth.

We have documented how the Black underclass is increasingly restless throughout the country: in Milwaukee; in Kansas City; in Cleveland; in Seattle; well, everywhere.

In the next two weeks, SBPDL: Year One will be coming out to purchase on Collecting a lot of the first year material from this blog, the book will be the first part of trilogy.

God Bless the Super Soaker: Tales of Black Fictional Heroes will be released for Black history month and College Football: America’s Opiate will be released shortly thereafter.

Please be patient over the next few days as Stuff Black People Don’t Like will be quiet for some important downtime and editing. We recommend you read the archives if you are new here.

Now, answer that simple question. Why is the future going to better?

History has one amazing story of what happened when white people went away and that gave us the Republic of Haiti.

And it gave us Detroit.

So the question is open to all: what will the future be?

L’Enfant Plaza: A no-go zone

L’Enfant Plaza:stay away

L’Enfant Plaza in Washington D.C. was home to a massive riot/brawl in the summer of 2010 that went largely unreported. Those in the melee represent a protected class of individuals that the media like to label “youth” (from The Post):

Post managers, from the top down, regularly remind the newsroom that coverage must have a “for and about Washington” focus. So when a large brawl broke out in the Metro system on a recent Friday night, it seemed a perfect chance to show local readers that The Post is their indispensable source for news.

The fracas occurred near midnight on Aug. 6, and authorities said it involved as many as 70 people. It started at the Gallery Place Station and continued to the L’Enfant Plaza Station. There were arrests, and several people landed in the hospital. On deadline, The Post gathered enough information for a news brief in Saturday’s paper, and a short story was quickly posted online

Robert E. Pierre, the weekend editor for local news, said he saw no need. “It wasn’t about additional people,” he told me, noting that social media searches and an online appeal for witnesses had yielded little. And, he added, “the police didn’t have very much,” and what little information they disclosed was sketchy. The size of the crowd was in question, he said, and police couldn’t say how many were actually brawling.

Pierre also worried about hyping a story that involved race. Although The Post’s coverage on and after Sunday did not specify the racial makeup of those involved, many readers assumed they were black and offered racially insensitive online comments. “So ghetto,” read one. Another urged ending “all welfare benefits for parents whose little animals cause this type of mayhem.”

When The Post finally produced a more substantive story for Monday’s paper, Pierre believes it was given too much prominence, even though it included eyewitness descriptions of multiple fights and bedlam as people tried to escape the pandemonium. The Post “overplayed it,” said Pierre. “It was a fight on the Metro. Kids get into fights.”

The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.

In other words, we should all look away and shut our eyes from the reality of criminal behavior. The incidents in Milwaukee, Kansas City, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Atlanta are just examples of “youth” having fun. After all, “This is a Black world” as we learned from the incident in Akron in the summer of 2009. Remember Beat Whitey Night in Iowa? Imagine that event being stretched out 24/7/365.

Flash forward roughly six months from the wild brawl at L’Enfant and we are entitled to an incident just as shocking involving “youths” merely having fun:

On Sunday night, Allen Haywood was randomly and viciously attacked by two kids on the platform of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Dozens of people witnessed it. Several people filmed it. Nobody helped.

Haywood was trying to transfer to the Yellow Line around 7:15 p.m. when the assault happened. He was headed home to Fort Totten after working out at Results on Capitol Hill, a gym bag slung over his shoulder and a book in his hands. As he read with his back to the station wall, “all of a sudden someone whacked me on the back of the head really hard,” he recalls.

Haywood turned around. The boy looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. Baffled, Haywood asked, “What the fuck are you doing?” The boy stood there laughing. Then someone else cracked Haywood from the other side. He turned around again. This time it was the girl in the video above. She didn’t stop swinging for more than a full minute, chasing Haywood around the platform as other kids egged her on.

As seen in the video, Haywood repeatedly asked the girl why she was attacking him, pleading with her to end it. “Stop it! Stop it! Goddamn it! You stop this shit right now! I did nothing to you!”

Haywood looked to strangers for help, but all he saw were other kids with their cell phones out, recording the scene and laughing. Judging from his voice-over, the man shooting the YouTube video above doesn’t appear to be part of the group. The video showed up yesterday on Unsuck D.C. Metro, which posted an anonymous account of the attack Tuesday.

“I can understand people not wanting to get physically involved,” says Haywood, who’s 47 and works in a Friendship Heights flower shop. “But nobody pressed the emergency button or went to the booth,” as far as he knows.

Haywood tried grabbing hold of the girl but she squirmed away. She grabbed his book, which had fallen to the ground, and threw it on the tracks below for no reason. All the while, the cell phones kept rolling.

“That may have been the whole point, if there is such a thing: ‘Let’s make a video,'” says Haywood. “They held them high, a pack moving together.”

Mr. Haywood was a victim of what is called “happy slapping” a celebrated event in the Black community when a group of “youths” gather to film an unprovoked attack on an unwitting individual. That Mr. Haywood is white and oblivious to the spirited game made him a prime candidate for a quick session of “happy slapping” at L’Enfant.

No authority figure dare stand tall and say what needs to be said. The most dangerous place for a Black person might be the womb, but the most dangerous place for everyone else is a close proximity to what comes out of that womb.

An example of “happy slapping” can be found here, the assailants unfortunately picking the wrong victim.

It should become increasingly clear why the phenomenon known as Breathing while Black (BwB) exists, when a growing segment of that particular population is incapable of abiding by societies laws.  The ultimate question is this, courtesy of Death Wish:

Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don’t defense us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
Jack Toby: We’re not pioneers anymore, Dad.
Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
Jack Toby: What do you mean?
Paul Kersey: I mean, if we’re not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they’re faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
Jack Toby: Civilized?
Paul Kersey: No.

The video can be viewed here.


How a DWL views the world of crime: Moderating the truth away

Disingenuous White Liberals must close their eyes to escape reality

Remember school discipline? We’ve talked about it before, showcasing a study The New York Times found horrifying:

In many of the nation’s middle schools, black boys were nearly three times as likely to be suspended as white boys, according to a new study, which also found that black girls were suspended at four times the rate of white girls.

School authorities also suspended Hispanic and American Indian middle school students at higher rates than white students, though not at such disproportionate rates as for black children, the study found. Asian students were less likely to be suspended than whites.

The study analyzed four decades of federal Department of Education data on suspensions, with a special focus on figures from 2002 and 2006, that were drawn from 9,220 of the nation’s 16,000 public middle schools.

The study, “Suspended Education: Urban Middle Schools in Crisis,” was published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization.

Black people get in trouble more because they fail to follow the accepted guidelines governing proper behavior. Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) – who live among only other DWLs – feign incredulity that such a reality could exist, always finding the trusty excuse of inherent racism within the system as a sound, valid reason behind the disproportionate expulsion rates among the races; and crime rates; and murder rates; and drop-out rates;  and the lack of diversity in “you name the vocational field” (save barber shops); and… pretty much anything, save the over-representation of Black people in sports – though the lack of Black people in baseball brings cries of “racism” out.

The proficiency of Black students is lacking as well, though few dare say why similar patterns emerge on every standardized test, LSAT, MCAT, SAT, ACT, military aptitude test or even the Wonderlic. Who knew No.2 pencils were capable of racism?

Problems with marauding Black youth require “no loitering” signs, dress codes and curfews, the latter normally designated for a nation under either national emergency, martial law or during a time of war. With Black people, the reasoning is just to stave off whatever might transpire when large numbers congregate together(Milwaukee’s Mayfair Flower mall Parental Guidance Policy comes to mind).

Take this story from Miami where a fight broke out between Black kids in school over that vital form of communication, a cell phone:

Nearly a dozen students were led away in handcuffs Wednesday morning after a large fight broke out at Northeast High School in Oakland Park.

Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella said deputies were sent to the school in the 700 block of NE 56th Street after they received a call from a school resource officer about a fight involving dozens of students in a hallway outside the cafeteria.

Arriving deputies were able to break up the fight and eleven students were arrested. Most of them were charged with disrupting a school function, but a few may be charged with battery. Moschella said it appears the fight, which broke out just after second period, centered around a cell phone.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with one of the students who were arrested for the fight. NE High School sophomore Hunter Petitdiou described the fight as being more than the typical school skirmish.

“It was a riot; everyone was fighting and because they wanted to punish anyone who might have been involved or was near it, everyone went to jail,” Petitdiou said. “This is not the first time there was a fight.

There was a much smaller fight on November 23, and I think they were looking to punish everyone involved in that fight as well.”
Other students said the fight was akin to the front few rows at a hard rock concert.

“It started with just two people and then someone jumped in and then other people (jumped in) and I guess it was like a big mosh pit,” said NE High senior Stephanie Baldwin.

“These students have to realize that fighting like this is a very serious matter and there are consequences,” Moschella said. “Today, as a result of this, nearly a dozen students were arrested and taken to Juvenile Assessment Center.”

Black kids enjoying a fun riot during lunch. This is quite similar to the riots in Kansas City, Philadelphia and Milwaukee. Nothing new, as Black people get in trouble quite frequently.
What is hilarious is the comment section, where people happened to notice the Black faces being hauled away to jail. The writer of the piece (or gatekeeper at CBS) said this:

The level of racist and hateful comments to this story is totally unacceptable. I have closed comments and will be contacting some of the worst offenders directly.
January 5, 2011 at 3:43 pm

A sample of the comments the DWL moderator found so intolerable cruel are below:

I can’t believe all the racist comments on here. This is why I definitely don’t believe in evolution….cause if they above comments point to the “evolution of human thought”, heaven help us all.
And speaking of “racial” profiling. Why is it that the school shootings over the last 10-15 years have been perpetrated by white males? I think I’d rather have a group of kids fighting over a cell phone than deciding to shoot up a school.
Just saying…..
January 5, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Brad in Denver
“stupid white people” do you not see the hypocrisy in your statement? Generalizing according to race is the problem but then again you’re a teenager so I wouldn’t expect you to understand life’s complexities. Hopefully you’ll mature one day. To the other commenters I agree usually such stupid fights and crimes end up being black on black crimes but to condemn them as a race is pretty narrow minded, by far the majority of blacks in this country are upstanding citizens. To say otherwise is very telling on your narrow minded views. And by the way I’m not a liberal, just an educated conservative “Tea Party type”
January 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm

Brad, pointing out that most of these stupid crimes are committed by black people is not inconsistent with your statement that most black people are good citizens. I do not think that all black people are bad; however even before I saw the pictures I assumed that the people involved would be black. There is a problem here and if we can not be honest in identifying it, then how can we solve it?
January 5, 2011 at 3:37 pm

We have asked before if racism is a mental illness. DWLs sure think that any recognition of racial disparities in crime amounts to an unacceptable situation and must never be broached in polite conversation. Another thinks pointing out such a reality is a reason evolution couldn’t be true, since only an enlightened, progressive society of high IQ types would have the decency to not notice the disproportionate crime rates between the races.

They just simply move to cities without Black people and attack those whites who were left behind for noticing the truths that those morally superior DWLs deign unworthy of evolved minds to fret about.

The DWL mind is a fascinating thing. It’s a shame we know what they want from those who can see. They want us to die, so they can inherit a world where their morally superior smugness will reign supreme and their Black and Brown pets will forever worship them for being such beacons of evolved human thought.

DWLs can live in a fantasy world while we at SBPDL live in a world that Thug Report helps document daily.

It is exceedingly rare that newspapers publish the pictures of suspected murderers, rapists or other assorted criminals. Papers that dare show the face of criminality are greeted by mobs of angry Black parents threatening to burn down the building of the paper, reminiscent of some 1930s horror movie.

This happened in Buffalo at The Buffalo News and it will happen at any major paper that dares show the truth.


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