Diversity and Failure

Diversity and Failure

by Jeff Davis

One of my biggest fears has always been that America would slowly slide into a Depression instead of a rapid collapse as it neared a non-White majority. We need White people to understand that a large non-White population equals economic failure. You can’t maintain a First World standard of living and infrastructure if your society has filled up with too many needy, low-IQ, Third World parasites. Well, it looks like the states with non-White majorities are going to fail in the very near future just as Arizona is taking actions to stem the flow of Third World illegal aliens.

Over the last five years, California has gone from an economic superpower to a basket case that can’t even balance a budget. Bankruptcy seems inevitable for California, but suddenly New York and Illinois have pushed their way past in the race to see which majority non-White state will go bankrupt first.

The New York Times reports: “For the last few years, California stood more or less unchallenged as a symbol of the fiscal collapse of states during the recession. Now Illinois has shouldered to the fore, as its dysfunctional political class refuses to pay the state’s bills and refuses to take the painful steps — cuts and tax increases — to close a deficit of at least $12 billion, equal to nearly half the state’s budget. Then there is the spectacularly mismanaged pension system, which is at least 50 percent underfunded and, analysts warn, could push Illinois into insolvency if the economy fails to pick up.”

Unfortunately, millions of White people with state jobs are going to be hammered with pay cuts if they don’t lose their jobs entirely thanks to the crushing burden caused by 20 million illegal aliens. We should be thankful that we have the legal right to deport them, but so far only Arizona is taking this vital step to avoid bankruptcy while California insists on clinging to its illegal aliens like an anchor that will drag them down to the bottom of the ocean.

The Times article notes “As the recession has swept over states and cities, it has laid bare economic weakness and shoddy fiscal practices. Only an infusion of federal stimulus money allowed many states to avert deep layoffs last year. The federal dollars are nearly spent.”

Last month, local governments nationwide shed more than 20,000 jobs. Should the largest struggling states — like California, New York or Illinois — lay off tens of thousands more in coming months, or default on payments, the reverberations could badly damage a weakened economy.

Obama’s political home state (Illinois) and home city are the most notoriously corrupt in the nation and the former governor, Rod Blagojevich, is now on trial for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Obama meanwhile could buy Senators’ votes openly for his health care scheme. Blagojevich however isn’t a quota-hire with a Teflon coating.

The welfare checks are about to stop coming in California, New York and Illinois, home to millions of Black and Latino recipients. Don’t expect minorities to react rationally to losing their government hand outs. There’s a good chance the Blacks will start rioting.

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