That Florida Brawl and the coming censorship of YouTube

That Florida Brawl and the coming censorship of YouTube

If the United States were actually a nation steeped in racism – as many intellectuals consider it to be –  the media wouldn’t be hesitant to broadcast stories such as this tale of woe emanating from a Florida gas station:

Less filling? Great Taste? The Black brawl at the Florida gas station had neither

Prompted by a viral video showing a wild, all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station, cops have launched a probe to identify and possibly arrest the combatants, some of whom had clothing ripped off during the melee.

Detectives believe that the wild fracas outside a RaceTrac gas station in Ocala occurred at about 2:20 AM on December 30, and involved eight “primary participants,” according to an Ocala Police Department report. The video, which has some fleeting nudity, can be viewed above.

Nobody called 911 to report the melee as it unfolded, so cops first learned of the fight when the video appeared on YouTube and other web sites.

A police review of the clip notes that, “all of the females began striking at one another with open and closed fists.” As the brawl continued, “Several of the females involved lose articles of clothing revealing their breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.” At the video’s end, five women are seen “dancing and yelling as if to celebrate some type of victory. One female even goes as far as standing on the hood of a car as she dances.”

One battler is so vigorously throwing haymakers that her dress slides up her torso to reveal the woman’s thong-adorned rear. Another combatant, who did not fare as well, had her dress nearly ripped off during the confrontation. At the fight’s conclusion, the RaceTrac’s parking lot is dotted with wigs and hair extensions torn off during the fight.

Read the police report here.

Instead the United States is a nation governed by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) who live far removed from the everyday joys of residing near similar Black women like the group who engaged in this hilariously epic brawl that left the parking lot littered with fake hair sold by Korean entrepreneurs.

DWLs from their positions of power in academia and the media would never tolerate a rational discussion of this video; instead, they loop the Rodney King video or Oakland police shooting video without fail. Or they’d find a way to connect the horrific Tuscon shooting to the Tea Party, though no such evidence exists.

If America were a racist country, the daily catalog of thuggery collected at Thug Report would be broadcast on a constant loop in the cities where such criminality transpired. Instead, online discussion forums that accompany stories of Black misbehavior are greeted with a quick removal of comments deemed offensive to the delicate sensibilities, lest a repeat of The Buffalo News Black lynch mob occur.

Which brings us to YouTube, a compendium of videos that collect a litany of infamous Black characters from across the land. From Oakland to Mobile, from Detroit to Huntsville and every city in between, YouTube brings to the world such stunning intellectual giants as Antoine Dodson (comments have been disabled from this video) and those poor Black souls looking for the Leprechaun and his gold in Mobile. God help the soul who laughs at Popeye’s running out of chicken (comments have been disabled there).

These videos provide white people, Asians and Hispanics the opportunity for a rare glimpse into the authentic Black world that no amount of The Cosby Effect can cover up.

YouTube and the Internet provide the last bastion of true freedom Americans have left and that hangs by a delicate thread. Stories such as the Florida brawl involving rampaging Black women participating in a nightmarish reenactment of the Miller Lite “Less Filling/Great Taste” commercials would never see the light of day were it not for the Internet.

The remnants of their titanic clash would only be known to those needing gas who happened to come upon the incriminating evidence of leftover wigs and hair extensions littered the field of battle.

Black people do not like being laughed at and made the butt of jokes. YouTube provides countless hours of an uncensored look into that a world that the DWL media rigorously suppresses.

A curious glance of World Star Hip Hop only helps to punctuate that claim. Black people are rarely ashamed of this behavior and, in fact, defend those featured in videos that are shared via E-mail, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Black people find the reactions of those viewing and commenting on the videos distasteful, because so few in the Black community see anything wrong with their actions that become fodder for a good two minute laugh by white, Asian and Hispanic people enjoying the comedy from the safety of their laptop.

YouTube will ban most of these videos within two years. But for now, YouTube offers a view into this Black world without any gatekeeper present to decide what your average American can view.

This must change. If not, people will share the video of this intensely funny parody of the Miller Lite commercials of 2003 and a reinforcement of stereotypes will accompany each viewing.

Once a video goes viral, millions of people who never encounter Black people save through Black Fictional Heroes in film, television and commercials or through sports are offered an authentic glimpse into the real world of Blackness.

That is truly unacceptable to the rabidly anti-racists who run every institution, corporation, university and media outlet in America. McDonald’s may be 365Black, but YouTube can’t be any longer.

The video can be viewed here.

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