The clueless right

The clueless right

Tell me again that no third party will ever succeed in America.
Tell me again how the Republicans are ‘the best we can hope for.’

It seems I’ve been told that so many times in recent years, but in light of this, how can anybody say those things in sincerity, or without shame?

”Mr. Cain got a jump on other potential GOP 2012 candidates Wednesday when he formed a presidential exploratory committee, which allows him to raise money for a possible White House run. None of the likely frontrunners have taken that step.

The Atlanta radio host and former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza said he plans to spend several months seeing if he can drum up enough support among donors and voters to justify a full-blown campaign.”

The FReepers, who to me represent the ‘average’ GOP voter, seem beside themselves with excitement about Cain running for President, not to mention Allen West, who also sends a thrill up the collective leg of the FReepers.

However, I am dumbfounded that even the FReepers are still trotting out this old chestnut:

”He will be a powerful put-down to the myth of ‘republicans = racist’

Now that some brave and powerful black conservatives have put their necks on the line – and WON – there will be more who will step forward.

Without being able to use the race card – the libs so long successful lie – a card now maxed out and soon to be canceled – they will be hard put to refute opposition stances.”

Can you believe anyone can say that with a straight face after the last two years of experience? Does the name ‘Michael Steele’ ring any bells over in FReeperland? What about J.C. Watts? Condoleezza Rice? Colin Powell? Is there anybody I’ve forgotten?

One more reminder: surely some of you here remember that some Republicans said that same thing about a certain candidate in 2008. If he were elected, surely that would disarm the left and minority voters, because it would put the lie to their claim that this was a ‘racist’ country, and they would no longer have any excuses about how blacks can’t succeed in this country. Therefore there would be no more race card to play. People actually said that. How has that worked out? Anybody noticed?

Maybe it’s been a smashing success and I just haven’t noticed.

Really, though, what hope is there for the Republican Party in the next election? The other candidates or wannabees — Romney, Gingrich, Pence, Jeb Bush, ‘Huckster’ Huckabee — could there be any sorrier slate of candidates anywhere?

And yet there are still those who say that a third party can never succeed; it will just elect the Democrats yet again. Invariably somebody brings up Ross Perot and how he caused the election of Clinton. But would Poppy Bush have been any better, apart from the sex scandal thing?

Of course a third party will not succeed as long as people keep denouncing the very idea of it, and calling it a hopeless cause. As long as people convince themselves, or let others convince them of that supposed certainty, then no, a third party will never succeed.

People do forget that the Republicans started as a third party.
Just because third parties since then have failed to capture much support does not mean that it can never happen. There is a first time for everything, and if ever there was a time, it is now, for a party that might actually represent the interests of the American majority.

The Tea Party is the great White hope for some people — but the Tea Party faithful seem to see themselves as the great Diverse hope, apparently, with their ardent courtship of minorities and the ‘colorblind’ crowd.

Some might say, ‘Cain (or West) might be a good conservative gentleman and a wonderful candidate.’ Some people put great stock in their success in past endeavors, business or the military. Surely we can see for ourselves the folly of electing a relative unknown, or a candidate without the right kind of experience. Some might say ‘why does his race matter? Why shouldn’t Republicans run a black candidate?’

No matter how conservative a black candidate might be, for such a man to be President at a time when things have never been tenser amongst the races would mean that such issues would only be further complicated, not soothed, as some people claim. And it would further marginalize Whites within the Republican Party, as political correctness would be reinforced tenfold, with everybody leaning over backwards to show their ‘colorblindness’ and to be ‘sensitive and inclusive.’ We would be even more constrained in acting towards our own interests — which, once again, do not coincide with those of any ”minority community.”

Having Republicans join Democrats in the never-ending quest for minority approval and for the ultimate Black Savior would only mean that we would be that much farther away from any addressing of our needs and interests. End result: we would be more marginalized than ever, if the GOP becomes another haven for politically correct identity politics.

And as others have pointed out along the line, it will become established policy that we should have a black (and later, other minority) president as some kind of gesture of good faith. To elect a White president after two (or more) black presidents would be denounced as a ”big step backward” towards the bad old days of discrimination and ‘White hegemony.’ Republicans would not counter these accusations, but would buckle under and try even harder to appear non-racist.

At this point, electing someone as a gesture of goodwill or a statement against ‘racism’ or as a way of proving how PC we are is just a very bad reason to choose the occupant of the highest office in our land.

Let only the best candidate be chosen. But at this troubled point in our history, having another presidency in which race would be front and center all the time is the last thing we need. It would not pour oil on the troubled waters, but would be more fuel for conflict.

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