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Montana: House Bill 178

Chuck Baldwin prepares to run for Governor of Montana


Montana is another state that we haven’t heard much buzz about on the immigration front over the last few months.

It also came as a surprise when Maine and Kentucky jumped to the head of the pack of states passing their own crackdowns on illegal immigration. The heavyweights like Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma are still plodding along like turtles.

In Montana, a bill that would deny worker’s compensation benefits to illegal aliens, House Bill 178, has cleared the House Judiciary Committee and is on its way to a full vote in the Montana House. The bill would also require the state government to check applicants for driver’s licenses against a federal database.

In the final showdown over the DREAM Act, Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus of Montana provided decisive votes that killed the bill. DREAM Act supporters were unable to peel off enough Republicans to compensate for Democratic defections in the Red States.

Montana is surprisingly more sensitive to immigration issues than one would expect given the low numbers of illegal aliens who are living there. What is even more surprising is that the state is pushing through a bill that would require checking a federal database to issue driver’s licenses.

Montana, well known for its libertarian streak, has been a noteworthy opponent of the national id card.

“Don’t Tread on Me” doesn’t seem to apply to Mexicans who are illegally residing in Montana. ICE can swoop in there with black helicopters and deport the bastards.

Montanans don’t seem to care.

It is also worth noting that Chuck Baldwin, who ran for President on the Constitution Party ticket in 2008 (I voted for him in that election), is gearing up to run for Governor of Montana. Baldwin wants to pass an Arizona-style immigration law in Montana and confront the federal government on the issue.

As Montana’s chief executive, Baldwin said he would also reject the federal government in the manner of Arizona’s adoption of a strict and controversial immigration law, which is being challenged by the U.S. Justice Department.

“We need a governor who will do whatever (Arizona Gov.) Jan Brewer did about whatever the issue is,” Baldwin said. “Draw that line in the sand, but then, just take it the next step and say, ‘We don’t care what the Supreme Court says.’”

“That’s what states have the power to do,” he added. “They have the power under God, don’t you see?”

If you live in Montana, please contact your state legislators and tell them to support this modest bill. It’s not everything we want, but it will help lay the foundation for tougher legislation in the future, and it will prevent Montana from becoming a magnet for illegals fleeing other states.

Montana has a Democratic governor and a Democratic state legislature. They will have to be pressured to do the right thing. We can’t afford to sit back and let the Republicans take care of this one.

Mississippi Second

Arizona-style immigration law passes Mississippi Senate


Mississippi was the very first state that I took a look at last year.

Last September, the Mississippi Senate was holding hearings about the possibility of adopting an Arizona-style immigration law. State Sen. Joey Fillingane was spearheading that effort.

I was impressed by what I saw going on there. I pointed out at the time that the old guard of Republicans like Trent Lott were being cycled out and that a new crop of Republicans like Fillingane were on the rise. They were cooperating with the Tea Party and grassroots organizations like MFire to bring new restrictionist laws to Mississippi.

This was a month before the midterm elections.

I said back then:

“Mississippi is a microcosm of a larger truth: working within the mainstream, communicating with people in terms of their own experience, starting where people are at today, prioritizing organization over rhetoric, and using polarization to move the goal posts has consistently been shown to work.”

In December, I took a closer look at Mississippi. In the midterm elections, Mississippi voters threw two Democratic congressmen out of office. Both Mississippi Senators and the Republican Mississippi delegation in the House voted against the DREAM Act.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant is running for Governor of Mississippi in 2011 as a Jan Brewer-style candidate. In the meantime, Boss Hogg Haley Barbour has already said he would sign an Arizona-style immigration law if it crosses his desk.

We have known for several months now that Mississippi is one of the most likely states to pass an Arizona-style immigration law in 2011. Now we have cleared the first major hurdle.

Earlier this afternoon, the Mississippi Senate passed an Arizona-style immigration law. The bill passed 34 to 15 after four hours of debate. Sen. Fillingane succeeded in pushing the bill through committee and through a critical floor vote.

Tea Party activists in Mississippi attended a Senate committee meeting to show support for the bill. They cheered from the gallery as one Democratic attempt after another to kill the bill with amendments failed.

The restrictionist package deal also includes an extension of E-Verify, tougher penalties for employers of illegal aliens, and criminalizes sanctuary cities.

The legislation now heads to the Mississippi House where it faces an uncertain fate. Undoubtedly, House Democrats will attempt to obstruct passage as they did in the Senate.

Chalk up another one for working within the system.

I will be tuning into Radio Free Mississippi tomorrow morning to hear the reaction of Jim Giles and the “hardcore nucleus” to the “worthless conservative cowards” who are doing the job the vanguard is unwilling to do.

It should be a laugh riot.

Editor’s Note: If you live in Mississippi, don’t forget to contact your state representative in the Mississippi House and urge them to support this bill.

Chris Matthews: White People Are Crackers

Racial slurs against White people gives Hardball host Chris Matthews a new thrill up his leg

District of Corruption

You got to love Chris Matthews.

This guy is one of those self righteous hypocrites who would have a heart attack if the word “nigger” was uttered in his presence, but doesn’t hesitate to casually throw out a “cracker” on live national television.

Maybe it gave him a thrill up his leg?

Racial slurs are only counted as “offensive” in our society when they are used against “people of color” or the “protected classes” or whatever they are calling themselves now. You can use racial slurs like “cracker” and “redneck” all you want in the media. This is one of the most poignant reminders of the anti-White racial double standards we live under.

I have likened it in the past to an inverted Jim Crow system where Whites who act too “uppity” (who refuse to acknowledge their place at the bottom of the social hierarchy) are bullied and cowed into submission with abusive shaming language and employment discrimination.


The problem for progressives is not the “rightwing noise machine.” It is that ordinary White people are exposed to the liberal bias of these liars and hypocrites on a daily basis and are sick of tired of hearing from them.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the SPLC, Newsweek, or Media Matters to condemn the “racism” of Chris Matthews here. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

Chris Matthews and MSNBC have spent an entire week now trying to portray a pot smoking nihilist and flag burning anarchist who took pictures of himself posing in front of a mirror in a red g-string as a disgruntled Tea Party activist inspired by the crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.

The mainstream media is not only worthless from a journalistic standpoint. It deliberately lies to you.



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