Death of a nation

Death of a nation

Blacks hate America

That’s a picture of a Martin Luther King Day celebration at the state capitol in Columbia, South Carolina. The statue that’s hidden from the crowd by the blue covered paneling is a statue of George Washington, the Father of our Country. It was covered up so the black people celebrating MLK wouldn’t be offended.

A country that honors a man like King is not going to revere men like Washington and Jefferson for very long. Decades ago, blacks started demanding that schools and streets in the South named after Confederate heroes be renamed, and their statues torn down. White liberals and conservatives said that giving in to these demands was the right thing to do, because Confederate heroes were horrible racists who didn’t deserved to be honored. Now that blacks have succeeded in removing so many tributes to great Southerners, they’re starting to go after the Founding Fathers, who were just as racist as the Confederates. Washington and Jefferson, and many others, owned black slaves. So any reminders of them will have to be removed if America is to reach King’s promised land. And what will conservatives and liberals say, since they’ve already agreed that racist ancestors aren’t worthy of respect?

So now we names schools and streets after scum like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X (a bisexual male prostitute, among other things), and men like Julius Hobson:

The other half of Stuart-Hobson: Julius Hobson (1919-1977) an African-American Marxist civil rights leader, who spent many years working against education in the District of Columbia.

Hobson’s biography says that he destroyed educational testing and tracking in the District in the case of Hobson vs. Hansen, as the result of his daughter failing a standardized test.

“[I]rate after his ten-year-old daughter was tested and placed on a non-college preparatory course of classes, Hobson went to court and challenged the District of Columbia schools’ practices. He argued that such testing and shunting of students into certain classes violated the 1954 Supreme Court decision that prohibited discrimination in education based on race. With famed civil rights attorney William Kunstler as his counsel, Hobson filed suit against Carl Hansen, superintendent of schools, and a U.S. Court of Appeals judge [J. Skelly Wright, a liberal appointed by JFK] ruled in his favor in June of 1967. The case was a watershed moment for the District of Columbia school system, which ended the tracking system that Hobson argued hampered achievement and academic excellence, and desegregated its faculty and some of the more overcrowded schools as well.”

This is what I mean when I said, above, that Hobson spent all this time and money fighting against education. He was fighting against standardized tests, because they gave bad results for blacks. Disparate impact theory means that if blacks fail any test at a higher rate than whites, the test must be prejudiced and wrong.

But the abolition of standardized tests is bad for all students, because it makes it much harder to find out how well (or badly) the teachers union is doing, which in the District Of Columbia is a particularly bad problem. And the abolition of tracking by ability is bad for both smart and stupid students, who should be studying different things at different rates in different classrooms.

Now we name schools after the people who destroyed them.

The old America of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is gone. We now live in the America of Malcolm X, Julius Hobson, and Martin Luther King. And the whole world wonders after the beast. Every politician in America, even the “conservative” ones, bow down and worship him every third Monday in January.

And let us never forget who gave us the Martin Luther King holiday: the conservative hero, Ronald Reagan. The same one who gave us amnesty, which led to 20 million more illegals flooding our country.

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