No Democracy Without National Identity

No Democracy Without National Identity

A quote from Daniel Hannan in the European Parliament, 19 January 2011, reading from his book “The New Road To Serfdom – A Letter Of Warning to America“:

Faced with a choice between democracy and supra-nationalism, the European Union almost always opts for supra-nationalism and nowhere is this clearer than in its policy in the Western Balkans. We are maintaining to all intents and purposes protectorates in Bosnia, in Kosovo and arguably even in Macedonia for the sole purpose of preventing ethnographic boundaries along the lines of what local people there would choose.

It is very difficult to have a functioning democracy unless people feel enough in common one with another to accept government from each other’s hands. If you want government for and by the people, you have to have a people that everyone recognises some identity with, some allegiance to.

To put it in another way, democracy needs a ‘demos’, a unit with which we identify when we use the word ‘we’. I am not saying it is simple. People  can sustain multiple loyalties, populations can be interspersed, but our prejudice, other things being equal, should be towards national self-determination. If you take the ‘demos’ out of democracy, you are left only with the ‘kratos’, with the power of a system that must compel by law what it dare not ask in the name of civic patriotism.

One thought on “No Democracy Without National Identity

  1. I feel a little weak, on the reference to Kosovo. Kosovo is arbitrary nation, it is a land formed by Albanians in a country not their own. It takes no knowledge of Yugoslav history to know of their lacking of a national identity, one need only look upon their flag.

    And this stays true to the Bosniaks and Montegrins. Bosniaks being Serbs islamified by the Ottomans and Montegrins being a Serbs so insulted by the vilification of the Serbian nation wished to be no part of it any longer. For we eat the same food, sing the same songs, know the same history, speak the same language, and if it were not for a xenos invader we would worship the same God.

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