Terror at Domodedovo Airport

Terror at Domodedovo Airport

Speaking of terror attacks, it appears that one has just occurred at Moscow’s largest and busiest airport. According to the latest reports, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the baggage claim area, killing at least 35 people. The head of the suspected bomber has been recovered, and based on his appearance, he was (surprise!) an Arab.

According to Pravda:

Foreigners injured in Domodedovo terror blast

The Moscow police are investigating the explosion at Domodedovo International Airport. Investigators found the head of an Arab male on the site of the accident. It is not ruled out that it was him, who detonated the bomb.

Since the explosion took place in the arrival hall of the international airport, the list of victims includes people of other nationalities. It has been reported that one of the foreigners, who has been injured in the attack, is a Slovak actress, Zuzana Fialova.

The power of the explosion was equivalent to seven kilos of TNT, investigators said. Experts believe that the Domodedovo explosion may become one of the largest transport terrorist acts in the world. The bomb was filled with damaging agents.

Most likely, the suicide terrorist was standing in the crowd of people in the arrival area of the airport. Investigators have classified the case as ‘terrorist act,’ Vladimir Markin, an official with the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation said.

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