Egypt, Freedom and White War Criminals in Black Run America (BRA)

Egypt, Freedom and White War Criminals in Black Run America (BRA)

A right long dead in BRA

Let’s take a quick break from talking about Black Fictional Heroes to make one point about Egypt (wait, weren’t the Ancient Egyptians Black?).

We at Stuff Black People Don’t Like have no opinion to give on Egypt and the social unrest going on in Cairo. It’s funny though that social media is helping lead this riot, knowing that young Black people comprise a large portion of Twitter users here in America and that they also comprise the bulk of unemployed and unemployable.

The most interesting quote we have heard regarding the whole Egyptian ordeal was courtesy of Hillary Clinton. She admonished the Egyptian government with this:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also called on Egypt’s government and army to provide protection to peaceful protestors.

“Freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and freedom of the press are pillars of an open and inclusive society,” she said.

“It is especially in times of crisis that governments must demonstrate their adherence to these universal values.”

We completely agree with her that freedom of expression, assembly and the press are pillars of an open and inclusive society. However, Black Run America (BRA) does not operate under these rules showcasing that BRA is far from a free and just society.

The media routinely censors the race of the suspected murderer, rapist and criminal, though Thug Report picks up where the freedom of the press seems unwilling to go.

Freedom of expression? As long as what is expressed doesn’t violate the delicate sensibilities of Black people. Since any criticism of Black people, Black culture, Black holes or words that might be construed as denoting Black people violates those sensibilities, freedom of expression in BRA is a pipe dream.

Freedom of assembly? Ask Jared Taylor of American Renaissance what that means. White people are war criminals in America, perpetually paying for the sins of a minority of white Americans who once owned slaves or denied Black people civil rights.

Ask white war criminals what  freedom of assembly they have after what Black Charlotte City Council members Patrick Cannon and Warren Turner did to ensure that right was nullified.

Peter Brimelow states there is a war on whites in America, but he fails to admit that BRA replaced America decades ago.

Black Run America (BRA) is dedicated to promoting Black – and minority – interests at the expense of the traditional majority, founding population of America. Not only at home, but abroad as well.





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