Will the US collapse harder than the USSR? by mindweapon

Will the US collapse harder than the USSR?

Dmitri Orlov thinks so.

I was in Russia in 1995, right when people weren’t getting paid. I saw what Orlov is talking about. Where I lived in my host family told me that they paid 3 dollars a month for rent. They didn’t throw people out in the street, though they had to scrape up their own forms of income. I saw a lot of elderly people peddling t-shirts and jars of pickles and such on the sidewalk.

I agree that things will be a LOT uglier here in the US. Orlov talks about how Russians still had community. What Orlov won’t say is this was because of Russian national and racial homogeneity. Collapse of a multi-racial society is going to be the most terrifying event since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the killing fields of Cambodia.

Liberal Mark Ames doesn’t get it; austerity is unavoidable because of mismanagement

What’s the word in 2011? Austerity. You will either hate this word, or love it, by the end of this year. Or maybe a little bit of both.

Austerity is “managed decline” or perhaps “an attempt to manage decline,” after criminal mismanagement of the country.

The criminal mismanagement may have ended with bank bailouts, but it started with “Happy Motoring,” and liberal cornucopianism. The left wing model of running the country, which amounted to replacing the former sober minded leadership with Marxist professors and media bosses, was all about perpetural economic growth and Par-Tay like its 1999. The industrial oligarchs and plutocrat bankers like this situation because it means they can do what they want.

Liberalism created the conditions to let banks run amok. It all began with “self esteem education” and “closing the achievement gap” (by dumbing down white kids). And by making everyone afraid to dissent in a meaningful way, if they still wanted to play a part in society in their small town. As Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and rule by liberals is enforced with brutal and highly leveraged efficiency.

Taking away miost of our private industries such as farms and workshops and factories made us all into bureaucrats of some form or other. We are all paper pushers and “service economy” workers. The reason they did this is that if we are ALLl bureaucrats or servants of a megacorp brand, then the head bureaucrats of the country can make our lives hell if they want. It’s real easy to send a ripple of pressure downward when you have a country that doesn’t make its own shoes or grow its own potatoes.

But this model of a financialized, social-servicized, bureaucratized economy is failing, and failing hard.

Austerity means “we give up. We can’t support a country of bureaucratic mini-mes anymore. You’re free to go! Go re-open a factory or something, or start raising hay.”

My analogy is the miniauture poodle left in the snowy woods in January in Wisconsin. At first it sniffs around, curious. Then the car pulls away and all is silent, and he realizes “uh oh, it’s cold out here, and there’s no door opening to let me into a house.” You know that scenario has played out many times, and it’s heart wrenching to think about every time.

Well, Mark Ames, my answer for you is for Americans to say “f- the global economy, let’s relocalize.” The transition will be difficult, but the destination is necessary. The global economy is unsustainable. it doesn’t make sense to make all the widgets in China and grow all the food in Nebraska. People need to make things — everywhere. The service economy stinks!

Austerity will be a very strong anti-immigration force. People on a pared down Social Security and Medicare won’t be able to afford even cheap immigrant labor for nursing care or home care. A lot of immigrant jobs come straight from the government coffers — think about it. We don’t have any industry anymore. We are like a Soviet economy. Everything is the government.

Pressure for jobs will be that much more, and lots and lots of jobs are held by people who got here yesterday, and have somewhere to go home to. We have nowhere to go but here.

But the Uncle $ugar days look to be over. If this is true, it’s going to be hell in a handbasket. It’s going to be like the collapse of the USSR with the old people in the streets selling t-shirts and jars of pickles. As for our darling, precious NAM populations, I don’t even want to think about it.

Mark Ames on the coming austerity insanity

January 25, 2011

Now that the shock of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting is starting to wear off and the country is returning to its more familiar climate of insanity, we’re back to facing a far worse, far more serious, and far more violent threat than mere rampage shootings: Austerity.

The Washington-Wall Street power circuit has already decided for the rest of us that “austerity” will define the 2011 political agenda. Austerity is what the oligarch-sponsored Tea Party demanded, what the Republicans are promising to deliver now that they’re in control of drafting the budget in the House, and what the Obama administration is going to try to enact as part of its neo-Clinton triangulation strategy. And the DC pols have the total endorsement of the corporate media, which have been hammering home the same message for months now: Austerity is the answer to our problems — problems that were created by the same establishment which wants to make us scream in pain again.

The way this austerity debate has been framed in all the major media outlets, anyone pushing for austerity cuts and “pain” is automatically labeled “courageous”—which is an odd way of defining courage, since not a single rich politician or pundit pushing for “austerity” will actually suffer that pain, and most will profit from it. But that’s what counts as courage in our era.

Bush speechwriter-turned-Washington Post pundit Michael Gerson has been an early promoter of the courage-austerity complex. Here’s Gerson writing about his old colleague, former Bush OMB director Mitch Daniels, now Indiana governor, whose first act upon taking oath was pawning the Indiana Turnpike to a multinational as fast as you can spell courageous: Daniels became a highly successful Indiana governor, combining a motorcycle-driving, pork-tenderloin-eating populism with courageous budget cutting, a solid record of job creation and a reputation for competence.

By this logic, if Mitch Daniels is the courageous one, then that means that the opposite of courage is us, the cowardly masses of lazy slobs, who need to be whipped into shape with a steady lashing of the “austerity” whip. We prove our unworthiness whenever we call for “Austerity for the rich,” which is of course the opposite of courage.

And while considering the implications of living in a country where politicians and pundits are allowed to call selling off juicy pieces of the state courageous acts, there’s something even more troubling about it; what has happened in modern history after the austerity drive is finished: These measures almost always end in the worst worst-case-scenario imaginable: economic disaster, violence and repression.

None of this would have ever happened if we had kept our farms and industry. We jumped off the cliff blindfolded into a service economy, and Happy Motoring like the fool of the first Tarot card. It was a long drop, but it looks like 2011 is when we hit bottom.

Mark Ames says austerity ends in “economic disaster, violence and repression.” I would say that this probably happens, but it isn’t the end of the story. In past times, the growth economy came back so the processes did not run their full course, but instead put us back onto the path of globalism and liberalism. Globalism and liberalism have had quite a run, but this is it.

We will return to a high tech version of localism and folkism. This doesn’t mean going technologically backwards, though we may cut out some technologies and adopt others. Globalism and high tech grew up together, but the latter is not dependent on the former.

The transition may kill a lot of us, including me. The transition will certainly be disastrous and horrible, as Mark Ames points out. But it had to happen, because the oligarchs mismanaged the world. Buckle up — 2011 and beyond promise to be a wild ride.

Mind War is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all parties in a war that we will win that war

[an essay by the mindweapon formerly known as kievsky]

The title of this post is taken from a working paper written for the US Army by Major Michael Aquino and Colonel Paul Valley, as an update to what is known in the military as “Psy-Ops” or “Psychological Operations.” I went to the Defense Language Institute and had some “Psy-Ops” MOS’s in my unit and in my classes.  They are stationed at Fort Bragg, and as of 1992 still called themselves “Psy-Ops.”

Full disclosure:  Michael Aquino is a Satanist, affiliated with “the Temple of Set.” The one good thing I can say about Satanists is that they don’t mind “spilling the beans” about mind control structures called religion.  Non-satanist religions pretend their church is about something else.  At least the Satanists don’t lie to you.  But Satanism has its own limitations, and I am most certainly not a Satanist, nor do I recommend it.  But I do advocate being honest with ourselves, and with one another.  One particular version of MindWar (the NWO/Hebraic whatever you want to call it) has gotten too much of an upper hand, so it’s time we stepped back from the dominant MindWar and asked ourselves if there isn’t perhaps a healthier version of MindWar to choose?

Computer operating systems were once proprietary and the domain of narrow government specialists.  Now computer operating system development (Linux) is available to any hobbyist.  Computers were originally only used to program things like intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Now computer technology has been brought down to the level of ordinary people.

MindWar is nothing but technology, in the same way computers are technology.  I’m not advocating anything supernatural; I’m just advocating the early adoption of MindWar technology so we won’t be so tyrannized by it.  Like computer technology, MindWar technology needs to be brought down from the proprietary priesthoods of Hollywood and the Vatican and Fort Bragg.  My blog, Mind Weapons in Ragnarok is an attempt to be the Linus Torvalds of MindWar technology.  I’m trying to tell you all that you don’t need to be a genius to be a MindWar hacker, just as you didn’t need to be a genius to program BASIC or develop cool websites or come up with Facebook.  It’s there for the taking, and we have every reason to seize this technology for our own use.

Aquino and Valley didn’t like the term “Psy-Ops” because it implied deceit, and their paper asserts that Psy-Ops will only work if it is working for the truth and the good.  Valley and Aquino renamed Psy-Ops to MindWar, and insisted on truth and justice.  You can (and should) read the whole paper by downloading the PDF from here:


Aquino points out that wars can be one without any military hardware or violence, and if that is the case, one should invest one’s “defense budget” into this low cost (and perfectly legal) version of war.  Just because it’s cheap and legal (aka open source) doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.  Ask any Linux programmer.  I accept Aquino’s recommendation to invest my “defense budget” of life’s effort into waging MindWar.

Hollywood is of course the Pentagon of MindWar, though it fails Aquino’s test of “truth and justice.” They say the best trick of the Devil is to convince you that he doesn’t exist.  The best trick of Hollywood was to convince us that war is waged with gunfights and car chases.  Every one of us has well established mental patterns of conflict that is waged by shooting people and driving cars (or planes or helicopters), and doing incredible stunts in order to wage war.  And every one of us believes that “in theory, this whole war could be one in 90 minutes, if we just had the right car chases and gunplay.”

Hollywood is MindWar 1.0, and modern anti-White Jews are in some sense “the generals fighting the last war.” Tim Wise

You’re like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass — even if it takes four sequels to make it happen — but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time.

Fair enough, and have at it. But remember how this movie ends.

Our ankles survive.

You do not.

Michael Meyers, Freddie Kreuger, Jason, and that asshole husband in that movie with Julia Roberts who tracks her down after she runs away and changes her identity–they are all done. Even that crazy fucker in Saw is about to be finished off for good. Granted, he’s gonna be popping out in 3-D to scare the kiddies, so he isn’t going quietly. But he’s going, as all bad guys eventually do.

And in the pantheon of American history, conservative old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.

So we see that Tim Wise thinks that reality will conform to “how this movie ends.” Reality, for Wise, is “this movie.” But is it?  Does life really conform to movies?

Also, as “keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame,” there’s a reason we were doing that.  We can’t raise children to “integrate” with blacks and at the same time expect that they will be able to maintain and advance this great technological and social achievement we call civilization.  Wise takes civilization for granted.  Apparently he’s never been to Zimbabwe.

You can’t take civilization for granted.  Without White people, it’s kaput.  Anti-whites are blind to this particular nuance, and promote a very simplistic moralism.  So-called “racism” got a bad name via celluloid Klan villains, but let’s ask a black Zimbabwe child named Abel what he thinks of “racism” and white people:

“Life was a lot better when I was younger,” he said, a bit wistfully. “From what my parents used to tell me, life was a lot better under white rule. There was a lot more food and clothes, and you could afford to buy things.” But Abel insisted that he was optimistic that life would eventually get better again.

From the mouths of black babes, eh?  Abel rebuts Tim Wise and friends quite handily.  And let’s give Abel credit for optimism.  Optimism is the Psychology of Victory, whether you are a black child who has been impoverished by anti-racists and African dictators, or a white person with an awakening consciousness.

So anti-whites have gotten the upper hand with Hollywood’s MindWar 1.0, and they are resting comfortably on their victory.  They are unprepared for White ethnic advocacy which has arisen organically and wholly as a result of the irritant of pervasive, ubiquitous and virulent anti-whitism.  I certainly became a white ethnic advocate as a reaction to political correctness at my college, and events of my life such as my father’s Japanese girlfriend’s white/Japanese mixed race daughter getting murdered by her black boyfriend in January, 1993:


I remember the murdered girl being a big advocate of race-mixing and Negrophilia and anti-whitism.  She listened to Run DMC and it was from her I first heard the “black males have larger sexual organs than white men.” I was 17 years old and rather innocent and a “tabula rasa” on the race and Jewish question.  Four years later, Sheri’s race-mixing, anti-white path led to a knife sticking out of her eye.

This event initially shook me awake from my action movie view of the world.  Sheri selected a path for death, and then tried to flee death (she got a restraining order against Sean Seabrooks), but the race-mixing path of death came and found her and murdered her and her baby, while her baby was in her arms.  It was like a Greek tragedy whose moral was “don’t mix races” was played out in front of my face.

I also think that this event had world historical consequences.  Sheri’s mother, Yoko Kato, found out that domestic violence was still not a crime in her home country of Japan, and it was Yoko that made beating one’s wife a crime in Japan.  I knew Yoko of course, and I visited her a couple of times after her daughter was murdered, and she told me the gruesome details of the murder of her daughter and grandchild.  I told Yoko that I didn’t believe in race-mixing, especially with blacks, and she agreed with me at that late date.  She was a seamstress in the very liberal town of Northampton, Massachusetts, but she retired after her daughter was murdered.

Just as Yoko got domestic violence outlawed in Japan, I think that I will have an effect on systematically reducing black on white racemixing in the US because my truthful and just MindWar will have more effect than gunfights and car chases.

I know that white females need to be protected and preserved to be an essential part of white families, and that allowing blacks males access to white females is what the Greeks called “a blood crime.” A blood crime summons the Furies, who are a force greater than the gods, greater than the Titans.  The Furies are Fate itself, and can be “the fate of the gods” or “the doom of the rulers” (ragnarok)

monsters loathed of all, O scorn of gods

The words voice hatred and disgust for their power. Yet the power structure of the Gods changes even in antiquity. Olympian Gods were predated by the Titans but the Furies are not Titans. They are something different.

How ancient are the Furies? The word ‘ancient’ is part of their general description – either by the Furies themselves or the other Gods. They are untouched and beyond the hold of the Olympian gods; Virgins by choice. They wield justice in a wild force, uncontrolled by Apollo – champion of law, society and balance. To them, Apollo is viewed as a youth who has no rights to cast judgment or interfere with their divine justice. It may suggest that power structure and justice had been far different.

And us the Fates, the ancients of the earth
Ancient of days and wisdom!

The Nushawn Williams HIV epidemic among white schoolgirls was a blood crime, and Williams himself is not the guilty one.  It is those who loosed Williams on us that are guilty.  Civil Rights was a blood crime against, and the Furies are with us now.  It is the Furies who bring on Ragnarok, or “the doom of the rulers.”

The Hollywood MindWar 1.0 went too far, and summoned the Furies.  Awakened Mindweapons need only acknowledge these Furies as an energy among us.  Blood crime does not go unpunished.  The angry and offended energy that blood crime unleashes does not go away, just as matter is neither created or destroyed.

Think about it—just about every sane and normal White person has the same reaction to things like the Nushawn Williams incident.  It’s a normal reaction—it’s universal across millions of us.  Messing with the social mores of millions of White people is precisely what summons the Furies.  We know blood crime when we see it, and no snarky liberals can “spin” blood crime into a Civil Right.  The force they are unleashing from us is too much for them.  It is not even you or me; it’s not just white advocate intellectuals.  This is a force among every white person out there, the moreso as whites out there get inter-racially victimized.

White MindWar 2.0 is the reaction to white children being plopped down in front of televisions and video games and fed corn syrup.  The root cause of our problem is precisely the piss-poor upbringing of white children.

Amy Chua the “Tiger Mother” and MindWar 2.0

It’s interesting to see how balance in the universe works out.  The Chinese managed to steal most of our military hardware technology, but they ended up giving us MindWar 2.0 technology to defeat Jewish MindWar 1.0.

Just as Jews sold US technology to China, a Jew, Jed Rubenfeld, Amy Chua’s Orthodox Jewish husband, was part and parcel of China selling MindWar 2.0 technology back to us white Americans.

Amy Chua wrote a book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother which said, “Look, Chinese people and Jews do high investment parenting which makes our children outcompete yours.  What are you going to do about it?”

The fundamental Mindweapon theory is that Jews defeated Whites with high investment parenting and intellectualism.  This is even shown back in the 1950’s with Jewish playwright Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” The WASP salesman’s sons are arrogant losers, while the Jewish kid who studies hard ends up being more successful than them.  It’s “Revenge of the Nerds” over and over again.

The Chinese are also defeating Whites with high investment parenting, though in a more benign way than Jews.  If Whites take the example and the competition of the Chinese to heart, and take up “Tiger Mom” parenting, then the Chinese will have given us the greatest weapon we could have ever asked for.

Victory through mindweaponization and optimism is there for the taking, if only we will take it.

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all parties in a war, that we will win that war.

In other words, the optimists win.  Strength through joy.  But it is not the mindless optimism of network marketing greed-zombies.  It is optimism fueled by intellectualism and idealism.  MindWar is muscular intellectualism.

They call our energy “hate.” We insist, like Iran, that our energy is only for peaceful and survival purposes.

I call on us to purify our hate, like uranium in a centrifuge.  Running our strong emotions into circles purifies it.  To create a centrifuge in your body, do the 5 Falun Gong exercises.  You can get the video file from here:


Click on the “Exercise Video” tab and download “All Five in Succession” a wmv file which is 65 MB.  Falun Gong is all about creating a centrifuge (law wheel) in one’s abdomen.  This centrifuge will purify your hate and turn it into clean energy.

Our energy will be in line with the energy of the Furies.  Hollywood MindWar 1.0 will be undone.  White MindWar 2.0 will be implemented.


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