Ecology of Race

The Ecology of Race
Race is just as vital for conservation as any other indigenous fauna or flora that is put at risk of extinction by invasive species.

The Ecology of Race is a new principle proposed by the Renaissance Vanguard International to help us understand the reality that race plays in nature, and rather than appeal to emotional justifications, we propose a reverent philosophical system of thought for the realistic benefit of all races in their respective Ethno Nationalist state. Such organisations working in parallel can act ecologically, thus enhancing our collective existence as an ecosystem of races spread across the planet.

Firstly we take a brief overview of the mechanics behind the principle “Ecology of Race”. This principle can be split into two things, the ecology and race. The ecology firstly means house or housing of biology, it is supporting biodiversity which in turn supports the ecosystem.

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The Wages of Fear: White US Population Continues to Drop

Time to get busy…

Whites continued to decline as a share of the American population in 2009, and they now represent less than half of all 3-year-olds, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of census data released Monday.

The country’s young population is more diverse than ever, with whites now in the minority in nursery schools, preschools and kindergartens in eight states — Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas — and the District of Columbia, according to William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings. That was up from six states in 2000.

“We are on our way to having a majority of minority students in U.S. schools,” Mr. Frey said.

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