Hugo Chavez Seizing Property from the Rich

Hugo Chavez Seizing Property from the Rich

by Ian Mosley

Ever wonder what it would be like if Barack Hussein Obama could actually do whatever he wanted to do?

The left-wing Guardian newspaper in Britain reports: “[Venezuelan dictator] Hugo Chávez has sent out troops to take over farms and urged the poor to occupy ‘unused’ land in wealthy areas of Caracas, prompting a wave of squats that is rattling Venezuela’s middle class. The move by Venezuela’s president to step up the campaign to ‘recover’ land and other property follows a housing crisis that has left millions of people in shabby conditions and affected his popularity in the run-up to next year’s election.”

Bear in mind that Chavez has been in power almost ten years now. So if he is a true “man of the people,” why is there a housing crisis in this latest worker’s paradise? Apparently Chavez didn’t learn a thing from Robert Mugabe, who seized the White farms in Zimbabwe, leading promptly to crop failure and starvation. Despite Capitalism’s flaws, you need to have rich people and poor people so that the intelligent people can work hard, grow rich and build new houses. Just as you need reasonably clever men running the farms and keeping them productive. What Chavez does need is birth control for the poor class so that it does not multiply itself every generation.

The Guardian goes on: “Squatters wearing red T-shirts from Chávez’s socialist party seized 20 spaces in a co-ordinated strike in the well-off Caracas municipality of Chacao last weekend, a move which shocked even some government supporters. Additional groups have targeted other cities. Chávez has also announced a series of laws and deals with China, Russia, Belarus, Iran and Turkey, among others, in a breakneck effort to build 350,000 housing units in Venezuela in the next two years. Opponents claim the government has failed to build enough houses over the past decade and has been offering empty promises. Previous house-building deals with foreign allies reportedly produced just 10% of the promised number.”

So, the Venezuelans have to bribe foreigners to build their houses–why, now? I thought “the people” ruled, and surely brown-skinned mestizos can build houses when they are in a “people’s republic?” Ironically, Latinos from Mexico are building houses in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but they seem to need a White foreman to tell them what to do and the pressures of capitalism to get them to work and rich people to pay for the construction of the houses.

Guardian: “The government has stepped up rural expropriations by deploying 1,600 troops at 47 farms in the western states of Merida and Zulia, claiming the farms were unproductive. The state has taken control of 2.5m hectares since Chávez gained power in 1999. The government is now looking at cities in response to the housing crisis and to its fading support in the slums, once Chávista heartlands, which have voted for opposition mayors and governors. Under Chávez the government has built fewer than 40,000 units a year – some say only 24,000 – in contrast to previous governments, which averaged 70,000.”

But the previous governments who built almost double the housing units that the socialist Chavez has built were “wicked, evil” capitalists, were they not? How can this be?

More Guardian: “The president admits to problems but rejects accusations of incompetence and corruption.”

Well, he would, wouldn’t he? We all know that wonderful and benevolent socialists cannot possibly be incompetent and corrupt. Do not Arianna Huffington and Jon Stewart tell us so every day?

What will Chavez do when all the poor people now squatting on golf courses and in luxury mansions have eight kids each, and all those new poor people demand free land?

What is going to happen to all those millions of houses now standing empty all across America due to foreclosure? One estimate claims there are over 18 million of them. How long before the Democrats declare eminent domain or pressure the busted banks to seize those houses and “resettle” millions of blacks and illegal aliens in previously White neighborhoods?

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