Acts of War

Acts of War

By Mister Fox

Acts of War are often invasions of peaceful countries but the Muslims raping young White girls must be considered an Act of War as it is carried out by a separate and homogeneous community imported into our country by the deceit of the elites against the interests of the indigenous people.

Can anyone imagine the great Lord Palmerston allowing aliens to gang rape our young girls? In 1850 for the assault on British subject Don Pacificos in Greece, a foreign country, he sent the navy and blockaded their ports Greece was under the joint protection of three powers: Russia and France protested against its coercion by the British fleet and the French ambassador temporarily left London. It was the cause of his declaration that British subjects ought everywhere to be protected by the strong arm of the British government against injustice and wrong; comparing the reach of the British Empire to that of the Roman Empire, in which a Roman citizen could walk the earth unmolested by any foreign power. This was the famous speech Civis Britannicus Sum based on Civis Romanus Sum.

His Gun Boat Diplomacy was to protect British subjects anywhere in the world. The low and worthless rulers we have now even cover up for aliens raping our young girls in our own towns and cities. Just compare girly Michael Gove with this great man. What an embarrassment!

The sight of the elites on Question Time talking away this reality to cover it up was sickening. (1) They unanimously agreed Jack Straw was a racist for hinting that Pakistani males are serial sex offenders against young white girls and would not even discuss the reality. (2) They didn’t mention that Pakistani women must be virgins at marriage and risk assault or death if they step out of line. Michael Goves was a prig and the ultra-orthodox Jeanette Winterson made her feminist points. She is a “hater” – but only of fashionable targets like White males. I suggest you read her books of hate to see what she thinks of men. Are these vile, liars and cowards our representatives? Do they speak for us? No, we must protect our people ourselves and campaign to protect young White girls from the alliance of secrecy between the degenerate elites and Muslim child-rapists. When does the fight back start to protect our people – Now Occurrences that could cause us to revolt are first kept quiet but if it comes out they try to nullify its effects. This is why Muslim child-rapists are classed as criminals or we are encouraged to think they are the same as White paedophiles but they are from a different community and never do it to their own only other communities children like whites and Sikhs.

The police and social services kept these activities quiet for years and even tried to sue Channel 4 to stop them exposing it. Colin Cramphorn, CBE, QPM, DL, FRSA, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, told a public meeting that we must “learn to live” with the rapes of young White children. Instead of doing their duty to combat crime the local police forces aided and abetted these evil crimes by covering them up.

Cramphorn persuaded channel Four to postpone its investigation Edge of the City as it would “increase community tensions” in the run up to local and European elections in 2004. This was police interference in the political process. This is how the elites stick together against the interests of the people they claim to serve. Channel Four had made the documentary with the co-operation of Bradford Social Services. They showed it after the election. The programme, featured alleged abuses of young White women by older Muslim men. Don’t forget it was the corrupt Blackpool police who destroyed the case against two Muslim sickos who are thought to have chopped Charlene Downs up and sold her in Kebab meat. (3)

No wonder they persecute the BNP and EDL but cover up for Muslims military training. (4)

MI5 has been infiltrated by Muslim terrorists. MI5 is responsible for protecting Britain against national security threats yet may have recruited up to six al-Qaeda sympathisers. Six Muslim recruits were expelled including two who had been to training camps in Pakistan. others had unexplained gaps of up to three months unexplained. Two of the men had several weeks training while the other four were identified before they entered training. They are openly giving priority to recruiting Muslims.
In fact the police force admitted they can not or do not want to expel 8 al-Queda agents! Don’t forget that MI5 did not know the 7/7 bombings of London was planned!!! (5)

London is the world centre for Muslim terrorism and this is being encouraged by the police and security services. We can disagree over the motives of our elites but not their intentions: they are encouraging Muslims to take over our country. There have been stories of young Muslims having terrorist training in remote areas in this country? Have MI5 noticed or do they deliberately allow it?

Throughout the 1980s and 90s the police and security services allowed Muslim terror groups financed by Saudi money to develop and to produce literature promoting hatred of Britain and Jewish communities.

Arab banks financed terrorist and anti-Western groups with the authorities allowing it. They even gave safe haven to terrorists wanted in other countries and allowed them to preach violence against us in the streets and arrested Brits who objected. The police protected the terrorists many of whom went on to mount terrorist attacks in other countries like Israel and America.

Abu Hamza, who was a significant figure in global terrorism, was allowed to incite murder and hatred of us and Jews; also, the police and MI5 allowed him to gather a massive stock of weapons for fighting us on our streets and recruit for terror cells.

Three of the London Bombers were influenced by him. To be fair the police did try to prosecute him twice but the CPS stopped it. Who in the CPS stopped it?

It was only when the Americans wanted him extradited did the authorities act as if to prevent him being sent to Guatanamo Bay in 2004. Then, Washington named Abu Hamza as a “terrorist facilitator with a global reach” and he was arrested pending extradition. Five months later, he was charged with 15 UK offences associated with his sermons and information contained in the Encyclopaedia of Afghan Jihad.

Parents have been bullied by the state out of advising their children not to mix with people from other ethnic groups. Further, the state has taken over the education of the majority of children through state education. The elites will try to stop it but we must form Home Schooling networks. In tandem with this the media present ethnics in a good light as bearers of virtue and cultural enrichment. This why we need traditional prejudice passed down from our ancestors: it save innocent people learning the hard way as these young girls have.

This innocence has a jagged edge. As I wrote, like the Soviet Union the elites are trying to bring our perceptions into line with their wishful thinking.

The recent, belated expose of the extent of Muslims gang-raping young White girls has at last brought an evil into the public consciousness. Progressives are trying to remove its sting: nullify it by adapting it to their unworldly ideology. If they do not Whites would start to revolt and there are a lot more of us. Its only by controlling what people are allowed to know that keeps the masses passive; even welfare entitlements and employing a large per cent of the population could lose their force if people knew it was a rival ethnic community that is raping young children.

Some recalcitrant facts could not be swayed away and remain: The Times investigation is based around 56 men convicted in the Midlands and north of England since 1997, 50 from Muslim backgrounds. Muslim men even hang around outside school-gates looking for young White girls to drug and rape but no teacher speaks out.

Former Labour MP Ann Cryer provoked an attempt to hide the truth in 2003 when she said the traditional culture of arranged marriages could have caused a criminal minority of Asian men to target vulnerable young white girls for sex.

No, but the gang raping of minors is criminal and the police and social services aided and abetted these predators by covering up.

Another attempt to falsify reality came from Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Lancashire-based Ramadhan Foundation, said last year: ‘I think the police are overcautious because they are afraid of being branded racist. ‘These men are criminals and should be treated as criminals — whatever their race.’ this is the same excuse the Government used for IRA terrorists. That those political terrorists were criminals. We really must not take any notice of this cowardly twaddle.

In the Netherlands young white girls are gang-raped and used for prostitution by Moroccan pimps, known as ‘loverboys‘. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe – well, the Muslim parts are. (6)

To sample the official “conspiracy of silence” that allows hundreds of vulnerable white girls in some towns to be abused by Asian men: Ajmal Mohamed, a 43-year-old from Blackburn. In 2004, Mohammed, took a schoolgirl to a Manchester hotel room and got her drunk to celebrate her 14th birthday. The child ran away. Police were called, but he denied having sex with her and they issued him with a “child abduction warning letter”. They allowed it to continue. He was never prosecuted.

Two years later, Mohammed took another 14-year-old to a hotel room in Blackpool and did rape this one. When the police arrested him they found the phone numbers of six other vulnerable young girls on his mobile phone. The police who let him off the first time have personal responsibility for the second attack and must be held accountable.

In industrial towns across the North and the Midlands, in just three years 51 people have been convicted in trials involving groups of men who have picked up young girls for gang raping and sexual exploitation. Forty-eight of the offenders were Asian; the vast majority of the victims were white. Recently, in Derby, nine men, eight of them Asian, were sentenced for their parts in a gang that groomed, sexually exploited and in some cases raped 27 local children, 22 of them white.

In 2006, Blackburn’s local paper, the Lancashire Telegraph, launched a “Keep Them Safe” campaign to make the authorities tackle what it called “sexual grooming and abduction – which predominantly involves Asian men”. In article after article, the paper charted locals’ frustration at officials refusal o do what they are paid for and help the girls.

In 2007, the Lancashire Telegraph reported, that some parents had threatened to sue the police for their failure to act. The editor, Kevin Young, said: “This is an extremely sensitive subject, and the Telegraph gave it a lot of consideration before launching its campaign.” They should sue the police for covering the widespread rape of children up.

Like the liars on QT the judiciary takes the side of foreign sex attackers. In October 2007 evil Judge Sir Henry Hodge stopped the deportation of a serial sex attacker because it would breach his human right to a family life. Hodge was an immigration busy trying to destroy our country. The foreigner admitted indecently assaulting 11 women in the previous five years and has committed a string of other offences including robbery, burglary, arson and drugs. But Hodge – husband of paedophile supporting Labour minister Margaret Hodge – ruled he should be allowed to stay because he came to the UK at the age of six and has almost no family left in West Africa. To support his decision, he cited article eight of the Human Rights Act, which gives a person the right to a family life.

That’s it! Family life for vile perverts but ruined lives for the victims and no legal catharsis offered.
Another evil judge sentenced Stuart Wood, with previous convictions for violence and indecent assault on young girls, to just seven years for a vicious rape, then praised him for converting to Islam: “You have turned to Islam and this promises well for your future, particularly as you are now an adherent of a religion which respects women and self-discipline.” (7)

Under Sharia Law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are taken as confessing to having sex.

In America Alone Mark Steyn wrote that Europe will need a Balkans-style civil war is the only option for Europe:”Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since the second World War? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography — except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out, as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you cannot outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent”.

Thailand is degenerate to allow its children to be degraded and we must not compare ourselves to them. Its true that catholic priests abused children and the church covered it up but the problem here is that because it is Muslims doing it to White girls the responsible authorities like the police and social services cover it up.

These girls are being Raped and then groomed for Prostitution. To Muslims Whites are less than human and dehumanised with terms like Kuffar and Infidel. They hook young White girls on drugs and alcohol, and emotionally torture them. This is not about sex: If they wanted sex they could buy the services of prostitutes. They are easy to find and advertise. Why instead of that do they use drugs, alcohol and mental degradation on those girls and pass them around like pieces of meat? It is using our young women as the spoils of war. The deliberate degredation of non-Muslims, unbelievers, infidels? To emphasise the power, the supremacy, of Islam?

Anybody who has looked into the eyes of someone when they howl with pain at the sexual abuse they suffered as a child would know what wicked and despicable people are the scum on Question Time, the judiciary and the police for covering this up. What is clear is that our civilisation is being dragged down to the level of a third-world hell hole of savages. It is plain that Muslims have no place here and must be deported. The authorities are terrified of us revolting and yet they are making that inevitable by their appeasement of the perpetrators of these Acts of War.

Acts of War – part 2

By Mister Fox

The American pastor Terry Jones who recently threatened to burn a copy of the Koran has been banned from Britain. A Home Office spokesperson said the government opposes extremism in all its forms. This is a lie because there was a covenant between the British government and Muslim terrorists as I will show. They claim to believe in freedom of speech and democracy but only if you say and think what they want you to. If you think for yourself or dissent you will be oppressed by he state.

The term “racism” is used to pathologise people who oppose being pushed out of their communities by the masses of immigrants the elites are importing. It implies there is something wrong in our minds. It is as if we have caught a disease and they must stop it spreading. They use pejoratives to put us in quarantine, to keep others away from us and contain the spread of something considered dangerous. They are now investigating 3-year olds for signs of this illness developing. (1). They want to know how it we caught it and they warn others to take precautions against catching it.

The elites use words ideologically and label people as haters, racists – use words as weapons. They give opponents a bad name like warning people of a dog that bites so no one will touch it.

They have conflated hatred with prudence. If one does not want too many immigrants in they are accused of hating them. If you object to masses of foreigners immigrating they say its because you are xenophobic. This is to suggest you are some horrible person who hates them all. This cows people and instead of parents using their traditional inherited prejudices to warn their children to keep away from ethnic minorities in the wake of widespread Muslim gang rapes of young girls they condition them to think the ethics are all nice and benefiting their lives.

People should realise these definitions like “racist”, “xenophobe” or “hater” are not some objective truth but ideologically-loaded words coined by interest groups to get people to surrender to immigrants who are being used to undercut the wages of indigenous people and make the elites feel morally superior even though they themselves live apart from it. It works like a censor in the head to stop certain natural thoughts and behaviour traits. The term “racism” is used by people to control us or to silence our objections to being pushed out of our communities. It was made up by somebody.

The “experts” and Establishment intellectuals describe the violated girls as vulnerable to shift the focus on to the victims instead of the perpetrators – to exonerate Muslims; but these rapes of young girls are attacks on them, not self-inflicted. The focus must be kept on the attackers and not let the duplicitous elites pass it from their pets to raped young girls.

It is an indictment on us as a whole that these young girls are out wandering around and not being protected.

In a recent essay I referred to the academics who changed our ethnocentrism to other centrism: the shift of focus from ourselves to looking up to other ethnic groups and immigrants as bearers of virtue and cultural enrichment who are improving our lives or coming to look after us. This is at the root of this Act of War because to Muslims we are “other” or the “out group”. They dehumanise us with terms like infidel and kuffar.

These abuses would not happen if we had retained our traditional prejudices against foreigners and if we asserted ourselves. Instead all we have is girly and corrupt elites covering up for the alien child-rapists. Once this came out after years of covering it up the elites immediately started trying to deceive us by talking it away and trying to say “Whites” are as bad when this is actually ethnic guerrilla war on our communities by a rival community.

We have to work on regaining our confidence and value our selves, our culture, history and traditions not apologise to outsiders. Our customs, notions of right and wrong were inherited and passed down as moral guidance by the parents but have been taken out of their hands by the state. Where the parents should be advising their children to keep away from ethnics the schools are telling them to mix with them and there lives will be improved. That is why these children go with Muslim: they have been trained to think they are nice and bringing enrichment: the teachers are destroying the children’s natural defences. The parents are unsure of themselves because the advice they get from “experts” contradicts their own common sense.

Some think we need a philosophy. Well, here is a brief interlude. We do not only have rights we have duties that go with them. The colloquial expression “by rights” retains this sense. People say “By rights you should receive or do so and so.” It means “By all that is right” which includes obligations. Rights did not just mean rights to do things it also included duty. These were passed down through the ancestors so we derive our rights and responsibilities from our ancestors as members of the British or, English, Scottish, Welsh and Ulster family of nations. These are not the universal abstractions that progressives use they are concrete and specific to us. They evolved with the nation like the language. Our ways, customs, mores were inherited from within our nation and are different from other European nations but run parallel with them. The universal idea that what suits us is applicable in Africa, say, is ludicrous because they have different ways, customs etc. In fact it insults them, as it implies there ways are inferior and they need ours.

The corollary to this arrogance is the way the elites want give to immigrants what is ours. They did not bring their own houses, money and maternity wards with them so they are being given what is ours by inherited right. They are also assuming authority over us in the police, law, and bureaucracy; this also takes our responsibility off us by giving them our roles.

The welfare of these young girls is being abandoned by those responsible for it like the police and social services and far from feeling guilty to immigrants, we we must assume responsibility and protect our young girls. When did the disgusting NSPCC speak for them?

These girls have been corrupted and sexualised by modern commerce; by the media.

Dereliction of duty applies in general and is a failure to fulfill our obligations to our own people.

There is another imported evil – the terror threat. The same type of people who are raping our girls are posing a threat of terror to us so what do the authorities do? They notify community leaders before they raid looking for explosives.

On 17th January 1999 The Sunday Times reported: That “around 2,000 Muslims attend training camps around Britain to study Holy War. They were held at weekends in Birmingham and London. Recruits were taught hand-to-hand combat and survival techniques for civil strife. For weapon training and military training in the Yemen and Afghanistan. How do the Security Services deal with this? They ignore it and harass the “far-right”.

The Daily Telegraph of August 10th 2010 revealed that the new security “strategy to tackle extremists is to focus on white racists.” Needless to say this was announced by Shalid Malik the Communities Minister. Scotland Yard warned last month that such groups could be planning a terrorist “spectacular” to stoke up racial tensions. This was a clear indication of the new tactics. Commander Shaun Sawyers, signalling the complicity of the security services with Muslim extremists and that they can carry on developing their terror structures because security services would focus on “Whites. (3) The impression given is that Muslims can carry on developing terror networks because we are equating “far-right extremists” with you to divert the public gaze.

The Met’s counter-terrorism command has increased the number of officers in a special unit monitoring Right-wing extremists because of “the threat”. Yet they have at least 8 members of al-Queda in the police service!

Just as blaming the violated girls by labelling them “vulnerable” the Security Services attack people as “racists” or “far-right extremists” to take the public eye off Muslim extremists. To put it bluntly they are supporting a war for the ownership of our homeland and excusing the violation of young White girls. (4)

Birmingham journalists covered up Muslim involvement in the Birmingham Street Battles of August 2009 after an EDL anti-extremist demo and blamed the EDL as “far-right extremists”. These Birmingham journalists also cover up terrorist cells in Birmingham.

Eight young Muslim terrorists from Birmingham, London and Luton on active service were arrested in Aden in December 1998, planning terror attacks against British targets. The security services then claimed they had no idea that Muslim street soldiers were being recruited in British mosques and trained in terror camps! Do we believe them?

The state alliance with Muslim terrorists.

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, told an Italian newspaper in 2008, that the government of Italy in the 1970s agreed to allow Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks. The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups.” According to the former president, it was Moro himself who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.” As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that he learned PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. “The Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country.”

The British had a similar deal with Muslim terrorists. In 1988, Omar Bakri Mohammed admitted there was a deal between British Secret Services and Muslim terrorists. He stated: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got asylum … “ see Al-Sharq Al-Awsat of 22 August 1998.

The Bishop of Rochester related how at a dinner the Algerian foreign minister revealed that when the Algerians warned the government about the terrorists they were harbouring in London they were told they are “freedom fighters.”! (5)

Islamist ideas are spread through Islamic study centres attached to our universities. Professor Anthony Glees revealed eight universities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have accepted more than £233.5 million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995, spreading radicalism and creating two separate identities and sets of allegiance. The education system is being used to brainwash our children to excuse and encourage Muslim terrorism.

There are several examples of how the elites submit to the threat of Muslim terror. They abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems when the Saudis threatened that, if the case was not dropped: ‘British lives on British streets’ would be at risk” – former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. (6)

Muslim terrorists were welcomed into Britain and financed by state benefits. They needed to answer no questions and needed to show no papers and this began under Thatcher lived in a gated community. They got free education, free health care even when they openly developed terrorist cells and trained bombers for active service in other parts of the world. These are boosted by a deceitful system called “Asylum.”

Few have any legal entitlement to enter this country but are allowed to stay and provided extra benefits we do not get like free cars, mobile phones and decorated houses even after the London bombing of 7/7. Without this encouragement al-Queda could not have got into the West to launch bombing attacks like those in London and Madrid. It is truly ludicrous to think the authorities do not know what is going on.

We have people just strolling into the country. There are illegal immigrants driving round untaxed and the police allow them to. Our diabolical elites have given up controlling our country and protecting people and allow immigrants to do what they like to us. We have to look into ourselves to find the weakness, then draw strength and confront the terrorist communities and protect these young girls. The elites won’t – they will form committees, appoint officials even a government minister to pretend they are doing something, but will not stop it. What is wrong with us to allow outsiders to come into our country, plant bombs, rape our children and do nothing about it?

We have been mislead by the elites to think everything is hunky dory but we are realising now that it is far from that. The elites are more “vulnerable” than ever now because so many of their machinations have been exposed.

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