Americas Public sector collapse.

We are seeing a Greek style public sector collapse.

by Kyle Rogers

How the Greek public sector collapse took place.

  1. Year after year, wages, benefits, and pensions for public sector employees rose. While private sector wages did not.
  2. Often times politicians would increase public sector wages, benefits, or pensions as a means of getting votes.
  3. New public sector jobs were created simply to combat unemployment and lock in more voters for politicians who support higher public sector compensation.

Eventual Greece developed a bloated Soviet style bureaucracy which is being compensated in great disproportion to the private sector employees. Keep in mind that the private sector is paying taxes to pay for the compensation received by the public sector.

When the economic downturn began, tax revenue from the private sector dropped and Federal, regional, and municipal governments could no longer afford their employees. When faced with cuts in benefits and pension packages, tens of thousands of public employees and communist agitators rioted in the streets.

The crises in Greece is now being held over by bailout money coming primarily from Germany. The Germany economy is in much better shape than much of the rest of Europe because they maintained their industries rather than exporting them to places like China. However, Germany is now propping up several smaller European nations and the German people are tiring of it fast. Since none of the actual problems are being fixed, much worse unrest could be in Greece’s near future.

Now let’s look at the United States.

  1. Public sector wages, benefits, and pensions continue to rise even as private wages stall or decrease.
  2. Often politicians create new public sector jobs simply to fight unemployment and buy votes. George Bush even publicly stated this as a major reason for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Increasing public sector compensation to buy votes is standard political practice in the US.
  4. Many lucrative high paying government jobs are held by racial minorities in great disproportion to their numbers due to “affirmative action” programs. Whites are discriminated against across the board.

Now we are deep into an economic downturn. Every state, county, and municipality is going broke. Taxes have already been raised across the board, but it is still not enough to continue paying for all the public employees.

Governments at every level have delayed the inevitable by borrowing money like crazy. So much so, that some counties and municipalities risk defaulting on bonds.

Right now in Wisconsin we see a state on the brink of Greek style riots. Public sector employees are faced with the prospect of having their lucrative benefits and pensions packages rolled back. Public sector employees are marching in streets and are being egged on by communist agitators. In fact, as we saw on, agitators are passing out literature from Communist and Socialist groups on the streets and urging an “Egyptian Style” revolt. Over 300 people have died in the Egyptian riots so far.

Militant Communists call for “revolution” and “class warfare” in Wisconsin

Government employees in Wisconsin are among the highest paid in the nation. Now the state is broke and needs to cut back. Militant communist activists are calling for an Egyptian style revolution to keep wages, benefits and pensions at their current levels.

Gerald Celente On Obama’s Budget: “They’re Bankrupting The Country.”

February 19, 2011
Editor’s Note: This follows yesterday’s “Bullet Train to Oblivion” article. Recently, I urged you to begin looking at The Russia Times for insightful analysis.

Here is a good example. Trendwatcher Gerald Celente opines about the Obama budget and its effect on America.

Is there no colony/state in America besides Texas that is seriously considering secession? If not, why not? Ohhh….I remember now. No state, including Texas, is going to get serious about secession until AFTER Washington destroys this country, destroys the money and destroys the economy. I’m sure glad that Jefferson, Washington, Adams and their friends did not wait until King George had bled them dry before they revolted and seceded. But the Founders seceded with far less provocation from the King than Washington assaults us with today. For the life of me, I cannot really understand why even one state will not opt to save itself and its citizens from ruin before it happens.


Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Gerald Celente is founder and director of The Trends Research Institute, author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books), and publisher of The Trends Journal. He has been forecasting trends since 1980, and recently called “The Collapse of ’09.”

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Obama’s Bullet Train To Oblivion

February 18, 2011

I saw a news story this week that told how colony/state governors have rejected the high-speed rail system proposed by the Obama Administration. But Mr. Obama already has a bullet train of his own, inherited from every previous administration since Reconstruction. It’s the “Disorient Express”, otherwise known as the Federal government.

Washington is figuratively a bullet train, picking up speed on its one-way trip to financial disaster, meltdown and oblivion. Many of those riding in the train when it crashes will likely not live to tell about it.

Most of us have already heard that President Obama delivered his 2012 Federal Budget to Congress on Monday. If the budget was adopted “as is,” it would total $3.7 TRILLION dollars…for one fiscal year.

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, there are also hundreds of billions of dollars in the Federal spending plans that never see the light of day, considered “off-budget” spending by Washington. So, the $3.7 trillion is a lie. It’s much higher than that.

We have no intention of dissecting this budget and showing its fatal flaws. The flaws do not really matter. The political positions that are being staked out by Republicans and Democrats don’t really matter. What does matter is that Washington cannot and will not fix itself.

This Federal government needs to spend only what it receives in taxes. The only way to do that is to end entire Federal programs and Federal Departments, and de-fund most Defense Department activity. But Washington employs 2.15 million Federal employees, lots of them being union employees. And that big number excludes
over 600,000 postal employees.

So cutting Federal employment massively is nearly out of the question politically.

I heard Glenn Beck say yesterday that the message sent to Washington by America in November 2010 was to stop spending, to fix health care and to stop borrowing. But in my opinion, the mid-term elections sent no such message to Washington. The mid-terms only reinforced DC’s belief that they can do whatever they like. America voted to replace some officeholders with some other officeholders. The elected officeholders in Congress are only a small percentage of the giant bureaucracy running Washington, and running America off the cliff. But America did NOTHING to force them all to obey the Constitution.

There is not enough political will in Washington to downsize the Federal government to its constitutionally-authorized size and scope. Further, there is not enough political will in Washington to stop borrowing money completely. There exist mostly politicians whose highest aspiration is re-election.

Politicians are usually not statesmen. Politicians are usually opportunists mostly worried about their own fortunes. Statesmen do what is best for the people that elected them. And Washington is not exactly overrun with statesmen…not even the new Basilisks of the Beltway that recently slithered into DC. For these serpents of surfeit spending will make compromises just like all the other members of Congress before and after them. It is entirely too much to expect Congress and the Obama Administration to downsize the government to the point that it lives within its means. And even if Washington had the will to do it, it no longer has the time to shut down the train before it crashes.

The more and more I observe the mendacious, malevolent machinations of Washington, the more I am convinced that secession is the only true solution to establish individual liberty and property rights on the North American continent.

In one magnificent act, an American colony/state may uncouple itself from this train hurtling toward its final destination of death. Separation from the American Union means no Federal tax liability, no responsibility for Federal debt, no more Federal regulations, no Federal Reserve notes, no tyranny from the Federal judicial bench, no more undeclared wars abroad.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

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