Genocide by stealth – Part 3

Genocide by stealth – Part 3

In the first two parts of this essay I set out to demonstrate that acts have been committed against the white European race, over the last half century or more, which meet at least two of the definitions of genocide as laid out under Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Measures have been put in place intended to prevent births amongst white Europeans and which have resulted in the termination or prevention of the birth of, at the very least, tens of millions of white children. Taken altogether across the western world, the number of potential births amongst our ethnic group which have been prevented either by chemical means or by active physical intervention is in the hundreds of millions.

Meanwhile, conditions of life have been inflicted upon us which are already leading to our destruction, at least in part.

That these acts have been committed, that they were deliberate and are resulting in the outcomes I described in parts one and two is self evidently true. Furthermore, the fact that, in combination theses acts, measures and policies have brought us to the brink of a tipping point beyond which, we cannot, as a people, recover, is also beyond question. They have.

It also can not be denied that, although as a people we, native Europeans, have faced war, famine pestilence and catastrophe we have never before come so close to our own annihilation.

What is, however, open to question is why is it happening, who is doing it and what they are actually seeking to achieve.

Up until now I have laid facts before you, however, in an attempt to make sense of those facts I can now only give you my own view, my analysis if you prefer, of what has happened and why.

To the question “Is there a conspiracy to destroy the white race?”, I have to say in my view the answer is considerably more complex than some of my fellow travellers would like to believe. What we face is not a single malevolent conspiracy, but a many headed hydra formed of any number aims ambitions, hatreds and ideologies, all of differing degrees of malevolence, which have come together, on the coat tails of a historical conspiracy, to attack us at a time when we are at the least able to defend ourselves.

Not all which has been done has been with malevolent intent, I rather placed my credibility on the line by linking the contraceptive pill to genocide in an earlier part of this essay, and I know that, on at least one of the other sites where my earlier articles have been republished, some people who have not done what I asked, and viewed these things in context, have mocked me for it. I do not necessarily believe that, in isolation, the pill was developed or legalised with the deliberate intention of damaging the native European race. However, I submit that it has done so, and as I stated previously, its introduction on the scene coincided with other factors which in combination have been unremittingly negative.

The pill, together with abortion, and what one might call “breeding unfriendly” changes to the economic model, have not only speeded up the pace of our decline but they have provided succour to attitudes which were most certainly encouraged with malevolent intent. The pill has been used far less to regulate the size of families as it has been used to put off childbirth, often altogether, and that has been of inestimable damage to us, collectively, as a people.

Some of my critics may wish to argue that the decline of the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen is a worthwhile sacrifice in order to enable a rapidly reducing number of individuals to enjoy the transitory pleasures of a child free lifestyle. However, it is for them to make that case, but at this point I do not buy it.

However, in other areas there is no doubt as to the malevolence of the forces ranged against us. Some of the most savagely malign of those forces exist within the arts and academia, where many do not even attempt to disguise their genocidal intent. Who can forget the words of Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev, (1) author of “When the Irish became White” and co-editor of the “Race Traitor” magazine, when he said: “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” or “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” and of course: “we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed–not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

Ignatiev is not alone, his brand of poison pervades learning institutions throughout the West. Anyone who followed the attempts to rail-road three innocent lacrosse players at North Carolina’s Duke University, following the false rape claims of black “exotic dancer” in 2006 as closely as I did, could not fail to be shocked by the levels of mindless, visceral hatred towards white males which exists within American academia. It would be hard to exaggerate how passionately so many eminent members of the Duke faculty, journalists, media talking heads and so called “community organisers” wanted those boys to be guilty. For many, guilt or innocence was not an issue, they simply craved blood in order to slake their hatred.

However, how is it that the views of such unattractive and ideologically diseased individuals such as Noel Ignatiev and so many members of the Duke faculty have gained such purchase and become so all pervading within Western culture? To find an answer to that question we need ton go back a century and a half, or even more, and there we do find a conspiracy.

The conspiracy against Western Christian / capitalist society began in the 19th Century, if not before. It did not start as a conscious attack on white, Europeans, however, it inevitably became one, initially for no other reason than that Western society was white, European, society.

It is at this point in the narrative that I must nod in the direction of those of my critics who accuse me of being an apologist for Zionism, and admit that it is impossible to ignore the Jewish role in the early efforts to undermine Western Society. Jews featured disproportionately amongst those who took Marxist theory forward and set up the great and deadly Communist monoliths which crushed vast sections of humanity, throughout the twentieth century. A significant majority of those who formed the subversive Frankfurt School of thinking in the 1930’s, those who developed critical theory and that most evil and damaging of all ideologies, political correctness were Jewish academics and Jewish political thinkers.

It was by no means exclusively Jewish, but it was overwhelmingly so. It is also impossible to dismiss the current role of Jews within academia not to mention the Jewish anti-white propagandists within the media and, of course Hollywood.

However, although it would be ignorant and dishonest to dismiss the role Jews played in the early efforts to undermine Western society and the role which many eminent Jews still play within the massed ranks ranged against us, it is also possible to overestimate their role. When those within the Nationalist community blame all the attacks on the white European race on the Jews and on some vast Zionist conspiracy they are addressing a single, historical and rapidly shrinking foe, while ignoring many far more vicious and, now more dangerous adversaries.

Marxism is at the root of all our problems and it was those early Marxists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, Maoists and sundry Socialists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in general certainly who set the great ball of anti-white genocide in motion when they set out to destroy Western Capitalism. However, we are certainly not, today, where they once planned to take us.

I would liken the early communist conspirators, malevolent as they may have been, to a deluded scientist who created a faulty chemical weapon, which once injected into its victim takes on a life of its own, driven on mindlessly by the flaws within its design and independent of the plans of its designer.

Those, including many Jews who conspired against our grandfathers imagined that we would today be living under universal Marxist rule, not that we would be facing the prospect of a Universal Islamic caliphate.

I suspect that were those who first sowed the seeds of our destruction alive today, they would look on in horror at the monster they have created, for it will devour them, and their plans no less ravenously than it will destroy us. At the risk of reigniting the anger of my critics against me, I would argue that, whatever, past difference there may have been, now is the time for Jews, together with gays and true feminists to join with White Nationalists, for it is we, not what is coming to ensure their protection, freedom and very existence.

As I say, the aim was to destroy Western capitalism, but with the demise of what was intended to replace it, the agenda has morphed into the destruction of the European race, and without any other ambition, the destruction has become the purpose rather than merely the agent of change.

Before the fall of the Soviet Union the Marxist cause had made huge advances. Nobody living in the 1950’s or 1960’s would have been accused of being a conspiracy theorist had they claimed that there were people within our society working for its destruction, because there were. Communism made no secret of its sworn aim to dominate the world and, unlike with Islam today, there were no politically correct scruples against acknowledging it.

Marxist theory exercises a powerful pull on the hearts and minds of elite Western Intellectuals. Through their compliance over the decades the Soviet system’s tentacles gradually infiltrated the West, gaining control within many of our most powerful institutions, most spectacularly within the media and within education, two areas in which they correctly assessed they could do the most damage to the system they were seeking to overthrow.

Having gained control within the two most powerful means of forming opinion, they set about, first gradually, but later more rapidly, indoctrinating the western public with the aim of making them less willing or able to resist their eventual overthrow, whilst simultaneously removing anyone within the targeted organisation who did not share the approved ideology.

The indoctrination was aimed at undermining senses of patriotism and national identity essential to preserving a culture and it took many forms such as the debasing and re-writing of European history, the debasing and trivialising of our culture.

As first this was viewed as a form of class war, where the original targets were the middle and upper classes who would be annihilated when the workers rose against them, as occurred in Russia.

However, outside Russia the class war was abandoned when the white working classes failed to play the role allotted to them and joined the middle classes as targets for destruction. Race became the new weapon in undermining a culture through national guilt. Anti-racism aimed exclusively at the target race and intent upon instilling a sense of of shame and guilt for a past which had, in fact never taken place, exploited a weakness within a tolerant and benevolent people always anxious to do the right thing and protect the underdog. As a consequence, the dishonest drum beat of “white oppressor”, “black victim” accompanied by the altogether more sensuous “black sexy”, “white surrender” became the constant theme music behind popular culture, throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

This was an even more deadly poison, our enemies knew from history that nothing undermines a society as effectively as does multiculturalism. Hence they cynically recast the melting pot as grail of our age.

Other “isms” were deployed, such as a deceptive form of feminism designed, in the guise of “liberation”, to undermine the family whilst imposing a new sexualised slavery upon women, which sold us aspirations which could only be achieved spread legged and child free. At the same time siren voices convinced young women that a life of unnaturally induced sterility, with abortion as a back up, offered the means of achieving fulfilment. It was in this way that developments such as oral contraception, abortion and social change began to become instruments of genocide.

In few areas has the indoctrination designed at the destruction of Western Society been more cruelly effective than what it has done to women. In a few generations a sex which once valued honour, virtue and motherhood, now finds themselves either grasping at the Muslim veil of their own subjugation or, tragically with some merit, viewed as “easy meat” by our nations new colonisers, leaving many of the most vulnerable in huge danger.

The damage done to the white male was perhaps even crueler, however, I have addressed that subject often in my previous writing, links to which I will add at the bottom of this posting. (2)

Enemies of the West also infiltrated various other areas, such as the law, politics and the security services, but it was within education and within the popular media that they seized their most powerful weapons, and they have used them against us relentlessly for at least half a century

The people responsible for this did not go away when Communism fell, the aim of overthrowing the West and replacing it with a soviet style utopia was no longer an option, but that did not change the aim of overthrowing the West. Indeed, as the years had past a new more anarchistic breed had joined the old Stalinist, for whom the destruction of the West was more important than any subsequent reconstruction.

They had been well schooled in the belief that the West was evil and needed to be destroyed and they saw nothing within the demise of communism to change that belief.

Hence they have continued with their mission of undermining our culture, indoctrinating our people and nurturing new generations of indoctrinators. However, the emphasis had changed, Western society could no longer be destroyed by soviet communism, so anti-racism, multiculturalism and immigration, tools so long used as a means of softening up the culture for its eventual take over, would now become the means of its destruction.

However, we have still but touched on half the picture, acts have consequences which are not always anticipated. A one hundred and fifty year old conspiracy aimed at the converting the capitalist West to Marxism had developed into an exercise of ethnic and cultural cleansing.

In the process Western society’s resolve and sense of its own identity had become so undermined that other groups with other even less wholesome aims and agendas began to smell blood in the water, and they in turn began to close in on a weakening prey.

I had intended this to be the final part of this essay, but I find that I have so much more to say, hence, I will post the final part, together with my conclusions later this week.

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