Goodbye to All That

On Backbone

A spineless person is said to be lacking in resolution; weak and purposeless.  The white advocate community is by and large, spineless.  What I mean by that is that it can be shown, through innumerable examples, that any small amount of opposition, pressure, or stress, is enough to shatter the community organizing and efforts of individuals work undertaken over a period of years.  This can be seen in the recent example of AmRen 2011, of which I have yet to write my experience of it, to examples of comrades who get thrown under the railroad for any investigations into their activities.

Our enemies know this.  They salivate at this macho group of sissies ready at a moments notice to turn their backs on each other and at the same time, proclaim their own ethical and moral superiority to all that will listen.

A nation divided is a nation at war with itself.  As a community, we are a community at war with itself.  Personal grudges and the axes to grind among white advocates is perhaps the single most paralyzing activity that exists within our cause today.

I will contend that no effort of any outside organization has more deleterious effects on our ethnic groups survival then ourselves.

Having a backbone means you do not accept claims at face value.  You do not accept what the media says, at face value.  You most certainly do not accept anything law enforcement says at face value.  And you most certainly do not accept the claims made by the enemies of our folk at face value.

In the spur of the moment to many people forget that.

To many people forget that undermining the advocates of our folk does not undermine the individual advocates themselves, it merely undermines our folk.  If the general population is not supposed to not trust our advocates, those brave men and women who put themselves, their safety, and sometimes their families, at great personal risk, who are they to trust?  The spineless lickspittles?  The gossipers?  Or those in the movement here to gain a profit from our ideals?

Our community is small and fragile.  Our enemies know this.  I have stated elsewhere to never betray the trust of your comrades.  Loose lips don’t sink ships anymore but they do sink our opportunities to rise to the historic occasion we have before us.

Be the man or woman with backbone.  Be the unwavering faith in the men and women who have taken up the mantle of our people.  Let no one, no rumor, no action, and no disappointment undermine the sincerity and faith you have in the people that are doing everything they can for our peoples future, whether you fully support a particular action or not.  Whether you fully understand a particular action, or not.

The people united will never be defeated.

And that starts with you, strong in resolution, firm in commitment, and driven with the purpose to never betray our peoples trust and follow through no matter what the odds and no matter what the opposition tells us is a predetermined outcome.

Goodbye to All That


What WN’s do: so why bother?

I woke up this morning and was genuinely shocked to read Matt Parrott’s reaction to my latest essay. Matt Parrott is someone I have great respect for. He seems to be a one man activism machine from his VoR radio show, his on the ground activist organization Hoosier Nation, his fascinating self-published book which I told him gave me a look at a world I knew nothing about, and most recently his organization of the American Dark Ages shadow conference. Matt Parrott is someone who is doing great work for our people and is to be respected to the utmost by everyone. This is why I was so shocked to read that even he fundamentally doesn’t understand a very large segment of his white peers.

What white advocates need to understand is that they offer nothing attractive to those who come from the world I do. All they other is the gleeful destruction of their world; which would entail not only the tearing apart of their friendships but possibly their families. Why would anyone want to join them? Not only that, there is no White Nationalist “community” in the real sense of the word. The “community” of White Nationalists consists of networking over the internet and meeting maybe twice a year for meet, eat, and retreat conferences. In that sense the “community” of White Nationalists is a far more of an ideological abstraction than even the local Multicultural communities that people like me come from. Once again, why give up the happy, localized community of flesh and breath that happens to be non-white for a frustrating, scattered “community” of abstractions and ideology because it happens to be white? This isn’t being a cry-baby or getting scared or anything like it; it is confronting head on a major issue of our era that white advocates have refused to deal with except through sneers and insults when it’s brought up.

As I said in my essay about my awakening, growing up I never once heard the words Multiculturalism and Diversity. But I still lived those ideals without knowing it. Why? Because it was just normal. For me (and others like me I know) having non-white friends and family members was as natural as going to school in the morning and having homework in the afternoon. Politics and ideology is nowhere on the map while living that life. And when you tell that them they’ve been brainwashed their whole life and that their friends and family is not only a lie but also nothing more than cogs in a political scheme to destroy them of course they’re going to react negatively. That’s why I was so shocked by Matt Parrott’ response.

It is too be expected that old warriors of our cause such as Kevin MacDonald or Sam Dickson wouldn’t understand the fundamental view and indeed attachment my young white peers have to Multicult Madness. But for a white 20-something such as Matt Parrott not to understand is staggering. What this highlights is the fundamental alienation of white advocates to those of their people they should be trying to convert, lead, and fight for. Instead they simply write them off as not worth trying with. This is a huge mistake since they make up a large percentage of white youth in America today.

In his latest essay Hunter sadly highlighted the fact that white advocates are alienated from his world as well. The whites of Hunter’s upbringing are the natural constitutes to white advocates. But even with these natural allies white advocates are utterly ineffective. If they are ineffective in his world how can they be effective in mine? White advocates suffer from the fundamental flaw that they don’t seem to realize that contemporary white America is no longer monolithic and therefore tactics in one area won’t work in another. But it is even worse than that: their tactics aren’t working in any area so why do they keep them up?

In many respects White Nationalists are like the famous Underpants Gnomes of South Park. Whereas for the gnomes the equation was “ collect underpants + ? = profit”, for White Nationalist the equation is “Cosmic America + ? = White Republic”. The gnomes didn’t understand the fundamentals of Capitalism and White Nationalists don’t understand the fundamentals of Cosmic America. In fact it’s not even something to consider in their minds: all that matters is the final goal of the White Republic. But as Hunter pointed out, at this point it is a bridge too far. If it’s a bridge too far in his world, it’s a science fiction scenario in mine. This is why I’ve written off White Nationalism.

Hunter and I have the same goal going mainstream. But for both of us it’s not because we’ve given up the fight for our people but because unlike White Nationalists we actually want to win. Yes that’s right, White Nationalists don’t want to win. This was proven with the recent American Renaissance fiasco. The great Jared Taylor did what he could to put on his conference even after it was thwarted by the enemy. And what happened? Did White Nationalists rally to his side? Were they up in arms outside the hotel demanding justice and retribution? NO! Instead they attacked Jared Taylor! And how many showed for Matt Parrott’s shadow conference? A couple dozen? And how many protested the hotel that cancelled Jared alongside Matt? Two (Andrew Yeoman and jewamongyou)? Where were all those dedicated and hardcore White Nationalists that are gonna create the White Republic? They stayed home and bitched and complained when they weren’t attacking those who did all they could. If even White Nationalists won’t stand by their own why would they expect anyone else to? White Nationalism has a movement as been an abject failure and instead of wasting the precious time we have left trying to prop up a dead horse it’s time we saddled up a new steed.

As Gregory Hood pointed out in his great essay about the American Revolution, for any revolution to succeed it needs to first gain legitimacy amongst the people. By going mainstream Hunter and I are both trying to do just that. Even in this though our tactics have to differ because of the two different worlds we come from and live in. For Hunter it means going Conservative, for me it means going Multicultural. What he does wouldn’t work in my world and what I do wouldn’t work in his world. But for both worlds the most important thing right now is to revive white identity. The reason the White Republic is a bridge too far is because it’s talking about creating a brand new state by, for, and of a people that don’t even recognize themselves as a people at this point. Before any fantasies about a White Republic should be discussed we need first to make our people recognize that they are a people. Only by reviving white identity can such an idea even come into play. And you don’t gain legitimacy by attacking the different worlds our people live in as not radical enough but by working within those worlds to change them.

To do this both Hunter and I need to leave White Nationalism behind. It is even more imperative for me to do so since the world I have to work in is basically enemy territory. Unlike white advocates who look on from the outside I know Cosmic America from the inside better than any of them could ever hope to. And as I pointed out in my last piece, I’ve been effective working within the frame of that world. I made the great mistake after my awakening of attempting to use the methods of the new cause I was part of. Because of this I look back now and realize the number of opportunities I blew for our cause by attempting to work outside the world I was in. I wish I had learned this years ago.

I have the same love and pride and willingness to fight for my people as Matt Parrott does. But what he and those like him need to understand is that contemporary white America is not a single whole. As trite as it may sound it truly is divided between a Blue world and a Red world. Parrott’s methods of fighting for his people are those of the White Nationalist movement in a Red world and I hope they succeed mightily for him. But they don’t work in mine Blue one. To be effective in my world I have to take a different course. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to understand that. Before he can hope to drain the swamp of White Nationalism those like him need to stop writing off anyone who doesn’t fight with the same methods they do. Until then it will continue to fester and deserves to.

Good riddance White Nationalism, I hope we can drink together in victory one day.

My Multicultural Youth


I lived this childhood

The greatest challenge facing those who love Western Civilization and the people who created it is connecting to those of our people who are not as racially aware. This challenge has often led to derision on the part of those who are racially aware for those who know nothing outside the current Multicult Madness. Such derision of our people as “lemmings”, “sheeple”, and “race traitors” is not only misguided but completely counterproductive. It creates an aura of hatred, snobbery, and social awkwardness that completely plays into our enemies’ hands. For the old timers in our movement this isn’t unexpected since they come from and remember an all-white America and today’s era is utterly shocking to them. For those of us born and raised in the era of Multicult Madness I suspect it comes from an excessive feeling of rebellion in the face today’s establishment with a hint of trying to redeem our Multicultural past by being as zealously white as we can be. But it is vitally important for those of us young and racially aware to understand and connect to our peers.

The problem with this is that many of us are so wrapped up in the exhilaration of our cause that we see no point in “lowering” ourselves to the level of the “masses”. Let’s just move on and ignore the taste and of enjoyments of our peers consumed with the Multicult Madness since they’re just indoctrinated sheeple anyway. I fully acknowledge I was like this for the first years after my own awakening. But for myself (and I suspect others) this attitude is false since I was at one time just like them. Because of this I want to give a glimpse into the youth of one of those “sheeple” so those who are racially aware can better understand our peers who are seemingly enthralled to our enemies: my own.

Black culture is the original non-white culture within America. It was one I knew very well growing up since my aunt married a black man when I was twelve. Often in my preteen years I was brought over to the local city of Troy where they lived in order to hang out with my three cousins my aunt had before marrying him. Playing with them and their black friends in the streets or the local park I learned the local black slang and habits. My taste in childhood entertainment was also influenced by this as my favorite entertainer growing up was Michael Jackson and I admit I liked Rap at the time, even seeing DMX, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr. Dre in concert with them as a teenager. Black comedies such as Booty Call, Friday, Def Jam’s How to be a Player, and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Momma’s Juice in the Hood; sitcoms like In Living Color and The Waynes Brothers; as well as the stand-up comedy of Chris Rock were staples of my visual diet as a child. And lest anyone look down on this as superficial these musical and visual areas of pop culture are very important to black identity and culture in America.


My Super Bowl party

This familiar connection with black culture is still (though nowhere as much) part of my life. The recent Super Bowl party I attended exemplified this. My black uncle picked me up and brought me over to the house of my cousin in Troy who has been dating for years a young black man she is going to marry someday. Except for my cousin I was the only white person there. While there was absolutely no tension having known his large family for years, and the fact his parents brought up their children to be respectful, intelligent, and polite Christians, it reminded me that unless I completely ostracize myself from my family because of my beliefs black culture will always be a part of my life. Two years earlier at the uncle’s 50th birthday party I was also the only white guy present. It was also here I also had for the first time (and enjoyed!) the stereotypical black cuisine of chitlins, collard greens, pig’s feet, and moonshine while listening to 70’s Soul Music.

Even though I have had my racial awakening I understand how others who haven’t would feel nothing but fear, distrust, and revulsion towards those with white racial conscienceness if they had such a close and indeed loving relationship with blacks growing up. For it is not only a matter of being preached the dogmas of Multicult Madness growing up, it is a matter of blacks being part of your family in youth and beyond. And white racial advocates needs to realize that brow beating and deriding such members of our people isn’t going to recruit but repel them.


Staple at Jerry’s house

Blacks weren’t the only part of my Multicultural youth however. In my piece about my awakening I talked about my “worldly” (mixed Italian, Puerto Rican, and native Hawaiian) childhood best friend, Jerry. Dinners at his house growing up exposed me to every imaginable Puerto Rican dish there is. I swear at that house I ate more recipes of Spanish rice than there are in all the restaurants in San Juan. At my high school graduation ceremony his mother (who truly was a second mother to me) covered my neck and shoulders in Hawaiian leis. Afterwards at the graduation party at his house his cook father treated us to a traditional Hawaiian feast with a full pig on a spit and all the sides. On the day we said our last goodbye in his father’s restaurant where we both worked, because his family was moving to Alaska, I went into the men’s room and cried uncontrollably. Now imagine the lifelong revulsion I would have felt for white activists if one of them called me a “race traitor” for crying over saying goodbye to my lifelong best friend because he wasn’t white.

Jerry wasn’t the only non-white I was close friends with in my pre-awakening days. In high school the first girl to break my heart was a beautiful mixed Lebanese and Italian Catholic girl I’ll simply call Jasmine after her childhood nickname from Disney’s Aladdin. Through Jasmine I came to know in great detail the works of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. While I’ve since to come to regard the paintings of Kahlo as garage, the 2002 biopic of her with Selma Hayek and Alfred Molina is still in my opinion the best cinematic representation of artists and politics. It was also through Jasmine that I became a great fan of Shakira’s music. I have no problem admitting that in my immature youth I became interested in the music of Shakira after her American debut. Jasmine was too and introduced me Shakira’s Spanish language work before her American debut. I became a dedicated fan. To this day the best concert I’ve been to was her show at the Fleet Center in Boston in 2002, and my favorite concert DVD is her 1999 Spanish language MTV Unplugged performance.

And yes Jasmine belly danced for me once like Shakira above. But as happens with male/female friendships my feelings for her grew but weren’t reciprocated and that was the end of that. But Jasmine wasn’t my only connection to Hispanic culture through female friendship. During my senior year I became friends with our class’s Mexican foreign exchange student, Marcella. First meeting her for an interview for my Journalism class, she told me for over an hour about typical middle-class life in southern Mexico. We became fast friends and I learned much about young Mexican life at the turn of the century from her. I even taught her how to drive one afternoon after school in which she nearly killed us in my car. My last connection to Hispanic culture still exists to this day through my family. Two of my first cousin’s are mixed white and Puerto Rican. One of them, my youngest female cousin, loved me as a big brother growing up and we’re still closest of all my cousins on my mother’s side. She has strongly embraced her Puerto Rican identity in the last few years and Shakira’s music is one of the things that we can still talk about as we get older.

It was also in high school that I became an Otoku. An Otoku is a Western fan of Japanese Anime. And it wasn’t just the mainstream stuff such as Cowboy Bebop and the feature films of Hayao Miyazaki but also groundbreaking 70’s classics such as Star Blazers and Lupin the Third and hardcore violent/sexual stuff like Wicked City and Ninja Scroll. With the money I made working at the diner owned by Jerry’s father I amassed quite a large collection of Anime DVD’s and VHS. This began a great interest (near obsession) with Japan in which I read everything I could on Japanese history from the centuries of civil war, to the period of isolation under the Tokogawa Shogunate, to the Mejia Restoration, to the Empire of the Rising Sun. Later as a film student my great interest and love of Japan continued where I watched everything I could by Akira Kurosawa and Yusujiro Ozu. The Japanese language however always remained untranslatable chicken scratch to me and J-Horror was always completely stupid. Me and my fellow Wapanese at our community college would joke that the Japanese were racist against blue children! At that community college I also took two classes in Middle Eastern history and culture with a PhD who studied in Iran and traveled into Afghanistan the year before the Shah was overthrown. His were my favorite classes there and he taught me so much about Islam and the Middle East and because of his classes I can’t help but laugh at the sheer ignorance of warmongering Neocons to this day.

Finally at the four year school where I earned my degree in film I came up close and personal with two more cultures of the Multicult Madness. The first was homosexual. During my senior year my assigned roommate for the two semesters was a flaming homosexual studying dance. While we were never good friends we got along well and had no problems with each other. By this time I had had my awakening and the Multicult Madness was rapidly losing its grip on me. Having him as a roommate educated me more on the gay lifestyle and identity than I ever wanted to know, but because of my awakening I didn’t just accept being around this other lifestyle with as much fascination and blind acceptance as I had others. My roommate wasn’t the only homosexual student in my academic life. During my time studying in France there was a fellow student named Brandon, a gay black student. Brandon and I became good friends and with another student named Bill we became known as “The Three Amigos” because we were always hanging out and exploring the Riviera town we were in. Being the summer before my gay roommate but after my awakening I didn’t just blindly accept Brandon’s lifestyle but it wasn’t a big deal since he was such a good friend. Instead my dilemma was how could I be coming into these new ideas when my personal friendships and life thus far was so diametrically opposed to these new ideas I was increasing gobbling up. This would come full circle with the final aspect of my Multicultural youth.


Lived with it in college

My two best friends in college were Jews from New York. They were Saul and Cohen. Looking back Saul had all the attributes that personify what many find disagreeable about New York Jews: obnoxious, tasteless, dramatic, and crude. I’ve never forgotten when he said the two things he loved most were Judaism and Militarism, and that he couldn’t wait to get back to his room and play Call of Duty because killing Nazis was like jerking off. However he was the most outrageously funny person I knew there. We were also both dedicated cinephiles studying film so we got along famously. Cohen was much less the stereotypical Jew. However his politics were lock-step with cosmopolitan Jewish Liberals. Many a night we went past the midnight hours debating until we were blue in the face. Despite this, one thing that made us friends as film students was that for both of us Jurassic Park was the movie that mad us love film and want to study it. Our friendship only grew stronger the following summer in Italy. While I was extremely popular amongst our fellow students abroad, Cohen was universally disliked. My fierce loyalty to a friend overcame social pressure many times and I would hang out with him instead of going off with the group. Countless times we would hike the hour and a half walk back up from the beach discussing our interests, insecurities, and pain, especially about both of us losing our father to cancer just a few years earlier. Once again my Multicultural life was completely at odds with the new pro-Western and pro-white ideals I was becoming increasingly committed to. Here I was in the one of the ancient nations of our people and my best friend was one of the tribe many that who hold to these ideas considered my people’s eternal enemy. Having this contradiction in mind was hard but it didn’t steer me away from loving my people and eventually dedicating myself to fighting for them. Imagine how instinctively reviled someone who hadn’t been awakened would be if they were told their best friend was one of those that wanted to destroy the country they were falling in love that summer? That they were a stupid race traitor for having such a friend? Do you think they would gladly join our ranks after such an insult?

I’ve written about my Multicultural past in the hopes that it enlightens those who love the West about the lives of those who live the Multicult Madness. Our venom is just and necessary but it is just and necessary towards those elite traitors who are creating, sustaining, and expanding the Multicult Madness, not those who are living it because they know nothing else. For many white youths it’s not indoctrination, or lies, or political, or even Liberal, it’s exciting, fascinating, fun, and normal. Many don’t go along with it from fear of retribution or political fanaticism but, because it is enjoyable to live. To break out of it is so hard because why would you want to break out of it? It’s even harder for those like me who have not only Multicultural lives but have Multicultural families: those who fear not only be ostracized from their families for supporting our cause, but fear their families could be destroyed if our cause succeeds.

The most important task for young racially aware whites is to awaken their peers who don’t understand yet. To do this we can’t sneer and look down on them. We have to understand them and their lives and work from there. For me my awakening was brought about through love for my people and heritage, and a shattering of the double standards I was exposed to. Many times during my breaking out of the Multicult Madness I nearly turned back in sheer disgust at the rhetoric and attitudes of who hold the beliefs I now do. Defenders of Western man need no understand what they’re saving their people from before they can save them from it.

White Zionism

Brigham Young leads the Mormons to Utah


The subject of White Zionism is fresh on my mind. In recent weeks, I haven’t given much thought to the issue.

Sam Dickson’s remarks at the 2011 Amren conference about “Euro-Zionism,” Harold Covington’s recent attacks on the PLE model, and a recent interview with a Wyoming reporter have rekindled my interest in the subject.

I have also been reading a book called “Manifest Destinies” about America’s westward expansion. This includes some discussion about the Mormon exodus to Utah and the creation of their initial settlements in Salt Lake City. The material is germane to the ongoing debate about the Northwest Migration.

I haven’t seen anything over the past two months to change my opinion on the matter.

(1) In November, I was convinced that violence was grossly counterproductive and largely a rhetorical escape outlet for fantasists who substitute a purely imaginary means for real means.

The Giffords shooting in Arizona and the Spokane bomb have only reinforced my opinion on that topic.

(2) In November, I was convinced that the Pacific Northwest wasn’t the ideal destination for White Nationalists. These behemoth Blue States dwarf the more conservative, sparsely populated Red States in the Interior West.

The rapid colonization of the Pacific Northwest by illegal aliens has reinforced that view. The growing resistance in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota to illegal immigration and government overreach has only made those states look more attractive.

(3) In November, I thought we should work through the system and with the populist conservatives in these Red States to mainstream White Advocacy.

I still see more potential for a migrant driven breakthrough in those four states than our relative chances elsewhere. Kansas and Nebraska can be added to that list.

(4) In November, I was convinced that settlement, organization, legitimacy, and community outreach were far more important than rhetorical radicalism.

I haven’t changed my mind on that subject either.

In order for White Zionism to succeed, we need to dial down the rhetoric, and ratchet up the settlement and community organizing. The major obstacle to White Zionism has always been the perception that it really isn’t a viable solution.

Some advice for migrants:

(1) Move to the smaller states of the Interior West like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You will have more of an impact there.

(2) Embrace the system. Work within the system to legitimize our cause. Demonstrate the viability of the White Zionist model. This is necessary to spark any viable migration.

(3) Settle these states as conservatives and libertarians. Go there as conservatives with teeth. Instead of being treated as social pariahs, you will be embraced by the natives. Just call yourself a conservative while advocating White Nationalist policies.

If you just want to live a nice and quiet life with friendly neighbors, nothing is stopping you from doing so.

(4) Don’t act out in public. No one wants to see Neo-Nazis parading around in Halloween costumes in the town square. Instead, you should act like a model citizen to gain power, wealth, and legitimacy, things which are actually of some use to potential migrants.

(5) Go positive. There are positive things you can do for both White natives and White migrants. Look to the example of Christianity to win converts.

(6) Appeal to self interest. In order to attract new migrants, focus on the ways that migration is of practical benefit to individual families. Don’t appeal to violent fantasies or racial idealism. We don’t need those types of people around disrupting the migration project anyway.

Point to the lower taxes, better schools, cheaper land, more conservative neighbors, attractive women, and the favorable demographics and low key isolation of the region.

We need to spend less time appealing to these abstractions that only intellectuals care about, and more time to the practical advantages of colonization, to spark a real and sustained migration to the Interior West.

That will be all for now.



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