It’s In Our Genes… And They Know It

It’s In Our Genes… And They Know It
Written by BC1959
Saturday, 19 February 2011 14:30
whiteVirginia Dare was the very first English baby born in what would become the United States of America. She was born into ‘The Lost Colony’ in August 1587 off the coast of Northern Carolina.

Imagine the guts and determination it took, for a pregnant women to sail across the Atlantic, and then give birth to a healthy baby, especially in this late medieval period. The pregnant women who gave birth to the baby Virginia, was none other than the colony’s governor’s wife, Elenor.

No one really knows what happened to the settlers, as nothing was ever found of them again. The Governor, John White, found only brush fires caused by the heat, on his return from a trip back to England, which in itself was delayed by the Spanish Armada.

Now to those who have read into more than just the first paragraph as it were, you’ll see three broader things of note regarding our ethnic group here.

One: Absolute determination in life to produce something from nothing, and a natural bent towards adventure and creativity.

Two: Fellow Europeans (Spain and England) in this case, fighting pathetic wars that do no good for the ordinary people of each nation.

Three: The disappearance of a whole group. All three of these broader topics of note, are repeating themselves over and over again, and what is shameful and terrible about this, is that creativity, invention, and determination to succeed no matter what the odds, are innate for our people, and are matched with a downside. We simply cannot help our genes.. and that is what scares and delights our enemies so much in equal measure.

Politically, and in many cases, in business, we seem to have another darker, more irresponsible side to this prodigious natural resource, and what makes us, sometimes destroys us. We must continue on the road to our renaissance, and we must keep in mind that, although we have much to be proud of, our enemies know we have these two sides.

The renaissance of the European peoples will not be accomplished by political means alone, but we do have it within our grasp, and we must cherish it, and produce a more tribal and stable way of maintaining the only vehicle we have. On the other side of the same coin, continued cultural and socio-economic stimulus must always be an equal partner in our eventual recovery. Our people, especially the younger ones, need to be reminded that we have a highly sharpened natural ability to be intellectually superior to those who now rule over us.

We have a much derided past, a past which no other ethnic group can ever match, whereby not only did our women play a massive role in our culture, but we created all the things that are now taken for granted by other nations.

Our European brothers and sisters, and us here Britain, were not only inventive, but innovative and entrepreneurial. Without our business acumen, there would be no great tea business, as much of this was only possible through the British East India Company.

The same applies to Curry. Believe it or not, it was invented by British soldiers who having had many similar dished in Britain, in the form of stews and soups etc, made the most of the Indian produce available, including spices etc, and thus, the world renowned ”curry” was born.

Without going too far back, or getting into complicated and detailed history, here are others we should be grateful to in various fields, so rather than go into yet another boring ”look what we have done” routine, let us be reminded that whether political, cultural, or socio-economically, our renaissance must be gifted to the next generation, by us in this one, being more able to get it together, and put aside problems that in the wider scheme of things, are neither insurmountable, nor worth losing our nation, and broader ethnic heritage for.

Nikola Tesla – the man responsible for AC power and wireless energy.
Joseph Swan – Incandescent Light Bulb.
Yury Lomonosov – Produced the first successful mainline diesel locomotive.
Nicolas Florine – Rotor helicopter.
Emil Adolf von Behring – Discovered Diphtheria antitoxin.
Gotlieb Von-Daimler – the first high speed petrol engine and four wheel motor engine.
Grimm brothers – stories and linguistics pioneers.
Otto Hahn – Split the atom.
Socrates – Philosophy.
Plato – Philospohy.
Aristotle – Philosophy.
Julius Ceasar – the first ever public newspaper.
Charles Dickens – Writer.
Jules Verne – Writer.
Longfellow (Wordsworth) writer, poet.
Leonardo Da Vinci – Achitect, inventor, philosopher.
Shakespeare – Poet, writer, humourist.
Christopher Wren – architect, scientist.
Robert Adam – architect.
Capability Brown – landscapes.

So there, just a bite sized view of our past greats. The enemy of the western people knows full well that, with all what we have accomplished, we still somehow fall, as empires of the past have shown.

Are we able to enjoy a future renaissance, or are we doomed to make the same mistakes as our forebears?

There are thousands of unchallenged people out there, including people who are exactly the same as Plato, Charles Dickens, Von Behring, and Leonardo Da Vinci, who may never get the chance to show their worth to an increasingly  terrifying world.

Where are the future Robert Adams? What can we do to enhance our future? The answer lies in our gene pool, but it also lies in our ability to learn from history.

Now, can we get on with the political landscape we all want please? Anything else will see our genes dissolved into dust.


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