The Law: An Alien Landscape

The Law: An Alien Landscape

Written by BC1959

Now we have set out our stall on a wider, more journalistic basis, we must continue to be up-front and honest about who, when and where, all our woes are sourced from. Recently, a report from Israel stated that:

Two Israeli professors are rewriting the Geneva Conventions, to give legal cover for total war on civilian populations.

That unsettling report, goes hand in hand with our youth today, who are infatuated by perversions such as war games, with almost real images, to soften them up for real war. They are sent to wars that have little to do with them, and they are brainwashed to such a degree, they are all but useless to our national interests, and in fact, as sad as it is to say it, they have been forced into becoming ”traitors” by the system, towards their own kith and kin.

It is now, very easy indeed to ensure that when all hell breaks loose, and war and conflict engulfs the planet as the NWO parasites want, it will be easy to simply do the things they want to, and civilians will become, and indeed have become, victims of a wholesale war on freedoms and national interests.

Back in the 1930’s a very well written, and very well researched volume of Encyclopedias was introduced. These weren’t just any old set of documents of world history and culture or other such run of the mill adult aimed items, they were ‘‘Children’s Encyclopedias’‘, and that made them all the more interesting. This volume is in my own collection of reading material, and it makes for a real feast of knowledge. How so? They are what today would be called ”bigoted”, possibly racist, and far too truthful for children today, because they use a tone that is emotive, and is full of the beauty of the English language. They are crammed full of national and racial references, especially in the forward and other explanatory first few pages… and that makes them too dangerous for today’s politically controlled youngsters.

The ‘‘Children’s Encyclopedia’‘ included where our people came from, and perfectly explained the earliest language and region on earth where we founded our civilisation. Thus, our youngsters in those days, were armed with pride, a knowledge of our past, and a wealth of intellectualism that stood them in good health, both mentality and physically.

Most people up until the Second World War, were able to say what they wanted, and enjoyed relative freedom from interference og the state. Education was basic, but overall, it was grounded upon national interests. Wars were fought, but essentially, all children remained stable, unmolested, and untroubled by paranoid alien beliefs and influences. Thus, communities were solid, patriotic, and able to function culturally and ethnically, as a whole.

Whilst both we, and our detractors are not that happy for us to continuously repeat the ”complex subject’‘ of foreign interference in our laws and wider national institutions, it is nonetheless in line with our more wider, and less inhibited obligation, to do as we promised… Tell it as it is. The laws now being re-written, have very little if anything, to do with the well being of people, of of peaceful existence with our fellow earthly neighbours, but is more to do with total control. Israeli professors who are given the ”right” to openly and treacherously re-write the Geneva Convention, will surely give those looking into actions by Zionists and others wishing to take over the world’s resources, nations and peoples, further proof of a conspiracy.

Just think of the unlimited, and rightful knowledge found in the above books for children, and compare it to our current situation, and you’ll understand just how dangerous this era of wars, economic depression, and PC stupidity is.

Our laws on social subjects and national rights, were also re-written, and again, it was ”intellectuals and advisers” whom, were handed the legal powers to accomplish this. We have been stabbed in the back, and not only by a single knife either. We are under siege in our own homes, in our own communities, and in our own lands. We brave few, smeared, brow-beaten, and laughed at as we are, cannot allow the continued offences to play out for another decade, without actually doing something.

If civilians are now an ‘‘acceptable target’‘, then that means our own children, and theirs after them, will be fair game to the New World Order, it’s treacherous government officials, and those making millions out of such conflicts and potential ethnic cleansing of the white western population. Also included in one of the volumes of the Children’s Encyclopedia back then, was a passage by someone, who referred to ‘‘The Newspapers’‘, as THE SHIELD OF DEMOCRACY. yes, that’s what it actually said back then. Imagine this mentality as an every day thing in those days, and you can see how far we have descended into an alien controlled, third world cesspit, full of children who only know the names of ”rap stars’‘, and the latest slut celebrity to get pregnant by her umpteenth partner, or adopt an African to look good to the world government ”officials” who can further her career in a pointless and self indulgent career.

If aliens are allowed to re-write the Geneva Convention, then exactly what else have they re-written without our knowledge? Just how much of the western hemisphere is under threat of destruction and ethnic cleansing? Some people enjoy the idea of Oliver Cromwell doing what he did, and to a degree, he was right. Alas, like all revolutionaries, he required money to fund his hatred of the Sovereign at that time. He got his money from the same immigrant userers as the Normans did… Jewish money lenders. Monarchs like Queen Elizabeth 1, are preferable to those whom attacked the very nation of their birth. She rid this country of the small, but criminal immigrants, and the money lenders, but that seems another world away.

Wholesale demonising is not our game, neither is blaming every one from a minority for all our ills, as there are traitors a plenty here and in all western governments.

However, the sad, but provable fact is that, we do have a combined immigrant community in the west, and here in Britain, whom have for one or another reason, decided to offer our nation(s) up to all and sundry, and explain this as some kind of ”progressive” step towards a unified community. It was unified, and at one time, we never had to concern ourselves over mass slaughter of innocent peoples, and civilians now added to that hateful act.

We white Nationalists are as we have agreed amongst us previously, alone, totally alone, and unless the nations of other people get a grip, we will one by one, fall to an alien ideology that has little to do with real western religion, equality, fair play, or a wish for peace.

Rather, it is an ideology based upon self-centred and opinionated political engineering and greed. Those whom wish to carry on as before can do so, but they will not drag us, or our families down with them. The law is now an alien landscape. Are we capable of providing ourselves, and our children, with the tools to dig up, and re plant this landscape?

Stop the Genocide of European Mankind

Written by Green Arrow

I had to have a long hard think about publishing the following video, that was made several months ago by Dr David Duke of America, because if there is one subject guaranteed to start a Comments War, it is any article that can be perceived as being even mildly critical of Jews or the State of Israel – which this site believes has every right to exist.

The problem is that Mr Duke has doubts about so many things Jewish, although listening to him speak in this video, I suspect that whilst he is condemning the actions of Israel, I would not be surprised if secretly he agrees with the actions taken by the Jewish People to preserve their identity.

But that is not the point really of this article, the point is that every word that Dr David Duke speaks about the genocide of the white peoples of Europe and America is true.  I urge you to watch this video in full.

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