There is nothing YOU can really do I’m afraid to say.

There is nothing YOU can really do I’m afraid to say.

Now, excuseme for the negative heading, but it isn’t really as it may seem. There’s nothing you can do, that is those who know what’s going on as you’ve already done what is needed. You’ve awoken and it’s that simple. What the heading simply means is that there’s nothing you can do for others. It’s their choice how they choose to live their lives and if they want to remain asleep in their comfy little lives then there’s nothing you can do. And listen people there’s nothing you can do. I truly mean that.
There may be times when you’ll engage in conversation with another individual, completely oblivious to much and you’ll try to let them know what the real agenda is. They’ll look at you as though you’ve just sprouted horns. They’ve been conditioned. They are conditioned by the MSM from such stars as Ed West, who are so ignorant on much of society that I ‘would say’ it beggars belief how on earth they got the job in the first place as a blogger on the Daily Telegraph. Then again, I said “I would say” because Ed West and the multitude of new-age bloggers on the Internet versions of the MSM printed rags are there precisely because THEY DON’T KNOW. It’s their job to tell everyone everything’s ok, or that is, something the MSM want us to hear, of course straight from their controllers. And people who don’t know what I’m on about will instantly shout “Conspiracy loon” as that’s what they’re continuously programmed to believe when something doesn’t compute with their indoctrinated thought process.

For example; Ed West wrote a recent article here about John Lennon and Communism. It was of course the usual drivel we’re fed by the MSM. Now apart from his ridiculous belief that John Lennon was behind the fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia, because a group of hippies listened to his music and then demonstrated against the authorities, which those who know what’s going on will know that Communism never fell, it merely mutated; he states that Lennon’s Imagine


just pips Pinks Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2″, the video of which features a group of urchins from Islington Green School singing “we don’t need no education”

when it comes to bad lyrics. And this coming from someone with about as much musical and lyrical talent as Dizee Rascal, or some other deadhead wannabee product of a fucked up UK Music Industry. How many performances has Ed done in front of packed stadiums all over the world, at a time when musicians were musicians and wrote great songs, that of course contained good melodies, lyrics and rhythms? But this is the arrogance of today’s generations. Get out there and do what Lennon’s done before you can even criticise the man you shithead. You’re not fit to lick the shit of his shoes, pre dog poo ban of course.

What also struck me more importantly was that he casts Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ in the bin for lyrical content. Hello? As I wrote in my reply to him on this:

“Pink Floyd happen to have been one of the best groups ever not just for their brilliant music but their lyrics. If you understood anything about what the wall signifies, then you’d understand what the song is about:

We don’t don’t need no education,
We don’t need no thought control

What is education? Any education, outside teaching language and mathematics, science and geography for example is nothing but mind control. History? From whose perspective? There are three versions of history, that from the victor, that of the defeated and that which is the unquestionable truth. And what of English, if it is not programming of the mind to think how others do and who our controllers want us to think and behave?

So quite rightly, we don’t need no education, for the simple reason that education today is nothing but programming and deceit on creating a people smart enough to work the machines and add up the figures, but dumb enough to be completely ignorant as to what’s going on and not worry about the lower wages and longer hours.

However this will go completely over the head of a MSM automaton, who’s so asleep I wonder if he actually awakens in the morning like the rest of us, or just continues in his dream world of Everything’s ok baby, your government loves you.

I don’t want to waste this article all on Ed West but it was a point that there really is nothing and I mean nothing in the MSM that will awaken you. I would also like to point out that I am not just attacking the likes of Ed West but most of the MSM journalists out there. There are a few who do know what’s going on no doubt, but they are restricted in what they can write, for if they write what isn’t wanted and continue to do so, then blacklist awaits them. The MSM’s there to keep you asleep. It’s there to suppress real knowledge, true knowledge, that is while feeding you nothing but lie upon lie, with a cherry on top.

While listening to the excellent Alan Watt, the “one man wake up army” on his brilliant Cutting through the Matrix broadcast on the 7th of December (right click and save, left click to play) on the Republic Broadcast Network (shows Mon – Fri 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST/Tue – Sat: 1am – 2am GMT) he made the points that I’ve been saying all along in that there really is nothing that can be done to combat the NWO. I know this will sound negative and defeatist, but he really explains this all when on the phone to Clint from Ontario at 24:53. Now if someone such as Alan Watt is saying that there’s nothing that can be done, with all the experience he has, in his countless years of research, then who’s going to listen to some optimist, who’s just put down a book by Icke, or an avid listener to Alex Jones or some other?

Listen to what he has to say, not just on the 7th of December but on all. He looks at newspaper articles and breaks them down, filtering out the real news from the lies, or should I say the real message.
What far too many people simply fail to realise is what’s really been going on. Now I knew all of this/certainly had an idea before clicking into Alan Watt’s radio broadcasts, I’ve been following of late. The caller Clint is the eternal optimist who simply doesn’t realise that THERE’S NOTHING HE CAN DO to change the perception of the masses. He (and many) is unaware, as Alan states that our ‘controllers’ have been experimenting upon society for hundreds of years, pitting this thesis against that anti thesis; this action against that action to come up with the perfectly controlled society. In other words, the experiment’s already been done. They know how you will react before you act, so every alternative is there to every option. Imagine a computer computing every equation possible and you’ll realise that this has been going on for hundreds of years, more so of course as humanity’s evolved. They’ve been testing behaviour of rats in a cage for goodness knows how long and to steal from Douglas Adams, the Earth is one big computer for the elite.

Now, there are people who are going down the Freeman route and it’s certainly a good choice, that I cannot refute, however Freemen are also expecting that their controllers will play on a level battlefield. The freemen are playing the game to win fairly whereas TPTB are playing to win. In a nutshell, Freemen will lose. It’s the same as the British Constitution Group and Lawful Rebellion. If you turn up to a fight with your fists, TPTB will turn up with a gun. If you turn up with a gun, they’ll turn up with Kevlar vests and a rocket launcher. Regardless, you’re not going to win against people who have no honour or fair play whatsoever. These people who have been controlling society for thousands of years are near their end game. They’ve pumped zillions into the MSM, the Music and Film Industries so as to understand and control you and you think they’re going to stand back and say – “Hey, well, you know, fair play to you man, you beat me fair and square. I concede graciously” when you shout some common law? Don’t be so fucking stupid! If you really think that’s going to work then go to the nearest railway, stand in front of an on coming train and see if you’ll survive, because you’ve got as much chance surviving against the train as you do of beating TPTB with law/democracy/politics and dare I say it a peaceful solution.

Currently as I speak, TPTB are buying up all the land in the world. As Alan states this is warfare – controlling the land, the food and the water supplies and that’s it, end game. More so, the constant programming, especially from Hollywood and the video game industry is getting kids ready for the super-duper gadgets of the future, where they portray some super hero, better equipped than everyone else, a Jason Bourne with cybernetic implants, invulnerable to bullets, so laughably they keep programming the youth that this is the future, it’s not about control, because you’ll be in control – BOLLOX!!!

Once the Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID) go mainstream then goodnight Vienna. Already foolish families in the USA have bought the propaganda and there are adverts in the USA for it such as this one here from IBM Innovations. And the kids watching this are saying “that’s so coooooool man.” If only they fucking knew. They have invented ‘smart pills’ that send detailed information from within the body once swallowed to an outside scanner. And this is of course sold as saving lives. This is what they do. It’s classic NWO problem – reaction – solution philosophy. They’ll think of how to control people and so what they’ll do is create a vaccine/pollute the water supply/infect the food with one of their created chemicals. People will then start to die on mass and then boom, in they’ll come with their new super dooper drug. When it comes to RFID chips, they’ll stage some paedophile ring capture of a kid, who happens to be chipped. And then they’ll locate him/her via their chip, smash the paedophile ring and boom – every mother in the land wants one for their kid. This is how simple it is.

Now what they don’t tell you is that the RFID chip will eventually hold everything – birth details, blood type, bio metric data, medical history, work history, family history, habitat history, criminal history, everything in fact and of course all the cash (or should I say credit) you own in the world. People won’t pass money as they used to (above video), they’ll just walk out of a scanner that will add up what they’re carrying. Great, no more thieves, but then if they want to fuck you over, they switch off your chip. No money, no deposit on a house, no food to buy, no job, social outcast. And then no doubt they’ll have squads going around cleaning up the streets of homeless people, so as to not pose a danger to the public…. And the RFID chip is merely one of the many programmes that TPTB have in store for us all.

It’s all fucking been thought out folks. This is what none of you realise. We are dealing with people who are so bloody powerful, you could disappear and I MEAN DISAPPEAR tomorrow if they wanted you to, with no trace of your existence. They are already doing full face transplants now, along with ever growing plastic surgery skills and techniques. Now think about this why don’t you? What happens when you put together RFID chips and Facial reconstruction surgery? Yes, you’ve got it. You can steal the identity of another oh so easily. Films like Gattaca, with Ethan Hawke are not science fiction. They’re future, bloody, reality!

Our society has been reprogrammed. Look at reality 20 years ago when homosexuals were frowned upon and kids got teased for being ‘poofs’ at school. Thanks to constant media brainwashing as well as school education (read indoctrination) that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality whatsoever and it’s perfectly natural (it isn’t) we have the society thinking the way they do. You can add onto that sperm donation, IVF, surrogacy, prostitution (read Escorts), lap dancing, homosexual families, homosexual clergy….I could go on, but I’m making the point that what was once frowned upon no longer isn’t. Soon with enough indoctrination, paedophilia will be accepted within society and there will be nothing wrong with 4 year olds being buggered by older men and women (with strap ons) and sexually molested, as the Cabals controlling society demand them for their rituals. Yes, already society is calling MILFS (mothers I’d love to fuck), women in their early twenties, when before it was those in their 40’s. Soon it will be perfectly natural for girls of 6 having full intercourse with their partners (whatever age) and giving birth at 8 or so. Reprogramming of society, having lots of children giving birth until it becomes commonplace and no one bothers anymore. This is the future that’s coming and very soon.

Now, to finish, after all the doom and gloom I’ll offer some hope although I won’t hold my breath for simply I don’t believe it’s possible.
There is only one way that the people can defeat the horror existence they’re future generations will be born into. There is only one way they can stop the inevitable happening, a hell on earth so to speak and that is simply to awake. Yes, like the hundred monkey theory if everyone, all of a sudden wakes up from their matrix slumber then there is a huge chance of obliterating the NWO, for the simple reason that they will see their greatest enemies are not TPTB, but in fact themselves. As I’ve said all along, it’s the people who join the police, the armed forces, the freemasons, the secret societies etc etc. It’s the people who make the chemicals, the genetically modified crops, the RFID chips etc etc. If they one day realise that they are the problem then maybe they can see just what hell they’re creating. Therefore, my only advice I can give is to try and wake people up. If it means dropping this and that into conversation with the effect that you’ll be looked upon as a loon, then do so. I do it all the time in conversation and most of the time I succeed, because I have knowledge and information to back up my ‘ludicrous’ claims. I would rather live my life as a social pariah, an outcast and be called a loon, than know I have done nothing whatsoever to create a better future and stop the NWO from succeeding. More so, I know that I’m right and they’re wrong and that I do believe, no matter how deep people’s sleep may be you they can wake up. Remember one important fact that you can’t make the horse drink. You cannot force it. The more you force something the opposite effect you will have. This is why this post is entitled as it is. You can’t change other people. They have to want to change themselves, however don’t stop trying as hopefully, with a bit of luck, something will eventually get through, although, guaranteed, you will get disheartened trying as many bloggers have told of late, as they consider jacking it all in. There is nothing you can do, but there’s no harm in trying. I suppose this article is really to those bloggers who get frustrated. You’ve already awoken. You’ve done your bit. It’s now up to the rest of society to follow and so STOP FUCKING BLAMING yourselves when people remain asleep. Remember: HORSE – WATER – DRINK.

Switch off the TV. Don’t read the MSM. Ignore it. It’s there to program you and nothing more. Those who know this already don’t but there will still be people who’ll go to the movies, or turn on the box. You don’t need it. You never have. Once you find out what’s going on you’ll hit the Kubler-Ross effect (5 stages of Grief) and your journey will begin. Get angry. Get really fucking mad, because when you do change will come and more importantly people will see that change within you and maybe they too will start ‘asking questions.’

It’s about your life. It’s also more importantly about your childrens’ too and theirs. If your a member of the filth or the armed forces then leave. Stop oppressing you people for TPTB and help destroy the judiciary. And to the armed forces, understand what you do is most certainly not for me, in my name or for your country. You are nothing but shills working for the man and causing untold heartache whatever killzone you’re stationed in.
Your choice. Look deeper than financial costs.

You have a choice – Freedom or Slavery. I know what I want. Do you?

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