This article left me speechless

This article left me speechless

In fact I’m still speechless that all I can really do is post the link from the Daily Laim and erm well….

Harriet Harman praises ‘hero’ immigrants who send welfare handouts home

No this is not a joke people. And after the fact that NuLabour admitted that they left the floodgates open in order to create a voting base (although those know that’s merely one of the bonuses of the main agenda of cultural obliteration), they get the Harpy to say this?
What the fuck is going on? Well I know what’s going on, but your average twat will ask this, while marking ‘X’ on the Labour box next election. Every fucking EU passport holder, from a non EU country will be making a beeline to the UK, that is those who haven’t been for the last God knows how long. Now those who have read my articles, especially on Iain Duncan Smith’s community benefit worker scheme (read Slave labour and removal of public sector workers scheme) will know that I’m on Job Seekers Allowance, which means that after paying electric, internet, council tax and housing benefit surplus not covered by benefit, I’m left with under £100 a month to live on. So how on earth can these people send anything home, unless they’re, more than probably, shafting the system? Now let’s think about this? Could you honestly imagine just what would happen if any French, Italian, Spanish or German politician said this? Think about this and that’s any European country’s politician? Yes, they’d probably be beaten to death by their constituents, but oh no, not the UK, the electorate will continue to vote for this piece of shite. Unbelievable, but then when you open up the doors to mass immigration, then were you one of those immigrants, or soon to be, you’d need to have had a full frontal lobotomy to not vote for a political party in a foreign land that cares only for you and not its own.

I wonder if they have NuLabour posters all over the third world like the following:

“Jobless? Diseased ridden? Criminal? Non White? Don’t speak a word of English? Hate the UK? Want to fuck it over and get revenge for the Empire and Slavery, not forgetting the Crusades? Need a home? Want money to send home to your families so they can have an education? In fact do you want to bring them all here? No intention whatsoever of adopting our culture but promoting your own and living by it? Well what are you waiting for? Get your arses over to the UK and vote for Labour. Don’t have a passport? Don’t worry, you should have no problem getting one in Europe and then all you have to do is get to the UK? Couldn’t be easier could it? NuLabour, the party for the minority and the Immigrant! Been fucking Brits over for decades!”

I still can’t believe what I’m seeing. If British people seriously don’t realise they’re over the barrel getting rogered by RED LABOUR DICK then fuck ’em. Reality is far worse. These idiots will be in power next election. Don’t believe me? Time will tell, they’ve already been elected by TPTB. And now not only is the Harpy for positive discrimination and equality laws that have rammed a spike up the indigenous white male’s jacksy she comes up with this? Would someone drop a building on top of this despicable bitch please?

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