The cradle and the grave of liberty.

The cradle and the grave of liberty.

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have a prickly disposition.

Since commencing the writing of this blog, I have typed out explicit wishes for harm on a variety of people. Recently I suggested that people who put too much credence in horoscopes should go huff exhaust fumes in a locked garage. When Dick Cheney dusted his hunting buddy with his fowling piece, I wrote that his only real crime was shooting a lawyer in Texas without a lawyer stamp on his hunting license. In a two-day period last November, I hoped aloud that Sen. Chuck Schumer, everybody at the FDA, and an anonymous TSA agent would all die in a fire, screaming. I’ve used the phrase “Die, hippie” with a specific hippie as the referent more times than I can count.

And I still have my guns.

This is apparently mostly because I don’t live in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Travis Corcoran, proprietor of Heavy Ink Comics, whose nom de blog is “TJICdoes live in Arlington, Massachusetts. Travis identifies himself as an anarcho-capitalist; I’d say that on the philosophical axis, the pelt on his wookie suit is longer and more luxuriant than mine, if not quite as splendid as Billy Beck‘s.

In the wake of the recent shooting in Tuscon, Travis put up a post on his blog about how he didn’t particularly feel like shedding any tears over the shooting of a politician, entitled “1 down, 534 to go!” Provocative? Inflammatory? Even tacky? Sure. But it was just speech. Political speech. The kind that’s protected under the 1st Amendment, even when it’s about politicians further up the food chain than congresscritters.

Comic readers tend to trend younger and lefter than the norm, and some of his customers found out about his post and decided to organize a boycott. I have no problem with boycotts; lord knows I’ve called for the boycotts of businesses that did things that annoyed me, such as using murderers for pitchmen. Some people were so butthurt, however, that they went to the authorities, and Travis received a knock on the door: It was the Arlington, MA po-po, there to relieve Mr. Corcoran of his guns, his ammunition, his firearms license, and his 2nd Amendment rights, all for having the temerity to use his 1st Amendment rights in the former Cradle of Liberty, now its grave.

Folks, if Travis committed a crime, then I’m a criminal, too. To quote another famous Bay Stater (who would no doubt be disgusted with the current state of affairs there)

Under a government which imprisons unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.

I am TJIC.

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