The Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the Saints

My thanks to MR guest blogger Last Celt for the link to a PDF version of Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, and also to the English transcript of a video interview with Raspail, posted a few days ago at GalliaWatch.

It opens with this:

In truth The Camp of the Saints is a parable, written in 1972, published in 1973 about a million people from the Third World. They’re weak, they’re unarmed, women and children, they’re poor, and they come in search of paradise. But, there’s a million of them, they land on the Riviera, and behind them there are other flotillas with more millions ready to land according to whether or not France’s response is positive or negative. The problem of The Camp of the Saints is very simple – there is unity of time, place, and action. Everything happens in twenty-four hours. What happens is they have a shipwreck, a million of them, unarmed, weak, they inspire sympathy, pity. But a million… and if the response is positive, there are a million more waiting. What do we do? That’s the question posed by The Camp of the Saints.

… and is worth reading in full.

One thought on “The Camp of the Saints

  1. In the real camp of saint it is the whites asking for a bailout and the Asians are the ones providing it…Greece, Irelanc, Portugal, Spain and who knows in the future probably UK and France too!

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