The Eve of Conflict

The Fight Has Come To Me

I think we can all agree on the fact that America, as we have known it, is facing some drastic changes. I don’t care if you are a wild-eyed leftist, that fact seems apparent. Now, for the leftist, the point is to force the change. This is their opportunity to destroy the capitalist class and establish socialist utopia in America. That’s why Barack Obama jumped square in the middle of the Wisconsin fiasco, because he seeks this upheaval as a means to securing power and, more importantly, putting all of us capitalists in our place.

We are on the brink right now. The long march of the socialists has taken decades, perhaps a century. They have gained a lot ground, but without much resistance. Their plans and advancements were done in stealth, while waving the flag and chanting U.S.A. But, now they have dropped the pretense of a patriotic effort. FDR’s talk of saving the union while instituting the seeds of socialism have been exposed. Crisis after crisis was used as a demonstration of the purpose of socialism, of the utility of it. The answer was always more power to the government and the people slowly lost faith in capitalism as a means to handle such emergencies.

That all changed in 2008. While the leftists want to continue the obfuscation of the issues and show us that socialism is the answer to the inequalities of capitalism, it is capitalism that is shining brighter. Socialism with its programs and enrollments and state control have proven to be no more equitable than capitalism was and much more restrictive and dangerous to liberty. Socialism is now being exposed as the cause of the new emergency and that is a real problem for the Utopians. Capitalism might have been blamed for economic emergencies, but America’s experience with socialism is now the direct cause of the worst economic emergency in the nation’s history (default).

The question before the people is how to respond to this emergency. Everyone seems to be taking different routes as they see fit for them and their own. The unions are solidifying their membership, consolidating gains and actively directing their efforts against the political winds that have blown against them. This is the battleground on which they have chosen to fight, right here and right now. They have dispatched the purple buses across the nation in an effort to create widespread chaos. They are flexing their muscles and expect the citizenry to cower in fear. Their method is simple: intimidation pure and clear. It is a thug tactic employed by thugs. It is mob rule. We resist it here and now or bow to it and inspire a thousand more events.

If your response is to hunker down, to protect your own, then so be it. If your response is to turn away, to not see what is apparent, then so be it. If your response is to send letters and e-mails to congressmen bucking them up for the fight ahead, then so be it. All of us must handle the situation in their own way, with their own tools and reliant upon their own conscience.

I prefer to engage whenever and wherever they appear. I will go out to fight them in the streets, in the parks, on the steps of the capitol, because I know that if I don’t I will soon be fighting them on my lawn. The fight has come to me.

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A Betrayal of the Public Trust

Americans have, in the past, been rather cordial about their rights. They knew they were listed in the Bill of Rights and that if one were to run afoul of the law that one would be afforded certain rights during the process. It was a  sort of comfort blanket for the worst of times, but little else.

At different times in the history of the nation certain bills have been passed that went directly against the rights of the people. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 come to mind. These Acts, primarily the Sedition Act, were used in the tumultuous times when fear of war with France was in the air to quell political opposition by either deporting vociferous opponents or incarcerating people like Benjamin Franklin Bache (Ben Franklin’s grandson) for publishing unflattering articles about John Adams.

Economic turmoil and war hysteria have always served the oppressors well. Consider the Patriot Act in our own time and the Department of Homeland Security. As Rahm Emanuel so clearly iterated, no crisis should go to waste and it doesn’t matter whether one is well-schooled in the Gramsci or Alinsky school, the results are the same. The very fact that the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security were products of the Bush Administration ensures us all that there is no politician or political party who are safe repositories for our rights.

Yet, there is one step further that one might take as a President that is beyond any other act or bureaucracy and that is direct confrontation with the people to deny them the benefits of their votes and actions of their elected officials. Barack Obama took that extra step out of contempt for the people and loyalty to his union base in Madison, Wisconsin. It is clear by the confessions of the Democratic National Committee and Organizing For America that Barack Obama himself sought to de-legitimize the duly elected representatives and governor of the state for no other apparent reason than to show solidarity with the unions to whom he has contributed greatly with tax dollars and to whom he owes a political debt.

I know that with the press in Obama’s back pocket, with the absolute abdication of responsibility of the free press that this, while acknowledged, will never raise the alarms that it should. This is a betrayal of the public trust, a violation of Obama’s oath of office, a hostile action of the federal authority against a state authority. By supporting the fugitive state senators through his own political organization and the actions Organizing For America took to inspire, enhance and facilitate the protest along with a failure of Obama to denounce the threats of violence against the governor and the Republican legislators attempting to do the people’s business, Barack Obama has himself benefited from these threats of violence and should be rightly implicated in their issue.

In order to clear Barack Obama of complicity with these threats one would have to believe either that he doesn’t know the tactics of unions to issue and even act upon these threats or that he was not a community organizer at a time when such tactics were used. He can deny neither. These actions are hostile to the peace of the union and border on treason.

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The Eve of Conflict

We now have what we have been waiting for. In the words of Barack Obama, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We, the patriotic masses who find comfort in the stars and stripes, who know what it means to be an American have arrived at the precipice of history. It is a dangerous and deep chasm we see from above that separates us from them.

We are embroiled in a tug of war for the future of the nation. It is an ideological gulf that separates the sides. If one truly believes that America should be a socialist/communist country, that cannot be reconciled with the sentiment that it should not. This is not a new conflict where the sides are ill-defined and yet to be set. This is an old battle taken to a new terrain. Rather than being fought by one government to another, it is being fought right now in the minds of the populace.

The socialist/communist faction in America is largely made up of media personalities: of them are Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, PBS, television, movies and labor unions. Their forces have infiltrated the government (yes, even the Republican side) in Washington and state houses all over the nation. Socialism/communism can be found in the courtrooms, the classrooms and even the boardrooms of those seeking one last chance at profit before they sign away their rights with ours.

This conflict has been an underground stream of discontent between the sides for one-hundred years. Think of it. This is not new, only the open declaration of the socialist/communist faction has the twinkle of novelty about it. They wear union insignia and boast of their connection to the highest offices in the land. Under every SEIU T-shirt is a hammer and sickle, if not, let them deny it, let them denounce it. Pull the mask from their faces and make them reveal their intent. Their willing violence in the streets in defense of the political class says all a patriot needs to know. But, they will probably admit it if pushed, if coerced, if brought out of their routine of denial.

I believe that we are at the starting point of a long and arduous journey toward a Restoration of the Constitution. It is our duty to breathe new life into the ancient document, to make words mean things again. As Orrin Hatch appropriately stated this morning on FOX News, “if Obamacare is allowed to stand, it means that the government can make us do literally anything.”

Repeal is more than symbolic, it is the central actionable cause left to the patriot. If we cannot rally all of the patriotic people of the land to stand in defiance of this bill, to demand a passage and a presidential signature, or the override of the veto, then we shall stand for nothing else again. If you are looking for that peaceful moment to make your voice heard, to drive home your demand for republican government and the rule of law, this is it.

January 21st, we should meet on the steps of the capitol and demand the vote in the House and the vote in the Senate. On January 28th a new set of patriots should take up the rotation and let the others go home. Week after week there should be a changing of the guard. Take your valuable vacation and make it count. Take your unemployment and put it to use. Take your leave from war and contribute to the home front. Take your slowed business cycle and come to Washington for a week. Use whatever funds you can. Identify with others who cannot possibly go and ask for a donation to help you go. Who in the D.C. area can put some people up? These are the thoughts of a patriot, of a dedicated republican. Plan your trip now. Do not let them breathe. If we fail at this, there will only be one outcome: civil war.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

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Locust: well, nothing happened, congress cannot fix what cannot be fixed. Only civil war can restore this nation.

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