The Enemy

The Enemy

Take a good look at the site above. Know thy enemy better then you know yourself.

Mexica Movement: NOT Hispanic! NOT Latino!

We are Nican Tlaca,
the Indigenous People

of Canada, U.S., Mexico,
“Central and South America”

We reject all European divisions of our continent.

We reject the artificial border divisions of our people.

We reject the White Supremacist ideology
that claims Europeans are permanently endowed
with the right to define who we are as a people.

We include “Fir
st Nation” and “Native American”

and “Indigenous People” all as one Nican Tlaca,
all as one Indigenous  Nation.

We say, “No to occupation!”

We say, “This is still our continent!
We say, “Europeans are the illegals—since 1492!”


The Solution For those that believe in the crap above:



If there is one thing Indo-Europeans are good at, its that. x-(

Enough said. 🙂

See you on the battlefield. From the streets of L.A. to the deserts of Arizona, to the beaches of New York, see you soon.

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