What Started as a Joke…

What Started as a Joke…


Locust: one of the best sites to date, the masses are awakening, slowly.

I remember the day quite vividly that this site began. Today, reading about a couple of refugees from Africa who attacked a white girl in New Hampshire because she spurned their sexual invitations serves to remind us at Stuff Black People Don’t Like that there is no joke anymore.

We draw our line with SBPDL: Year One

This site was started as a joke. Read the first few months worth of entries and you’ll notice a gradual evolution in content from May 2009 to October 2009. It’s always fun to watch YouTube videos of Black people devastated at the news of a chicken restaurant running out of delectable chicken, but the shocking stories transpiring all across America that had two common elements connecting them all (Black people behaving horribly and a complete media blackout surrounding the event) convinced us it was time to take a new direction with the site.

The joke started to wear off when the reality of Black Run America (BRA) became clear.

It was decided to put all of the year one entries into book form, to see if a wider audience could be found that is interested in learning about BRA. After all, only in that country could Black people being told to leave Wal-Mart become a national scandal.

Three more volumes are in the planning stages (a book discussing the false image of Black people in popular culture; sports as the primary way positive images of Black people are created; and a monograph on HBCUs) that will take the conversation we are having here at SBPDL to another level.

Google censored this site; Facebook did as well.

It’s time to fight back. On Sunday, SBPDL: Year One (365 Days in Black Run America) will be available at Amazon.com.

It’s available to order at this link now. We have a press release that will be blasted out on Monday to a number of Internet sites (if you can think of blogs, media personalities, Web sites, radio shows, forums that we should send the PR too, let us know in the comment section below) detailing the contents of SBPDL: Year One.

The goal is a “blackout” of Amazon. It might not happen, but just imagine SBPDL: Year One making its way into the top 100 books sold and maintaining a high rate of sales.

Thanks as always to the loyal readers who come here and read what we write; this book is for you.

Thanks as always to those who have linked to Stuff Black People Don’t Like, put up with the growing pains here, and sent in words of constructive criticism that hold us to a higher standard; this book is for you.

More importantly, thanks to those who can see. There is an idea called Black Run America (BRA) that inhibits rational discussion in this country. Daring to criticize Black people is the surest way to bring upon the wrath of BRA and its many enablers.

It’s past time that those who can see make a stand. We make our stand with SBPDL: Year One.

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