Black Racist in Texas Tells Whites to “Go to Hell,” Calls Tea Party Racist

Black Racist in Texas Tells Whites to “Go to Hell,” Calls Tea Party Racist

by Jeff Davis

Dallas’s infamous John Wiley Price is at it again, letting all that black racism and hatred hang out. How dare us White folks question anything he does?

CBS reports: “Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioner’s Court meeting erupted into an argument between Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen, ending with Price repeatedly telling several [White] citizens to go to hell. The exchange started during the public speaking portion of the meeting, which happens after the commissioners have gone through their weekly agenda. Six [White] citizens addressed the court. All of them talked about the recent controversial departure of [White] county Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. Sherbet, who was the Elections Administrator for 24 years, said he felt Price and [black] Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins forced him out. The last public speaker at Tuesday’s meeting, Jeff Turner, began by stating that he would refer to a certain member of the court — Price — as the Chief Mullah of Dallas County. Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.”

In view of some of the names Dallas residents would like to address people like Price by, this is probably a good idea.

The article notes “As Turner spoke, he continued to call Price Chief Mullah. Price interrupted Turner several times, yelling at him, ‘don’t call me Chief Mullah’ and ‘call me by my name.’ Turner continued speaking, ignoring Price’s ongoing interruptions. At that point, Jenkins adjourned the meeting. As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court. Price said to them, ‘All of you are white. Go to hell!’ Price repeated ‘go to hell’ three more times. An unknown member of the audience said, ‘You should be ashamed!’ ‘I’m not ashamed!’ Price answered. ‘I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!’ Jenkins, Price and the other commissioners then left the courtroom to hold individual private meetings with constituents and others, which they traditionally do following the meeting of the entire court. Cecile Newberry Fernandez talked to 1080 KRLD about her experience of being shouted down by John Wiley Price during public comments. Turner left the commissioner’s court immediately following the meeting.”

For those among you who are non-Dallas residents, it should be explained that this kind of behavior on Price’s part is nothing new. John Wiley Price is a long-term black local politician, who is a much cruder version of Al Sharpton, and who has a long history of racism as a Dallas County Commissioner. Price has repeatedly abused and insulted not only White people but Latinos as well from his seat on the Commission and can be counted on to rule against anything that might benefit any non-black group or neighborhood in Dallas in his official capacity.

The CBS article goes on “Turner left the commissioner’s court immediately following the meeting. At 3:00pm Commissioner Price spoke with 1080 KRLD to explain why he chose to use the words he did… Later in the afternoon, Price released a written statement about the episode in commissioners court. It contains offensive language. Here is Price’s statement, published in its entirety exactly as he sent it to us:

‘In the absence of a fair and balanced media outlet in Dallas, I wanted to submit a statement that offers my perspective of an ‘encounter’ that took place at Dallas County today. Unfortunately, my comments were broadcasted without the benefit and the full context which they were made.

I have been patient and accommodating in every regard as it pertains to the recent resignation of a Dallas County employee. There are laws and business practices in place that govern the discussion of personnel matters and I will honor and respect them. I even went as far as to grant a candid one-on-one interview with the Dallas Morning News and have done countless interviews with others.

However, in open court today, after every considerate attempt to discuss the matter further, one of the speakers shot off a racial slur. ‘Chief Moolah’ has its roots in a slang that was used against Italian immigrants and was later used by the same to defame or discredit African Americans. The speaker continued to use terms like ‘tribal’ and his intent to make race an issue was obvious….

My history and record will reflect that I am one whose tolerance is limited or non-existent when it comes to racial slurs. The comments were bad enough, but to have them hurled by a member of the Tea Party, known for their racial insensitivity, was more than I plan to absorb.

This is in no way an attempt to apologize to those with who felt the need to infuse race into an otherwise orderly meeting. But all of my friends, black, white and brown alike, are well aware that I am always willing to debate, but never at the expense of my race and my heritage.’ ”

So this arrogant Mullah considers the Tea Party “racist”. The Tea Party is pretty much a one-issue movement that working Americans are being “Taxed Enough Already” so that the government can endlessly subsidize welfare parasites. I’ve got a strong suspicion that many if not a vast majority of Price’s voters are welfare parasites, and Price would rather resort to calling the Tea Party “racist” than asking his lazy parasite supporters to get a job.

Will anything be done about Price’s racist tirade? Now, why should Dallas County alter it’s fine old tradition of letting this gibbering lunatic do or say whatever he wants?

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