Murder in Frankfurt

Murder in Frankfurt

A culturally enriched gunman has killed at least two people, one of them an American soldier, at Frankfurt Airport.

It’s important to remember that this:

(a) is the act of a deranged loner,
(b) reflects the extremist ideology of only a tiny minority of the world’s Muslims, and
(c) has no connection with terrorism.

If the U.S. government hasn’t already issued a statement to that effect, it will shortly.

Here’s the breaking news story from the Grauniad:

Two shot dead at Frankfurt airport, reports say

US soldier and bus driver killed in shooting incident on military bus which also wounded two others

Two men have been shot dead, including a US soldier, at Frankfurt Airport, German media are reporting.

The gunman, believed to be a 21-year-old from Kosovo, opened fire on a bus containing US troops on Wednesday afternoon.

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