35 Percent of Taxes Go to Government Hand Outs

35 Percent of Taxes Go to Government Hand Outs

by James Buchanan

A recent news article reports “The ratio of government handouts to wages and salaries in the United States is now at an all-time high. According to TrimTabs Investment Research, government handouts have reached a level that is equivalent to 35 percent of all wages and salaries in the United States. Considering the fact that this figure was only 21 percent back in the year 2000 and only 10 percent back in 1960 that is very frightening. The sad truth is that today the American people are more dependent on direct government payments than they ever have been before. What this does is that it takes formerly independent Americans and transforms them into “sheeple” and pets of the government. Today we have tens of millions of Americans that eagerly await the crumbs that the federal government tosses them each month. This is one reason why our national debt is exploding, but our politicians like this system because it enables them to buy votes.”

I don’t mind helping working families who have fallen on hard times (and a large number of Whites would be employed if their jobs were not stolen by quota-hires or outsourced to China thanks to certain traitors in Congress). A huge percentage of government hand outs go to multi-generational minority parasites, who should have been sterilized in the 1970s so we wouldn’t be burdened with millions of their descendants with their 70 point IQs.

35 percent of our wages go to hand outs, and another 18 percent goes to pay for debt, which has accumulated because we kept paying for hand outs when we couldn’t afford them. Our politicians also squandered a trillion dollars on unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based on a terrorist attack that was an “inside job” and rumors of WMDs that were all lies.

Instead of giving unemployed Blacks and Latinos free apartments in cities like Los Angeles, I’d like to see the government put them in tent cities alongside a railroad line in New Mexico and just bring them excess farm produce every couple days. We could reduce welfare, Section 8 housing and food stamp spending by 99 percent.

This may sound a little extreme, but isn’t the government taking 53 percent of your wages to give to people who become a bigger burden every year a little more extreme? Besides we’ll have to do this eventually. The fact that we’ve built up so much debt so quickly shows that we can’t afford the current hand out programs.

It should be a privilege to live in a city like L.A. –reserved for people who can pay their own way.

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