7 thoughts on “The White Genocide Evidence Project

  1. Given that the Negro with their genetically determined low IQs cannot be assimilated without incalculable damage to future generations, the loss of civilization and a return to barbarism; the only solution short of extermination would seem to be eugenics. A one time payment for persons of low IQ (irrespective of race) to voluntarily submit to sterilization would seem to be a reasonable solution that all (save those who wish to have stupid children) could embrace. As to those who have religious qualms regarding such issues, they must be made to understand that no god looks with favor upon those who would condemn the world to regressing to the primitive state that Negro assimilation would entail. Negro originations not tied to the claim of perpetual reparations and the parasitism this entails should be at the forefront of this proposal, for the Negro amongst all the races has to most to gain.

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  3. War Veteran Murdered by Negroes While Defending White Woman

    This is a terrible cover-up. Yes he was drinking, but I’ve been to that Mcdonalds a number of times. There are a lot of pretty coeds. The negroes roam the area at night looking for easy victims, white girls to rape, people to rob. Because the girls are drunk they get raped in the alley or a car and charges are never pressed.

    Here the intoxicated Vet wouldn’t put up with the verbal abuse on one of the white women in his group. Some words inside the McDonalds. That was enough time for the negroes to set up the ambush. Outside one of them with a pipe or brick. They crushed in the back top of his head.

    What evidence that he didn’t just fall and hit his head?
    1) Speed of death: He was taken to a great teaching hospital. The head smash on the sidewalk causes swelling that takes a few hours and is easily detected, especially by world class surgeons.
    2) Location of injuries: The TOP back. That is not a sidewalk bump. That is a smash down from above and behind.
    3) Severity of injuries: His skull was caved in.

    The DC police are doing a cover-up, forcing/cajoling/threatening the witnesses. There are only two white witnesses left and they aren’t strong enough to stand up to an organized police push. The surgeons and doctors though are strong enough, but the medical profession has been taken over by foreigners. So they are happy to let a war vet die quietly and not to insult the rulers of black run America.

    The crew that took him down won’t stop now. They are invincible. They own those blocks and any whites can be raped and killed with impunity.

    Governmental cover-up of murder is clear evidence of genocide.


    • How many more whites must die until the white man comes to his senses? How many of our women must be raped by these animals? How many more lives ruined and destroyed?

      What has the black man ever done for us? NOTHING!!!!!!

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  5. It is so sad that all these people want the white man to go extinct. I myself as white was never brought up prejudice, though both my parents had mental issues, they both had black friends from work e.c.t.They never taught me or my sibblings about hating others. Iam concerned that our population is declining&how even those of my white race are also cheering on the white decline&extinction.. No other race is encouraging going extinct.I myself as a white Christian see that this happened before the flood of Noah in the book of Genesis over 5500 years ago(3554B.C.) “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be with the coming of the Son of Man The human gene-pool was tampered with&various aspects were extinct or going extinct, simular to what is going on now..I also beleive in the prophecies of Nicholas-(Seiner)Van Rensberg-1862-1923&Johanna Brandt-1877-1964. They were 2 white South African Christian prophetic voices that warned the country back in the early twentieth century that white rule would end some-day&that the black rule would lead South Africa down a dark road&a horrible attempt to kill off the white population(genocide). However in the end the Africaaners would take back the country&open the door of immigration from Europe at a time when Europe was in economic&financial collapse&famnine. People I see the writing on the wall. Then a new South Africa would emerge&push to the equator of Africa. Van Rensberg’s prophecies were thought to be lost but were found in a Africaaner museum locked away in a vault. They are supposedly being translated from Africaans into English&to be published into a book. White South Africans are going around talking these prophecies&getting death threats. These prophecies give this Christian white man a hope that a simular thing will happen in the Americas, Australia&New Zealand that a remnant population of whites will triumph&survive the coming Tribulation&Great Tribulation into the next era of human history.

  6. I would like to submit to you these videos it is a prophecy about what has happened to the white race.Not of or making but by the fallen angels it is very sad indeed.The white man who has any Esau connected bloodline in them will be killed in the last days.Many people have been corrupted by the fallen angels.

    Jeremiah 49:10But I will strip Esau bare; I will uncover his secret places. He will try to hide himself, but he will be unable. His descendants will be destroyed along with his relatives and neighbors. He will exist no longer.

    2 Esdras 6:9. For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.

    Your Fathers have taught you lies

    The Children of the Angels! The Garden or the Cave.


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