An American Zoo

Americas Zoo

Time for Another trip into America the Zoo that is.

Still Think We Are The Same?  Here’s some more, maybe you’ll wake up!

Locust: I’d like to say its been nice living in America, as this nation collapses into an economic turmoil never before seen in the streets of America, this nation, its cities, and its civility, what remains of it, will burn. I hope you have been listening and have guns, ammo, and food/water, be ready our time is coming.

India understands whats wrong with them, the natural instincts screem danger.

Some White People know that diversity is wrong, but not all white people.

Still Think We are the same?

Locust: I have nothing more to say. If you think we are the same, well my friend maybe you and only you are the same as they are, leave the rest of us out of your utopia.


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