Feminism- the female demon of western destruction


Feminism and Divorce


What do you think of the longevity of the average marriage today? If you aren’t appalled by the number of short-term marriages today, you probably are ignorant of the impossibility of a society to remain viable without strong families. Well over half of our marriages will end in divorce. Add this together with the increasingly large number of young adults who don’t marry until late in life or not at all, and you find that a long term solid family is becoming a thing of the past.

What is the cause of this devastating fact? A number of years ago I watched a documentary video that was narrated by Helen Reddy, of “I Am Woman” fame. She stated the answer as candidly as anyone, even though she didn’t seem to care about the significance of what she was saying. She said that the number of divorces has increased in direct proportion to the number of women who moved into the workplace. Women go to work, families fall apart. This feminist has stated my case as clearly as anyone could. Since society will not remain as a free and viable entity in America without the family, it therefore follows that having women in the workforce is suicidal to America.

That sounds a bit strong doesn’t it? Why is this the case? First off, why does a woman working outside the home increase the chances of divorce? It will have an impact on several fronts: 1) Men where she works will be inclined to attempt to draw her into a sexual relationship with them. Look at any office where men and women work together and the sexual tension is constant. When she and her husband have a rough time, as all married couples do, she will have any number of men ready and willing to console her. 2) Men in the workplace will have a ready source of feminine companionship upon whom to unload their sorrows when they have trouble at home. 3) Women at work are almost always dressed their best for work and the men, who are more visually stimulated sexually than women, will compare the sharply dressed females at work with their own wives who may have to dress down at home to handle her responsibilities there. 4) The same individuals who have promoted the working woman have also promoted the sexually free woman, which merely increases the sexuality of the workplace. 5) If a man is not the head of his home, if his home is not his castle, and he is not the bread winner, then he has a reduced role in the family. He feels less responsibility for supporting his wife and when things get rough it is less painful to walk out of the relationship. When a man perceives his wife and children as helpless without him, his male ego drives him to support and protect them. If he perceives them as able to take care of themselves, he has no real need to be there.

This is an incomplete list but you should get the point that women working outside the home, increases the number of divorces. Now, how does that lead to the destruction of our society? Follow if you will. Children perpetuate a society. Not only physically, which is self evident, but ethically, musically, athletically, literarily and in every other way. Now, how do they learn about what their society is? Certain things they will learn outside the family, just living life in the society. But other things, things like ethics, come from the family. Previous generations had a mother at home who passed these ethical values on to their children, day after day, hour by hour, by just being there to instruct as required. Today, children who are raised by the single mom created by divorce, are left alone after school, placed in day care centers before school and put in front of the TV when the working mom finally gets home but is too tired after working all day to even think about teaching ethics. (The ethics of the average TV personality are limited at best.) So, the kids don’t learn the ethics of the previous generation and instead are more and more ethics-free. Each year that goes by we see more and more crimes committed by the children who are not being supervised and instructed by this generation of parents. Society has already decayed a great deal over the last 30+ years but it is nothing when compared with what the working woman will inflict on the next thirty years.

When children reach their teens, especially boys, a single mom is incapable of providing the forceful direction that the child needs. A teenage boy can physically overpower his mother and she is left with no channel of instruction other than to plead, hoping to coax cooperation from her son. Dad is not there, and step-dad, if he exists, is resented, which opens the door to a rebellious, uncontrolled boy going his own way. Gangs and other types of criminal behavior becomes far more likely with such boys loose in society. The storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

A sad aside is that when a woman went to work to “supplement the family income” she added nothing at all to the standard of living to the family which she was abandoning. Instead, we have seen prices and taxes increase, because of the two income family, at a rate where the family now uses the mom’s entire income just to cover the increases and they are financially worse off than they were in the 1950’s, when mom stayed at home! We have sacrificed the foundation of our society, the family, on the altar of the feminist god of unisexuality. It is absurd, destructive and suicidal but still we brainwash our children into believing that there are no differences between the sexes and that their roles should be identical. At the same time they are taught by the TV female role models, that either women dress for sex, think only of sex and are used for sex and little else or, even further from reality, women are men: evenly matched in in a fair fight, able to beat men up and are physically equal in every way. (From such stupidity has come the laws forcing lower entrance standards and thereby creating the female pseudo-soldier, the female pseudo-policeman and the female pseudo-fireman.) The mother at home is ridiculed and only the working woman has any real value. Whence has departed the dignity of the wife? Whence departed the goddess stature of the mother? Indeed it has been traded for the ridiculous and the profane and the whirlwind will be our just wage.


Women, the Foundation of Civilization

Picture the Sears Tower in Chicago, standing in majesty, looking down upon all that surrounds it. Tall, proud and beautiful, its glass walls reflecting the sunlight in splendor. An amazing feat of engineering. Now picture that structure as its foundation is suddenly and magically removed. What do you see? What will happen to it? The supporting members reaching up into the heart of the building, will suddenly have nothing to push against and their support will vanish. The entire tower will fall immediately. A pile of rubble will be all that is left of the glorious giant.

Women have always provided the foundational support for civilization. The edifice of our modern society would never have existed if not for the civilizing influence of women upon men. Women cause men to settle down, and to look to family and security. Women inspire men to achieve in the business world by their moral support and yes, their need to be provided for. Women have trained the boys of each generation the proper way to behave in a civilized society. The traditional role women have had historically in civilization is critical and provides the foundation for all else.

Now, remove that influence and what happens? Look around you and there you will see the answer. Feminism has pulled the foundation out from under our civilization, by convincing women that in the workforce lies their destiny instead of being wives and mothers. Men are now forced to compete with women at work instead of joining with them in a family. The house where couples live is no longer a home, where children are always cared for and supervised. Men are no longer in a position of sole bread winner and therefore do not have a known and well defined role in the family. They are leaving their families in record numbers every day. Civilization is beginning to crumble rapidly, as crime increases and neighborhoods become nothing but a collection of strangers who do not take care of each other. Children are raising themselves and learning many things from their friends, television, movies and even the Internet, that parents should be appalled at. But since the foundation of our society has been removed, the trend of the work-orphaned children continues and accelerates.

The remaining holdouts, women who are still willing to support the civilization that we all rely on, are held up to ridicule by the feminists. Fingers are pointed, pity handed out and even disgust is shown for the homemaker/housewife. They are made to feel inferior to women who have a career. They are ridiculously told that they “don’t work” because they stay at home. A homemaker works as hard or harder than any CEO does, in her job of taking care of a family. She works day and night and always has another task calling for her attention. But the truth is never a guide to the feminist.

While women are busy trying to build offices in the tower of civilization, they have no awareness that they are removing the foundation of that same building. They are rearranging their office furniture in a collapsing structure, whose collapse is a result of their leaving the job of providing the foundation, for a job in the penthouse. The penthouse will soon be a pile of rubble, just like the rest of society. This is insane.

Feminists hold all women of the past in complete disregard. Until their movement came along, they believe, all women were no more than donkeys, and slaves, providing nothing but pleasure and services to men. That which was indispensable for society is trivialized by these confused ladies. With the exception of just a handful of women, who did not perform the wifely and motherly duties of their peers, the feminist views all women who lived before their movement existed as insignificant bimbos, oppressed and useless. This from a group who claims to speak for women and to have women’s best interests at heart.

Contrast this, if you will, with the view of the male chauvinist, with his hated chivalry. He is said to hate women, and to want nothing but to enslave and use women. Yet what is his view of women? He views them as different than men, special and indispensable. He gives his seat to a lady and opens her door for her, OUT OF RESPECT. When he marries it is to bond for life with his chosen mate. He will do all in his power to support her, care for her and protect her. He will attempt to provide her with the best house, car and anything else that she desires. He is focused on her happiness and treasures her more than life itself. He supports her in the raising of the children, supplying the strong enforcement of the rules that she would not be able to provide without his help. He has a leadership role in the family but he confers with his wife always, and defers often to her opinion. His family is a team that is built for durability and designed to last a lifetime. He knows the critical importance of a woman’s role as housewife and mother. He teaches his children to respect and honor the woman who is their mother. He looks at the women of history as wonderful, hard working and important people, who built all that we see around us by their efforts.

Feminists are the women haters and have only the destruction of women in their sites. The vast majority of male chauvinists love and respect women and have only these wonderful creatures’ happiness as a goal. Feminism breaks families up, leaving women as single mothers struggling to get by, and in danger from the gangs of boys who have not been raised by a functional two- parent family. Male chauvinism builds strong families and provides protection, security and respect for women.

The distortion of the facts by the politically correct feminists is as common as it is disgusting. The feminist arrogance and accusatory posturing, when confronted, is a clear indication of their intellectually weak position. The way that they have been able to slander the character of all male chauvinists as well as all of the honorable, hardworking homemakers in our society should make all honest people angry. The families that have been destroyed and the countless women left as single mothers because of feminist propaganda is enough to make you want to cry.

We need to start honoring the homemaker and inspiring women to take up that vital role again, or we will pay an unthinkable price. We can do quite well without female soldiers or sailors. We can do nicely without female judges, lawyers, or CEO’s. But we will collapse as a civilization without dedicated homemakers and mothers. We must set our priorities back to a sane arrangement or we will suffer a horrible fate.


“I’m Not a Feminist. But…”

Women have written those words to me over and over again. This is probably the single most visible indication of the effectiveness of the feminist movement! Women today desire all the things the feminists started out originally to achieve, and yet mentally do a disconnect and say that they are not feminists. Many polls have shown this to be true. Women do not even remember what feminism actually is.

I am not a feminist!Feminists were burning their bras back in the 1960’s to demonstrate that they were no longer going be sex objects. Now, that was an interesting start to this whole mess, since men were suddenly totally focused on the newly freed portion of the women’s movement. If anything, a braless woman was more of a sex object than she was before burning the abhorred device, but feminists have never been accused of being overly logical.

As the movement got off to such a clumsy (dare I say bumpy?) start, the feminists started yelling at the top of their political voices that they wanted equality. They wanted to get the same pay for doing the same job. Today they have that. (Anytime that a woman does the exact same job as a man, she gets the exact same pay for it.) The women who claim that they are not feminists still demand that same equality in pay, but somehow have the capacity to disavow any connection with the original authors of that demand.

If a woman today can put in the same number of hours, perform the same tasks and be as dedicated to her job as the workaholic male she is competing with, she will reach the same heights that he will. The self-proclaimed non-feminist women are in support of that, and at the same time try to distance themselves from the movement which put women in that position.

Like the Cowardly Lion, these women have been dragged into the presence of the Wizard, and are now happy to be there. Yet, unlike that lion, they are disavowing any attachment to those responsible for their perceived good fortune. Hypocrisy is the only word that can rightly describe the attitude of women who love the feminist ideal of equality but claim that they are not feminists!

Here’s the funniest part. Most of these women who have written to me have self-righteously lambasted both sides, and then they proceeded to promote every one of the feminist’s goals. Come clean. ‘Fess up. If you think that men and women are equal in role, you are a feminist and there is no use in denying it. Quit pretending to be on the fence, like you are better than the feminists and the traditionalists. You are lying to yourself and the world. Quit it already!

If you are not a feminist, then stand up against it! Support programs in schools which differentiate between the sexes. Make sure that girls graduate from high school with the homemaker skills that they need. Home economics should be a big part of most girls schooling. Support classes in school which teach boys the manly art of how to head up a household. Promote the family in a positive way by insuring that your children are not programmed into being little feminist clones as they are today. If that concept sticks in your craw, if you feel that you cannot support such a sexist effort, then you need to buff up your honesty to the point where you can clearly admit that you are a feminist and stop spreading the lie that you are not!



I recently read a book that has confirmed to me everything that I have written in the articles on this web page. The name of the book is Brain Sex and was written by Anne Moir & David Jessel. Here is proof of the fact that male and female brains are completely different. It also establishes that certain characteristics are naturally male and female. Here is scientific proof that the feminists are completely wrong, as was obvious to any unbiased observer all along! Biology is sexist and any attempt to avoid sexism is UNNATURAL!

Even within a day of birth, mental differences are evident between boys and girls, completely separate from any environmental influences upon the children. During the early years boys and girls act differently, no matter what the parents do! When puberty hits the differences become even greater. If you want proof of that which should be obvious, but is invisible to the feminists, read this book!

The more masculine the human brain is, the more it will be aggressive, competitive, and tend towards mechanical understanding and interest. The more feminine the human brain is the more it will be passive, agreeable, and nurturing. Little girls play different games than little boys because they like different games than little boys. It is not Mommy and Daddy making the choice for them.

As adults the difference is extreme, as hormones drive the brains that were made physically different in the womb by those same hormones. Men are driven towards achievement, competition, and mechanical understanding. Women are driven towards social relationships, nurturing and verbal communication. It is so basic as to be beyond any training or environmental influence outside the presence or absence of sexual hormones.

What all this means is that, if the government would get out of the way and let people act naturally, instead of forcing the unnatural feminist propaganda upon our children, the natural and unavoidable patriarchal system would snap back into place. The stupidity of the feminist movement was in its trying to remove patriarchy instead of trying to make it more sophisticated and sensitive to the needs of women. When changes appeared to be needed, no effort was made to effect those changes. Instead the entire force of the feminist movement was put into trying to destroy that which is biologically put into place and outside of their control. An artificial arrangement has been put into place today where the dominant and submissive must pretend to be equal in desires, needs and accomplishments. Not only is this absurd, it is destructive.

A society which is not organized in such a way as to compliment the severe differences which are naturally existent in the genders is doomed to failure. American society originally was set up to support the inherent differences in the sexes but today has tried to create an impossible unisex society. It will fail, because biology says it must fail. To build a society that is tailored to function best only for the abnormal male or female is foolish at the best and suicidal at the worst.

The government must stand aside and let nature take its course or the emotional reservoir which is backing up as a result will break loose in a disastrous orgy of destruction. Men are going to rule in any society, one way or another. The male mind is designed that way. Instead of fighting that inevitable event, we should be training young boys to be good leaders instead of denying them that needed training and trying to make them passive coequals with women, who naturally are not leaders.

Go with what works and is possible, and throw out that which is not and does not. Do it before it is too late to put the pieces back together in our America!


Are Women Sex Objects?

Sex God- dessThere can only be one honest answer to this question. Men’s magazines would go broke, 1-900 numbers wouldn’t exist, Madison Avenue would not pour big dollars into model’s fees, and men would not stop whatever they are doing to watch a woman walk by if they were not. Face it, prostitution would never be the oldest profession unless women were sex objects. All across the nation we see billboards, and mud flaps showing off the female body. Why? Because this curvaceous form has a predictable effect on males. It is not just a conscious reaction! The pupils of the male eye will actually change state when seeing a picture of a woman’s body. Commercial advertising of all types take advantage of this by using these sex objects, trying to associate the mental image of bedding a beautiful babe with their product. Television shows and movies put as many naked, or near naked, women into their shows as they can. Men just can’t get enough of those sex objects.

Sex God- dessContrary to the feminist drivel, women want to be sex objects as well! Why are high-heels popular with women? It is not because women are afraid of being vertically challenged. It is not because the heels are comfortable to wear. It is because it makes the calf muscles stand out which enhances the sexual appeal of their bodies. Why do women wear short skirts? These lovely ladies have to fight all day to make sure their knees are together to avoid publicly parading their underwear, while repeatedly checking the hem to make sure it hasn’t pulled up embarrassingly and they have to be very careful when they bend over to pick something up for the same reason. What is the point of going through all of that hassle? Obviously it is to make men think of them as sex objects. What of tight pants, low-cut blouses, see-through materials, and makeup? How about shorts, thin shirts which reveal the shape of their mammary papilla in clear highlight, and peek-a-boo slits up their long skirts? All of it highlights the sexuality of the woman, enhancing her image as a sex-object.

Sex God- dessAt one level or another you already know this. It wouldn’t even be worth mentioning except for the fact that it is completely contrary to the feminist dogma of today. We are told that women are not sex objects and the they don’t want to be thought of as sex objects. These two key tenets of the feminist commandments, proclaimed to be straight from the feminist goddess of policy, are clearly made of the same fertilizer as the rest of the “ideas” in this false religion. They are out and out lies. Being a sex object is one aspect of every woman. The degree to which she wishes herself to be thought of in that manner will be shown in her attire and the way she walks, talks and flirts. But it is one of the things that is always evaluated about her by everyone she meets during the day. This simple fact seems to be a taboo subject, in spite of its obvious truth.

Sex God- dessMany feminists have aggressively tried to fight against this basic law of nature. Some dress in manly, or unkempt clothes to try and hide the fact that they are sex objects. But the general population of women are quite comfortable with the facts of life. Being sexually desirable is something that most women are proud of, or else they would not dress in a fashion to highlight that side of their being. The unnatural aspect of this issue comes into the picture when the feminist, head buried firmly in the sand, proclaims that all of this sex appeal doesn’t exist, or can be changed. If politicians would ignore these poor, frustrated feminists who are angry, sad, ignorant (even though often intelligent) ladies, we could all pity their confused and ludicrous beliefs, as they properly warrant. Unfortunately the courts and the congress are so terrified of not being PC that they listen to these hallucinating woman, believing them to be rational.

Good luck America you are going to need it with these loony-tunes running around controlling what you think, say and do.


Real Men: The Need for Masculinity

As our society has become more progressive, we have made every effort to eliminate the masculine from the picture. Real men are becoming harder to find, as the Political Correctness movement has launched an all out effort against them.

What are the qualities of a real man that the feminists hate so much? Here are a few of them:

  • A real man does not do housework because it is women’s work. Sure, when the wife is ill or an emergency comes up, a real man will lend a hand but generally a real man has a real woman to do his housework for them both.

  • A real man supports his family. His wife does not earn a paycheck, but she spends most of his! His family is financially supported by his efforts. He will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over the heads of his family and ensure that they have plenty to eat.

  • A real man does not leave his wife for another woman, ever! He is true to his marriage vows and will do whatever it takes to hold his marriage together. He will treasure his wife and treat her like the special creature that she is. His world is his wife and family.

  • A real man is a solid father. He teaches his children manners, and ethics. His children are taught to mind and be concerned about other people’s feelings and property. You want his children to be the kids next door to your house.

  • A real man is the king of his house. He has the final word on major decisions. He is very concerned about the happiness of all of the members of his house and does not make decisions that will emotionally harm any of them. His decisions are based upon the all of the needs of his family: emotional; moral; and financial. His reign is kind and merciful. The subjects of his rule are proud of their position, and not embittered by their role.

  • A real man is a gentleman. He is not rude, or thoughtless of others. He is firm but not hostile. He is honorable and honest. If you break down on the road, you want a real man to stop and help you. If your daughter is getting married, you know that she will have a secure, honorable and happy life if she marries a real man. Your grandchildren will be well mannered and happy if their father is a real man.

Yes, this is the individual that the feminists hate. Here is the focus of all their hostility. They have done everything in their power to train boys in school, and anywhere else they have influence, that being a real man is evil and to be avoided. Instead boys are directed towards being effeminate. Feminists want men who cry and are sensitive, who are willing to let a woman run things. If they had their way all little boys would be dressed in skirts and little girls would wear the blue jeans.

It will never happen exactly that way, because it is biologically programmed into males to be masculine and into females to be feminine. However, what feminism has been able to do is destroy the training that boys used to receive, and instead of real men, they are becoming real animals, chasing sexual encounters and more toys, instead of the things that create a stable society and long term families.

What we are in dire need of in this country are more real men, and the real women who will join with them to create a solid society!


The Fragile Female

It is a story, told to all of our little girls, that they can do anything they want in life. They can do anything a man can do. But is it true? Do women really do what a man does?

Look at what has happened since women have been given access by the courts into new areas of work. As the women have come in, the work has changed to accommodate them. Suddenly,  jobs that require heavy lifting are redefined. Why is this done, if women can do the same job as a man? Every job where the definition of the job was changed because women wanted the paycheck for doing the job, is an example of a job that women could not do. We pretend that women are doing that job now, because the PC courts insist that we must in order to keep our own jobs, but people know better.

How many times have you heard of a sexual harassment suit in the last ten years? For that matter, how many suits have you heard about in the last 10 months? It seems that a new one occurs every day. Each one of those legal actions represents a woman who could not take care of herself in the workplace. She is helpless and cries out to the court to take care of her. She is too fragile to be at work, but insists on being there anyway. Things like jokes, pictures on a wall or attentions paid her by men, are all too much for her to handle. In fact it is so overwhelming for her that she must be paid 6 or 8 figures by her ex-employer to compensate for the trauma of going into the workplace. (No one seems to notice that she often will attend movies where the same jokes, even more erotic photography and a date, far more aggressive than her coworkers, are somehow dealt with. How does she do it without resort to a large settlement out of court?)

In the decades prior to feminism’s rise into totalitarian proportions, gentlemen did not tell dirty jokes in mixed company, and generally, ladies would be shocked if they tried. It was an era where women were treated as fragile creatures, too delicate for men’s courser natures. Today, the fragile female denies her delicate condition, demanding to be given the opportunity to show how tough she is. She can be a fighter pilot, astronaut or dock worker, just like any man. However, when given that chance, instead she demands that the workplace treat her just like the delicate lady that she is. No dirty jokes, no advances by men, and no heavy lifting.

Companies are put into a no-win situation. They must hire women employees because the liberal courts will award money to the turned down lady if they do not. Once they do hire her, she is a walking law-suit ready to happen. She is a china doll, in a room full of bulls. Sooner or later, the company may have to pay damages because the delicate flower had a pedal creased by the facts of life at work. She then has the hypocritical gall to act like she was the offended party.

The fact that damages are awarded and working conditions are routinely modified to accommodate the lesser toughness of women, completely justifies the opinion held by all previous generations of men and women, that women should be at home, and be protected by her husband and family. Instead of this sound, reasonable opinion, based upon thousands and thousands of years of history, we have the world of today where all must pretend that the emperor is wearing clothes. “Women are the same as men. This is a fact,” say the thought police. They also say, “You will believe this fact, or else you will be fired, fined and ostracized!” That is not freedom. It is not even rational. It is a lie upon which we can never build, or even maintain, a strong and healthy society.

Women are too fragile to take care of themselves. Even with all of the liberal legal abuses generated in support of women (each a screaming declaration of the delicacy of our females), ladies are still harassed, abused and raped at an ever increasing rate. Our society has taken women out from under the loving care of their fathers in their youth, and their husbands in their adult years. At the same time we are rapidly destroying the social customs that provided protection for women of past generations. Now, we leave it to the overburdened court system to supply the protection for our delicate women. It is not working.





What Women Want

The number of women, even women who thought that they would disagree with what is on this page, who have come to The Chauvinist Corner and found here an opinion that they can agree with has been quite a demonstration of the truth of what is written here! The arrogance and bone-headed stupidity of the feminist is just not to be believed! There is no concern in the feminist for what women want. The feminist, as is the case with all liberals, thinks that she knows best how you should live your life! You are too stupid to figure out how to do things, so she is going to tell you what is best for you. If you are not outraged by that fact, you should be! Feminists have the US government dictating to the American people what they should think in the area of feminism and that is just plain wrong.

The average American woman would be overjoyed to be able to find a man that will take care of her, be faithful to her, and be there for the children that they have together. A man that will support, love and respect a woman, is all that is required to make the average woman happy. Women are not naturally driven to compete in sports or the workplace like men are. Today, they are being told that they are competitive. They are told in school, in movies and in high priced advertising on TV but experience has proven that, while women are not afraid of hard work, and enjoy playing sports, the large majority of them are completely at a loss to understand the male need to compete and the need to win. It is a deep seated, fundamental difference between the sexes that feminism denies.

Look around you and see if you can find any official government support for training children how to live in a traditional family. Where is the driving force to be found in support of teaching boys how to be men? Men who will be the head of the household? Men who will not divorce their wives? Men who will always earn a paycheck and pay the bills for the family? Men who will remain in the same family that they have fathered their children in, until death? Where is the official driving force to be found in support of teaching girls how to be women? Women who will be at home when the children are? Women who will remain faithful throughout their lives to their one husband? Women who can and will keep an orderly house? Women who can cook, balance a checkbook and manage a household budget?

If you look closely at the influences on children today, you will note that training for being a member of a traditional, lifetime family, is not only absent, the whole concept is attacked! Almost every email that I have received that has attacked this web page has come from the academic circles! What does that tell you about what your children are being taught by their teachers?

Marriage is the single most important voluntary event in life. Marriage is not just an arrangement that legitimizes sex and children. It is not just a simple sharing of a house or a bed. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, for better or for worse, where a man and a women are joined together until death. Every event and activity of a husband and wife, from their wedding day on, is connected to their marriage in some fashion. All successes and failures. All joys and sorrows. All glorious and all tragic things that happen are a part of the marriage and all are joined and shared by the husband and the wife.

The dirty little secret of the feminists is that they hate marriage. The lesbian leadership of the National Organization of Women is absolutely disgusted by the traditional marriage and the idea that a man and woman can live a lifetime of happiness without the federal government dictating how to do it. A women who is a wonderful homemaker, who supervises her children, and spends large amounts of time every day raising, nurturing and playing games with her children, is considered a total failure, an unfulfilled slave by these feminists. There are not words strong enough to describe how twisted that is.

Three of the things that women want are:

  • Security. A man who will provide a home, food, and a safe environment for her and her children.

  • Love. A man who will put her happiness first, caring for her needs, emotional and physical. A man who will be with her for life, and never fade away from his desire to make her happy.

  • Respect. She wants to be feel that what she does is important and appreciated. She wants her opinion to carry weight and to be treated with dignity.

If these are provided by a man, he will not be married to a feminist! The feminist’s sickness can enter into a relationship when a man is failing to support his family, or is abusive, and removes the security from his wife. Another avenue is if he fails to keep the romance and love alive in their marriage. Lastly, he can create a fertile ground for the feminist lies by taking his wife for granted, treating her as a piece of furniture, or acting as if he disregards her status as an important human being.

Because many men of the past failed in their roles, feminists found a foothold in our society. Their “cure” was worse than the disease! Instead of making marriage impossible to maintain by introducing the insanity of feminism into our culture, we should have, (and still should!) correct the real problem and train up our boys to be good husbands and fathers! The problem would be solved and our society would flourish if we did this. As it is, we are heading for a chaotic, and dangerous future, where women and children are going to suffer in greater numbers with each year that passes.

It is our choice. We can start raising real men, who are good husbands and fathers, along with real women who are good homemaking wives and mothers, or we can continue to delude ourselves and the next generation that single mothers are just as good as two parent families and that men can move from woman to woman, fathering children but not raising them. The way is clear, and easy to see. It is time for action!


(Ratified August 18, 1920)

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Congress shall have power to enforce this Article by appropriate legislation.

From chaos to totalitarianism

If one assumes that men should naturally and rightly hold the leadership position in society, as has historically always been the case, this amendment makes no sense whatsoever. For what it does is hand the leadership and control over to women who just happen to be the majority in number. It is very much like saying that individual amounts of iron are stronger and more sturdy for building things than an equal amount of wood but for the really big projects, we will use wood. Of course you find no wooden skyscrapers, or large scale bridges but you have women running the country by proxy just because of their numbers.

For the feminist this is simply delightful. All of her whimsical ideas are taken seriously and she can rest assured that she can go on killing babies at a rate over a million a year indefinitely, all because women have the vote.

Are women stupid? Of course not but they have a temperament that will destroy a country if they are allowed to control things. Socialism is completely impossible in a free society and a free society will wither and die in the presence of socialism. Socialism robs the bounty from the productive and gives it to the non-productive. There is no incentive to be productive and therefore productivity vanishes, as it did in the Soviet Union. Yet women tend to vote for the security of socialism which is their basic nature.

If you want a strong and free country, you must reject the good intentioned folly of the left, in which women hold a disproportionate membership, and instead embrace the concepts and ideals that the country was originally founded on. Never was the female vote part of those ideas! Neither was welfare or government control over the tiniest detail of what the states were doing. (If that had been tried at first the original union would never have been formed between the states!) We have lost our way and I believe we have very little chance of ever finding it again. But one thing seems certain: If women continue have the vote, we may soon fall, and never be a great nation again.

Should Women Have the Right to Vote?

The underlying purposes of this page are to reexamine the adoption of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and discuss its effects on American society. I realize that this issue is one that foments controversy, but it is one that needs serious evaluation. Americans seem to take it for granted that women have suffrage, but women did not receive the franchise until just 78 years ago.

A Beginning Argument

In ancient Rome and Greece, women were not allowed to vote. Women, it was felt in these democratic societies, were not to engage in civil life. In Sparta and Athens, women were not even allowed to be citizens. In more modern times, polities (until recently) exhibited similar characteristics. At the turn of this century things began to change. Women received the franchise in Great Britain in 1928. France did not allow women to vote until 1944, and Switzerland did not grant suffrage to women until 1972. America went through a similar transformation, and extended suffrage to women in 1920. This move was a clear violation of the founding principles of the American Republic. The second president of the United States, John Adams, once wrote to his wife Abigail that he knew better than to dismantle the “Masculine” political system. America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson, also realized the danger of feminizing politics. No women were at the Constitutional Convention, which is why the Constitution has been so successfull. At the time the Constitution was adopted, not one state had female suffrage. The Supreme Court in 1875 said that by prohibiting women’s suffrage, a state did not deprive them of the “equal protection of the laws” (see Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162 (1875)). Currently, any lay observer of American politics knows that most women, as has been said in our nation’s history a million times by now, inherently think with their emotions. Anyone who thinks with his emotions should not be in politics, man or woman. Emotional thinking and governing a society do not mix, as the Enlightenment taught all of mankind. James Madison, our fourth president, clearly stated that an individual should think with his mind and reason, not his emotion and passion. Furthermore, John Locke believed that women had no political rights whatsoever. Obviously, we have lost track of our American roots and if this nation is to survive as a great world power, our government must be invigorated with great men who think with their reason.

Where Are All the Men?

June 28, 2002

After 4 decades of stacking the deck in favor of women, and feminizing our educational system, the leftist media, which are more responsible than any other group, agency, or organization on earth — including the N.O.W. — for creating the problem, now have the gall to ask, concerning our college graduates, “Where are all the men?”

In a recent article in the Washington Post (1), it was stated that of the 860 graduates of Morgan State University this year, two-thirds of them were women.

The entire article was an attempt to make it appear as if the Washington Post, an organ of leftist feminist doctrine second to none, actually cared where the men were. As a result, there were some hints in the article as to what has happened to our schools.

“There is still the notion that men should be making their own way,” Morgan State University President Earl S. Richardson said. “If they come to campus without money, they want to find a job.”

Note the phrasing that Richardson used. It sounds as if it were bad thing for men to want to “make their own way.” How dare they avoid dependence upon the government, which the female students embrace so readily? What a quaint and old-fashion way to look at things. Sounds like another action item for the feminists. If only we could take away that independent spirit from men, the problem would just go away. Poses the feminist, “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?”

From what Richardson said we can see that women are not forced to pay their own way, to the same extent that men are. Women have financial benefits given to them like candy, from the government, industry, and from their parents. The feminized parents of today are actually more proud of a daughter who graduates from college, and then ends up not using that degree, effectively displacing a male student in the process, than they would have been if she had become a good wife and mother, and helped to create a happy and healthy family. She may now struggle through her life, get divorced, produce a child or two that she can’t care for properly, and work in some field other than her degree would have prepared her for, but they are exceedingly proud of her nonetheless.

One of the points that the article did not consider is the fact that we are NOT filling our most technical positions in our companies with these women, who are taking up two-thirds of the college slots. No, we are filling them up with foreign men who are imported because our government has, through the help of feminism, affirmative action, and other leftist tinkering, destroyed our own male population’s educational opportunities and institutions. Anyone who works in the high tech fields knows this. Take a walk through any engineering department. You will still see American males there, but their numbers are dwindling. There are a few token women in the departments, but the lion’s share of the work is being done by imports from India or Asia. That is what feminism has done to our nation’s industry.

And why are women filling up the colleges? Is it because they are actually more interested in becoming scientists and engineers? I find the candor of one professor who was quoted in the article, to be quite refreshing:

“I hesitate to say this, but it seems that women have an orientation not only toward achievement, but also toward being good and pleasing others,” said Linda Sax, a UCLA education professor, who is writing a book about how women and men develop differently in college. “I think that accounts for some of women’s higher achievement rates.”

Note the lead-in comment, expressing the fear that all people have who have to deal with the feminist education machine. They speak the truth with hesitation. They hold back the truth if it is really unpleasant, and anything that is only slightly off beam with respect to the feminist dogma gets expressed with qualifications and soft-soap. Even so, here we see that it is the opinion of a female education professor that women are pouring into colleges and doing well because they want to “be good” and to “please others.” What in the world are we doing? We are driving our real work force right out of college, and replacing them with women who should be “being good” and “pleasing others” by doing what they are best at, instead of playing school, and then dropping out of the workforce in the critical fields our nation needs filled right now.

The net effect of feminism has been that we have lost our homes, the mothers of our children, and the two parent families that our children need to grow up happy, healthy, and productive members of society, and in trade for this disaster, we have women flooding our colleges, displacing men, and then dropping out of the areas where the men would have filled, forcing companies to hire foreigners to fill the positions. We did not only get one serious negative effect out of the corrupt, and destructive feminist movement, but we have received many. These effects are not “side effects” either. They are the primary effects. The side effects, the ones least important, are the small, and nearly undetectable, positive changes created by feminism.

Here is another item from the article:

Women began making substantial educational improvements after the passage of Title IX, the 1972 law that barred sexual discrimination in educational institutions that spend federal money. But even now that women outpace men in receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees, they still receive fewer doctoral and professional degrees and continue to lag in a handful of well-paying fields, including engineering and the sciences.

“Title IX has promoted substantial opportunities for women and has been responsible for a wide range of improvements,” said Jocelyn Samuels, vice president of the National Women’s Law Center, a Washington, D.C., advocacy group. “The job is not yet done.”

Notice that the unconstitutional Title IX intrusion into our educational system, which is an example of what caused the very problem the hypocritical article is pretending to care about finding a solution for, is skimmed over in a slipshod summation, and referred to as if it were something positive.

Then the point is made that since women have taken over the colleges, they have gobbled up the degrees, and some even went for their masters, but when it came to the top educational degrees, the ones that would drive our science and industries, they fell off. And even in this article, which purported to be worried about the lack of men in the colleges, there is the obligatory quote from the blind feminist, stating that more government intrusion is required to stamp out males wherever they may thrive. These man-haters will not be satisfied until there are no men left anywhere! As this particular one stated in the face of the fact that two-thirds of the new college degrees go to women, “The job is not yet done.”

As more and more of our society is forced into decay, and is rotted out from the inside by feminism, and as more and more of our industries’ top engineering and scientific jobs go to foreign imports, I think that it is time for Americans to wake up to what has happened to their nation, and its educational system. We have been invaded, and face it, we have been conquered. We can no longer create permanent marriages. We can no longer raise children without the government intruding into the process at every step. We can no longer educate the American men we need to fill the jobs only men can perform well. (See THE BOTTOM LINE.)

In the 1950s, we had the very best schools in the world. Our men were graduating with excellent educations, and they went on to put men on the moon, create computers, and establish several high tech fields of commerce. It was not until the leftists came into our schools and started tinkering that we started seeing our SAT scores fall, and our men start to fall behind the men of other nations in their educational levels of achievement. It is time to stop playing “let’s pretend” with the feminists, and to start getting back to what has been proven to work.

Force and Feminism

I find it very interesting the way the Left attempts to turn reality around and made it walk backwards. I have been asked why it is that I “want to force my views upon others.” Such hypocrisy is hard to fathom. How do you properly address someone who, is either so confused as to be unable to see the irony of their absurd assertion, or is so dishonest so as to have no problem with putting forward a brazen lie?

Let us look at that truth of the matter. My position is that the US government has no business getting involved with promoting feminism. On this topic, it has no rightful — or legal — place in asserting an opinion, let alone enforcing one upon the population. What our society chooses to do, is up to our society on this issue. If our society wishes to hire women in the workplace, and promote feminist issues and causes, then it has that right. If, on the other hand, our society wishes to ignore feminism, and reject its philosophy, then it has that right. In either case, it is not up to the government, through punitive court rulings and other forms of oppressive government intrusion, to cause the feminist point of view to become the official view, and the legally enforced view, of our society. It is unconstitutional for the government to dictate to us that we will accept the feminist dogma as fact, and put feminist ideas to work in our society under threat of law suit and government fines. We the people, constitutionally have the right to make up our own minds on whether we will accept or reject the ideas of feminism.

Feminists, on the other hand, wish to force their views upon others through the iron fisted tactics of an oppressive government. Through the use of law suits, and government legislation, punitive fines and formidable political pressure brought through the use of the Leftist controlled media, the feminists have enforced their quasi-religious views upon the entire nation. It has become virtually illegal to have a publicly expressed, and/or practiced, corporate view that is directly opposed to feminism. In a land that is still erroneously proclaimed as a “free country” the feminists have been able to openly, and undeniably force their point of view upon us all.

The Leftists think that they know best what is right and wrong. They actually believe that forcing their point of view upon the rest of us is justified because they are “better people” than we, and more “moral” than we. Their ideals are the only possible ideals in their minds, and therefore, no matter what it takes to promote them, is just fine. If they must take your freedom to make you practice their ideals, that is a small price to pay in their eyes. If they destroy your families, and your society in the process, that is just the way it is going to have to be.

As disgusting, and un-American, as the Leftist view is, it is made even more unpalatable by their intense hypocrisy. While they have short-circuited the constitution, and destroyed the freedom of America, and while they have forced all of this land to embrace feminism, in action if not in belief, they still have the gall to derisively claim that those who stand for freedom, the ones who stand for letting people decide for themselves, are “forcing their views on others,” while they themselves are not. Has there ever been any greater case of hypocrisy at any time in history? I think not.

While I have stated my case strongly on this web page, and shown why I think that feminism is a terribly destructive force in our society, I have only resorted to persuasion, not to a call for totalitarian government enforcement of my point of view. That means that I am not attempting to force my view upon others, but rather am trying to stop the Leftists from forcing their view upon me, and upon all Americans. It is clear that what the Left is frightened of, is that Americans will see the glaring flaws in the feminist doctrine, and just might rise up and take charge of their own lives again, and throw the Leftists out of power once and for all. They fear open discussion of any topic that they have forced down our throats through government oppression, and will do whatever it takes to shut the opposition up. Whether it is calling their intended victims names, like “sexist,” or taking them to court for “discrimination,” or for creating a “hostile working environment,” the Leftists are intent upon keeping the opposition quiet, and compliant.

It seems quite clear that what Americans must do is to rise up and demand that all government interference in personal affairs such business hiring, firing, and promotions, etc. will be removed immediately, and then the American society can decide for itself what it wants to do. This idea is a “nightmare come alive” for the Leftist who thinks he is today completely in control of Americans, and their way of life. He will call the idea “hate” and “sexist” as he tries to kill it with bluster, ridicule, and attack. But the simplicity of the idea, and its inherently American flavor, so much in line with what the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence originally stood for, make it nearly indestructible, and impossible to permanently silence. The only way a government can be by, for, and of the people, is if the people are the ones who choose how things are going to be done, not the government.

So, whether you think women should be running the world, or in the home, raising kids, is a secondary issue. What is the primary issue is, whether Americans should be free to decide how they are going to run their own society, or should the government be allowed to force society to mold itself to the Leftist ideals, as has been going on for over 40 years. If we want tyranny, we should be content for it has found us. If, on the other hand, we want freedom once again, we better get up on our feet and do something to take it back.

The axioms of life subscribed to by the Chauvinist Corner

A man must never hit a woman.


A man must not stand by and allow a woman to be attacked by another man.


A marriage is for life.


A man should provide the entire support for his family.


A man must pledge his life to protect his family from physical, emotional and financial harm.


A wife must be home and supervising minor children anytime that the children are not in school.


Sex must only occur inside of a marriage.


A man must benevolently rule his own house.


A man must instill respect into his children for their mother and provide disciplinary support for her motherly leadership.


A lady must be treated with respect by a man.


A woman is out of place in business, and if she is there, a woman should not be placed in authority over a man.

3 thoughts on “Feminism- the female demon of western destruction

  1. XI

    A woman is out of place in business, and if she is there, a woman should not be placed in authority over a man.

    damn right.

  2. I am a eastern European woman, 20 years old, and I have moved one year ago in the UK to study. I joined my long term boyfriend who I have met when I was 13 years old in my hometown. I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life and have his children, since I was 15 years old when we started dating. He is also a student. I have felt in the last years, both in my country but especially in the UK, the pressure of society to : not marry early, to not be a stay at home mother, to put my future children in daycare, pursue a career, earn money, be independent, that it is shameful to want to be a wife and a mother and it is shameful, stupid or low class define myself as a wife and mother. That homemaking is dull. Caring for small children is slavery and a nightmare. That work outside the home is more fulfilling and I am nobody if I will not have a career. To not trust my future husband and the institution of marriage because he can always leave me and be with another woman. That I have to earn money so my husband will know I can always leave him so he will not cheat on me. I recently became very sad, disgusted and angered of these demands put upon me. I have something inside me that tells me that all of these is WRONG but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I had this impression that here in the UK, the traditional family is not working anymore. I NEVER see families of British people on the street, only single mothers. I had this impression that people, especially young people, are confused about values, have no idea about what they want in life and fill their time with stupid distractions, void socialization, vices and entertainment so while believing that they have the eternity to become mature and stable. All of these while putting selfish needs and desires, self inflicted narcissism and the so called independence at first. Independence is a stupid concept. Nobody is independent of anything. Everything is interdependent and in symbiosis, especially men and women. I started to research the web for answers and I spent the last several days researching all day every day these subjects. I googled things like “why are stay at home mothers looked bad upon” “is it bad to be a stay at home wife” “I want to be a homemaker” “are early marriages bad” “what do people have against marriage” “why is the divorce rate so high” and one thing led to another and I searched “feminism hurts families” and “feminism is destroying the western society”. I read everything, absolutely everything I could find on these subjects and I landed on this blog. It is the best written piece on these matters I read in all my quest for “enlightenment”. Thank you from all my heart.
    I ALWAYS KNEW IN MY HEART that I want to have a good husband and have 2 or 3 children and I will give everything I can to make them happy and their happiness will be my happiness. Happily my boyfriend shares the same values as I am and he is striving to give me everything I need as a woman, while I do the same. I always knew that careers are not fulfilling by themselves (only very rarely and to people who have a certain calling or geniuses and prodigies) but a way to earn your living and use the money to be happy with those you love. Telling people that work is a purpose in itself and those who you love are distracting you from it is purely diabolical. Telling women that careers are most important and they have the rest of their lives to find a man to marry and have children is dangerous and untrue. Quite the opposite is true. I am glad I am no longer confused with what my heart tells me to do and what society tells me to do. Thank you so much for what you wrote and thank you for standing for the traditional family unit. There is so much else I could say but it wouldn’t be anything that you have not covered yet in one way or the other. Thank you again.

  3. I loved your blog.

    I just want to add my two cents here. I only paraphrased and edited another article.


    The whole future of the human race depends upon how it brings up it’s children. Only the children of the day can save the human race of tomorrow.


    New King James Version (NKJV)
    Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.

    We are the sum product of everything we experience from conception or actually before.

    A young girl has to be nurtured, brought up, trained and educated on how to be a Godly girl, a Godly woman, a Godly female member of society, a Godly wife and a Godly mother.

    A young boy has to be nurtured, brought up and trained and educated on how to be a Godly boy, a Godly man. a Godly male member of society, a Godly husband and a Godly father.

    A young girl has to be educated on how to treat men and look after men.

    A young boy has to be educated on how to treat women and look after women.

    Edwin Markham (April 23, 1852 – March 7, 1940; said: In vain we build a world, if at first we don’t build the man.

    I paraphrase that to say: In vain we build a world, if at first we don’t build the individual with a noble character, common sense, reason, morals and ethics, and inspire a relationship with God.

    All of our problems are due to unGodly breeding practices, unGodly parenting practices and unGodly lifestyle practices.

    The creation of Godly children, actually begins before conception.

    For, people fail in any endeavor for the lack of the right knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

    If you have the right knowledge, you can solve any problem.

    And the proverb of advice to young people: Gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding all the days of your life, and they will be as a crown of glory for you by day and a guiding light on your path, by night.

    A race which specializes in women for menial purposes, or which believes that the contest of the sexes in the sphere of business and politics is a worthier endeavor than the creation of the next generation is a race which is dying.

    We have in the woman who is an ambitious rival of the man in his own activities, a woman who is neglecting the most important mission she has. The mission she has been hardwired for by her creator.

    A society which looks down on upon (or ignores, or scoffs at) this mission, in which women are taught anything but the proper management of family, the proper care of men, and the creation of the future generation, is a society which is on it’s way out.

    This does not mean that girls should not go to school. By all means should girls go to school. But there is a right way and wrong to do almost everything. There is man’s way and God’s way.

    Girls become women, wives and mothers. Mothers are the factory of society. There is no more important role or job or career. Any other purpose for a woman is irresponsible, and a slippery slope. Other purposes contributes to the eventual collapse and demise of civilization. Working moms and feminism are the ultimate crime against humanity.

    For education, women must be taught all the subjects that make good women and men, good marriages, good relationships, good families and a good society.

    They need to be taught the principles of good breeding practices, birthing and raising of children.

    They need to be taught the subjects of noble character, spiritual and personal development.

    They need to be taught good home making and good home economics and community development and sustainability.

    Besides the conventional three “Rs” and literature, they need to be taught at least the basic of all the sciences, chemistry, physics and biology.

    And how to maximize the God potential in man and woman.

    The historian can peg the point where a society begins it’s sharpest decline at the instant when women began to take part on an equal footing with men, in political and business affairs. Since this means that men are decadent and the women are no longer women.

    Feminism is the Trojan horse of the destruction of civilization, the ultimate genocide.

    Today’s girls and young women are encouraged to compete with men in his world and fulfill their dreams and ambitions. This is vanity, this nothing short of hedonism, and a crime against civilization. Their God given responsibility has been hijacked to serve mammon.

    This is not misogyny, or sexism. Get honest. Get real. I say to my critics and condemners.

    It is a statement of bold and basic fact, based on honest thinking, good reasoning and logic, or study of cause and effect.

    There are two ways to establish a reputation,
    the first is by honest and noble men,
    and the second is by the condemnation of rogues.

    It is how ever best to secure the first,
    because it is always accompanied by the latter.
    Charles Colub Colton.

    Learn to think of what a certain action will result in to the future if continued. What are the long term repercussions of an action. Use good reason and logic.

    When the proper breeding, proper care and raising of children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited it’s future.

    Even beyond the conceiving and rearing of children, a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. When you have sane, sensible, well adjusted, properly educated Godly men and women, this relationship is the vessel where in is nurtured the life force of both individuals, whereby they create the future of the race in body and thought and spirit.

    If a man is to rise to greater heights, then women must rise before him. But she must rise as a woman and not as today she is being misled into rising as a man. It is the hideous joke of frustrated and unvirile men (and an increasing number of vain women too) to make women over into the travesty of men which they themselves have become.

    Shallow, vain and ignorant women have often complained that men are difficult and troublesome creatures. But they fail to see the big picture, and that is that we are all only as good as we have been bred and brought up. We are all products of genetics, a conception and an upbringing. If you have a problem with a product, a child, you have to check the factory for the cause of the problem.

    If you have a problem with a woman, you have to check the factory for the cause. If you have a problem with a man, you have to check the factory for the cause. The mother is the primary factory. Nothing just “happens”. Everything has a cause. The mother has the most influence over the child and it’s outcome. I am not ignoring the fact that good women need the support of good men. I am just putting things in order of importance.

    The creative care and handling of men is artful and beautiful task, when such knowledge and skill is in the hands of a talented woman in tune with her Creator and biological purpose. It is a full time job. Children brought up in daycare or and in front of the TV, tend to become empty, vain and maladjusted. Their values and character tend to degenerated to the lowest common denominator of mass consciousness.Therefore we have the problems we have with society today.

    I heard a radio program talk show back in around 1990, where the radio host was interviewing a black woman from Africa, who wrote a book and was promoting it. I only wish I could remember the author’s name and title of the book.

    But her unforgettable great wisdom was (in my words of what I can remember) that she was teaching people (in her case, especially her fellow Africans) that women were responsible for all the problems in Africa, because they failed to bring up their sons and daughters right.

    And only women could solve the problems of Africa, by bringing up children right! In particular she was addressing the problem of how despicably the average African man treats women. She said such problems are caused by the man’s mother. Women (collectively) have only themselves to blame.

    In order to properly solve a problem, you have to identify the right cause of the problem.

    The truth is nothing more or less than the most right answer to a problem. And the value of a datum is only determined by the number of problems it solves.

    Women who think they can leave the home and children and go out and solve the problems of the world, have failed to think and realize that when they do that, there is another generation of children growing up, that will be unparented or improperly or incompletely parented. They will tend to be maladjusted. And that is the problem of adults today, which are causing the problems of the world today.

    Because all problems with children (and adults too) are due to failed parenting. There is no such thing as “just a bad child”, or a child that just turns out to be “a bad apple”. To say that is intellectually, perceptually and analytically dishonest. It is irresponsible. There is a cause for everything.

    Those who would cheat or dupe women of their rightful place in creation, by making them into men should at least realize that by this action they are destroying not only the women, but the men and children of the future as well.

    This is too great a price to pay for being modern or for someone’s petty anger, ignorant joke or vanity against the female sex.
    The bigger price to pay, is the short sighted and selfish use of women for labour, by business. Short term gain for long term disaster.

    The arts and skills of woman, the creation and inspiration of which she is capable of, and which -still here and there in isolated places in our culture – she still manages to effect in spite of the ruin and decay of man’s world, which spreads around her, must be brought back newly and fully into life. It is those very special women who are just natural mothers. These arts, skills, creation and inspiration are her beauty, just as she is the beauty of mankind.

    It used to be quite commonly said that behind every successful man there is a
    successful woman. In today’s modern world it is not politically correct to say that. And political incorrectness usually receives a deluge and outrage of condemnation, even persecution from feminists, rogues and hedonists.

    The fact is that political correctness is a form of lying. Politically correct speak is not bona fide, that is not free of fraud or deceit, or dishonest thinking.

    Recommended reading. The Bible (The old and new testament), the Oahspe bible, the Urantia book, both available as free ebooks on line. The Anastasia series of books; nine in total, by Vladimir Megre. Published and distributed by http://ringingcedars.com/ , The Reveletorium. Available as free ebook on line. The proper care and feeding of Husbands, by Laura Schlessenger. Available on line.

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